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Looking for ModsGarden.cc? Wondering what happened to the TK17 Community? Fear not, The Klub 17: Klub Exile Portal is a space for all the lost ModsGardeners and everyone else looking to share mod and keep the community alive. The Lovers Lab portal is simply a tiny taste of the Official site where the larger contingent of the MG community has transitioned to, www.klubexile.com. Some of your favorite modders like Euphie, Smoke, Berger, and others can now be found there making brand new content. If you wish to make your home here. Make yourself comfortable. Some like to say KE is the new MG...maybe even the MG 2.0, well see for yourself all are welcomed!!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. It took me about half a dozen comments or reactions to other people's comments to be able to download pretty much anything on the KE site. If you have something unique to upload there it will take even less time. The point system there is mainly to keep bots and trolls out. Once you've become an active participant on the site the points are pretty much irrelevant, seeing as you'll have more available points than you can readily spend, unless you try to download every single thing from everybody.
  3. Uh, thank you for the club invite but I'd still like an answer.
  4. Decided I'd try cumm coming back to Klub 17 1. How many bloody comments do I have to make to unlock downloads, assuming that's even how. All I could find is an old comment here telling me that's what I need to do. 2. How do I donate to this Totally-Not-A-Paysite to up my download limit to something useful? Don't see a button or something. Can't even find an old comment here to go off of. If I'm going to be extorted it would be nice if it was clear how to do it.
  5. Is there anyone who has this leopard Bikini set in your collection? If you have then please upload it! 🙏
  6. Is there anyone who has this Sexy Indian Outfit " Saree " in The Klub 17 or VX? If anyone has please upload it. I need this outfit sooo badly for one of my Indian model, So if you can please please please upload it. 🙏 Here are some pictures Of " Saree "
  7. Hallo suche so ein coat perfect wer der vom foto gibs sowas hier
  8. Version 1.0.0


  9. I Have same issue right now. only on certain skins. if anyone has an idea. i also noticed these skins cannot get sweaty which is kinda a pb.
  10. If you go to the Klub Exile site, they have almost every guide you could want and links to the latest unlocked version of Hook. They also have a clean version of VX available for download as well as additional programs and files to make the game run and look better.
  11. Sorry, I was just new to the game. Can you give me any links to guides of improwing game quality? And is there a way to download tk17 Exile without repacks?
  12. VX doesn't do much for improving your game graphics, mostly it runs smoother, faster and has multiple options not available on the 7.5 version. Every person's rig is different, Hook isn't just plug and play. The base settings for the main11.fx file, located in the Binaries folder, is just a starting point. You'll need to alter the parameters to fit your specific rigs specs. --- Also make sure you've downloaded and installed all the required files for Hook to operate properly, there are several tutorials floating around on how it's done. From the looks of the image, you have pixelation just about everywhere a shadow falls, you need to alter some of the shadow settings in the main11.fx text. Notepad++ works well with opening and altering it, though it can be opened with the generic text programs. EDIT: If you have Reshade installed try disabling it when changing your Hook parameters. I've found it doesn't play well with Hook if you only change the settings of one or the other of them, personally I almost never use it because Hook can accomplish almost the same thing with the proper settings.
  13. Don't know if it's your problem, but the last time I saw something like that was when I added files that were written in a different language and my rig didn't have that base language installed. I had to go to Microsoft's webpage and download a language package so my rig could translate it to English, and it went away.
  14. I have downloaded repack of this game today, but when I opened it there were such symbols instead of normal. Zone with tips used to be like that too, but after changing screen parameters, What should I do to make them normal?
  15. I need help with getting better graphics quality for this game. I downloaded the version with vx and hooks if not mistaken, but the image quality is bad. For example, character models sometimes Have some weird squares like near the shoulder in the firdt screenshot. Is there any more info I should give?
  16. Hey folks. Just a few community updates. So what many folks are not aware of we set some pretty lofty goals at the start of KE. I mean lofty as we didn't even know how much traction the site will get. Those goals were: Create a modern and interactive site for the TK17 Community for everyone... Foster the development of new modders.... Surpass the amount of content that was on ModsGarden... (Pretty sure we have doubled it) Surpass the amount of members on ModsGarden....Gettin ir Dun. We have hit our first 3 goals in record fashion and are on our way to achieving the last. We recently just passed the 19,000 member mark and we are on the road 20K. The goal is to surpass the 40k mark, yeah there was a lot of people in MG, but I believe in time we will get there. Ok now some updates... XILE POINTS aka XP First and foremost we have made some updates to our XP System. Please make sure you read the post from Smoke regarding those changes. These mainly impact modders but there are some items in there for members also. Yes the BlackJack Tables are still live and working if you have so much XP you don't even know what to do with it. [SPOILER="BlackJack"][/SPOILER] Oh and with that we have refreshed the Members Shop. You now have different options to redeem your XP, either by showcasing your content, clearing up your rep, or just playing little side games. The XP Stimulus has been increased to 400 XP, and you can grab new XP every 3 months. Remember the fastest and easiest way to earn XP is through engagement, but for those who prefer not to...here you go. COMPETITIONS Our members asked and and we listened. We now have new themed competitions for folks to participate in. Yes the Monthly is still there but we have newer ones to test your "artistic" skills against the rest of the community. FEATURED CONTENT Below is all the new featured content since the last community Update. You can find the Featured content on the main page.
  17. I'm still working out the kinks on this, mainly with the waist where it bends in but working on a Self Foot Worship pose.
  18. Hey some poses doesn't work when i click on it All poses are working with no problems its just afew poses have this problem no matter how many times i clicking it... Still do nothing Dise they need a specific room to play them or something? And if they how i can know and is there aroom that plays all poses
  19. You can find it on Klub Exile Here: https://www.klubexile.com/files/file/14-the-klub-vx If you do not want to join KE you can also find on the TK17 F95 Page we maintain here: https://f95zone.to/threads/the-klub-17-hook5-vx-ke-update-1-hook5-extended-tk17-pervokptr.7322/
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