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  1. Chapter 45: Rebirth (5/9)

    getting fucked by Rielkings, best changing experience ever
  2. Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    Can I ask for someone to convert this armor to cbbe bodyslide and Hdt? Please? http://nezzar84.tumblr.com/post/168971176179/nezzars-ultimate-lingerie-collection-its-finally
  3. Chapter Nineteen: Path Towards the Truth

    Thanks man! I used a combination of Cosmetic Auras: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24667/ and the saa console command. The saa (set actor alpha) command allows you to put in a value 0 to 1 and your selected actor will either become invisible (0), opaque (1), or a varying degree of transparent (.0001 to .9999) Thanks man! I could see that for my characters. But I love the eyes man Also on the loading aspect of things, I decided to go back and do what I did for my previous story, which was upload them to postimages as jpgs. XD
  4. The Story of the Red WitchChapter Nineteen: Path Towards the Truth
  5. Chapter 45: Rebirth (4/9)

    It's ponzu effect ring: http://kp4068.tistory.com/319
  6. The Story of the Red WitchChapter Eighteen: Shared Dreams My bad guys, I got caught up doing some things. Expect more releases soon. XD NOTES:
  7. Chapter 45: Rebirth (2/9)

    *Blades clashing in background*
  8. Chapter Seventeen: An End To The Beginning

    I created the non vanilla vampires myself XD
  9. The Story of the Red WitchChapter Seventeen: An End To The BeginningWill be updating on Mondays and Fridays until I catch up to my latest chapters. NOTE: Sorry for this chapter's lateness. A mixture of tiredness and laziness is why it was delayed... But better late than never, right? :|
  10. Chapter Fourteen: Coming to Grips

    Many wish to know the answer to this question. XD
  11. The Story of the Red WitchChapter Sixteen: Unleashing the BeastsWill be updating on Mondays and Fridays until I catch up to my latest chapters.
  12. Testing

    So I like to tinker with shit, be it my character's textures, some armor textures, mashups, modifying armors themselves... Recently I've decided to try my hand at poorly converting the hairs of playermodels to actual hairs. Not only that, I've tried my hand at retexturing said hairs so they'd have a similar (not same) quality of the hairs of KS at least texture-wise. The hairs could still look hella bad depending on whether or not the hair is of a low poly count and thus the textures get hella stretched. So... Enough talk, I guess. Here's some of the hairs I retextured from the DOA5 Follower Pack: And here are some of the armors that I converted from playermodels and retextured (note, they're kinda bad XD): Then here's an example of me doing some texture work and redoing some meshes. And this last part is just me dicking around in Goma's Location mod while using some of the hairs I've shown on a character of mine called Navi (who's eye's and hair color were changed obvs):