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  1. Okay, I downloaded 2.7.3 and installed the Dawnguard version. I played for about an hour and the Mating Call Shout worked as advertised. Well, with the first Shout my character ended up entertaining two wolves at the same time. But each time after it worked as it was supposed to until the end. After using the Shout about a dozen times or so it stopped working. No amount of waiting fixed the issue and the Papyrus log looks just like the one I posted earlier. I saved and reloaded the game, and the Shout started working again. It worked about a dozen times and stopped working again.
  2. Absolutely. I also go through the Nude Creatures MCM Menu and tick each of the critters that's to get naughty bits. And since I'm running MNC I also reset the Animation Registry in SexLab's MCM. Since I have The Animal Mansion installed I can verify that critter sex works just fine there. The animations play out perfectly. Edited to add: I guess I should mention that since I have Dawnguard, I always play the Dawnguard version.
  3. All righty then. I downloaded and installed 2.7.1 and started a brand new game. I started out not far from the tower added by the mod, so I just fast traveled there. I made my way north where there are usually a couple of wolves and used the Mating Call Shout on them. It seemed like it was going to work for a split second. Then one wolf attacked the other and the survivor then attackd me. There was no sex. But the message that my desires were satisfied flashed on screen. I used the Shout again on the wolves outside Riverwood and the exact same thing happened. As you can see from the snippe
  4. With 2.5 I had the same Mating Call Shout working only twice. I tried the suggestion to let the sex scene finish and then waited and waited some more. Tried the Shout on a different species of beastie and it worked. But only once. If I let the scene finish and wait and wait some more, I can use the Shout again. Nothing revealing in the Papyrus log when the Shout stops working. Downloading new version. I'll test it on a new game!
  5. thanks for the feedback ill look into the immersive arousal problem for the medium option, did everything else install ok through MO though??? Other than not being able install immersive arousal if I selected medium, it seemed to work just fine through MO. I had no trouble getting it installed. I created a separate profile to test this mod. I tend to use a pretty script heavy load when I'm in my Gaming Zone and that doesn't usually work out very well for testing new things. For testing purposes I'm running a small assortment of retextures, Unofficial Patches, a handful of other patche
  6. I'm loving this idea. Don't know how I missed this mod before. Happy to be a guinea pig! Interesting issue when installing into MO. When I select the Medium option, for some reason, even though the esp file is in the directory, it will NOT install the Immersive Arousal.esp. The work around: Install Max and set the STD.esp as an optional if you don't want it.
  7. Head over to the FNIS page on Nexus (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811/?) and download version 5.1.1 and, if you're going to use the Creature Pack, download the new version of that too. If you look at the support page for SexLab 1.59b, you'll see that the new version is required for SexLab to work. SexLab Frameworks 1.59b Requirements:
  8. Noswaith dda. Guten Abend. Iyi akşamlar. Dobrý večer. Tráthnóna maith. Goedenavond. Good evening! Thought I'd pop in and chuck in my HowDEE! before I get down to playing some Skyrim.
  9. USKP (Unofficial Skyrim Patch) and the other unofficial patches fix all kinds of bugs, glitches and issues with the game. I consider them absolutely essential and won't play without them. Try installing USKP and UHRP (Patch for Hi-Res Texture Pack). It can make a pretty big difference in how the game behaves. Since you don't have Dawnguard, Hearthfires, or Dragonborn, you don't need the others. I only run LOOT once each time I install mods. If I run it again, the result is the same. Edited to add: One of the reasons I commented on your load order is because the LADL - No Starting Spell
  10. I strongly suggest that you download and install the Unofficial Skyrim Patch Series. You can get the USKP one here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/19/? and the links for the others are on the page for USKP. You definitely have some load order issues. Run LOOT - http://loot.github.io/
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