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  1. or take the original skeleton and modify it... kind of a well duh moment. like vector said its pretty easy. then you can assign the mody set to use that skeleton by placing it in a separate folder with its own names and stuff using the mod to insert both into the game. if however you want to add that to the character generation screen, that is a pain in the ass.
  2. good idea... go for it if you can get permission for reuse then you could upload that here, and it could be used as a base for this mod.
  3. the extra information is saved with the custom skeletons, how its used from there by the CK i have no idea... far as i can tell (maybe wrong) is that the CK only sets scaling for the skeletons and meshes. if thats the case then you need to make changes to the skeletons themselves... in regards to a specific bone placement/movement/individual scale... all humanoids use the same scale and the same skeleton in vanilla (even though they have separate copies for each race), which is indeed 1.0 whatever scaling is done by the CK or in-game is based off of the same scale for everything... so giants could be set to 1.0 instead of 2.0 or whatever it is to make them the same humanoid size... giants also use a similar skeleton to whats used for all humanoids (playable races anyways) if not the exact same. the only one currently that i know of that might use a different skeleton would be the hagraven. also, i think some of the changes and stuff have to be done by faction which is fucking annoying because some of NPC's dont have factions in vanilla game. sorry got off on a tangent... um, should attach the effects like armor, would be using the SKSE armor slot system for that... would be my suggestion, i think they can do that by using the nodes from the skeleton to place objects within certain areas relative to a given node (pure speculation here). the effects could be attached to a object in-game, like a token of some sort (most use a copy of the gold coin/septim) to then place this token (invisibly) into the actor inventory and then make sure that the effects are in the proper place.
  4. sounds cool, thanks... you too obviously lol good news, having someone else to help with stuff that has already been done is better than trying to recreate the wheel... i hope the guys helps you out with it etc., good luck.
  5. there should be a way to create a test scenario with adding to the scripts, this way you could then 'test' your own traps and stuff. excellent idea from a modding standpoint, personally i would like to see options added to who can/cant trigger the 'traps'. could be: everyone, PC cant trip traps, friendly factions (etc.) cant trip traps, friendlies and neutrals cant trip trap, enemy's dont trip trap, neutrals and enemies dont trip trap... or something like that.
  6. yes, we need more work done in this area... male/female and futa versions too... too bad we cant get some people dedicated to this (jobs and life always get in the way lol)
  7. ok, würde das Hochladen einige Bilder und geben Sie einen Link zu der Mod zum Download angeboten Tat hilfreich sein. es war keine Beleidigung, nur couldnt verstehen, was Sie sagten, wenn Sie versuchen, Englisch zu sprechen ... langauge Lücke zwischen culters und Sprachen (speziell Deutsch und Englisch) kann und hat Probleme mit vorbeifahrenden Ideen zwischen den beiden verursacht. speziell seit wie die Sprachen in Bezug auf Verben / Substantive / Adjektive etc. sind buchstäblich rückwärts gehen zueinander gesetzt, so macht es, dass viel mehr verwirrend. Ich persönlich wusste nicht einmal, dass es eine CBBEHC oder was auch immer mod, und dies ist das erste i nichts davon gehört haben ... so weitere Informationen ist gut, und es wäre wahrscheinlich mit Maschen wir hier arbeiten sowie vielleicht so für eine Englisch oder übersetzte Version der Mod helfen. so mit allen Mitteln lade diese Bilder und Sachen.
  8. lmao, nice. was kinda hoping it was a place holder so thats good... most of the stuff seems to be working very well for the most part. are you going to make the pasteurization/ink shading effects adjustable with on/off options and a ton of other stuff for the screen/video options im guess, or hopefully a goal?!... also, i should put you to use working on games with my friend adam... he too is working on a game (using cry3 <crysis> engine), but its not really adult related, well no sexual stuff anyways. (reference to how good your work is) info: game is called escape: sierra leone, first working title for my team (only adam and me currently)... he does the work i sit back and watch lol should have an alpha done for testing by june probably, hopefully. anyways, your making faster progress than we (really he) is... will be awesome to play the alpha/test version of your game, look forward to it. specially since the gaming industry need more AO games.
  9. question: are you going to add FP choice to view? are you working on every aspect of the game by yourself? whats with the weird robot PC thing anyways? do you plan on having anything besides humanoids? is there an option for freaks who like futa at all, or have plans to include it? is there bestiality for weirdo's who are into that stuff, or have plans to include that as well? what engine are you using? im guessing zbrush for the 3d models work... i think thats it for my ignorant questions for now. edit: btw, love the ideas for the most part... sound like its going to be a fun game. good work on what you have accomplished so far.
  10. you can use exterminatus.net/forum to host mods n stuff... for those who may be having problems with hosting sites. threads for skyrim/oblivion/morrowind.
  11. here is my tweaked/fixed version for you... file size: 191.49 KB single mesh (deleted CBBE mesh) no skeleton (deleted skeleton/armature stuff), got rid of all of it that i could find might need to further tweak the mesh, most of the left over stuff is negligible in my opinion. might need to reapply the textures etc. fixed most of the miss-alignment on the arms/legs/neck. will need to either create feet/hand/neck-head meshes to work with body, or adjust connection area sizes.... added extra faces to the neck area, seemed a little short... will need to be tweaked to fit neck-heads of CBBE (unless using original head meshes) CBBE-HB(Fat).rar hopefully this is closer to what you had in mind... should be able to run scripts or whatever in 3ds max to adjust boobs/tits/ass further. i didnt mess with the nipples, altho you might want to see about making a few adjustments to them since they currently dont really exist... only the areola exists really, and those are puffed out (original no tampering). @winny: type up what you were saying or whatever comments you have in german, and then ill try to get back to you in the same language.
  12. what language do you speak? try using your language with proper characters (will use google translate) maybe we can converse in your language.
  13. your grammar needs some help winny.... im not sure what you are trying to say there.
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