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Thorpac Body ALPHA release

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Thorpac - by thor925 and 2pac4eva7 :D


this is an alpha release of the body we have been working on. It is the base mesh that we will make variants for in the future. (cup sizes butt sizes etc...)


No slider functionality YET. thats next on our todo list, so dont worry, its coming :).


the body is a heavy edit of the vanilla body. we did this so that the textures will work with the vanilla clothes. ill be resizing all of the clothes eventually though...


The body modeling and textures were done by thor. the rigging and making into a nif were done by me. honestly exporting from blender and getting it ready for skyrim only takes five minutes for me now. i dont know why im the only one who seems to be doing it a lot. im aware there is a few new meshes out there but i thought there would be more by now since its honestly not that hard. i may have to write a tutorial since a blender update is not even needed.


There are two textures options. shaved and hairy. everything u need is in the file. No readme, installion is standard.


I swear to god if anyone uploads this to the nexus other than thor i will hunt you down and sodomize you with a rusty machete. Feel free to link everyone to this thread though! we need more members here at loverslab. nexus sucks.


post any bugs u have in this thread so we can fix them before the next version.


since i believe this is the first "real" female body mod for skyrim. Please post screenshots of your character in this thread! im too lazy to take them right now. im tired. So post screenshots, i love screenshots!


Small Update

Flesh Colored Nails


Replace your old "femalehands_1.dds" with the file.


No Glowing Nails


Replace your old hand nifs with the files.


Thors Morph



a bigger breast and butt version of the base body by thor - requires the thorpac body main file. just overwrite with this




Thorpac body.7z



thors morph.rar

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i had some screenshots to put, but apparently they were too big or something, so whatever. the pink nails were pretty awesome even if they looked like they were glowing.


i dont know if this counts as a bug or not, but as i stood near the bonfire in dragonsreach, depending how you rotated the camera, sometimes only the head, hands and feet would stay lit up while the body would dim even though i was right in front of the fire. just a heads up if you didnt know.


awesome body btw. even if you stopped working on this body right now, it would still be better than everyone elses for awhile. glad your working to do this. you have my full support! good job 2pac and thor. *applauds*

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Very nice. I like the shape, considering it was based off the vanilla body.


The finger-nails don't appear to have bene textured I found in game, and can see in Crazo's screens, but it *is* alpha.


My only (constructive) critisisms about the actual body are texture based. The areola could do with being bigger, and on the hairy texture between the thighs doesn't look quite right. I wonder if there isa way to sync up pubic hair color with the head hair?


All in all though fantastic job, looking forwards to seeing the complete body.


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Cool ! but.. I need H-cup can you do that !?


2pac stated they will do different versions of the body. This one is the base body - and it's in alpha. I'll assume 2pac and Thor will do more body sizes later, when they are far more confident that the base body has been completed.


In other news, good job 2pac and Thor! It looks amazing, especially considering how quickly it was done. The hot pink nails are somewhat off-putting, but they may actually work with my character...

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hey thor/2pac just thought ide show my love with some screenshots. I modified the textures as there was slight discolouration around the face area and also added more skin depth. oh and of course change the nails to my personal red bitch nails, hope everyone enjoys the sexy screenshots ;) i think alvor had a heart attack at the sight of the new body mesh!





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