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  1. been a little while since i modded, but this is generally a good last resort to transparency issues, kind of changes alpha to more of a binary option, invisible or opaque.....the alpha test threshold changed to whatever looks best.
  2. maybe the hairs alpha threshold is too high? just a thought
  3. oh hey, it may be a little late, but the male nude mod on nexus turns the pyramid to a giggly flaccid penis and cylinder into a hard one, and it works on women as well. oh, and some tips, angle a heart on the hips to have the two bumps almost face forward give or take 30 degrees, scale to your preference, bam, you got dick and ball bulge also talim has a spank grab and sophetia has a face sitting grab Im having so much fun making trans girls and effeminent guys, even a trans guy or two :3
  4. Zombie: Not started https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42208 colourwheel got you covered, these should be rigged to zombie skeleton and are pretty decent quality
  5. to get rid of all at once: click the first one on list, hold shift, scroll down click last on list and press delete to get rid of them all .... also if you wnt to ADD alot there is a way in construction set extender
  6. haven't played since a few months original game came out, so i'm looking for: 1. a mod that lets me say hey, fuck your civil war it only benefits the thalmore, lets go kill them 2. a mod that allows me to fuck or fight dragons into being my friends/ under my control with an alt way of enhancing your shouts/gaining souls... you have a dragon's soul, why are you just a dragon slayer, why not dragon lord/dragon sheriff 3. any other mods that help me feel at one with the dragon an any way posible 4. a body that goes from flat and athletic to thick thighs and decent sized breasts along one scale... and male equivalent 5. list of the best vanilla armor/clothes sexifying and/or re imagining replacers... for both genders 6. something to make the melee feel less flail-y... varied animations mostly, and maybe more abilities and options 7. not s much a mod, but am answer to why my vinila skyrim says most of my num pad is reserved when i try to set up my controls
  7. actually, i don't even have legendary edition, i got the game the month it came out, before any dlc, anything the dlcs could do that mods cant do better? thanks, for the info you two, may just buy this to play dlc as its only 3 bucks more than dragonborn right now. one more question, mod mangers and tes edit will treat these 2 as separate right?
  8. So, i bought skyrim when it was new. spent like 169 hours on it before deciding to go back to oblivion, because skyrim was not enough an improvement over oblivion. so a few questions: for upgrading to SE: 1. how much improvement in stability is there? can i spend hours in a heavily modded state or like forever in a lightly modded state? 2. any performance/ optimization improvements 3. how hard is it to convert skyrim mods to SE mods 4. so, creation club updates, how often and how game breaking? for re-entering skyrim modding scene 1. any one win the body format wars? who is the hgec of this generation. as much as i generally think competition is good, I'm not a fan of half the armors and races being worthless to me. 2. any kind of neat converters, like say hgec to cbbe texture converter or something. 3. any facial sculpting mods, while oblivions facegen could easily result in ugliness, a good use of it allowed a small amount of heads to make many different unique races
  9. anyone know of any good 'black people'/ african hair. a few afros and braid styles seem a bit to bare-boned, hell at least a decent densly curlled hair texture would be a nice place to start, but stuff like this would be amazing, even if i have to port it from skyrim or sims, if you see it, tell me... well my own post gave me the idea to check skyrim...
  10. yo, what up its me, here to numb your mind with my dumb questions. so, is there a list somewhere of mods that often cause crashes? and, is there a type of mod most likely to cause a crash: e.i. landscape redisigns like uv, new lands like elsweyre, combat addons like SSS, etc. finally any pose mods known to cause problems with lovers? (even when not posing (obviously))
  11. ok, i'm clearly losing it, oblivion is gas-lighting me. I just recently figured out and tested multiple times that my male body problems stem from which textures i pick for skin in nifskope as seen below the chest has khajitt skin and bottom has imperial skin in nifskope I thought that an esp swapped out textures and normals for properly named blocks like "foot" with "skin" material, and i have that, the skin materials are even the same (86 gloss,black specular, and the meshes are apply modulate) i don't seem to have this problem with female skin... the only conceivable explanation is that the imperial skin is darker than the texture in nifskope, a common occurrence with my homemade normal maps, but that's just a rendering thing with nifskope, why would it translate to oblivion's rendering with different normals? maybe no one can help me, maybe i just have to look through and change hundreds of nif files.... but, i've got to try! here are the meshes, no penises included, if you don't want to deal with that, unlikely as that may be greaves.nif cuirass.nif and here are some songs helping me keep sheogorath's influence from consuming me
  12. please do Download "edit" at the top and tell me what you think. ... as well as any need you may have, as i notice you are new and may not know how to install this or the ways you could make only a race or even a character FtM without making everyone one. heck, you may not even know how to edit textures, so just ask and hopefully I'll be able to help, maybe toss some mastectomy scars for you or something... maybe might end up with pink fur around the area, as I'm not great with normal maps.
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