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Things that annoy.. no, piss me off about this game...

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In this recent case I was looking for something simple, some in ground hot tub CC and wouldn't you know it ALL of it was either for the sims 2 or the sims 3..... Before that it was spiral staircase sets, the closest thing I found in that regard was a shelf made to look like a spiral stair case, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?.. I actually saw somebody get mad in the comments section under that one too, saying the author didn't mention that it was a shelf in the description (even though they actually did)... Yeah don't worry buddy, I know how you feel man, trolled and annoyed just like me...



(Believe it or not I actually mean this outburst to be read in more of a humorous light, but it is fucking annoying to keep running into that kind of shit.)

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1 hour ago, snowdog04 said:

but then your sims can't figure out how to get in.

Yeah.. of course EA wouldn't go the extra mile there... the same way they didn't just include resources to build above or below ground fire pits, or in ground hot tubs/hot springs (I guess we should be glad we got pool stuff at all), or spiral staircases, or it would also have been nice if we could set walls at half grid positions, maybe there's some reason behind that (like furniture placement) but it's still kind of annoying that you can't just do stuff like that by default...


I mean I guess I could attempt to "do it my self", but so far my experiences there have been... less than Skyrim/Fallout 4 like (A.K.A. easy) in nature, and I think a lot of that has to do with a lack of familiarity with modding the sims but then the other part is a lack of good tools (when compared to TES or even Fallout), I mean they do the job yeah, but when the only tool you have to import meshes into the game (Sims 4 Studio) complains and throws up random error messages every time you try to change something (instead of at least offering an option to attempt a fix, if that's possible) it makes the whole experience less enjoyable over all (especially when something as simple as rotating a picture frame mesh becomes a chore), I mean at least with TES and Fallout I can extract the game's resources right from the archive files with the available tools, with S4S I guess I have to make an account and all of that nonsense (unless I'm misunderstanding things), but even then there's the other issue of not being able to create or edit and import meshes anyway. I just feel like I shouldn't have to be an entry level game designer just to be able to make mods for a game I kind of like playing...

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To download the current S4S version and Blender 2.76 or 2.79 one does not need an account.
S4S allows to export meshes and clips which can be edited in Blender and re-imported.

If you edit things and have issues with S4S then you may either search the S4S forum to find a solution or register and post a question there.

At least S4S should fail to open TS3 files so one can at least tell that the file may crash TS4.

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On the topic of "things that piss me off about CC even though I know I shouldn't complain about free content":


So you have made a beautiful, elaborate piece of CC clothing, but you didn't include a black color option? 90 percent of clothing looks best in black, it's a fact. You have neon orange, eye-cancer pink and bright yellow with green polka dots, but no black? Really?


Bonus points if you did include a black option, but it is so dark that it looks like a hole into the anti-verse and swallows every single visual feature of your piece.

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