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Exposed lurker...

Great. Now I'm picturing a big fish-monster roaming the shores of Solstheim, all bundled up in a greatcoat.

He sees his prey approaching. It's the Dragonborn!

He leaps out, steely talons of death ready to do their work...

He opens his coat and giggles, possibly thrusting his hips for good measure.

And forever more, no matter how long she tries, no matter how much she spends on therapy, the Dragonborn will never be able to remove that image from her memory.


Actually, the first time I ever got to Freeside and was accosted by those guys that show you the dead body and try to rob you, when the dude told me to follow him to see something, my first thought was he was gonna take off his clothes, and I was gonna have to belt him one upside the head.

I was close, but (thankfully) not right on.


And actually, since I never did say hi or anything even in my first posts, here it is.

Hi, everyone! I have come to consume your content!

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Guys.  Shit is getting real. 


I have trouble with the nif export/import script and I have other IMPORTANT questions concerning meshing but I cant start a new topic. I cant upload a picture in the attachement. I cant post a link to a picture. I cant even change my ava. GOD DAMMIT WHAT CAN I DO HERE ??!!!! Sorry.






Btw I new here. Hi. First day here and Im totally pissed off. I have problems and need help but Im not allowed to post a thread ugh Im done.

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Greetings, fellow forum surfers and members.


I am not a new member, but am new to surfing the forums.  I began doing so in order to learn more about mod creation and have found that it is a valuable resource of information.


Feel free to send me a PM if you're bored, or are willing to share your knowledge.  It's nice to get messages.




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Hello there, i've lurked here a few times but never really registered until now. Saw some really interesting mods in the topics and wanted to keep a track on them, seems like a pretty cool community contrary to the stigma, who knows maybe one day i'll see mods for my own game showing up here.

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