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Community Project =) Lets make a current reference guide for Pinup Poser and Halo Poser

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I found a reference guide but I can't find an up to date one since the mods are fresh. Making a  reference guide is a huge task for one person but for the community it should be relatively simple. This is a reference for the Pinup Poser and Halo Poser found here: http://mod.dysintropi.me/



UPDATE 8/26/14: The pose reference guide has not been completed but by us.  :-/ You can get the full reference guide at http://rrovin.web.fc2.com/skyrim/ppa////ppindex.html . I will still use the ones we did cause they are really good. Thanks to everyone for taking your time and working on it.

UPDATE 3/9/2015: Kyske has done up to Halo Player 8 here >> http://kyske.imgur.com/Kyske, i f you read this, thank you for being awesome and posting your shots online  :)

To keep this simple, if you want to work on a section, announce the section you are working on in a post, then when you finish, post only the folder you did. Also, the picture names must match the pose name. The reference only works if we know what we're looking at. Also, wear skimpy or tight clothing so we can see the pose.



Here is the current file (all of our additions) with just the slides folders: 

>>>>> https://www.mediafire.com/?d4oi26agg5d6g6h <<<<<< Note: It's 117MB

To keep us all together, I'm only including the "slides" folders.



If this works out, we'll have an awesome reference with lots of different characters.


I'm going to try to keep links to all additions here:

Halo Player 1 reference screens ( Done by Xenic )

Halo Player 2 reference screens ( Done by Hellownow ) It looks like Mai enjoyed her photoshoot.

Halo Player 3 reference screens ( Done by Blazingsai )

Halo Player 4 reference screens ( Done by Xenic )

EX5 reference screens (Added the 2 missing poses)

HPEXT reference screens ( Done by  Enjuno )


EDIT of the edit: 

EDIT: Halo updated and added TONS of new poses on the 6th, so unless he has made a guide or someone has made a time machine, I'm fairly certain all current guides are incomplete. So far I've had people list outdated guides and the exact same guide I list up top. I understand you're trying to be helpful but go look at the current poser and the dates on the ones you're thinking of linking. Thank you, have a nice day.


Even though the pose guide is now complete, I'm going to combine our pose references with the completed guide. If anyone would like to add to it by doing their own, I'll add it. Just because it's been done elsewhere is no reason not to have a LL version.




I do my best proof reading when I hit submit.  :s

ppalbum - slides.7z

Halo Player 2.7z


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