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  1. AAAUUUGHHH I hate this so much... I'll have to redo the whole thing AGAIN to use the correctly exported obj, and I don't have it in me to tackle that at the moment. Tried to set it up as an accessory to sculpt over in Racemenu, but it crashes on equip. Finally got the old busted mesh to load in when used as a head part, but a) it looks like garbage (it's not a Skyrim mesh, just stitched sloppily from another game) and b) crashes the game if you reopen showracemenu with it in use (so you get ONE chance, no changes later since you can't switch head parts outside RaceMenu) It's
  2. Oop, new issue: No matter how I load it in game, it explodes... I imported the obj in Bodyslide, copied weight from referenced femalehead.nif, removed femalehead & exported as .nif, then tried it out as an imported head in Racemenu. I also tried weighting from a facegen and replacing a NPC with it, same result. The partition are Head 230 Head 130 Ears 143 in Bodyslide. It looks fine in Bodyslide, merges fine with Nifmerge, and the merged mesh looks fine in Nifskope. Right now I'm trying to rerig & add it as a circlet to sculpt over in Racemenu (kil
  3. Ahhh, ok. I would be afraid that would mess with the vertex order, but it worked perfectly in Nifmerge so I'm wrong. Thank you!! Weird, that did seem to prevent the problem. Too late for this particular mesh (already fixed anyway), but I'll do that from now on! ☺️
  4. I export to obj with Nifskope (forgot that step in my post, oops). Blender will not import or export nifs for me, just obj. OS still adds extra vertex after rigging though. I tested an unchanged femalehead.nif and the result was the same. Very strange... Can you tell me how you fixed it? I'll have to do it again when I finish the mesh. Thank you so much for checking it! 🥰
  5. Really? No one's experienced something similar? I can't NOT recreate it. No idea why it's happening. This is driving me crazy, because woo, yay, I wasted my time on totally unuseable pieces!
  6. Cool, thanks for the input everyone! (I didn't see the notification for this, so didn't find the replies for ages orz) I figured it was just an artistic trend, especially since they do vary to wildly, but wanted to make sure I wasn't just missing something. My favorite version is just regular human, with wings, horns, a tail, and goat legs. Basically, a non-red "Satan"/devil or a less furry Baphomet lol. The tinted limbs thing caught my attention since opera gloves & stockings ARE great, the texture pack just seemed odd. While blue skin definitely doesn't come
  7. I'm having a weird issue where bodyslide is adding random vertex somewhere, somehow, for some reason... !!! NOT final mesh; I'm just testing because I have anxiety about wasting time on potentially unusable pieces !!! What I did: ***UPDATE*** -Exported femalehead.nif to .obj through Nifskope (forgot this step somehow, my bad) -Imported femalehead.obj to Blender and shaped it to a head sculpt. -Deleted everything but femalehead.nif (unnecessary, but made it easy to double check the vertex count) -Exported as an obj (TestMesh2/BlendHead) -Imported obj in
  8. If it comes with some cool plastic crap I want to clutter a shelf with: probably*. If that plastic crap is $800: nope. I've made it a point not to buy ANY game (or software) until it's been out for a year. There are almost always bugs, poor optimization, driver issues, etc. that need to be patched the first month, and more fixes 6 months out. When I was younger, it gave people time to write guides for both missables AND glitch fixes or workarounds. Not to mention time to test out if the damned thing bricks your console or corrupts saves after a certain point. ...it wil
  9. Depictions of succubi vary wildly, but I've noticed a trend that doesn't seem to have a purpose or origin that I can find: Dark tinted hands, feet, calves, and forearms. Examples: It came to my attention when cleaning up my Skyrim textures (but is not Skyrim specific). I have a mod from 2015 called "Succubus Skin", with no readme or credits, and all it does is add an overlay that tints your limbs darker. I have no idea where it came from and most likely just randomly downloaded it when looking for succubus stuff. But... why? What does this have to do with su
  10. Thank you, everyone, for the replies! This was the first version I got to load in without crashing! I tried to use it as the reference on the rest of the pieces, but that didn't work. HOWEVER, you discovered the stupid thing I was messing up: I should have been referencing a helmet, not a head, duh... omfg So, I did this and referenced an actual vanilla helmet this time... and it worked!! I am sooo happy and relieved, TYSM I do intend to sculpt a proper head eventually, but didn't want to spend the time perfecting it before fi
  11. I've already tried removing the SKSE lines (OS added them) and it still crashed. I also ported just the face, but it still had the same problem. Depending on how lazy I get, the static head is "good enough", though the idea is to equip it and sculpt in-game over it. I know, it's a very sloppy mesh, but RaceMenu is a nightmare to sculpt manually in. Blender is so much easier, but exporting from it is pretty hit or miss..
  12. I copied the bone weights from the default femalehead.nif this time (instead of manually weight painting), and again no errors in Nifskope, Outfit Studio, or the Creation Kit. Still crashes to desktop when equipped. I have no idea what could be going wrong, because it appears to be fine... FecknHead.nif
  13. I'm porting my character's head over from a different game. It has already been uv mapped to Skyrim's textures, resized, and fitted to new hair. I ported it through Blender, then rigged it in Outfit Studio, finishing it off in Nifskope. It's flagged as Head and set up in the CK as a helmet like the Nord Plate Helm so it should replace the player's entire head & hair. Problem: Crashes Skyrim when equipped It looks fine in OS and CK, though the hair & teeth are misaligned in Nifskope (but that is normal with most facegens). I have tried cutting it down to just the
  14. It's been pretty 50/50 for me porting followers, so I'm going to leave those for someone more experienced. The big city overhauls seem to have some issues, too, but I can't test atm I've snagged some of the armor mods to port, but they'll be up when I can get them up. Been having storms here the last week and the power goes out when it so much as rains, so please bear with me. We're expecting snow this week or next orz
  15. Definitely the first thing I'm testing when my Skyrim is playable again~ Requires USLEEP now! https://mega.nz/folder/jV0nlKaT#2sxrEHmX6ONIuHrwr85M8g [please don't ask for patches, omg these are going to need so many patches...] Black Thorn Keep LE: https://mega.nz/file/qIV0RTAb#rcYRTW7dFToplfVUufCvZsQRbHBG6p-XKFoKDEtQ4eQ
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