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  1. maybe you are right about there being no fixes through weighting, but i don't think i can handle editing a bunch of animations... i do have an edited scaleable skeleton that actually effects in game, could mess with that if a mesh based solution won't do... honestly , i've got a bunch of mods i haven't released because of lack of polish and weird personal preferences oh, dif versions eh? good to know.
  2. hey, been busy, not a fan asking others for help, but i can't figure out this issue. so i got this new body i made awhile ago, kind of an alternative to musclegirl. this one has a bit more fat, so it isnt all lumpy , i'm thinking of calling it brickhouse, its actually based on zkec i think, seams match hgec... anyway, i cant get the lats to compress correctly and get a sharp bend that i would like to fix, but every attempt to hand-weight the area has made it worse. 1FemaleChestAndLegsCurvesThighs tonedLines bulk v2.nif anyway, i want to ask if anyone even would like this body and put up with the flaws oh, and anyone know how i can best use seam mender, it usually works, but it wont run some meshes
  3. so i downloaded this message logger thing and its telling me there are a few scripts not compiled, but these are not ones i have edited, so is there any reason a mod creator would not want their script compiled?
  4. could you elaborate, like are you sing a newer or older pc, what settings of this mod do you use, how much does it effect visuals, sorry for the bother, thanks for your time
  5. ok, what you suggested worked, using xedit 4.0, changed the hair's formid and copy as override into master, saved and exited, did the same for races, clicking select all and ok whenever it asked me to change things that used the hair and races.
  6. is there a way to move the races of lets say , elswre , to another file like a race collection esm, while making the NPCs all quickly converted to the race that was moved to the master? like, say i move kajit raht to the master file and remove the original race, could i have all the kahjit raht npcs automatically use that master's version of the race without manually editing them i would just make a copy of them in the esp and make the elswr ones unplayable, but from what i remember, making a race unplayable would cause issues with the npcs, like not being able to access the shared topics like gossip and i think also lovers pk.
  7. hold up, sorry, i should have looked at the structure of the mod you wanted to use, i think prefix may be easier for you, i never really use it but i think all you need to do is chose the prefix like i did for suffix, but instead of adding it to the end of the file name you make a folder with that prefix name and that will act like the new mesh folder so you would just drop armorkhajiit and clotheskhajiit into that file and take off the khajiit from thier names, though im not entirely sure it works like that the ini would look more like this i think ; set RaceMessIni.svRace to sv_construct "khajiit" ; set RaceMessIni.prefix1 to sv_construct "khajiitWardrobe" ; set RaceMessIni.prefix2 to sv_construct "second choice" and files like Data\Meshes\khajiitWardrobe\....
  8. to paraphrase myself not sure if i can help, as i mostly use raceMess and only use suffexes, but lets say i have something like this: set RaceMessIni.svRace to sv_construct "khajiit|other race name if you want" set RaceMessIni.suffix1 to sv_construct "_yourchoice" set RaceMessIni.suffix2 to sv_construct "_whatever" and i want to make a steel chassis for one of the named races, i'd simply save the modified version in the same folder as the original, with the suffix tacked on like this meshes\armor\steel\f\Cuirass_yourchoice.nif the _ is unnecessary, i just like it for organization's sake, anyway, no idea how kats is set up, but you might want to save the meshes like i mention above, potentially splitting the legs and feet may be necessary, so you should only really need kats's meshes wich you will rename, esp not needed
  9. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/43785 not sure this is the same one, hell i think there is even another one called like deadric heart box or something i swore i remember having maybe this https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/39474 or this https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/30530 but i don't know why you would want extra scripts clogging such a delicate game, when you can just change the modal file paths in the construction set, not judging though
  10. hey, anyone know how to see the error that terminates the program like above and know what those errors mean? this program generally works for me, but some combination of meshes and settings will simply not process and i have no idea what the commonality between them are.
  11. i'm about this close from becoming amish. i'm trying to make a more moderate bodybuilder female body, but no matter how i weigh it. the latissimus dorsi will not work with me, plus whenever i try to add anything to the testing hall all the walls/floors disappear, well here is some crappy shots of my new lion mane so i don't feel like i'm wasting my life in this quarantine limbo.
  12. Was inspired by beserk, the 2016 anime ain't that bad, specily with songs like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr6BMiHMPtI
  13. you could try any walk forward animation using more or less human skeleton, i use werewolf run animations from i think curse of herecine and loversbitch to make my sneaking on all 4s
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