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Alien vs Predator Races

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Alien vs Predator Races


I'm remaking this mod as playable races now.

  • Playable Xenomorph and Yautja races
  • Both genders available for both races
  • Functional working heads with facial morphs (expressions) (instead of helmets and suits, like it worked in previous mods)
  • Custom bodies, using Blockhead's body swap functionality, gender choice greatly affects looks of the races
  • A complete set of Predator armors and gear located in the testing hall.

Predator gear is still in the old box at the testinghall. Type: "coc testingall" in the console, with no quotes, and the chest should be around somewhere.



  • BBB Compatible Skeleton (I recommend the one from LAPF)
  • Blockhead
  • Custom Race Fix, also present in Unofficial Oblivion Patches
  • Robert's male Body and an HGEC based female one.

Issues (HEEEEELP):
This mod is still in an experimental phase, which means a lot of functions aint working as I would like, such as:

  • I haven't assimilated the gear swap functionality, or scripts that make possible the illusion of predator cannon working with Midas magic spell, or cloaking device, or thermal vision, or shurikens and other fancy gear stuff the other Predator race mod has
  • Same goes for Xenomorph race, Blockhead's body swap function only works with naked bodies, and I dont yet know a way to prevent a race from equipping items (WHICH IS WHY ONE SHOULD PLAY AS A NAKED ALIEN - Unless you wanna wear clothes, and look like a complete abomination). The other Alien Race mod works by adding suits and helmets and preventing them to be unequipped, but that's not the way of this mod.
  • I still haven paid much attention to stats and playability. I've only been focused on looks and consequence for now, so playability might not be as immersive as one would wish.

Future plans

  • Making Xenomorph-specific animations... with any luck, running on 4 legs, swimming like a snake etc...
  • Merging functionality of this into Divine Avenger and Pred team's Predator Race, and The_Philantropy and AlienSlof''s Xenomorph Race. Though that is a mayor endeavore because of scripts and complex functionas both mods have; specially regarding suit-equipping scripts and stuff that in this version is no longer necessary.
  • Adding variations to the races

Custom Body Details

  • Robert's Male Heavy Muscular for Yautja males
  • ZKEC, normal lowerbody, wide upperbody D cup (custom made) for Yautja females
  • Special Feet for Yautjas
  • Alien Warrior and Jungle Alien for Xenomorphs

-Rebellion Developments and Sega for Alien vs Predator 2010
-ShadeMe for Blockhead
-BlackDragon66 for the head model
-JDayT for the original feet models
-Kapaer for the Blender tri import/export script
-The_Philantropy for original Xenomorph Race mod and sound files
-Software used: CS Construction Set, Blender, Nifskope, Noesis, Photoshop, Conformulator
-My internet friends for making a community where we've all grown as modders. In this mod, to Room207 for helping me figure out an issue when making functional Oblivion heads, and thanks to that, we now actually know how.
-I as Myst42 AKA El Alquimista, can only take credit for porting most of the models and textures, making them playable and putting all of this together as a mod. I also made all heads' facial morphs and remade the textures for Yautja Race


I'm deeply sorry if I'm forgetting anyone, but this is not a "regular mod". It's a "mashup". Which means it's made with several stuff I've gathered along my modding life.
And I'm a messy modder, so I tend to forget where I actually got the stuff.
If anyone has the right, and thinks that's a problem this can be solved in 2 ways:
Either I formally ask you permission, and you allow me to keep this mod public with a big thank you and you flashy name in credits
Or you can be an asshole and I would have to take this mod down. However, you're not harming me, I'll keep working on this privately anyway.


If, somehow I manage to put this together with the old mods, I might have to credit a whole lot more of people involved in the development of those. Specifically, Divine Avenger and Pred Team, with all the people who is also credited on his credit list.
This is ustable ground, but it was already unstable since this was a port to begin with. I only hope this can continue to be public as I try to be as respectful as possible.
Most of the old modders have gone missing by now.


Keep always in mind that this mod is by no means a way of profit. This mod is provided FREELY for the intent of personal fun and enjoyment in TES 4 Oblivion only.

PASSWORD: ripley


Note: files PredatorRaceReplacer.rar and Hunters.rar are part of the old mod. New version is the other file


Old Mod

This is the second time I rip something here... so let's get to business:


Alien vs predator 2010 Rips


First thing, I don't know if it does any good but I say it anyway: I DID NOT made these meshes or textures.
I extracted them from AvP 2010, converted them, re-scaled them, tweaked and butchered them just so they can be played in Oblivion
I have an understanding, that ripping things is borderline illegal, people get itchy about copyrights and Nexus bans people for it.


I give the same warning and plea the last time I did this. If you like it, download, play, enjoy and keep quiet!!
You can't upload or link this anywhere else, first for respect and second... you really don't wanna do that.


Now that my paranoia episode ends, lets talk about the mod


-Robert's male
-Universal Skeleton


This thing comes with:


-Full set of light armor for male and female
-Full set of heavy armor armor for male and female
Both sets consist of:
-Plate and Plate with Shoulder Cannon
-Gauntlets in three forms, Rest, Claws and Open Console
-Lots of masks
-A Skull Necklace


Male bodies are "Robert Male" (sorry I think it's v04, but it's easy to change if you need it, using the full set links everything perfectly)
Female Bodies are HGEC, normal D Cup, Medium lower body


5 different kinds of suits including:
-Warrior Alien
-Jungle Alien
-Grid Alien
-Number 6 Alien


Testinghall, in a barrel behind the central structure
For the armor in Predator Race mod, check the chest under the dock when leaving imperial sewers at the beginning of the game


History and things you should know:
-Predator masks SUCK in humans, they were built for Yauja and they look like crap when inferior species is using them
-There are ways of making them suck less, such as
-Using Predator Race mod at Nexus
-Finding a hairstyle that suits the mask and makes it look a little better (I recommend Apachii Wigs which comes with good dreadlocks)
-Aliens can look like crap too in certain moments such as trying to close fists. This is because of the Alien physiology consisting of larger bones and different limb length. I tried my best to do the manual rigging and try to fix things like this and the tail, but I couldn't succeed entirely because it's probably impossible without compromising the integrity of the shape.


Regarding Predator Race Mod:
I made a compilation of models designed to replace the ones in that mod.
The original race mod is unfinished, but it's the only way I know of playing a Predator in Oblivion.
I didn't like the head shape in the mod, so I remodeled it to be shaped more like the one in AvP 2010
That means the head in the original race mod IS DIFFERENT and doesn't fit the masks I ripped.
However, I included my head tweak in the package to make everything work nicely.


The file is separate and it needs the main package AND the Predator Race mod (see link above). This is not negotiable


These are only clothes and armor. I REEEALLY wish there was a way of making everything work like advanced technology and weapons, but my script-fu is non existent. If I could I would have made things like selecting wristblades and shoulder cannon making the meshes change, making the shoulder cannon really work as a cannon and stuff like that, but I cant.
(And for some reason, I cant make the scripts in the predator mod to work...)


I still hope someone could take interest and help with the scripts.


I think this is it, it's still an illusion, but a damn good looking one to play.


Enjoy and remember to keep quiet!
PASSWORD: ripley


-Developers of Alien vs Predator 2010
-Creators of Oblivion and the shitload of software that made this possible



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Cool as usual. Nice to see some more work you have made. If I can ever get my Oblivion up and running (have the patience to get it up and running correctly is more accurately the problem )


Since this is for Oblivion and you are having difficulties getting the alien technology correctly working perhaps.. just perhaps approach this a little different. ..


Bad ass bone swords shields and such.  Perhaps lances with carved bone for tips etc. For the advanced character some dragon scale, and bone weaponry? No scripts needed and it is creative and originality. ..


If you want to be more morbid perhaps some reworked skins of NPC's into bags or other clothing materials. ... Goblin skin water vessel, anyone? Select various enemies and create various artifacts that can be incorporated into the game as well. to bad there isn't a crafting scripts in the game.


Sorry... am I contributing to the madness?

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:P Perhaps...

The problem is beacuse there has always been one major thing that makes Oblivion suck:





So I'm guessing you can guess...

A Predator shoulder cannon should fire plasma balls

But It cant

A rifle should fire bullets

But it cant

And there's no way of modding the way out of it


Absolutely nothing

Its fucking useless

It doesn't work


To the best I can think it's possible, one can change meshes though scripting, but that's for another illusion.

The idea of selecting wristblades and actually see them come out, or selecting the cannon and having the armor behave as if the armband console is open with those pretty little red symbols it has. I'm unable to do this at the moment.




Here go some screens of how it looks:




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Very good work! Ritualclarity has a good point - I can imagine a possible future add-on with trophy objects that can be harvested from all kinds of creatures. At least those worthy of making trophies from. Mudcrabs and rats aren't worthy opponents for a real Yautja.


One example that springs to my mind is a unique Land Dreugh hunted as part of a quest in 'The Lost Spires'. You get a very decorative Dreugh head as a hunting trophy. About every creature's head exist as static decoration resources mounted on wall plates. These assets could be used for trophy heads.


I can't say anything about those fancy systems like OOO and such mods (never used any of them), as far as I know they offer the opportunity to hunt creatures and then craft things from their resources. WAC at least has a ton of trophy objects (misc items) included besides the usual ingredients harvested from the defeated: Claws, pelts, even skinned whole carcasses which can be given to friendly predatory animals as food.


It's nothing to hurry right now, at the moment I'm happy we have awesome new Alien and Predator stuff at our disposal. But nevertheless such a trophy mod is very interesting. For more immersion when playing Oblivion as a Predator. Consider it a project for the distant future.


Oh, and you could maybe check out RGMage2's 'Navatar' race mod for a ton of rigged dreadlock hairstyles.

I used the in my opinion best one from that mod for my current avatar (heh) character as that hair reminds me of a former girlfriend of mine.

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Yea I know that Oblivion has no modern weapons systems much like FNV has no riding capabilities  :( That was the reason for the comments above.


 If the textures of the original can be tweaked just so that the items that don't activate properly can be removed or otherwise modified then the addition of various trophies or other items that can be obtained from selected battles.


Oooh perhaps connect the trophies to specific "Boss" players. After all only the most dangerous creatures/individuals would be worthy of a trophy anyway. That would minimize the actual work of creating trophies to the actually worthy creatures/people. Perhaps if you do this starting from the most dangerous and work down. Others might join in to this process.


The wrist blades can just be equipped just like swords or other equitable items. Sure not like the original Predator but can be nice changes. Maybe a small animation where he/she is putting on the blades.


To further the madness... down the rabbit hole a little further... an animated and sound activation (like the dragon born) where he/she stands pushes out is chest fully armed with wrist blades and roars. Perhaps a spell where those around loose confidence checked to the level of the player with a chance of full on frenzied fear. yes that would be scripted and I know you aren't able to do much with that. .. however there are others around there that might like to contribute to this concept.


It is a shame I can do anything modding wise.. except trouble shoot (to a small degree) and give nice rounded ideas. .. (which most of the members here can .. and do extensively :P)


Hell if this grows more perhaps create a full on starting character of an Alien. Back story something like a portal transported him/her to the Oblivion realm and now they are trapped. Due to their aggression and general looks they got put in jail.



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A little heads-up: Now after installing the Predator race mod I replaced its meshes with your files and saw that the folder structure in that archive isn't correct. It's 'Meshes\Characters\DAPredator' but the race mod's file path is just 'Meshes\DAPredator'.

Simply installing your files by dropping the folder from the archive into the 'Data' directory will make the files wind up in a wrong sub-folder.


Nevertheless it's all really badass. I had Alien suits before as part of an evil player home with Xenomorphic guardians. Though they weren't that bad, the real deal that are 'AvP' conversions is preferable over those costume armors. My favourite Xenomorph is the Jungle Alien because of its cockroach colour.

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Ummmmm... oops!



Fixed now


All that stuff sounds really nice

Out of my range though... too much scripting


Trophies could be put as inventory items, and that does not require a lot of scripting...

Mutilation is beyond my reach also, it would have to work with stuff like Deadly Reflex or UVIII


I have an Idea of how the mesh swap should work... a few days ago I encountered a SetBody mod made for clothes

It creates clones of things addressed to a different path. Maybe it's functioning would be nice to analyze in search of a way of swapping meshes


But that's again too difficult for my current understanding. What I could do as possible next updates, is seeing the structure of one of the Xenomorph races and putting these as replacers too (I think there are two at Nexus, one individual and the other is part of a Alien vs Predator in Cyrodill mod, not meant to be played but it features alien NPC in some caves and some quests.

It's also on the list to have versions with skin net for predator stuff. It would look bad on predator race but it's meant for human races without net on their skin texture.



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... Gosh feels like a lifetime since I modded this mod, reading my own comments feels like listening to someone else....


Anyway, I'm here cause the file got deleted from mediafire, now there's new copy here and I decided to haul ass from mf and keep the good stuff here


Minor update, made a simple bra for the female predator armor, mesh with bewbs is still available, just choose the right one from the inventory

Another update, made a net suit for boys and gals, wears the amulet slot, hope everything works as it's made really fast

Beware, the net suit is rigged to function according to the armors, so in girls, only the right bewb bounces as it's the one left uncovered by the armor

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Updated file to v1.5

More dedicated to races and it has a few surprises

Experimental version.

Still has issues, which is why I could really use some help if anyone's interested



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ok so i tried downloading the mod, but the nmm said error registering this mod, value cannot be null.parametername : value    ???

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nmm ? Nexus Modmanager ? Get rid of that shit !

Use Oblivion Modmanger or TESModmanager.

Or install manually.

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Are you saying that you tried to download the mod through NMM if so that only works on the nexus you have to manually download the mod and manually add the files to your game folder and as fejeena stated get rid of NMM as that thing has trouble installing and uninstalling things correctly and other problems.

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ok so i tried downloading the mod, but the nmm said error registering this mod, value cannot be null.parametername : value    ???



nmm ? Nexus Modmanager ? Get rid of that shit !

Use Oblivion Modmanger or TESModmanager.

Or install manually.


So much this

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Future plans

  • Adding variations to the races

 ...could be so bold as to suggest a predator/ human hybrid, with a mostly human head with the exception of the predator's mouth/nose area. Whatever you plan on doing in the future will be great and thank you for what you have already made.

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Future plans

  • Adding variations to the races

 ...could be so bold as to suggest a predator/ human hybrid, with a mostly human head with the exception of the predator's mouth/nose area. Whatever you plan on doing in the future will be great and thank you for what you have already made.


AHAHAHAHAHAH! :lol: :lol: :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Sorry to laugh, but I kinda reacted that way reading this...

You have truly no idea the implications of what you're asking.

The amount of work and effort it takes to make a functional head with all expression morphs is titanic

Not to mention one has to keep special attention to details, because one tiny screw up and we're done.

It is a task that takes several months of relentless work, not to mention the modeling nightmare you propose by even suggesting the idea of merging a predator head mesh with a human head mesh... it is TRULY a nightmare, and I dont just mean that in reference to the horrible abomination it would produce as a result :lol: I mean actually merging all those high poly meshes of thousands of vertexes into something that makes sense in a completely new and original way is just... ahahahah! :lol: :lol:


Uh... I mean nope...


I know you probably dont care about modding explanations but it needed to be said.

Sorry to bring the idea down

For what it counts it's an original idea and one that Ii would support entirely, were it not for the ridiculously humongous proportions of the task ahead... In "lore friendlyness" I guess the idea of Yautja breeding with humans isn't that far fetched... but it's just too much work.

You did manage to make me laugh and I hope you take this in the best possible way because I mean no harm.

The bad part is that there's no way in hell I'm taking such a task... hope I managed to explain my reasons clearly...


The rest of your post, it's no problem :) I'm happy to mod and help in any way I can within my possibilities. I'm open to suggestions too, but those also are limited by my possibility range, no matter how original or good the idea may be...


With "Variations" I meant something more simple... like alternate textures and such

HOWEVER this means... that making a humanoid race with mashup Yautja texture may yet be possible... kind of like Tabaxi race at nexus or other humanoid kitty races... But it would be a human head

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Yeah, I had a feeling that such a feat would be out of the question, i was just hoping you were a magical head wizard or something, how about cutting off a predator's mouth and reshaping it to a human head, as a mask over the mouth and nose, no tri file. would that even look right?


ah, well, at least I got a laugh out of you... heck to be perfectly honest i mainly wanted it to mess around with the head to make my own races for fun.


Here's some songs to make up me wasting your time (yeah it's terrable logic, big whoop, wana' fide abou tit U:< ) :

dark/cold/new wave post punk type stuff i guess:




black/deathj/symphonic metal:



hope you found something you liked, hope i didn't waste more of you're time -.-'

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