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    cartoons, goth/punk fashion, H.P. Lovecraft and similar fiction,
    'dad' jokes/ absurd non-sequiturs/ dark humor, making things for false realities,
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  1. OK, this may be a wickedly stupid question, but do i need to download the original? and if not, does the original have those Bethesda assets? are they armor? I'd love anything that would save me time converting it myself.
  2. isn't the hellhound on fire? could be a low level fire damage self spell.
  3. All seamed to hgec (accept male bods wich are seamed to room207's a1 bod), all with various levels of imperfection, some coming with common clothing parts 1female shark body open v 2.nif1FemaleChestAndLegsCurves dmzec v2.nif1FemaleChestAndLegsCurvesThighs tonedLines bulkier v2 samhain6 rerig fat.nif1FemaleChestAndLegsCurvesThighs tonedLines bulkier v2 samhain6 rerig spikes.nif1FemaleChestAndLegsCurvesThighs tonedLines bulkier v2 samhain6 rerig tatoo.nif1FemaleChestAndLegsCurvesThighs tonedLines bulkier v2 samhain6 rerig tubetop.nif1FemaleChestAndLegsCurvesThighs tonedLines bulkier v2 samhain6 rerig.nif1MalebunnyCuteyTwinkBoi7.nif1MalebunnydefaultFINAL beefcake himbo lower poison thighs with dragon dick.nif1MalebunnydefaultFINAL beefcake himbo lower poison thighs with dragon dick2.niffemale body tomboy eris.niffemaleupperbody SPB07 Funya HGECed cheap.nif
  4. don't know where they came from, but x117 beasts unknown author.zip x117 beasts unknown author.zip
  5. doesn't one of those pregnency mods have those, i got the files , but i don't remember from where
  6. hi, long time oblivion modder trying out fo4 and i want to make sure i get some things right: so, when i create mashups ( taking blokes/meshes from one outfit and placing it in another) do i need a separate material file or to edit the one with the edited clothing? how would i go about making a new/ fresh material, i haven't played around much with material editor and haven't seen a 'generate material' option in it. how will this effect in-game customizations? is this the right place to ask? has this already been answered 1000 times before?
  7. ok, tried to automate it via script, ScriptName tenticleScriptForward begin gamemode playgroup Forward 1 end didn't work, the console command did work on the unscripted version, still more work to be done til i understand those chairs, i can just drag and drop them into cs and they animate when in game, well thank you for your time , resident master animater. I'm not sure if you can help my stupid, 3dsmax-less self.
  8. i am trying to make the estrus tentacles a prop to be placed around an area kind of like this mod does to people https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46106 but i don't quite know the mechanics of how it saves the animation and all that's required for it not to be a horrible mess, my initial attempts result in the tentacles and skeleton having a 90 degree difference in nifskope and sliding around with the camera in CS doll tenticle 1_CRE4 2.nif any ideas what i have fucked up?
  9. blockhead allows you to use different meshes for bodies based on certain conditions, like race or per npc. nifskope can be particularly useful even to low level mod users, with things like changing which texture a mesh uses ore even the ability to mix and match armor, feel free to ask anything that confuses you panties_trans.nifpantyrose_blackalpha1.ddspantyrose_n.dds ok , as a first test, try to get the mesh above, to connect to the textures above, both made buy tona, edited by me, the 2 texture files have to be in the same folder to work, if you can't see textures, try render (on the top bar) >settings. auto detect paths changing textures is, click on thing you want to change >click on the box next to its name in the black list> click on the box next to texturing property >right click >source texture> choose and here is a different shaped pair that uses textures you already have. panties_trans short.nif same credits, and the penises should be from happy sparkles just rename it and put it were the underwear you have now is, same name, override if you have to
  10. you are missing a texture for the panties. honestly, im not sure the best way to go as a new modder, undies underneath is probably unnecessary and unstable. I'd recommend blockhead on nexus with maybe race mess on here. assuming you want to have your character be unique as a trans woman. i need to get around to releasing some of my trans content. oh, have you used nifskope at all?
  11. not sure where to ask, but anyone interested in.... (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Gametezoas ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) rigged to the slaughterfish skeleton, low poly, perfect for your sexually overcharged daedric plane
  12. ok, so when you delete an item from an esp, the persistent and temporary references in a cell remains as an error, you can have tes 4 edit point the errors out to you, but is there a way to automatically remove them all , instead of going through all the cells individually?
  13. No, like, look at sperm in a microscope, imagine those the size of fish swimming around, and the strap-on comment was to the lesbian question earlier
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