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  1. It may be more easy to export all sims and their relevant parameters via script to a file and edit it there or even mark them for removal. Anyhow there's no such script mod available to do this as far as I can tell. But it shouldn't be too complicated to write one.
  2. You may be looking for Devious Desires by ColonolNutty. It has been removed from here and can be found now on f95zone.to, amlgames.com or synthira.ru.
  3. One problem with this upper body may be that sitting can look odd. I gave it a try one day with Blender using the EA default upper body but didn't close the mesh at the sides so it looks bad. Also some poses look bad. If you don't like it press delete. I may work on it again one day using a different default breast size and close the holes. Coloring things properly will likely also be an issue. The original version is named "cluster bomb" and can be found on renderotica. Hopefully the author shares the version seen above one day. Oops19_BG-Nude_Cluster.package
  4. No need to say sorry. It's one of the reasons I don't upload lots as I don't want to attach 3-4 2 GB files. I have the CC also on a second drive, anyhow zipped so the tray importer can not use it.
  5. You have some HQ mod files (eg 00s.package) in the archives which are not necessary. Either one has configured the game for HQ and has the file already or one does not need it. And there are quite a few merged packages like afsi1.package with 40 MB. Very likely only one or two items are needed and not all which are in the file. The tray importer adds merged package files unless one adds also an alternative location with many small original package files. For everyone who plays and creates sims or lots it's a pain that the tray importer does not un-merge and extract only the needed data of merged files. By manually un-merging all merged packages and removing HQ files one may be able to reduce the size by 70% but that's additional work for some hours.
  6. I gave it a try with a 900 px wide image so one may scale it up a bit before it gets blurry. paint-clone.package
  7. ColonolNutty is still active, now at f95zone.to and there you can download DD.
  8. It seems that Mods01.rar is missing, one can download only an error message here. She looks beautiful and with so many outfits she's dressed very nice.
  9. Anyhow it seems that male and female upper body cas parts do not share the same vertices. It may be visible if an upper body for the wrong gender is used. So one would need to use a male upper body and sculpt the body within blender to get a compatible cas part.
  10. Devious Desires by ColonolNutty - at f95zone.to - has this feature. Anyhow animations need to be tagged properly for this feature to work.
  11. Well, I guess I cloned some EA code when I couldn't call the original function but I don't put anything behind a paywall. Some users want to pay for bundles which contain all animations and updated (Patreon) mods instead of downloading them from the authors and this created a market for it. As long as there are such players there are also people who sell it. I knew this before I created my mod and I will not complain if one bundles and/or sells it and other users pay for it.
  12. If you really want to know how to interpret this better ask a lawyer or EA directly. From my point of view EA develops the game and sells it together with DLCs and no one else is allowed to sell licenses for digital content. Creators may sell their content in HQ quality and random format. Anyhow everything contributed to TS4 becomes more or less "public domain". So it makes sense to decrease the quality for TS4, also EA uses low-poly meshes. Everyone may use the UGC (also of other EA games) convert it for other games and sell it (not for EA games) as long as no EA content is included. Most other games support much better quality so using TS4 content as a base for SL conversions may be a bad idea. Converting SL (or other games) content to TS4 is usually illegal.
  13. When you contribute UGC, you grant to EA, its licensors and licensees a non-exclusive, perpetual, transferable, worldwide, sublicensable license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, publicly perform, publicly display or otherwise transmit and communicate the UGC, or any portion of it, in any manner or form and in any medium or forum, whether now known or later devised, without notice, payment or attribution of any kind to you or any third party. From my point of view a script which is using EA methods is still (c) author but as the author has retrieved the methods by reverse engineering and it only work for TS4 EA may consider it as UGC. For .package files in DBPF it's even more obvious that it is UGC. To sell assets and scripts: Never ever use the DBPF format. Use a standard format like PNG or MP4 and remove all references to EA methods from script mods. If one takes the time to use a copy&paste detector to identify copied EA code one will be surprised how much EA code can be found in various script mods. As long as it is a mod and requires TS4 EA can live with it. The same applies to CC with EA rigs, meshes, lights and swatches. Are all sim rigs with a penis really new rigs or are some clones of the EA rig? EA also accepts if UGC is behind a paywall for 2-4 weeks as it may allow mod authors to gain some money and produce more and better content.
  14. It's likely an exception caught by S4CL caused by another mod or some CC. For support visit f95zone.to and/or join ColonolNutty's Discord, link also on f95.
  15. Of course one can still do with the art whatever one wants. Anyhow also EA and all licensees have very similar rights. It's not that one adds art or scripts by accident to EA specific formats. EA will likely do nothing, anyhow it gives the users the right to share and use CC/mods without violating any copyright. If one adds an Intel(R) logo to CC the one is responsible if Intel does not like footage containing the image. The user using this material has received the right to use it - but one should still use the brain before using content which is obviously protected by other trademarks or copyrights.
  16. To quote the forum rules: 'If you find yourself asking, "Should I post this questionably legal content?" The answer is simply no.' 'no discussion or assistance with ... depictions of underage persons with exposed nudity or in a sexual context.' You may do whatever you want, re-ordering 0's and 1's and watching it locally (or writing/drawing something on paper) is most often not illegal. Publishing such data may be illegal in your country and/or not allowed in this community.
  17. I doubt that the above is true. EA owns the DBPF format and the code and uses both to sell DLCs. When one creates a .package file using the format owned by EA and the knowledge of this format has been retrieved by reverse engineering one uses a very questionable tool. Whoever is using such a tool may automatically agree to the EA TOS and give nearly all rights to EA. To avoid this one may sell "art" as art and let the users add it to their game files. If one adds EA class imports to Python code then it's obvious that the creator used "questionable resources" or reverse engineered the game. In this case EA may consider the mod as "public domain".
  18. I don't think so. I use the Edit > Find > Find in Path and look at the code, classes and functions involved and which functions are called or call this code.
  19. I totally agree. The download section has been cleared, so for me it looks much better. Also Patreon-exclusive sims should no longer be advertised on https://www.loverslab.com/files/ hopefully. I could bump my mod, anyhow having it in the footer, like you do, may be the better option. It still has a few issues and there are some things I need to do differently for a beta version. Adding a link to a Patreon page may still lead to account removal according to the rules. The moderators could apply this rule any time. So I never added a Patreon link. Just like IRL with nearly everyone driving faster than allowed doesn't mean that breaking the rule is allowed. If one adjusted this rule to give members a hint of what they can do would help.
  20. You come from Skyrim. Imagine that there are 4 modders who use the 1st and 2nd page for their creations. Some with images of content which is Patreon exclusive or not available at all and "New Free Models" as the title even though nothing has been updated. Would you take your time to create and upload a mod there which no one will take notice of? It is very unlikely that users look on page two, three or even 12. One day I may update my mod.
  21. It started early in 2021 or even in 2020. Watching, waiting and hoping that the issue resolves itself is often acceptable. After 6 months it's easy to say that it should have been stopped as soon as possible. So it looked like no one was caring for a very long time. So one ill member infected the others and the virus spread faster than expected. The normal modders producing good content and updating weekly still suffer as their posts are moved to page two or three. If one wants to place ads for its Patreon content here one may pay for instead of using the forum for it.
  22. You have the mesh and the bones. Where is the problem to assign the weights automatically? This should be good enough. It seems that the mesh creator has a TOU which violates the EA TOS. While releasing a rigged object is legal the original author may claim that the mesh was stolen.
  23. Copy the mesh, shrink it a little bit and flip the normals. https://sims4studio.com/thread/1469/tutorial-create-transparent-skirt https://www.loverslab.com/topic/112511-how-to-create-transparent-skirt-for-sims-4/
  24. The TS4 Tray Importer creates a ZIP file. Before uploading one can open it and check the contents, together with TS4 Importer. Some traits require mods and it is often better to remove the mod file (the .package file, the ts4script file is never added) and list it as an optional requirement for Traits etc. If HQ data is used the HQ files are added to the archive. They should be deleted manually. Either users have them already installed or they don't need/want them. As a creator one should not use merged package files as these are big. Extracting single items may be tricky. After deleting the obvious files there are likely many files in the archive which seem to make no sense. With much CC installed and in the worst case with multiple default (body) replacements and no clear folder structure it's very hard to identify the files which are really needed. One may end up uploading more files than necessary and do harm to other setups. ==> One should really clean up the Mods folder and add a structure to it to make sure that clothing, accessories, skins, hair, bodies, etc. are in dedicated folders and one can at least identify the CAS part type by it, even if one doesn't know the name/author/function any more. [I started like many others and my mix of CAS/build/defaults/anims is a mess. I stepped back from the idea to share lots or sims.] PS: There is no need to merge multiple .package files into one and it does not decrease the file size. Anyhow it speed ups the loading time. TS4 Importer can not extract the needed parts out of it. It will add the whole file unless you have the single files somewhere else for TS4 Importer. To speed up the start time it would make a lot of sense to merge 30 GB of package files into 10-40 files. Anyhow you still need the original packages for the TS4 Importer.
  25. Devious Desires (f95zone.to / amlgames.com) allows to assign Dom/Sub to sims and to play rough / aggressive animations properly respecting the assigned roles. Anyhow it's less about relationship between sims. Ella Noir's mod add much more to the relationship implementation.
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