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  1. The calls won't just start coming in, there's a few diffferent ways to get yourself some customers: 1. You can give your home lot the Escort Call Center trait. You'll find this really brings in a ton of customers, and you'll want to take that trait off again once you've got a customer base. 2. Get out in public, and dress in your Slut outfit. By default that's workout #1, but you can set it to any outfit you want. Customers will approach you and ask for sex. When you're done for the night and go home, remember to manually change again. It's set up to resist automatic changing,
  2. Ok I went in game and made it happen, to figure out exactly how to do it. With the master active, click the slave, Perversions>Slave Control>Send Back to "The Farm".
  3. It sounds like you may have the mod too many folders deep. Script mods have to be no more than one folder down, or the game can't find them. Right: .../mods/NisasWickedPerversions/(files) Wrong: .../mods/AnyOtherFolder/NisasWickedPerversions/(files) Wrong, and very easy to do by mistake: .../mods/NisasWickedPervs_LL_2.7hb/NisasWickedPerversions/(files)
  4. Yes, something we've seen ever since it was introduced. And if you pay attention, it moves a bit. Sometimes it's about in the right place, other times it seems to be more like in the taint.
  5. Yes. The rates are based on PER half-hour. If your WW and game time settings are set so that sex lasts a little over 1 hour, you'll be paid almost double. It's scaled so that there is diminishing returns, so you can't just take it in the ass for 12 hours straight and get paid a fortune. So, say with the WW duration and MCCC time settings you have, sex lasts for about 1 hour 20 minutes- that's how my game is, MCCC set to 1/3 time (75 in that box) and WW lasts for 6 minutes. I pick up a customer who wants vaginal, which is 500 per half-hour if I remember right. The payout should be abo
  6. What Scorpio said. Most mods seem to be fine, Nisa posted an update with a couple minor things but NWP worked fine with the new patch even without it. Only mod that I have that needed an update was UI Cheats Extension.
  7. I only let this happen once, and it was a long time ago, but there is an option to fix that. It costs $5000, and if it's not under Tam Explorer>Doll Shop, try clicking the slave and looking under Slave Management.
  8. They won't require any specific pack, if that's what you're asking. They will BE a new, unique occult. That does mean starting out as a human, unless it's integrated to the point that they can be created as a Succubus in CAS, the way spellcasters, aliens, mermaids, etc. can.
  9. I've got the 2.3a version in my download folder still, the last release before 1.59 came out. Hopefully this works for you, since LE is 1.58 something. NisaWickedPerversionsvLL_2_3a.zip
  10. I don't know this for sure, but try it this way: Marissa La_Land.
  11. Quite possibly, it's because Nisa doesn't have a pornography career...
  12. A pro at what? Do you mean a prostitute? Yes, nisa.slutify Firstname Lastname
  13. @Rasziggy Looks like all your mods were outdated, and then you updated WW and BMD... but you still haven't updated NWP. @Scorpio Darwin is their operating system. I have no idea what it actually IS, but it's an OS called Darwin.
  14. Doll Shop Guide.txt There's 2 options when you sell: Premium and Foreign market. You've obviously chosen Premium, so you will have to go to another controlled household and buy them yourself. You can pick any NPC household, cheat them enough money, and then mark them unplayed again. But nobody is going to come along and buy them on their own. The other option, Foreign market, will sell them automatically, and you will never see them again- actually, it kills them off, death by cowplant!
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