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  1. I think the fact that she's a ghost breaks their relationship. The game does track grandparents though. The game recognizes parents, siblings, half-siblings, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. It doesn't recognize cousins or any type of step-relationship, and I don't think it recognizes great-grandparents. So, yeah, that step-sibling/step-parent porn that's all the rage lately? Parents walk in on step-siblings banging, and they'll only get the "Growing up too fast" reaction.
  2. When you Reforge Self at the mirror, your Everyday #1 outfit is actually your nude outfit. So, this outfit should get only stuff like horns, hooves, tails, whatever. Anything they wear in everyday #1 will carry over to all other unrestrained outfits, even though while you're still in CAS, it won't look that way.
  3. Yes. You will only see Nisa's features if you actually use them. So, if you only want to use prostitution, you won't see succubi running around, because you haven't made any. Same for any other feature of this mod-- if you don't use it, you won't see it, other than as an option in the right menu.
  4. You use Reforge Self at the mirror to edit your unrestrained form. And once you open CAS through Reforge Self, your first Everyday outfit is actually your nude outfit. Anything the succubus wears in everyday #1 is considered to be attached, and will apply to all other unrestrained outfits-- even though, while you're still in CAS, it won't look that way. But in game, any item worn in everyday #1 will be present while nude, and also on all other unrestrained outfits.
  5. It installs the same as any other mod. Unzip the download, then put the "NisasWickedPervs" folder in your mods folder. There can't be any other folders in between mods and NisasWickedPervs, or the game can't find the script file. And that's it.
  6. The mod doesn't come with anything. You use stuff you that you will need to find elsewhere. The succubus form could be anything, although obviously a demon girl is what you would think of. I got a couple of things from here on LL, and most of my other stuff from The Sims Resource.
  7. Always edit your succubus form appearance by using Reforge Self at the mirror, not any other way. And never enter CAS while in unrestrained form.
  8. If you copied your Documents folder over to the new computer, you probably brought the Legacy Edition folder with it. It's probably seeing that folder and bringing that up because of it. The Cuck traits are from Wicked Whims, and they're in the Rewards menu. Edit: Oops, no, the Cuck traits were moved from the Rewards menu, now there in the WW Personalization menu.
  9. nisa.remove_tatts or nisa.removetatts (I'm not sure if the underscore belongs there or not)
  10. This is something Nisa wants to make happen, but I don't think she has yet. But if you set up a strip club, you can make the strippers prostitutes. They will get customers on their own while working, and if you're playing as the owner, you'll get a cut of their earnings. There's an option to adjust how much your cut is, too. I think the default is 10%, which is great if you're playing as a hoe who visits the strip club and picks up customers there. If you're playing as the owner, you might want to make your cut bigger.
  11. You would know. Your game version would be 1.58- something, and never gets updates anymore. And you wouldn't be able to get any DLC after Realm of Magic. Users with old computers or some lower-end laptops, I don't know the specs but it is based on the computer's specs, get forced into using Legacy Edition. As in, Origin would detect that your machine doesn't have at least "x" spec, and would make you download Legacy instead of the normal version.
  12. I don't know if you actually get the money from that. It was mainly created with playing the debtor in mind, not as a way to make money as the debt holder. And also, when you're not playing a household, it pretty much doesn't do anything while you're away.
  13. You're a game patch behind, although I don't think that's the problem. Update NWP though, the current update was released because of the error messages it was throwing.
  14. This forum is the place to report bugs. When you Reforge Self at the mirror, your Everyday #1 outfit is actually your nude outfit. Anything your sim has on in that outfit, is considered to be attached and will not come off in any other outfit or when naked. Or, did you already know that, and you're having clothing get stuck anyway? Early on, I was seeing some stockings get stuck. But now I couldn't say for sure if I did the Reforge Self correctly or not, it was a while ago and my first try at playing with a succubus.
  15. It's solely based on net worth. So, just cheat their household money, before you enslave them.
  16. Sooo... just ignore the stuff you don't want? You've got CC hairs that are bigger than that entire mod. And NWP is the reason WW hasn't added prostitution-- Nisa already has it covered, there isn't really a need to duplicate it.
  17. Nope, that's how it works. Even though they are having sex with those sims with your permission, they are still not part of the household, and will still drain Pink faster. The only way to fill Pink is sex with a household member, or Stallion Juice.
  18. If one or both of them are prostitutes, they can't have sex with each other for free unless either they live in the same household, or have at least 80% Romance with each other. By unregistered, you must mean their phone. This is just a temporary pause on getting calls for sex. You can unregister as Rose or Lily, which will cost $15,000, or you can cheat with "nisa.unslut".
  19. Try "nisa.remove_tatts". And next time... don't buy the tattoo! That was an option they gave you when your second witch bought her.
  20. Ok, you're not the first to report this issue, but you ARE the first to include an LE! Update your game and see if that fixes it. The 1.79 patch especially was very mod-breaky, so updated mods won't play nice with 1.78 and older.
  21. Are you two playing on legacy? NWP doesn't work with that version of the game, so if this is the case for you, than that's your problem. If it's not the case, have you tried loading the game (after repairing it and deleting the localthumbcache.package) with only WW and NWP? If you guys ARE using Legacy, let me know. I have an old version still in my downloads folder that, as far as I know, does work with Legacy. At least, I've shared it in the past, and no one has come back and said it doesn't work.
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