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I realized all women have a surefire way to tell if they're a Synth.

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Simply put if a woman consents and wants to test whether or not she is a synth . . .


Kock. Her. Up.


Think about it, in the entire fallout 4 game there is not a single pregnant synth, the only syth parents are those who replaced a parent.

The only synth child in the game was made not born.


This can also be use to make or break the "SS Is a synth" theroy if you choose the female SS.


She got pregnant before the war so the pre-war SS was human, If the SS in the game is the same as the pre-war SS then when she finds love again she should be able to have another child.

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5 minutes ago, JBpy said:

Suppose Carla (a Synth) has a partner and he wants to have a baby. After trying for a couple of weeks, the man might be suspicious, but Carla could say that she is probably infertile to cover the truth. 

good point, this "test" would basically just clear the non sterile humans, not condemn the synths.

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Male PC to Katsumi - "hey, babe, I can prove you're not a synth..."


A couple of months later, back in Nakano's residence - "Good news: I've proven scientifically that your daughter isn't a synth, she's back and you are becoming grandparents soon. My work here is done. Now what about my reward?"

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Meh.. you could always try fucking the synth right out of them all.  :lol:


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But.. seriously, I think the surest way to detect a synth is to tell them to hurt themselves to prove they're human. Programming directives built in about self preservation and all that. So you can pretty much rule out masochists.



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