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Help me name my Daedra lady?

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I just resurrected an old character of mine, this cyan blue succubus goat thing: 




She's part of a headcannon/fanfic race I built called Xivilights. They're Xivilight + Winged Twilight hybrids (thanks, ESO) created as an alternate Conjure Dremora Lord, as faster fighters with better range (and a sort of lore-friendly excuse to make succubi/incubi). They either stick around longer than regular summons, or are just regular followers, because I have another character who likes to trap daedra in Tamriel with permanent summons. :3 


They have thick, furry tails, goat legs, wings, pointed elf ears, sharp vampiric teeth, and dual-gender bodies*. Skin is blue, clothes are monochrome (usually black or silver), the only other color coming from warpaints, tattoos, or in her case her tongue. I don't have nice pics of the male, but he has red tribal tattoos and xivilai jewelry.


*While the game recognizes them as a "male" and "female", she has a dong and he has hairy tiddies, so they basically have identical bodies lol.

futas are the ultimate lifeforms imo




They're melee focused spellswords, with their only magic being flesh spells and a teleport (so they don't get stuck places and get in combat sooner). It should be fixed now, but for a while they had this neat shadow ability I'd left on their wings accidentally: 




While I did make her as just a summon/follower like my dude, she was fun af to play as while I was testing other mods back in the day. The dude is just named something generic like Winged Xivilight, and I've titled her Tear of Kyne*, but as a player character she really needs a proper name. I'm just absolutely terrible at coming up with them, especially demonic/daedric/elvish sounding ones.


*Tear of Kyne just sounds cool. It was storming irl when I was rebuilding her, so it felt fitting, too. Her horns are cattle-like, and Kyne has Morihous, so something could be expanded on there, but I honestly didn't put that much thought into it until now lol. She officially uses a spiked buckler and a silver chain whip (silver effect with Meridia's Retribution), so I guess she's a vampire hunter?


BONUS: I just love her head gear on its own, too lol ❤️ ?




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11 hours ago, Gukahn said:

Usually i don't name someones Character.. But what the heck your Pc looks really cool so:
How about Lacrima from the word lacrimare = Tears



11 hours ago, Pamatronic said:

Goaty McGoatFace

you´re welcome.


lmao I love both of these! X'D 


9 hours ago, Lestat1627 said:

For male :



Just in time, I've nearly got him rebuilt, too:
Unfortunately, I lost his facegen and textures, so he's not as pretty as he used to be... Hair and armor are slightly borked, too orz




These are all great, thanks everyone! ❤️ 

I'm thinking Lacrima Capraegus (just completely butchered Latin lol) and Naharex Urlahin maybe, or Naharex Oreamnos to keep the goat theme :3 

They all sound sort of elvish, so that's always cool in my book ?


EDIT: Right-o, fiddled around in the CK for a bit, now the summons are the generic "Tear of Kyne", grill is Lacrima Capraegus (short name Tok) and boyo is Naharex Oreamnos (short name Urlahin)


Pretty damned pleased with these, thanks again folks ?

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