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Kendo 2's Gomorrah Brimstone WIP Thread (DEAD)

Kendo 2

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(EDIT 02/22/2014: Like a dumbass, I jumped into modding a complex esp for NewVegas under the erroneous assumption that it is modable like FO3...IT ISN'T and I'm walking away, turning my back on NV in its entirety.  My time is better spent elsewhere.  I pumped about two months worth of my free time into this and it was a total waste outside of the FO3 based content I can use.  Anyway, feel free to read the WIP and see what I attempted to do.)


So after I did the Less Lame Tops Pool mod I decided to tackle something a little more substantial..like hi-jacking the main floor of Gomorrah and modding the shit out of it.


What I've done so far:

The vanilla NPCS:

If they are not directly tied to a specific vanilla quest they are GONE.  I've moved the spawn gamblers back out into the casino where they should be.  I haven't gotten around to it yet but there will be new bartenders.  For the hookers, I made new leveled prostitute encounters with a wider selection of outfits.  I removed all of the ghouls from Gomorrah and replaced them with custom human NPCs.  I added more Asian NPCs too.  The vast majority of the new hookers are simply replacements for the vanilla dogs that used to be there.  I do have the base script and dialogue for a new type of service hooker that will blow you anywhere you want inside the club for 50 caps.  It is a simple 'fade to black' scene with script forced dialogue, a modified vanilla animation and a zipper sound effect.  You tell the hooker 'Blow me' and she gets on her knees, unzips you as the screen fades and she says something like 'Damn you look tasty'.  It's actually pretty damn funny and when I first got it working I laughed my ass off.  There are both male and female voice files for this so expect both sexes to offer it up in dialogue.  So...there will be the standard 'stuck on a stage’ vanilla type hookers and the news ones that wander about and offer oral services.  I think there are about sixty new hookers (both male and female) and twenty spawn points.  There is a lot more meat on the table now in Lower Brimstone.


New NPCs:

I have plans for about ten to work the Upper Brimstone area.  I am saving the best faces for those girls along with the hottest outfits.  Basically I turned Upper Brimstone into a swank burlesque parlor and cocktail lounge.  Here are some screenshots:


Upper Brimstone is now exclusive.  No more wandering rabble harshing your fun.



The VIP membership cost 500 caps.  Even a new character can afford that.



All othe NPCs are fully voiced or will be when I'm done with the mod.

I wish there was an animation for a waitress walking with a tray of drinks.

The mod really needs that and I don't know how to do it.



I'm adding new flavor NPCs too.  Better gangsters and special spawn NPC customers.



Shots of the redone club.  As you can see, I've changed a lot.



Recognize this girl's face?  She hangs out at the Tops Pool

during the day in another mod I have uploaded here at

Lover's Lab.  Both her and her red-headed lesbo honey

friend are night shift girls in the new Brimstone.



Punk Rock twins dance totally nude in the cages on stage at night.

I'm trying to figure out how to get them smoothly from the cage to

the floor of the club so they can interact with the player and other

NPCs.  I'll probably end up using an invisible door to get the job done.



The stage strippers will have a dialogue option to get a count of

how many NCR 20's you have.  If you have some you can tip them

and the bill will be added to the g-string.  I'll work it out with a script

so you can exchange caps for NRC twentys with the waitresses

without having to buy them.  Strippers like twentys, what can I say?



Just a wide angle shot of the bar so you can see what I did.

There are new tables that fit bar stools now.



Real bar clutter.  Martini and hi ball glasses, burbon and wine

glasses, new liquor bottles, etc.  The phone on the bar actually

rings at random intervals.



And last but not least, random 1960's burlesque clutter.



That's all for now!




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I've always thought it was peculiar that, given how long both FNV and Sexout have existed, that only Loogie and Mavia really touched the Strip in terms of content, given that it should be such a goldmine for modders around here. What you're planning sounds long overdue and pretty awesome, to say the least! It always made me laugh that Gomorrah had this whole "reputation" for being the best place in town and when you get there, everyone is fugly as hell. Such a let down!


Also, do you have any intention of making this compatible with Sexout? I mean, if there's going to be hookers...  :D

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There will also be roleplaying elements with some of the main character NPCs.  They will keep track of what you said and when you said it and if they don't like it their later dialogue will reflect it.  I already have it working on one NPC and she does it flawlessly.


And I forgot to mention I'm making this TTW friendly so it can be easily be transfered over.


I'm doing it vanilla sex all the way as a base file.  I have high hopes that someone will take the finished product and add Sexout scripting.  I would really like to see random sex acts (like a hooker blowing a john in a corner somewhere) to add immersion to the mod.  One more thing I am attempting to do is have the main character NPCs idle chatter at one another like the did in FO3.  I seriously miss that in NV.

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 I'm using the Populated Casinos mod at the moment; any thoughts on whether

your mod will conflict with it?


 I love the work you do, you make the NPC's look so good :)


 Did you do a strip club mod for Fallout 3 too; the one with the black Chryslus?

 I've been digging around for that one, and the "Boom Boom Room" mod on

my old computer for my TTW install to see if I can get them working with it



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It will most likely conflict with my version of Gomarrah.  I'm kicking out almost all of the vanilla NPCs aside from the Omertas that are tied to quests.  Fixing Populated Casinos to work with what I'm doing shouldn't take more than opening the esm/esp and removing the Gomorrah cells I'm changing.  That would revert them back to vanilla NV and then my mod could do its thing.  That wouldn't affect any of the other casinos either, just Gomorrah.


Yeah, I did The Chryslus Bar and Grill for FO3 and Raider Dolls too.  Dante deleted them from Nexus when he banned me.   :lol:  

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Nice stuff, really. :) It seems to be well designed, I like the Vip area idea, also "Basically I turned Upper Brimstone into a swank burlesque parlor and cocktail lounge". You got the right idea.

For me it will be a bit of a problem because I did a massive overhaul of all the Casinos in my game but I'll separately erase all the Gomorrah things and gladly try this out.


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ETA?  Hmmm.  Maybe a month?  I can only whack at the esp for so long and then I start getting stupid and have to walk away from it.  I'm making this mod instead of vegging in front of the TV every night so I guess I'm pumping about four hours a day into it.  So yeah, maybe a month.

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More stuff.


Leo Lutz, the new manager of Upper Brimstone.  He's trying to clean the place up to attract better clientele.  The girls he hires get to keep 80% of what they earn and he treats them well.  He doesn't dope them or force them to do anything they don't want to.  Not to say Leo is a nice guy, he's a pimp and a strip joint owner.  He has a agreement with Nero and Big Sal.  Brimstone is his place and what he says GOES.  Leo's cut from a different cloth than the Omertas.  He's a business man from back East and not a local tribal fuck, but he has good ideas and doesn't cause any waves.


Leo checks on one of his new girls.  Only the best looking

girls work the club or dance in the casino cages.



Role play options affect dialogue later.



Mynxie, one of the new main characters.



I'm going to try and work it so that the more money the player spends, the more the main characters will notice him.  This will open up more dialogue options..at least that is what I have planned.


Right now I have the first part of the mod ready for beta testing.  I KNOW it works in my game with my load order but I need a few reliable testers to check things out.  PM me if you're interested.

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Have you thought of implementing into the mod that guy you made, Lance Corbeau?


Tried him in my game long time ago but not used in the end because I end up making personalized companions, could be an interesting addition to the casino, as a customer, male escort or even promoter, something like that. Also a good way to know him for those who didn't played that mod.


You could also make a recruit option for him.

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Have you thought of implementing into the mod that guy you made, Lance Corbeau?


Tried him in my game long time ago but not used in the end because I end up making personalized companions, could be an interesting addition to the casino, as a customer, male escort or even promoter, something like that. Also a good way to know him for those who didn't played that mod.


You could also make a recruit option for him.

I had already considered using some of his dialogue for the bartender.  With all of Lances lines (Swing that thing baby!) and all of the nude girls walking around...well...too funny.  I will definitely do it now.  I don't know what his voice type is in TTW so I'll have to dig that out but it's 100% doable.  Thanks for the suggestion!

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The bar is now stocked.


Specialty Drinks


#1. Pink'n Prickly Cocktail

#2. Big Bourbon (this probably won't make the final mod)

#3. Three Fingers of Scotch

#4. Blue Agave Cocktail

#5. Dunwick's Red Irish Beer

#6. Fishbrau Pale Ale

#7. Worowitz Lager


The wine glass is being troublesome.  The fill mesh is a little tricky due to the shape of the glass and if I can't pull it off (to my satisfaction) then I'll just use the wine glasses as clutter, or as an addon set up for a wine bottle.


Right now I'm working on animations so NPCs will use the new drinks.  It's pretty involved: a new animation branch in the GECK, all of the form list for what furniture does what and what drinks can be used, plus all of the conditions for sequencing so the NPCs can drink and talk while using the new objects and NOT repeat the same anim over and over again.  When I'm done NPCs will be able to drink cocktails while sitting on the new furniture or while standing and it SHOULD flow just like the vanilla game.  I'll also redo the bartender anims so they will clean the new bar glasses and NOT that crappy Nuka Cola glass all the bartenders use.


ChancellorKremlin was nice enough to do an early test for me.  Aside from some missing meshes and textures (I expected that) he said what I have so far flowed smoothly.  He is at a different stage in the Gomorrah-related quests than I am and he stated he had no game issues with what I had added and changed.  This is a good thing.




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It's looking like I'm going to be spending a lot more time in Gomorrah, you know, like how it was meant to be ...  :lol:


Nice work Kendo, I especially like the attention you're paying to the props, like the drinks, meshes, and the anims. Little details like these have been missing from Fallout and Sexout in particular since forever, and I'm glad people like you (and A.J, with her kisses and chocolate boxes) are working to fill in those gaps. I'll get back to you soon on my latest test, and with some additional ideas.



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Not what I had in mind.

More like this...



I have that mod and it is good (for poses).  I know what I want can be done because a Russian cat named murzik (or something like that) did one for Oblivion.  The rub is, I know jack and shit about animations and that means finding someone to do it for me.  Slim chance of that happening.   :-/

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I have the all the base mechanics done to get the NPCs drinking the cocktails I added.



All I have to do now is add the liquid fill parts to the animated objects and the NPCs (including companions) will drink the cocktails as long has they have one in their inventory, they have 'eat' as a sandbox option, and they are using one of the new furniture pieces or idle markers.

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Awesome looking stuff Kendo as usual, the reflection/shine on the glasses looks terrific as as does the animation. Looking foward to any and all enchancements you make to the game, loved all your Fallout 3 stuff, some of the best if not the best out there. I am glad you ended up here after the Nexus, that site is really starting the downward slide.

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Thanks Imperfection.    :blush:


Changes in the Scheme of Things


After serious consideration I am removing most of the changes I made to Lower Brimstone for a few reasons.  Primarily, the lighting.  No matter what type of bulbs I drop into the cell (vanilla ones or ones I make from scratch) I cannot overcome the Image Space lighting.  It looks TERRIBLE and makes all of the NPCs look like the undead unless they are directly standing in areas where I added lights.  Also the navmesh in that cell makes the NPCs take odd paths when traveling and the vanilla ones continually go behind the bar.

Because so much of the Gomorrah quest lines are tied to that cell I am removing everything but the elevators I changed and the Prostitute NPCs that are on the stages.  I could fix the image space easily BUT that would also affect the areas of the cell that are meant to be creepy dungeons.  The solution I came up with was to just cut back and focus on Upper Brimstone and some casino area changes.  The personality NPCs I had in Lower Brimstone will be moved into the exterior courtyard.


I do have good news.  I have the scripting, quest and dialogue all working for a 'Service Prostitute' that will perform oral.  You can enter dialogue, tell her what you want and she will then travel to a set location where she will force greet you and run the animation and dialogue sequence.  It isn't anything grand and is meant more for immersion, since you ARE in a whore house.  Originally I tried doing an object script that would apply to ALL of the prostitutes where they would all offer the oral service 'on the fly'.  The way I have the script stacked doesn't permit that.  After getting input from DoctaSax (thanks Doc!) I was able to shift a few blocks and get it working as a quest script.  Not ideal but it does work as intended.


That's all for now.

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Maybe, instead of fighting the scripting and risking conflicts in the existing casinos you make your own? With blackjack and strippers! Wait...


I was thinking the same. You could just make another cell, leave the room brimstone lounge for the "shmucks" and have a "VIP Lounge" of your own as a different cell you access through a door there, with your own lighting and so on.


I also wouldn't worry too much about the lighting - people are bound to be using all sorts of things that will alter that anyway, like URLWfied interiors, ENB, etc. In my game, your NPC's actually looked very natural, I didn't see any "undead" looking ones  :P

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Yeah, I'm not worried about Lower Brimstone now.  It is a 'dungeon'.  It has a spooky dungeon acoustic space and fugly lighting.  I'm still going to replace the handful of stage dancing prostitutes in that cell.  I already added a new elevator and a trigger zone with all of the associated scripting and I'm not about to redo that part of the mod.  Better looking hookers will help that place anyway.


As for Upper Brimstone (on the casino level) and the courtyard...I intend to hi-jack them completely.  I could not care less about other mods that change those cells by adding crappy vanilla spawn gamblers with crappy vanilla AIs to a crappy vanilla Gomorrah.  That's just fucking lame.  If you're going to alter a vanilla cell DO IT RIGHT.  And that's all I have to say about 'conflicts' or such-and-such mod that 'everyone uses'.  I don't care.  So there.   :P


Edit:  I'm thinking about adding a 'high roller' blackjack game.  I've never looked at the mechanics for blackjack so this is only a 'maybe' at this point.  I think it would be cool to have a high stakes card game that is by invitation only.  That stupid floor manager ban you from the tables?  Well FUCK HIM you can still play, if you have enough caps that is.

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