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Guide: Using and Modifying Prylipala Sliders

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Using and Modifying Prylipala Sliders

By arse22 APR 2021



This will be a small guide to using and base modifying Prylipala sliders. It’s a powerful mod that allows you to morph the head further than the base game would allow. I will also briefly describe how to modify the head used in the mod, without the need for any 3d knowledge or programs, exponentially increasing the possibilities in your TK modeling.



-Installed VX
-Installed Prylipala Sliders


Installing Prylipala Sliders

Installing this mod is very simple, in VX it is an add-on head, that adds a new sliders which can morph into other heads, but also in any combination and anything in between. Basically, it replaces the useless asymmetry sliders into something much more practical.


Download Prylipala sliders somewhere, if you dont already have it.

Locate Custom.Prylipala_AltAsymFull.FaceSlider folder and place it into your AddOns.

Then, in game you select it like so (the tool tip in the top left will tell you if its the right mod:)



Reload the room or customizer, that means exit to title screen and load it up again. The model you did this to should have additional sliders under the second face tab. I am using Maya, which is a base model that was commonly used before and even quite some time after head replacers.


Using Prylipala Sliders

Here, is Prylipala sliders applied to a very no-frills default Maya at their max and minimum range to show what is possible and maybe a handy reference for some:








Modifying Prylipala Sliders

There is a couple of things worth noting here. First, VX does not support HiPoly heads, the sliders for HiPoly heads (labelled HP,) are only the morphs from my understanding. Second, there is no way to add additional morphs to the base mod, as far as I know (the author of the mod, did not support a VX port or further development.)

So, if you find that the pre-selection of sliders is limiting (which it is,) what you can do is replace the base head (.tri) file in the mod. As long as it is not a HiPoly (HP) head it will work with the sliders.

I will show this example.

First locate the head mod you would like to use as your new base:



So, that is the head mod of EiraV. It is the only file in the mod, a .tri file. The best practice would be to copy and pase the folder of Prylipala, “Custom.Prylipala_AltAsymFull.FaceSlider” and rename it like “Custom.Prylipala_AltAsymFull.FaceSlider_EiraV.” This is just for organization. Then you go to the same directory and replace fg_head.tri with the one from the mod you want to use.

If you are using a EMFS headpack that looks like this:



All you need to do is select the .tri file of the head you want to use and rename it fg_head.tri, before moving it into your Prylipala custom mod.

(You can also do head02 for male and head03 for shemale.)


Heads To Use

I was going to post about this on MG right before it died, since I haven’t seen anyone doing this, and it’s quite easy, greatly increasing the potential face types you can get into the game. Not all are great as you see from the previews, in fact I would not recommend using the maximum or minimum of any sliders when creating a model.

Some head replacers are very generic and work really well with the sliders, while others strive for a very unique shape and may create poor results with most sliders, so on such heads it’s still useful to do this to fine-tune some parts to your liking.


Examples of versatile heads that are good to make a Prylipala mod for:

GE, Female Head Normal or Younger, Hybrid, Realistic Nose, Aaron


More unique ones that will give mixed results:

Daz-like head, Widowmaker, WaxHead, HurkV



Of course if you are capable, the absolute best is still just making your own head in a 3d program and adding it in as a replacer, but even such a head could easily benefit from the vast number of morphs provided by this mod for in-game tuning. It’s a shame HiPoly version of this mod was not made. I believe RK created some 2x (hipoly) versions of standard used head replacers in a package on MG, which I still have. From what he explained it is a simple process of doubling some value, but I personally do not know what value to modify to make Prylipala sliders work with it and certainly no clue how to add it to VX. This aside though, there isn’t much to using this and it is as good as it gets for TK face customization.



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