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  1. Definitely the first thing I'm testing when my Skyrim is playable again~ Requires USLEEP now! https://mega.nz/folder/jV0nlKaT#2sxrEHmX6ONIuHrwr85M8g [please don't ask for patches, omg these are going to need so many patches...] Black Thorn Keep LE: https://mega.nz/file/qIV0RTAb#rcYRTW7dFToplfVUufCvZsQRbHBG6p-XKFoKDEtQ4eQ
  2. Looks like it converted fine, but you're having problems with the physics. Do you have SMP installed? What about a compatible skeleton (XMPS, etc, or whatever SMP needs)? Did you try these in LE already? I don't think hkx files need porting, but I could be wrong. None of them come with anything else. If they DO have to be ported, I don't know how to do animations, just esp's, meshes, and textures. :T
  3. Black Thorn Keep is ported, but it's a hefty file, so it will take a while to upload. I'll post a Mega link to it asap. Daedric Voice + Patch, esps only, you'll need to download the original mod for the rest: Daedric Voice.esp Daedric Voice - ZIA Patch.esp Done, CBBE & UNPB meshes included, just overwrite for whatever you need: VanderolTattoos_LE.zip I can backport the main mod, but can't convert the body type. It comes with Bodyslide files, but I don't know if those can or need to be ported. Let me know if you still want it.
  4. Working on the next batch atm, but just a heads up: my Skyrim is currently unplayable, so I can't test any of these. I just spent 2 weeks fixing my PC, so I don't have the patience to reinstall & fix Skyrim for a while. EDIT: WTF today is Monday, NOT Sunday... expect follower mods Wed/Thur, I won't have time today or tomorrow!
  5. Is this the same follower? If so, it's already LE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97624
  6. Yes, but to open the patch I need the original masters. I could probably have used the LE version, but uhh... that's another brain fart from me lol. Anyway, here's the ported patch!: Enhanced Solitude Expansion LE.esp (If any other patches need this patch, you can just re-rename it, changing LE back to SSE)
  7. Yes, spell mods are portable: DukkhasDeathMagicLEPort.zip Sorry, I overslept today. That's the wrong esp, but no worries I'm almost done downloading. As soon as it's done, it should only take a minute to port. No, scripts do not change anything. I'll add that to the tutorial though!
  8. !!! A tutorial for backporting is now in the first post of the thread !!! for anyone who wants to learn how to do it themself, or is too impatient to wait on volunteers If I explained anything badly, let me know and I'll fix it. Veteran modders: please also let me know if I skipped a step somewhere! Good luck & happy modding everyone~! ❤️
  9. Ahhh, ok, my brain skipped over the "Expansion" part. If you can send me just the esp for the main Enhanced Solitude mod, I can port it tonight. Otherwise, I'll try it tomorrow, since my internet is taking a dive right now and that mod wants to take 3 hours to download for no reason. :T
  10. Assuming they use the same head meshes, you can use the same jslot in LE, making the conversion unnecessary. Even if it uses a different head mesh, backporting the mesh itself should make the preset useable in LE. Here is the converted body mesh! _ShinobiFollower.zip I'd be happy to do the Solitude file, too, but I don't know which optional file you mean. One of the patches?
  11. I don't have time to troubleshoot a quest mod atm, but the armor has been ported: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/104824
  12. Welp, day 2 of trying to get this to work. My timing is now perfect 80% of the time, and following the "fix" lets me revert to a human, however Serana is still not giving me the option to be bitten again. I'm thinking now that since I went Dawnguard, I may need to finish the quest line before she'll turn me again. That's... going to be a pain in the ass to test quickly, since the Forgotten Vale is a nightmare to navigate, but will also be pretty devastating if it still doesn't work after all that. orz
  13. I'm trying to do the old woofpire hybrid on a PS4... It worked fine in 2016 when I last played, but I started a new character this week and am having more problems than expected. Standard Procedure and Supposed Bug Fix: The character is reverting into a werewolf instead of a human. Tried the fix in the above post. NEW ISSUE!: The one time it actually reverted properly, Serana no longer had the dialogue option to be bitten again. Tips? Tricks? Advice? Did we get a patch/update recently? I know the CC updated, but not the base game or actual DLCs... Also,
  14. Does anyone have krittakitty's calico textures/overlays, or know of a similar set? I took a peek into my Yiffy & Lykaios archives, but didn't see anything close in either. Textures in question: I'm in the middle of a breed based khajiit overhaul and that's the only standard house cat breed I'm missing.
  15. most likely PokeRace (just google 'skyrim anime race' and it's like the first result)
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