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  1. Well, something I've been wanting: "Slut" aspirations that don't ruin your sim when you earn the reward trait. Everybody who makes these puts a massive learning penalty in the reward trait. Goals along the way: Sex x number of times, sex with x number of unique sims, group sex. I don't know if sex x number of times or x unique partners within a time limit is possible, but 10 unique partners in 24 hours would be interesting. And maybe in the final stage, have had/caused 3 pregnancies, tallied since the very beginning instead of starting when that stage comes up. And the baby doesn't
  2. There's a few, but not a lot. Animators don't like making them, because whatever they do it will only fit properly for a specific size and lift. Plenty of people have said "Yes, we understand the limitations, but could you make them anyway?" but it's still something most of them avoid.
  3. Ok, it's a series called "Valentine," by Lupobianco. I don't know if it's public, or some of his paywalled stuff. I subscribed to his top tier just long enough to download everything and canceled again, mainly because at the time it was still the only stuff available for open showers.
  4. I've got that set, I recognize it by the way they start from the side but move all the way to the middle. I believe the name has "Virgin" or "First Time" in it. When I play later, I'll find it and give you the author and series name.
  5. These are library sims, so they don't go into the games files and act as default replacements. You could change their names and play them as completely different sims, if you were so inclined. But here's how you apply them as the intended NPC's: The easiest way is to use MCCC. If you're not familiar with it, get it, it's HIGHLY recommended. It does all sorts of things. MC Command Center (deaderpool-mccc.com) With MCCC installed, now you need to locate the NPC in game. Let's assume we're going to replace Summer Holiday. So if you have the Teleport Any Sim mod by Scumbumbo,
  6. I think I get what you're asking. The house slaves from NWP. You do play the slave when you buy one, but you also play the rest of the household. If you convert a household member and sell them on the Premium market, you have to buy them with a household you also control. If you choose Premium, they never sell on their own, you have to do that yourself. If you choose the Foreign market, the slave is gone forever. They actually die by cowplant. So you can certainly play as the household that buys the slave on the Premium market. But if the question is: Can you be the slave, w
  7. I recently finished a save where I bred my female sim with various male NPC's until she had a full house. She ate strawberries during the pregnancies to guarantee all girls, and as each girl grew up she got a makeover and saved individually to my library for later use. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out: Morticia Goth Unlike her half-sister, Morticia isn't gloomy. Maybe that's because unlike her half-sister, Morticia inherited her mother's body. Mindy Frost Yes, it sounds like "Minty Frost," ha ha. You want some "Mindy freshness," you better
  8. On the main download page, under the "Perverts in the community" spoiler, is a video link that shows you how to edit the unrestrained form. When you edit Everyday #1, it needs to be how you want the succubus to look NAKED. Any clothing applied on that outfit, will be still applied while naked.
  9. If your game version is 1.70.84, it is NOT up to date, you are 2 patches behind. That might be the problem.
  10. When you go into the reforge menu and edit her, everyday #1 needs to be made to be how you want her to look NAKED while unrestrained. If you put a dress on her in everyday #1, she will wear that dress in all other outfits. So don't put clothes on her for that outfit, just her demonic parts-- horns, hooves, tail, whatever else. When you edit her other unrestrained outfits, the parts from #1 won't show up while still in CAS, but they ARE still there, and WILL show in live mode. And they will override anything you put in the same slot in other outfits. So if she has hooves that go in shoes,
  11. Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam SPAAAAAMMM, Wonderful Spam!
  12. 1. Your username is your email, and you're announcing it to the whole world. 2. You have to go into game options and enable mods again. Maxis disables all mods whenever there's a new patch, because some of them are almost certainly broken. This patch wasn't bad, only a few things broke from it.
  13. What makes it even funnier, is that this guy wasn't just doing custom sims. He was actually making things, usually clothing I think. But that was the only "payment" he asked for.
  14. There was someone here on LL who would fill requests a while back. His "fee" was that he would also send the person his simself, and they were supposed to post a screenshot of their sim giving him a BJ.
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