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[REQ] 'Fuck' instead of 'Attack'


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Hey, fellow LL members !


I do know there are a lot of mods allowing you to make your followers have sex with NPCs and creatures, but most of them are not very lore friendly, they give you spells, shouts, random events, prostitution, marriage enhancement, combat events, etc. and I like them all, each one has its own pros and cons and merging some of them can really provide a good use of SSL.


What I'd like to see is a more lore-friendly way of using SSL, some kinda vanilla way, you know, and it's quite simple.


You tell your follower : ' I need you to do something. ' and instead of ' Attack X ' (X for NPC/creature name) when targeting a NPC/creature there is a ' Fuck X ' (or ' Have sex with X ' , I don't mind) and the follower will walk to the NPC/creature and trigger a SSL animation ! I mean who uses the ' Attack ' thing when commanding a follower anyway ?


Sounds easy, huh ? Don't know if it is as easy to think about and to develop, though...


Or maybe there could be a new dialogue option (even if there are already a lot of them) if you'd like to keep the vanilla one, like :


' I have something dirty in mind I need you to do. ' and target the NPC/creature where the ' Fuck X ' option would be visible.


Then, with your speech skill level, and the ' arousal ' level, sex preferences and relationship level the follower has, then he/she could accept or refuse your command.


Top lore friendly way for making a follower having sex with NPC/creature, don't you think ?

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Sexlab Defeat might have something similar to what you want.


Maybe I should give it a test once again, long time not tested, but I really think it won't feel the same.


u could try... that actor control thing where u take control of a actor. and do it.


http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36047 try that lets u "become the target" and control it as it was your char. so i could start the task you want. then return to your char.




Taking control is not like giving an order to a follower and once again it is your call, it has nothing to do with speech skill level, arousal level, sex preferences and relationship rank.

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