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I broke my Sexout save (no animations)

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I have no Sexout animations for my current save, the character's just continue on with their business when the animations are supposed to initialize.  If I start a new game with my load order, everything works fine, so I don't think it's a mod conflict.  I have NVSE, and NVSE extended.


The mods I have installed since installing Sexout and the last time I observed the animations working correctly (a long time ago) are:

New Vegas Redesigned 3

Fallout Character Overhaul

Spice of Life

Killing Karma Rewards Removed

Immersive Karma

Untag all quest items

RHF Simple Backpacks Mod

Safe ShowRaceMenu

MrSlackPants- Radiation2

BornagainOutcast T35d096

... but I have tried disabling all these mods and it does not resolve the issue, and like I said, if I start a new game with all these mods enabled there are no problems.

What I have done which may have caused problems is used 'Safe ShowRaceMenu' to change my characters face, and use' Untag all quest items' and may have accidently removed some critical inventory item which should not have been removed (though everything I noticed was automatically  re-equipped shortly after).


I have tried to do a clean save, but if I disable all Sexout mods I get the camera stuck in the floor with no character.  This is not resolved if I save and enable all mods again.


Here is the debug for a failed animation with the NPC 'Bar Fly':



fnCSE (15): from <no name> (00000000) on Bar Fly (21006743)
fnCSE (15): is actor
fnCSE (15): CV1
fnSoCSv: Bar Fly (21006743) 'Sexout:Start::' -> Bar Fly (21006743) 'Sexout:Start:15::'
fnSoNXClr Sexout:Start:: Bar Fly (21006743)
fnCSE (15): Returning 1




BOSS LOG (load order not 100% accurate, is there a better way to post it via Mod Organizer?):



  • FalloutNV.esm Active
  • DeadMoney.esm Active
  • HonestHearts.esm Active
  • OldWorldBlues.esm Active
  • LonesomeRoad.esm Active
  • GunRunnersArsenal.esm Active
  • Fallout3.esm Active
  • Anchorage.esm Active
  • ThePitt.esm Active
  • BrokenSteel.esm Active
  • PointLookout.esm Active
  • Zeta.esm Active
  • TaleOfTwoWastelands.esm Version 2.4a Active
  • TTWInteriors_Core.esm Version 2.5 Active
  • TTWInteriorsProject_Combo.esm Version 3.7.2 Active
  • ClassicPack.esm Active
  • MercenaryPack.esm Active
  • TribalPack.esm Active
  • CaravanPack.esm Active
  • AWorldOfPain(Preview).esm Active
  • Project Nevada - Core.esm Active
  • Project Nevada - Equipment.esm Active
  • Sexout.esm Version 2.6.85 Active
  • SexoutCommonResources.esm Active
  • SexoutPregnancyV3.esm Active
  • SexoutOffSpring.esm Active
  • SexoutSlavery.esm Active
  • SexoutLegion.esm Active
  • SexoutStore.esm Active
  • oHUD.esm Active
  • FCOMaster.esm Active
  • CoitoErgoSum.esm Active
  • SexoutSoliciting.esm Active
  • msexBase.esm Active
  • 11K2_Tops Pool.esm Active
  • Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp Active
  • Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp Active
  • TTW_Bobbleheads.esp Active
  • TTW_MoreCookingItems.esp Active
  • TTW_XPReduction.esp
  • DarNifiedUINV.esp Active
  • CASM.esp Active
  • Centered 3rd Person Camera.esp Active
  • Centered 3rd Person Camera - Unraised.esp Active
  • Integration - Couriers Stash.esp Active
  • LessIntrusiveKillCam.esp Active
  • The Mod Configuration Menu.esp Version 1.5 Active
  • The Weapon Mod Menu.esp Version 1.2 Active
  • TTW_OutcastTrading.esp Active
  • TTW_SpeechChecks.esp Active
  • TTW_SuperMutantRebalance.esp Active
  • Armor Replacer Child NPC Fix.esp Active
  • UHNV.esp Active
  • UHNV-Dead Money.esp Active
  • UHNV-Honest Hearts.esp Active
  • UHNV-OWB.esp Active
  • UHNV-Lonesome Road.esp Active
  • UHNV-Brighter Lighting.esp Active
  • Project Nevada - TTW.esp Active
  • Shake-The-Dope-Out.esp Active
  • Improved Sound FX.esp
  • Improved Sound FX - Weapon Sharing Fix.esp Active
  • Improved Sound FX - DM.esp
  • Improved Sound FX - HH.esp
  • Improved Sound FX - HH Sharing Fix.esp Active
  • Improved Sound FX - OWB Sharing Fix.esp Active
  • Improved Sound FX - LR Sharing Fix.esp Active
  • Improved Sound FX - GRA.esp Active
  • SexoutSound.esp Active
  • SexoutSexAssault.esp Active
  • SexoutBreeder.esp Active
  • FalloutTTWquestoverhaul.esp Active
  • SexoutTTWEncounters.esp Active
  • SexoutSS_C.esp Active
  • SexoutFiends.esp Active
  • SexoutKhans.esp Active
  • SexoutKings.esp Active
  • SexoutNCR.esp Active
  • SexoutPowderGangers.esp Active
  • SexoutWorkingGirl.esp Active
  • SexoutConsequences.esp Active
  • ammoingredientsloot.esp Version 1.0 Active
  • SexoutZAZ.esp Active
  • SmallerTalk.esp Version 1.2.6 Active
  • 1nivVSLArmors.esp Version 1.2 Active
  • FlashlightNVSE.esp Version 1.22 Active
  • NCRTrooperOverhaul.esp Active
  • Type3MClothing.esp Active
  • Distributed Necklaces and Chains Neck Seam Concealer.esp Active
  • 11K2_Tops Pool.esp Active
  • AWOPDeadMoney.esp Active
  • AWOPDeadMoneyVendorPatch.esp Active
  • Immersive Karma.esp Active
  • KillingKarmaFix.esp Active
  • Sexout-Wear-And-Tear.esp Version 3 Active
  • msexVeronica.esp Active
  • MiscItemIconsNV.esp Active
  • Delay DLC - TTW.esp Active
  • Safe ShowRaceMenu_Console.esp Active
  • Sexout- CES.esp Active
  • EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp Active
  • Vurt's WFO.esp Active
  • Bashed Patch, 0.esp Active
  • New Vegas Redesigned 3.esm Active
  • Gomorrah Redesigned.esp Active
  • FCO - GlowingOne.esp Active
  • Cass alternate version.esp Active
  • New Vegas Redesigned 3.esp Active
  • MrSlackPants-Radiation.esp Active
  • Bornagain Outcast T-45d Texture Patch.esp Active
  • RHF-30_backpacks.esp Active




Please help me avoid restarting and losing so much character development.


Edit: Sexout version is 2.6.85.  All mods were installed within the last week.

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BOSS LOG (load order not 100% accurate, is there a better way to post it via Mod Organizer?):

Open up Mod organizer.

Find your profile you want the load order for

Open that profile

find Load order.

Open the .txt file

Copy contents

Past in forum spoiler.





I have NVSE,

Correct version?

Installed MANUALLY into the Skyrim Sexout folder not through MO?

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Wait I just noticed


If I start a new game with my load order, everything works fine, so I don't think it's a mod conflict.

If the current system works fine it is likely that you have the NVSE and extender installed correctly. However I used MO as well for FNV and everything worked pretty good until I started having disappearing characters and yes later screwed up  animation about 4 to 8 hours into the game if I remember correctly. I didn't have an absence of animation at the time I stopped playing that game but do believe it would have happened sooner than later as it started taking more and more time to start the animation and after the glitched animations I knew something was up. The same load order is used with FOMM and no problems at least for me so it is possible in my mind that when I used MO with Sexout something glitched and messed up sometime during the play. Don't know what it was and haven't tried to repeat it or figure out the issue to fix it yet.

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check if NVR3 or character overhaul come with a different skeleton


NVR3 does, but it is being overwritten by the one used for Sexout, and animations work fine on a new game.



I have NVSE,

Correct version?

Installed MANUALLY into the Skyrim folder not through MO?


Yes, all NVSE plugins have been manually installed to my New Vegas (not Skyrim :P ) folder.


It works with a new game fine, so it's something done to the save/character itself that is causing the problem.

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Yes. I recognized that you did have a working game so the NVSE and extender should work. However you are also using MO. MO gave me some troubles with animation and disappearing characters when used. I have been using Sexout for quite some time. Many versions and never experienced this after the issue was fixed ( something doing with the floor and such) . I did however have strange problems that wouldn't happen with MO after using it. Never figured it out.


That being said. There are NVSE files created with the saves. Perhaps that is where the issue is happening. Can you try going back to the saves that did work and move forward from there ( testing) and see if it continues to work properly. Don't change the profiles during this time. Yes you can drop them into an folder etc. however I think that was my problem. I messed with them and moved them and could have messed something up. Something that you might have done as well with MO>   Just an idea. I don't have MO set up right now for FNV or I could test a few things on my own to try to figure out where this is happening. There are very few individuals that are using MO and many of those don't announce that they are because of limited support for non FOMM installs.

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Oh one more thing. I am sure you have done this already but make sure that NVSE extender and the proper Skeleton isn't being overwritten.


( for non MO users. this is the files located on the left side which lists the mods installed. You can arrange the mods installed up and down to get the files just right and in this case override files that are suppose to be overridden. like the mod that added a skeleton. The OP can move the Sexout skeleton down below this mod and it will overwrite the skeleton added by the previous mod. Neat huh? )


Just a second check in case the new changes in MO changed the load order from where you expected it to be, mistake or accident etc. I recently got the prompt that there was something wrong with my load order and I let it do its thing and it moved something up in order that I didn't want moved at that time.

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Thanks for the advice.  I've checked my load order in MO and everything is as it should be, nothing needed is being overwritten.


The last time the animations worked are on a save with 25 hours less gameplay than my latest save.  The next one is 3 hours later and they do not work.  The only difference between the saves is the installation of Safe Showracemenu, but I have gone back to the working save and tried to replicate what caused the problem but have not been able to, animations continue to work correctly with Safe Showracemenu installed and used on the working save.

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Replication isn't the issue here. It is entirely likely that some save ( the one that didn't work ) got glitched. It happens and often for no reason. If you can play from a previous save and run the mods you were running before count your blessings. Perhaps use CASM to help keep the saves current and save you three hours of repeating the play for your character. I have had that problem happen on occasion and it never is related to a mod or order or anything it just is.

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I use CASM, but I was playing through TTW which has very little Sexout content so it was 25 hours of play before I realised the animations weren't working.  I have since managed to do a Sexout clean save and it has not resolved the issue.  Guess I'll give up on this play through then.  Thanks for the help ritualclarity.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It looks like I just ran into the same problem rawr22 has....I was running Sexout fine, did the Wolf Den Breeder quest, then took a break from Sexout related stuff and ran through the main New Vegas quest arc from Mojave Outpost through Nipton and Novac...probably 10-15 hours of work there with the miscellaneous stops I had along the way, multiple saves used of course, but I didn't attempt any Sexout stuff during that period to know it wasn't working.  I attempt a Sexout sex scene when I get to Novac and...nothing happens.  I can reload a previous save and everything is fine.  No mods were changed/added/updated, no load order changed.  I even tried removing all mods, making a clean save, then just adding Sexout and SCR back in...nothing.


It almost reminds me of a bug that happens in Skyrim under the SexLab Framework.  Sometimes in Skyrim the SexLab stuff will get stuck in a step or something and it will stop all future sex acts.  That SexLab Framework has some sort of reset command you can use to return everything to normal though, I don't think SexOut has something like that.

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It looks like the problem is in the NVSE file that's attached with each save file.  So, on a whim I went into my saved game folder in My Documents\My Games\FalloutNV\Saves.  I looked for the most recent save file where SexOut wasn't working, then moved the NVSE file to my desktop temporarily and reloaded the save.  I tried a SexOut act, and everything worked fine!  I put the NVSE file back in, reloaded, and it stopped working again.


So, theres a possible work around...but what kind of long term issues could arise from recreating this NVSE file?  Will it break existing quests or NPCs?  I really don't know what this NVSE file stores.

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Can't be anything too important in that file when the save is over 6MB and the nvse file only 3 kB.


Yeah, all the important stuff like every tin can you knocked over and moved 6 inches from its original position in every cell is in the 6MB. 3KB...? pfftt thats maybe 768 values if they're numbers someone decided to record, who needs them. We're trying to play a game here not do math.



If animations stop working in a savegame, the first thing to try is casting SexoutNG FinishNow on the player (or other guilty actor). Its formid code is printed to console every time you load game. Type: 'Player.CIOS XXXXXXX' replacing Xs with the code.

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Arrays and strings :)  But why they would break a game ? If one of you could upload a "broken" one ?


Here you go, got broken right at the beginning this time. In my case i think it's issue with Lust, the orgasm script somehow gets stuck running, causing the effect to appear from time to time for no reason while preventing the other mods working normally. Never had to make a clean save before getting out of Goodsprings :lol:


Oh, and that "finish now" does nothing to this.



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It looks like the problem is in the NVSE file that's attached with each save file.  So, on a whim I went into my saved game folder in My Documents\My Games\FalloutNV\Saves.  I looked for the most recent save file where SexOut wasn't working, then moved the NVSE file to my desktop temporarily and reloaded the save.  I tried a SexOut act, and everything worked fine!  I put the NVSE file back in, reloaded, and it stopped working again.


So, theres a possible work around...but what kind of long term issues could arise from recreating this NVSE file?  Will it break existing quests or NPCs?  I really don't know what this NVSE file stores.




I checked the new version of Sexout with a new game and it works fine. I tried loading an existing save with the new Sexout and animations won't start. I did check and downloaded new NVSE files in the Sexout requirements, but no animations will start unless I start a new game.


I tried your fix, and removed the NVSE file from the existing save and things started working again. I'm going to continue without it and check if it creates a new one with another save. Then, check again if animations stop working.


EDIT: I loaded a save without the NVSE file, then saved and loaded the new save with a newly made NVSE file. Animations are still working but whether removing the NVSE file and letting it create a new one has any short or long term effects, I have yet to find out.

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Guest Devocracy

I saw this thread last night and it sounded odd.

Then I went to play the game and after completing "Booted", I went to start a sex act and my animations stopped working as well.

I was going to do a clean save but the problem with that is I use Spunk, and Spunk adds a point to charisma and perception I believe if the PC's lust satisfied.  In short, a clean save, wouldn't work because if I disabled all the sexout mods, the points Spunk adds to charisma and perception would remain even if the mod is disabled.  And yes, I've tried this in the past and the points do stick, as do any of the points added by sexout mods, even when they're disabled. 

So I just started a new game, only this time I'm not using spunk.  So far the animations are working again and the scripts are loading fine.

Deleting the NVSE save file will also fix the issue but if you go that route, check your console window, you'll notice Spunk and a few other mods will be posting error messages repeatedly.

The only mod I added before the issue happed was sexoutassault, but I tried disabling that and re-loading the game to see if the issue would go away, it did not.

I'd paste my load order to this post but for whatever reason, this board doesn't allow me to copy/paste with IE 11, just Firefox, and I tossed Firefox yesterday.

I will say this however, be careful with Loot.  Loot likes to put Sexoutpregnancy and offspring below sexoutsoliciting.  Now maybe that isn't an issue, but I like to stick to the load order recommended in the SCR thread, which clearly says Pregnancy and offspring need to be directly below common resources.

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Deleting the .nvse file is a very bad idea. It might fix the animations but anything that expects those arrays and strings to stick around is going to break- which likely means every mod using NVSE4- because they're very powerful. The issue is probably the one getting reported a lot at the moment with sexout '85, so the mod that triggers the sex isn't really guilty. Hopefully there will be a fix soon. You are better off saving regularly and falling back. Using CASM to autosave may be useful. You can test if its broken by pressing 'Y' to masturbate.

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Guest Devocracy

Odessa, what if one deletes the NVSE file, then disables all their script mods, and does a clean save, then re-enables all the mods and loads the cleaned save?  Wouldn't that stop the scripts from breaking?  Because as it stands right now, someone on the other thread said they tried a clean save and that still didn't fix the animation issue, so I'm thinking if one deletes the nvse file and does a clean save, that may fix the issue.

Yes, rolling back to an earlier save works but sometimes that really hurts because the issue will happen right after finally finishing a quest perfectly.

And ugh, if it happens after finishing Dead Money, it would really suck because Dead Money loves to go bonkers on me at the end, sometimes the elevator will take me to the proper floor at the end so I can leave and finish the quest properly, sometimes it'll take me back to the top floor and won't let me finish the quest properly.

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As I understand it, all entries in the NVSE file get deleted for unloaded mods, like a regular save when you make a clean save. Check nvse.log and you can see it. NX variables are associated with references not mods though, so they only get removed if the references do (like unloaded mod-added ones). They are stored in a seperate save file.


I am not qualified to give in depth support or advice on sexout, NVSE or NX, so I don't want to comment further.


I think jaam may have figured out the sexout issue though, so there will probably be a fix soon.

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