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  1. Previous Iterations Current Iteration Name: Aldy “Alduin” Whynn, the World Eater Age: N/A Race: Dragon (Human Form) Sexuality: N/A Occupation: Genderbent Mortal Form of Alduin, World Eater, First-Born of Akatosh Love Interest(s): N/A Family: Akatosh (Father), Weapon(s): Claws, Shouts (favors using Fire Breath, Frost Breath and Unrelenting Force shouts, as well as the Dragon Storm Call [a shout unique to her]) Background: Having slightly re
  2. Previous Iterations Current Iteration Name: Alashir the Dragon Warrior Age: 26 Race: Redguard Sexuality: Heterosexual Occupation: Second-in-Command of the Blades, Mercenary Love Interest(s): Lydia, Delusia(?), Sorerica(?) Family: Razelian (Brother) [deceased] Weapon(s): Blades Sword Background: For as long as he could remember, it had always been Alashir and his older brother, Razelian, fending for themselves against the world.
  3. Previous Iterations Current Iteration Name: Agroha Lumbump Age: 18 Race: Orsimer Sexuality: Heterosexual(?) Occupation: Skye’s Slave Love Interest(s): ??? (Possibly Skye) Family: Yagmorz Lumbump (Father), Shazbub Lumbump (Uncle) [deceased] Weapon(s): Her fists Background: -Quoted from Agroha
  4. Previous Iterations Current Iteration Name: Agrathia the Little Demon Age: 19 Race: Redguard Sexuality: Heterosexual(?) Occupation: Mercenary Love Interest(s): ??? (Possibly Gonka, possibly Ania, looking for a mate) Family: Jalieer Rhoshte (Mother) [deceased], Wayem Rhoshte (Father) [deceased], Chief Burguk (Adoptive Father) Weapon(s): Two-Handed Troll Breaker Sword Background: When people in Skyrim hear tale of demons, they either assoc
  5. Previous Iterations Current Iteration Name: Aeriniia Elmwind, "Kynareth's Hand" Age: 27 Race: Bosmer/Imperial Sexuality: Bisexual Occupation: Priestess of Kynareth, Eccentric Healer Love Interest(s): ??? Family: Endnalda Elmwind (Mother), Unknown Imperial Soldier (Father) [Whereabouts unknown] Weapon(s): Restoration Magic enhanced through Sensual Dancing/Stretching Background: Born from a passionate tryst in the between her Bosmer mother and the Imperial
  6. Previous Iterations Current Iteration Name: Aelfna the Azure Mage Age: 19 Race: Redguard/Breton Sexuality: ??? Occupation: Member of the Dawnguard, Former Temporary Leader of the Shadowswords, Former Student of the College of Winterhold Love Interest(s): ??? (possibly Liri) Family: Kayeif (Father) [deceased], Angien Amedd (Mother) Weapon(s): Destruction Magic with a specialization in Flame spells, Alteration Magic, Restoration Magic, Crossbow with Silver Bolts
  7. The Story of the Red WitchChapter Thirty Three: Double Dipping
  8. Thanks for your critique as always The sweetroll was actually a mod on the nexus that I had found some time ago, but the tears... That was 100% Photoshop XD As for Silas's face, I don't believe I've modified it as of yet. When you see the change you should notice a bunch of other things that have changed with my characters/game as well which WAS part of the reason it took me so long to initially post these to tumblr in the first place... 😕 Innis : « Uh... Thanks? It's one of my Clan's traditional attires. My ancestors were... more lewd than you'd imagine, at least w
  9. The Story of the Red WitchChapter Thirty One: Harmony Notes:
  10. I have two questions for you, if you don't mind me asking.


    Would you mind sharing your SSAO settings? And do you happen to use any interior lighting mods like ELFX or Realistic Lighting Overhaul?


    Love your pictures and can't wait to see more :3

    1. nezumikozo


      i did not hange anything regarding SSAO so i dont know where to look for it.


      For lightning mod i use ELFX - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27043



    2. blazingsai


      ah, so i'm guessing most of your changes are to the environmental settings.

      anyway, thanks so much! :D

  11. Trace Chapter Twenty: Dejection Sup ya'll it's been a while Since I'm a goober who likes to procrastinate ESPECIALLY when I'm near the end of a project, it's probably for the best if you all (my readers) re read a few chapters or something so you can remember wtf's happening. (I say this but I MIGHT just do a recap of sorts later in the week if things don't get a bit too hectic over here.) Hope you all enjoy the entry. Previous Chapter: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/4899-trace-chapter-nineteen-divulging-part-two/ Next Chapter: Story
  12. UUNP with Janebody sliders. you can find this on LL but you should follow the instructions in the comments to get it to work right.
  13. WARNING: Contains futa
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