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(V0.0.2) SexoutCrowds -- You all asked for it!

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Very basic. Kinda buggy (NPCs move oddly at times). It's a start. Toss in some rePopulated Wasteland and put on a show!


Let me know the features you want here.


Current Version: 0.0.2


Requires: SexoutNG 1.2.31 or newer


Settings: None yet.


Known Issues

None, but I can guess that this will break the shit out of tryouts and just about any other mod that tells NPCs to approach you. Hell it'll probably break the vanilla game horribly if you have sex around important NPCs that are supposed to approach you.


Those are the issues we must find and work through. ;)


To Do

- Hook up some MCM settings for range.

- Add an AI package so out of range NPCs will approach.

- Add booing as well?

- Different behavior for different kinds of sex (3somes, beast, lesbians, rape, etc).


NPCs should go back to normal within a few seconds after the show. If they don't.. heck I dunno yet, haven't had it happen. Try fast traveling away and back, saving and loading, etc. Worst case, open console, click the offending NPC, and enter "PlayIdle SexoutReset".



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Love it too, same question as the poster above though, but seeing as it is marked v. 0.0.1 I guess we can hope.


I visited camp mccarran with both rePopulated Wasteland and a mod called military expansion program which adds more soldiers to various places in the world and set my NCR approach rate to 100% and you can guess the result of the ensuing show... The GI's certanly enjoy this mod... :D


Oh, and Sunny Smiles as well... She was cheering Cheyenne on as he raped me... damn you Sunny! I thought you was on my side!

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Just gotta say, this mod is hilarious. Dunno if the intention was to make the player find a bit more humor in their "encounters" but it's certainly quite a sight to have people burst into applause when they see you masturbating.


The combination of this, a Terminator mod(EVE-900, I believe) and wearing a Batman: Arkham Asylum suit brought into existence something that...maybe should never be seen again, or should be seen more often. I think this can be considered safe for work, amazingly, because there's no actual nudity, as the Terminator model has no genitals. http://i.imgur.com/xNuvJ.jpg

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It's mostly for humor effect, several people asked for a mod like this. There was a similar one in oblivion I guess.


It has the side effect of keeping people in the cell nearby, and 'capturing' people who are just passing through, which makes for more opportunities for stalkers to kick in as well... ;)

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I am having an odd issue, and I'm not 100% sure if its this mod or sexout in general that causes it. Any time sex happens close enough for my companions to join the crowd, they freeze. They'll applaud and cheer and whatnot until sex is over, then they just stand there. Entering/exiting buildings, fast travel, etc does not fix them. The only fix is to save and exit, then reload. But I don't want to have to do that any time my companions watch someone get laid (or get laid themselves).


Edit to add: It only affects my companions, not all NPCs like Hatsuu mentioned.

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I had this problem as well. I did find a quick fix that usually worked. Have sex with the "frozen" npc. This interrupted the freeze (plus the benefit of additional sex - always a good thing...) and afterwards they returned to normal. The only issue is that if you have more than 2 followers, by having sex with one of them, the others would begin the crowd ai and would themselves become frozen. If you have 2 followers, you need to initiate a 3-way to prevent the other follower from freezing while unfreezing the first one. (I hope that sentence was clear..). However, the big problem I had was with the Improved Sunny mod. After a while she became permanently frozen, and no amount of actions would fix her. Even firing/rehiring did not work. So for now I have left this one off my plug in list. Love the idea and waiting for updates/fixes...

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This mod is very interesting. It kind of weird when the PC and companions having sex in the public but the crowds don't react anything about it.


I can't wait for the booing. And how about masturbate and even "join in" for brave-aggressive crowd?

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I also get NPCs freeze problem as well. I get it two times, the first is fixable by restarting the game. The second times, it seems it became permanent. Restarting don't work, may be I will try to have sex with them as srayesmanll suggested.


May be prideslayer can add emergency command, thru command console, to reset the freezing character. Sometimes, I feel, the game have a glitch, to skipped some script. By recommand it again thru command console, may be is a good solution.

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prideslayer has not made this mod a priority and has stated (in another thread) that someone can modifications if they wish. I plan on taking a look at it at some point, but like prideslayer I've got other mod priorities, so I haven't had a chance to look at it yet.

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I wonder' date=' how you people make this mod? What kind of tool you guys using? Does it need programming skill?[/quote']

Yes it requires scripting skill, but it hasn't stopped many people here from learning, starting small, you need NVSE, Prideslayers Extender version & Extender, GECK, Geck PowerUp, & FNVEdit.

Check the Scripting link in my sig :)

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Just posting the following here from a SCR discussion thread in the hope someone gets inspired to resurrect this broken mod.


Yes SEXOUT CROWDS IS BROKEN, don't install this mod unless you plan on fixing it.


Crowds is a bit more interesting as it was a great concept plugin, I think it could be improved by checking the karma on the actors to see whether they would cheer a rape on or someone having sex with their wife, I'm not sure what the actual problem was there, did we want to just ban it running any animations on any Quest/Vendor actors?

There's a heap of options, rape in a Powderganger camp would certainly get a crowd of cheering, rape in Goodsprings/The Strip should get people/NCR running to your aid or running away. Sex on the floor of a bar may get cheering or a request to rent a room and do it upstairs by management.

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