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  1. not exactly ,but here is a bit of ini for my racemess : set RaceMessIni.svRace to sv_construct "turtle" set RaceMessIni.suffix1 to sv_construct "_turtle" set RaceMessIni.suffix2 to sv_construct "_liz" setstage RaceMessIni 10 ;End of this entry set RaceMessIni.svRace to sv_construct "Mummy|The Misfortunate" set RaceMessIni.suffix1 to sv_construct "_mummy" set RaceMessIni.suffix2 to sv_construct "_neKrow" setstage RaceMessIni 10 ;End of this entry set RaceMessIni.svRace to sv_construct "mlp queen chrysalis" set RaceMessIni.suffix1 to sv_const
  2. ok, i'm losing confidence in my abilities and modding in general, i'll try to work on these more, but i don't know when i'll get around to it so for now here's what i have : second trimester, badly matched seam normals, penis gap doesn't bond well with default penis, or any really penis 1Male roberts5 mpreg t4 v3 2nd tri.nif post and/or 1st trimester, minor seam normal mismatch, still awful penis gap that doesn't blend with any penis 1Male roberts5 mpreg t4 v3 post.nif hopefully someone more skilled can take it from here... hey , at least we got the 3rd trim
  3. i'm sorry the other trimesters are taking so long, i've been having problems with other stuff ,and need to redo the meshes
  4. maybe the mess system (ex: racemess) could help, you could make crop top armor and low cut leg armor to show off the belly or just run robert armor throgh clothing converter, oh and i dont think i can do a strechmarked body, maybe a slightly larger body mesh with a transparent texture for that, and do you want the shape of the recovery body to look a certain way?
  5. pk, apparently i used that animation for bow sneaking, so i had it around to test, and...its a bit of a weird animation, really shows some weaknesses in the weights, like the preg bod from setbod reload as seen below, but i did manage decently , there is still some unnatural looking compression on the lower sides just above the seams that I'm too afraid to work on more, I'm just lucky this turned out as well as it did. 1Male roberts5 mpreg t4 v3.nif
  6. that's weird, what animation are you testing with, it looked fine with 08_DefMotionx3.kf, and i guess the asshole is a 'me problem' as my textures make it far more noticeable, .... maybe I'm not cut out for this project
  7. ok , this is my first completed nif, i'd try to fix the asshole stretching, but anything with more than one skelle node is an absolute shitfight as to whether it will work as planned anyway, tell me what you think, this is 3rd trimester, i hop[e it doesn't look like just fat, myy plan was that the 3rd tri would have pointier pecs anda tight round belly,but i think i went a little off the rails 1Male roberts5 mpreg t4.nif
  8. ok, i am unfamiliar with this mod and want to know how this should turn out, so i made a mockup using photo-edited pictures of an unrelated body i'm working on
  9. might i ask how compatible you need, thanks to all the consistencies in Roberts seams in different versions, i accidentally have all my male bodies seamed to a lesser known variant, i could give it a try tho, which variant do you want it to be seamed to, v4, v5, bodybuilder, or does it really matter? do you want the full hgec preg treatment, that is to say, definitely not compatible with normal seams as the gut extends towards the crotch?
  10. mind if i ask for those old versions, sorry for your time, also, is k the latest version?
  11. oh dark masters of the great and forbidden arts, may i ask for seam-mender templates that have a high success rate for various oblivion bods and different versions of the program... i'm pretty sure I'm doing what i can, this one program is the only one so fickle, even a message logger would be nice as the error will appear for like a half second before the program terminates.
  12. maybe you are right about there being no fixes through weighting, but i don't think i can handle editing a bunch of animations... i do have an edited scaleable skeleton that actually effects in game, could mess with that if a mesh based solution won't do... honestly , i've got a bunch of mods i haven't released because of lack of polish and weird personal preferences oh, dif versions eh? good to know.
  13. hey, been busy, not a fan asking others for help, but i can't figure out this issue. so i got this new body i made awhile ago, kind of an alternative to musclegirl. this one has a bit more fat, so it isnt all lumpy , i'm thinking of calling it brickhouse, its actually based on zkec i think, seams match hgec... anyway, i cant get the lats to compress correctly and get a sharp bend that i would like to fix, but every attempt to hand-weight the area has made it worse. 1FemaleChestAndLegsCurvesThighs tonedLines bulk v2.nif anyway, i want to ask if anyone even would lik
  14. so i downloaded this message logger thing and its telling me there are a few scripts not compiled, but these are not ones i have edited, so is there any reason a mod creator would not want their script compiled?
  15. could you elaborate, like are you sing a newer or older pc, what settings of this mod do you use, how much does it effect visuals, sorry for the bother, thanks for your time
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