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  1. anyone know of any good 'black people'/ african hair. a few afros and braid styles seem a bit to bare-boned, hell at least a decent densly curlled hair texture would be a nice place to start, but stuff like this would be amazing, even if i have to port it from skyrim or sims, if you see it, tell me... well my own post gave me the idea to check skyrim...
  2. yo, what up its me, here to numb your mind with my dumb questions. so, is there a list somewhere of mods that often cause crashes? and, is there a type of mod most likely to cause a crash: e.i. landscape redisigns like uv, new lands like elsweyre, combat addons like SSS, etc. finally any pose mods known to cause problems with lovers? (even when not posing (obviously))
  3. ok, i'm clearly losing it, oblivion is gas-lighting me. I just recently figured out and tested multiple times that my male body problems stem from which textures i pick for skin in nifskope as seen below the chest has khajitt skin and bottom has imperial skin in nifskope I thought that an esp swapped out textures and normals for properly named blocks like "foot" with "skin" material, and i have that, the skin materials are even the same (86 gloss,black specular, and the meshes are apply modulate) i don't seem to have this problem with female skin... the only conceivable explanation is that the imperial skin is darker than the texture in nifskope, a common occurrence with my homemade normal maps, but that's just a rendering thing with nifskope, why would it translate to oblivion's rendering with different normals? maybe no one can help me, maybe i just have to look through and change hundreds of nif files.... but, i've got to try! here are the meshes, no penises included, if you don't want to deal with that, unlikely as that may be greaves.nif cuirass.nif and here are some songs helping me keep sheogorath's influence from consuming me
  4. my attempt to make a decent guy face and stained-glass armor
  5. please do Download "edit" at the top and tell me what you think. ... as well as any need you may have, as i notice you are new and may not know how to install this or the ways you could make only a race or even a character FtM without making everyone one. heck, you may not even know how to edit textures, so just ask and hopefully I'll be able to help, maybe toss some mastectomy scars for you or something... maybe might end up with pink fur around the area, as I'm not great with normal maps.
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33190 i also have a white khajit texture i thew together for my elswyre that has both male and female and could maybe help you with something more custom, if those don't suffice, although i cant give you a time frame
  7. ...will I'd like to play around with it, but I'd like to mainly make objects like glass armor more crystalline in appearance then bubble like... also an invisible race that has a thin outline maybe but viable clothes like this image of Toru Hagakure
  8. hi its me again asking odd and possibly unanswerable questions: 1. can I make a version of the chameleon shader that works only for skin like some effect shaders can? 2. can i add the refraction shader to any obj? 3. is it just me or does the refraction shader always make things really transparent? and can i change that?
  9. oh sorry, meant to say i would be replacing/ adding to the drink potion idle and want it to loop for a short period then stop looping and thanks, i think i found the priority list, though , i wish i could change priority globally for all bone nodes
  10. ok, so i saw this one silly game, but, the animation i found just does it quickly once if i set it to cycle_clamp and want it to instead loop a set amount of time and/or loops do it doesn't go on forever, anything i can do? (in construction set or nifskope hopefully) also is there a way to quickly change the priority of an animation so it doesn't override running and other intent based actions?
  11. texture seams, its too much a pain to match up the spots on edge areas and for the skeleton, i found one built to be scaleable, no special rigging required, just sum edits in nifskope
  12. I talk about creativity, but still end up just making anthro animals (and the occasional undead race).... anyway, here's a giraffe
  13. I'm not taking it particularly seriously I just wanted to rant about how most fantasy isn't fantastical enough. that's my main issue, why does it have to be comparable to the real world, this is why i stayed in shivering isles when i first got the game. as for the other continents, god i hope we get to visit, and the 'land' of the see elves too, i heard ther skin described like a jellyfish, now that's fantasy. well apes, who are tailless and have some other differences between monkeys, but they descended from monkeys so i guess that statement is true charizard descended from charmander ? but, yeah, maybe you are right maybe I've become so accustomed to western Europe in media and history books that it seems so mundane to me. any way, in the interest of me stop derailing this thread, pictures anyway thanks for letting me vent, i love the blank canvas that is oblivion, but its so blank i cant help but spend more time modding than playing and the game just grows all the more unstable while i contineue adding to my bloated 'masterpiece'
  14. half the playable races are white, 7/10ths are incredibly human, did i exaggerate a bit, yeah, but black and whit people are pretty much the same, just different melanin based on how much sun our ancestors had to deal with, i wasn't trying to call the game racist, i was trying to say it was artisticly boring, so putting redguards on a pedestal wouldn't have effected my argument any more than putting dark elves or orcs, two fantasy staples, on that pedestal
  15. zoo? thanks for noticing, but heck, I think I have a whole damn jungle. I started down this path because I heard Cyrodiil was once a jungle and then we just get this boring English countryside, and i hear all this neat lore about races and we get like 20 white humans, some with pointy ears (oh boy, settle down, you don't want to get too fantastical in your fantasy game) so, I just kept adding and changing. I hope elder scrolls 6 is as alien as morrowind... or like jumps a couple millennia to like a gently steam punk late 1800's type world powered by reverse engineered dwelmer tech and exploring other continents, a mean viking land was fun but still felt to close to the real world anyway here's a mtf trans lion i barely made
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