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  1. It's this animation in case one want's to use the pose player: 18064220342340523345: 'p2o_bed_relax_idle_breathe_x'. You want to add it as a PIE menu interaction if I get it right, as it is already in the game.
  2. I'm not aware of any. One could export the sculpts and face sliders and later apply both to another sim. Assuming that all used CC is installed (same computer) it should work.
  3. As always the latest versions are found at the bottom of the download list: Oops19_High_Heels_2020-09-20_v0.2.0.zip 62.51 kB Oops19-Documentation 2020-09-20.zip 9.57 kB I removed the old versions and left only 3 files, this is indeed more user friendly. ++ And I fixed the "version number" string, finally.
  4. I wouldn't say that I made the best height slider. Anyhow I bundled the sliders I made with my HighHeels mod (link below) without CAS controls and in the documentation zip with CAS controls (Oops19_Slider_TallLittle-CAS.package.disabled and Oops19_Slider_UpDown-CAS.package.disabled) along with documentation how to create bone sliders in general and how they were created. Be warned. The limit is +-1m for the height and position. It's easy to move the sliders out of mouse control in CAS. For 15 cm heels the slider value is simply set to 0.15 by the mod without too much conversion or blind guessing.
  5. It seems to be a mannequin issue and unless one does a closeup it's not really visible. Unless I finish my 'Doll' mod and add a pose animation to it I'll use this hair. As there seems to be no way to apply hair to mannequins.
  6. I remove the filters in-game if needed. From my point of view many items are enabled for too much categories and/or outfit parts already.
  7. A mod may be possible. Anyhow one would need to enter the ID or internal object name which may be complicated to find out...
  8. https://simfileshare.net/download/1756157/ #Fetishims Sole Blush (Tattoo).package https://simfileshare.net/download/1756158/ #Fetishims Detailed Sole(Overlay).package https://simfileshare.net/download/1756159/ #Fetishims Vein 1 (Tattoo).package https://simfileshare.net/download/1744723/ #Fetishims Feet EA Size Non Default V2.disabled https://simfileshare.net/download/1744724/ #Fetishims Natural Toenail(Overlay).package https://simfileshare.net/download/1744725/ #Fetishims Feet Non Default V2.package
  9. I tried this again with no luck, just using Alf-si's package and an empty Mods folder. I also removed the localthumbcache.package file. (sha256sum before filename): 122ea867c18026d9d32598d9a64a4e78159965f5cf726426f5dd9dacfacc9499 *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/00s.package 17d94d2b47f8ce14cabff007d72294f468782a841c643301c890d93a70702428 *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/01.package 429bd3303c48281354231c3f31127356d74eb0796226c319ae538f9c0f1de6c2 *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/02.package f29119422ca96b84baff623456b9c36f644704c3bdd0f4ce48f86d4143053585 *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/03.package 60ed52b19a89658ee810e761fb9b87d302c0e1c1f1de4c3530454d459efa238a *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/04.package 2b8a90c448b44227a54f5fe7e4188b129270ec24ee526c48e51657391d65a809 *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/EyeColor_d.package f2d2d0c90fd8ecfcf17042d7329c72a84847f2e9fe0e702962a2700c8e52d840 *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/EyeColor_s.package 4f4ce0f4bfcfbafd11fedaa2919b9f83a110fdb0e29363266c5348903252a406 *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/SkinBuCu.package 8b739ba31ef24effc2ca747d0f5f5465dbdd4d9b46bbdb0fa45be451c0852dd9 *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/SkinOther.package fe190b57e2c9e7a7fcae65d63f067be8e5b59f803aa2d50bb7c6ada422119d8d *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/SkinPu.package 8def3905ad58b3e81a386d5bc4a07f473791a146b16e86ecea1a5169b13cdf9f *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/SkinTfYafAfEf.package a3cf0b53e32d7d5caaae5c3fd8c0ba7cc4bb56e3cbded83a303b8db93d201117 *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/SkinTmYamAmEm.package 512b917171314bba0df4c3713bccf25ba1b5c87c5404ddae0f94aaeee039e0e2 *./12.0.HQ/BaseGame/SkinTones.package 1f03dba8efd4831439fdbfa99c0fcde1f2a082467fb415795fd1ec8537c6e5cf *./Resource.cfg I added various HQ packages for other EPs, GPs and SPs, also: c946808373edfa124610ebac3844046dac90e0cf609113c9efd735f6d686d300 *./1.0.Game/0.WW HQ/_SkinTones.package a7525bba5d4926820e24851494cbcef4cae1e44c92c55c075eb697be3aa945d5 *./1.0.Game/0.WW HQ/_WWRLE.package Sims are either black or (after removing hair/clothes they turn) yellow / light brown. I'm quite sure that I don't have HQ content for all packages installed. Do I need to convert all Client*Build*.package files with the HQ Converter before I may expect that it works? The converter seems to be broken, though. It stopped a few times after processing the first Client*.packages and I prefer to specify the TS4 folder instead of processing 90 individual files. Maybe I need to duplicate the TS4 folder and remove processed packages before starting it again as it happily converts already converted packages again after restarting it.
  10. My bad. I remember the 1st version and did wonder whether the issues were triggered by HQ while you replied that the points are already normalized. Maybe it helps to check 3-5 or even 20 points initially instead of one point and select then one points which has the most nearby neighbors. A little bit of logging to a file would be nice, though. My HH mods writes 1 MB/minute of mostly "useless" information.
  11. Thanks for sharing this. I tried this a few times without success, having issues with materials, cut numbers or something else. I use Mannequin_Ylw_Rlc.package to recolor the mannequin which looks like this now. Not perfect as the mannequin head mesh seems to have its own rules.
  12. Does getClosestVertexToTextureCoord() actually work? It seems to be the better way to get the vertices as the position on UV maps do not change.
  13. If everyone would do it similar to Dallasgirl we may be happy. https://dallasgirl79.tumblr.com/post/625357275168751616/nightingalesims-nightingalesims-pia-heels Detailed feet as CAS shoes, heels as thights and toe color as socks. The only drawback is that the feet was moved up to avoid using a height slider reducing the calf length. If one knows of a calf length slider please let me know.
  14. You plan to add DD Assault / Undress Sim and/or Bondage options, don't you?
  15. I looked at this some time ago and it seems that tops need new normal maps, not new high-poly meshes. One would need to clone the top and add smoothing modifiers, probably scale it a little bit to it to have a perfect clone in blender to bake the normals from for the upscaled low-poly mesh. Finally the normal map has to be converted for TS4 (Gimp/Photoshop) and added to the item in S4S. The original normal map will be replaced - clothing details will be removed. To keep them apply them to the high-poly mesh with the sculpt tool before baking normals. You may also sculpt nipples if needed. I hope it isn't too complicated. I tried it a long time ago without success, likely missing one important step.
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