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  1. would this work with ABC collisions? EDIT: Sorry stupid question, you need to install SMP ABC lol...
  2. Can someone please explain how to operate this mod? The mesh files are there but theres no esp file to "add" schlongs into SOS. Is this meant to be a resource only? I can't seem to find anyways to control the position and size of schlongs EDIT: Nevermind! I was able to get it to change angles like regular SOS, still can't figure out how to change size tho
  3. Hi ZaZ, just wondering if it would be possible to use the skeleton to create high heels framework? Sorry if this was mentioned already
  4. Thank you for your details response. Will try this out
  5. Hi Bazinga, could you suggest any ways to have creature HDT mesh interact better with the belly? There are some animations where the creature junk clips out of the belly rather than having the female belly stretch over it . I remember there being a modified skeleton (?) that moved the belly bone lower (can't recall where I found it but I think you might have made it?), I'm not sure if this could ever fix this issue. Could you pleas advise? Thanks
  6. UPDATE: After hours of playing around game files I finally figured it out. The mod states that it is not compatible with FNIS creatures, this means that the behaviour file must not be altered. (i.e. rebuilding the behaviour file with FNIS when you have FNIS creatures installed will result in the problem described) Simply using "de-install" option doesn't work (at least didn't work for me). You basically have to choose between Ultimate combat or animation mods for those creatures. I already installed FNIS, everything was installed as directed (I've read the readme so many times). I've been modding skyrim since it came out so I got the basic installation down. In fact some of the animations work, like the centurion spinning around and dragon priests teleporting and all that. EDIT: Just tried disabling all mods except for alt start and ultimate combat, still get this issue.
  7. Just discovered this jewel of a mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36006/ It adds better AI and combat animations for NPCs and creatures like draugr, but I can't seem to get any of them to show.... NPCs won't dodge and draugrs won't use the attack animation, I turned on godmode and spawned several draugrs to attack me, not one of them used the custom attacks. Is any one aware of mod conflicts leading to this problem?
  8. Did a few test runs with varying setups, including with the updated v3.63. The new path for the labia definitely works, but unfortunately not the case of the 'object'. Upon closer inspection, it looks like the 'object' insists on mapping to the body .dds for texturing - or whatever it is that leads to this: https://puu.sh/xWsmR/e85441865c.jpg Did a double take on the textures. The ones in your archive definitely take precedence. Still looking at things as we speak, but perhaps @Aequus's post gives the needed insight. EDIT: Will resume looking at the next opportunity - the mattress beckons. Well... 1. Start Creation Kit. 2. Load "Skyrim.esm". 3. Find "NakedTorso" record at ArmorAddon section. 4. Change female Skin Texture from "SkinBodyFemale_1" to "NONE". 5. Save the changes into plugin and load this plugin. 6. Start the game and see what happens. Wow! Tbh I didn't even realize that the texture was broken before. It didn't look as weird as for Rattlesnake in my game, just some parts not colored correctly and maybe a small part invisible too (which I didn't even realize). But the difference after applying this is like night and day. So thank you very much for this... Seems like I have to put a choice for this stuff in the installer, that esp needs to be there if someone wants to use the Chinese UUNP. I made my own fix too btw. Probably identical to your esp: Female Skin Fix.7z Is there a way to get this to work for custom races using its own texture sets? I tried this on ygnord and it fixed the texture issue for "object" but the rest of the body defaulted back to original vanilla texture (I dont use body replacers for NPCs)
  9. If you look at history of patreons of skyrim animators i dont think any of them reached 20$ a month. People dont pay for that stuff and do not donate either. Honestly I didn't even know people had patreons for that... Maybe its a problem with advertising, because I'd totally donate
  10. Don't bother with the translation. I can tell you right now that the author for some reason wants only korean people to download it.... He has a different password for each file, if you want to get it, you have to be able to understand korean and most of the time be able to type korean. Other times you have to have an account, leave a comment asking for the password and then wait for the reply. For this particular file, you have to look at his nickname, type it out in korean on the english keyboard, then take out the words that have "badtrim" (thats a korean word... meaning a word in korean that has a bottom character) out of it ... this guy is some sort of a "skyrim is for the koreans!" type of purist... probably helped that traitor ufric in the civil war too anyways the password is tmzkdltprPvkrhlwk
  11. So is there a way to fix not being able to have dialogue with creatures? I cannot get dialogue to work with falmers, chaurus or anything else in this mod... People brought it up here but I can't find the solution.... I cannot progress beyond the meeting with the gloomreach chieftain
  12. Well you dont have to run without it forever... just run it without ENB and if it doesn't crash then you setup something wrong
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