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  1. edit: and here come the ban points for speaking my mind lol
  2. like i said, i would be more impressed if someone could get the animations/behaviors to work without having to use FNIS. until then, everyone has to use FNIS and being stuck (forced) to use fores program in order to have any added animations is restricting, and seriously annoying. the program causes more bugs, glitches, and other issues than vanilla updates do, which is just sad. that said, i still watch these mods to see what progress is made in refining and improving the animations themselves...
  3. the hand is original to vanilla game for oblivion and skyrim... the icons can be changed easily with other mods like darkUI (forget the full name) with many options... the size of the screen is dictated by the exit menu size i think. the addition of the MCM is mostly the only reason to use the mod. also, if there is another mod that allows MCM then i would gladly check that out. dont know of any that actually work though. edit: hope the sex addict mod is still moving forward.
  4. so what exactly is it that you dont like about SkyUI? besides some of the people who worked on it maybe..
  5. yea, thats pretty good... but can you get them to play/work properly in-game without FNIS support and stuff (any outside program support), now that would impress me. or just be extremely impressive anyways.
  6. pregnancy would be nice, but it doesnt necessarily fit here.... however a good framework for baby making might be nice, currently the closest thing is the crap on the nexus and you need 5-6 mods i think for only that.
  7. well, for rape to death... what would make it easier is instead of having a 'random' factor that may or may not work very well depending on percentages or whatever it uses, i swear sometimes it seems like the CK uses fuzzy math for this type of thing. so what i would suggest would be to have two seperate rape types in this case, one for regular no death raping the other would be the rape to death (both would not have any random factors except in executing the rape in the first place) for both PC and NPC's... might have to change some AI elements in regards to its use from NPC's.
  8. true, oblivion's lovers had the same type of issues... however it might be possible to do something about the clipping (to a point of course) with the animations and stuff. course that requires mapping x,y,z coords within each cell in-game, and that would be a complete pain and pretty much a waste of time... not sure of any other way to do it. could try building another script to find were the 'floor' 'walls' are at or something, but again a complete pain. with the limitations of the papyrus and the CK not having scaleform makes it almost impossible (from what i can see or think of) to keep the actors from clipping through stuff, even if the feet/legs or whatever could be positioned correctly in regards to a given area... so im stumped here.
  9. try it without ASX/AP/PC exclusive path/FNIS stuff... uninstall it all, easy enough to reinstall if that is the problem or if it fixes it to find out which part of the other stuff is causing issues... not sure if it was this one or another but i think i read something about it being a known bug that sometimes happens...
  10. the height of each character is important for making sure the characters/actors align properly... otherwise weird things start to happen and it looks less like sex or whatever and more like a really weird dance or something... however it should be possible with using a specific set or number of skeleton types to align each to each pretty well.... the problem is it takes longer because you have to go through all of them physically (figure of speech) align the skeletons and meshes properly for each skeleton and each mesh type for that skeleton... then force those alignments for every animation from what i understand of it. there might be a easier way of auto aligning skeletons to an approximate position in relation to each other for a given animation, but that would still leave the issue of the alignment of the meshes for the skeleton... which may appear differently than a specific skeleton 'should' be, or appear etc.. there is a solution to this, have specific meshes or body type sets use a single skeleton instead of the same general skeleton that is scaled in-game.... this way it would be easier to predict the placement with scripting for auto aligning skeletons and meshes so they look right. this would have to be done by working with every skeleton and mesh available via mods and would be a pain in the ass, or you could work with a community resource mod... and now i sound like a broken record again... well whatever i dont see many (any, currently) other options, correct me if im wrong on any of this.
  11. update: working on getting more people and their mods to integrate into SSG/Sexrim project. people who have been interested (or expressed interest): docclox (original work on SSG/Sexrim) ms.leeches (vampiric thirst) layam (nexus slave framework mod) mastercchris (zaz resources) people im contacting that might be interested (re-interested): docclox (original work on frameworks for SSG/Sexrim) waxenfigure (Sex Addict mod) Cmod (SexiS) ag12 (S3, slavery framework mod) jbezorg (Sanguine's Debauchery) work is still being done on different slave clothing for your new slave at the gift shop in your local Skyrim Slavers Guild.
  12. working on stuff, no new release's yet... slave clothing is being worked on steadily. scripting is on hold for now. gathering assets for SSG and Sexrim (all meshes and stuff will be accessed from Sexrim Resource mod) going on permissions from mastercchriss/zax for their work (pillories, stocks etc.) that are ready to be used. still need tons of work done on meshes both old and new... need more people to work on scripting (the two we have are currently working on their own stuff). the link to the dedicated site is in my signature, it may give you a lame malware error or something but the site is clean.
  13. not starting anything, except another reminder of were doc is at in connection to this... from what i know. hard to catch up with that guy these days.
  14. cool, wb. edit: for those still wondering about doc, i have no idea... i have talked to him, he seemed interested in working on it again but i havent heard anything new. if you get new info. that i dont know about please share it. it is possible that doc might not come back to the SSG mod... i dont think he is done with modding though.
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