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Just want to say thank you


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Hoping this is an appropriate place for this message...


I had moved away from playing FNV & Sexout a little over a year ago, and recently was bored and decided to see what was new. I updated everything and was trying the new stuff out and was having a great time.  Then I knocked a bottle of water over onto my laptop, and the good times ended abruptly.


But today I have a new laptop, and I'm waiting for Steam to finish downloading FNV, so I have some time to kill, and I just wanted to say thank you.


The quality level of the mods here is so amazing, and there are so many people that put in so much time and effort not only modding but providing support and writing tutorials... I'm just amazed.  I really appreciate everything you guys do, and the quality level of what is available here blows me away.  And in the last year its gotten even more impressive and stable!


Not intending to slight or leave anyone out, but Halstrom, Prideslayer, User29, DoctaSax, Odessa, Zippy, Loogie, nyaalich, ChancellorKremlin, Evilrunner, Mavia, t3589, RitualClarity, Amra and everyone else: THANK YOU.  You have my gratitude, respect, and admiration for all you do!

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I got a shout-out?  Now I officially feel like a rockstar.  :wub:    X D


EDIT:  And thank YOU for being a nice, pleasant person.  I wish there were more people like you in the world.  *hands you a stimpak, because that's the most useful thing that people give you*

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