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Predators The Lost Tribes - Tweaks (UNP/SOS) + UUNP Bodyslide v115A

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Predators The Lost Tribes - Tweaks (UNP/SOS) + UUNP Bodyslide v115A




This is a collection of assets and tweaks for use with roland's Predators The Lost Tribes mod; more specifically, the included Yautja races. Most notably body replacer compatibility, minor tweaks and fixes, and removal of the need for patches for mod-added gear.


Some time ago, I started a project to convert PTLT's gear to fit UUNP and SOS bodies, which later included body-replacer-compatible textures for the Yautja races (to match the items) and eventually grew into a full-blown overhaul to fix and tweak as much of the original mod as I saw fit. I even contacted Roland about approval for a hypothetical public release.


Unfortunately I lost most of my working files some time after starting work on it, and redoing it all from scratch would have been too much work, so I had to give up. But I was recently reminded some of the assets did survive (mainly the edited character meshes and textures), so I decided to clean up what I had and release it once and for all. So here it is.


Note that I have no interest in continuing development for this mod, so this is provided as-is and no further support will be provided outside of basic troubleshooting. If anyone else wants to edit or use the assets in here, feel free to do so provided you give credit and have the required permissions from the corresponding mod authors.



--- Predators - The Lost Tribes

--- RaceCompatibility

--- UNP Compatible body

--- SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim (If using the optional SOS Addon plugin)

--- Bodyslide (If using the UUNP slider set)


And their respective requirements, if any.


Changes from the original mod:


--- Female body textures now support UNP-based bodies (including UUNP Special), with detailed privates.
--- Female Yautja now use the same naked body meshes as vanilla races do.
--- Male Yautja now use a SOS Lite body (based on boo's SoS Retooled) but still follow the vanilla body UV so as to not have texture bugs with custom Predator gear.
--- Female "standard" Yautja can now blink. Female Bad Bloods/Super Predators and all male Yautja still have static heads. Outdated, see v115A changes.
--- Set up all Yautja races with "DefaultRace" as ArmorRace. This should make them automatically compatible with ALL vanilla and mod-added gear without the need to edit vanilla records or create compatibility patches for other mods.
--- Several bugs with character meshes and shaders/textures have been fixed.
--- Race data brought more in line with Skyrim's default playable races. Several stats are still higher/lower than vanilla ones but not as much as the original mod had them. Also fixed some bugs in the race data while at it.

--- Possible unlisted changes and edits.


NEW in v115A


--- New items added in v115A have been edited to work with the DefaultRace fix where needed.

--- All three races now have full support for Vampirism and Lycanthropy, through the RaceCompatibility framework (RC is now a hard requirement as a result).

--- An optional SOS Addon plugin (for SOS Full) is now available for males. Should allow male Yautja NPCs to have their schlong size randomized through SOS' system, instead of defaulting to size 1 as they used to do without the plugin. SOS Revealing armors will now work with them as well (but texture bugs are to be expected due to their custom body UVs).

--- Male and female regular Yautja and female Super Predators/Berserkers can now blink. Male SuperPreds and all Bad Bloods still have static heads.

--- Subsurface Scattering disabler textures (Also known as "bronze shine remover") have been added for both males and females.

--- Several armor pieces have been renamed to keep their names consistent across all of them and/or fix typos or data errors.

--- The racial weakness to cold and resistance to fire have been nerfed to more balanced/vanilla-like values (-25% and 30%, respectively).

--- Racial disease immunity (100% resistance) has been nerfed to 50% resistance, like vanilla Argonians have.

--- Racial "Battle Roar" and "Throw Voice" lesser powers have been changed to standard Powers instead (so they can only used once per day).

--- The female meshes for the "Yautja Underwear" item have been renamed to "femaleunderwear_0/1.nif" to more clearly represent what they are used for.

--- Derelict Ship: Civilized Yautja (Derelict Ship inhabitants) now have their own defined faction and can track crimes just like vanilla holds and Orc strongholds do.

--- Derelict Ship: Most NPCs have been changed to use vanilla voices (mainly Orc ones) and several buggy/dirty edits to vanilla dialogues used by their original custom voices have been removed.

--- Derelict Ship: Items inside the ship are now properly owned by the Civilized Yautja faction and/or specific NPCs where applicable. Combined with the crime tracking support mentioned above, this means stealing said items will cause a bounty and trigger the nearest guard/NPC to request said bounty or start combat.

--- Derelict Ship: Kajio Silent Death (found in the training hall) is now a proper Journeyman trainer for Sneak and has been given a voiced response for the training request dialogue.

--- Derelict Ship: Skl'da'si (mask crafter, found in the trading post/smithing area) is now an Expert trainer of Smithing.

--- Derelict Ship: Dachande Little Knife (same place as above) is now also a trader and shares inventory with Skl'da'si.

--- Derelict Ship: The trading dialogue for the Elder now has proper player prompt text.

--- Derelict Ship: The companion Yautja Hounds have been renamed to their proper/short names (Beast, Groo and Dutch) instead of their "description" names (Predator Hound Heavy, Predator Hound and Painted Predator Hound).

--- Possible unlisted changes and edits.


The following changes only apply when replacing the original mod's plugin with my edited one:


--- Removed several dirty edits to vanilla records (dialogues, armors, etc.).
--- Cleaned up the plugin in TES5Edit (though there are still several deleted NavMeshes that couldn't be restored).


NEW in the UUNP Bodyslide file


--- All female armors in the mod now have matching UUNP Bodyslide sets.
--- Removed the vanilla low poly feet meshes from the Human variants of the open boots and replaced them with standard UUNP feet.

--- Fixed some errors in the data that prevented some items from properly showing up on some humanoid/non-Yautja races (biomasks are still Yautja-only).

--- Added new high-poly meshes for the Pureblood Tsaesci armor set (separate from the vanilla path) with matching UUNP Bodyslide sets.

--- Added one new variant of the Underwear item that uses the new "AvP" underwear texture (as seen on the Combat armor sets).




--- Predators The Lost Tribes - Tweaks (UNP - SOS) v115A: Main plugin of the mod. Includes the new/edited assets, a plugin to load them and make the necessary edits for them to work as intended, and an edited main plugin to remove dirty/unnecesary edits that could only be fixed this way. Required.


--- Predators The Lost Tribes - Tweaks SOS Addon v115A: Requires SOS Full and the main Tweaks file. Adds a custom (male-only) Yautja Regular schlong for use by all three races and their vampire counterparts. Has the same functionality as other SOS addons and also enables (basic) support for Revealing items. Strongly recommended.


--- Predators The Lost Tribes - UUNP Bodyslide v115A: Requires the main Tweaks file, install it first and then overwrite with the contents of this file. Adds UUNP Bodyslide support to the mod's armors and fixes some armor-related bugs in the plugin. Strongly recommended.


Known Issues:


--- Custom races that use "DefaultRace" as its armor equip reference will get Yautja meshes for biomasks instead of humanoid-compatible ones. As per the original mod, biomasks are only truly meant to be worn by Yautja anyway, so it isn't that much of an issue in the first place.
--- SOS-based armors will have texture bugs when worn by male Yautja due to their textures still being based on vanilla UVs. Likewise, SOS Revealing armors will have a gap at the crotch and no schlong due to the SOS Lite-like setup not being compatible with SOS Full gear. The latter won't apply if the optional SOS Addon plugin is used.

--- As a side-effect of the way RaceCompatibility works, some vanilla Argonian head parts will show up for Yautja during character creation. They can (and should) be safely ignored.

--- Kriss (female Yautja follower found at the Derelict Ship) can trigger a random greeting that makes the player Blood Kin (accepted in Orc Strongholds) due to her relationship value with the player, her use of the female Orc voice, and the lack of proper race checks in that vanilla dialogue line.

--- Yautja NPCs from the Derelict Ship will mention the Code of Malacath and/or refer to the ship as an Orc Stronghold during their crime dialogue. This is due to the lines and scripts being reused from the vanilla Tribal Orcs crime system.


UUNP Bodyslide


--- The conversion is far from perfect, and most armors will probably have issues and/or look distorted depending on the body preset used to generate them.

--- The netting on the armors will have some texture bugs around the breasts and butt. The original netting mesh was missing those areas altogether, so I didn't have a base to work with and thus those areas are missing from the texture.

--- The Xeno Head Vest will look bad/distorted with most body presets. It would have taken way too much work to properly fit it to all sliders and I don't even like the design anyway.





roland113 for the original Predators - The Lost Tribes

boo for the SoS - Retooled meshes

HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion

VectorPlexus, Smurf and others for SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim.
dimon99, Phygit, and thepal for DIMONIZED UNP Female Body
Caliente, Ousnius and others for Bodyslide and the UUNP Special body.

Shiva182 for UUNP Vanilla Outfits Bodyslides.

TheCoach for TCf - Vanilla Skyrim Bodyslided ( UUNP HDT ).


Note: according to permissions, everything here should be fine, but if any author wants me to remove their assets from this file for some reason or to edit the credit section, just let me know and I will comply as soon as possible.

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