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Looking for ModsGarden.cc? Wondering what happened to the TK17 Community? Fear not, The Klub 17: Klub Exile Portal is a space for all the lost ModsGardeners and everyone else looking to share mod and keep the community alive. The Lovers Lab portal is simply a tiny taste of the Official site where the larger contingent of the MG community has transitioned to, www.klubexile.com. Some of your favorite modders like Euphie, Smoke, Berger, and others can now be found there making brand new content. If you wish to make your home here. Make yourself comfortable. Some like to say KE is the new MG...maybe even the MG 2.0, well see for yourself all are welcomed!!
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  2. Another site https://www.undertow.club/threads/tk17-psycho-pack-3d-sexvilla2-uncen-eng.12277/ 🙂
  3. Hi! If it's still relevant for you, then I found a working version of the game for m1 via parallels.
  4. thanks for this another great contribution to the site
  5. The more add-ons, textures, poses you have, the game loads much slower.
  6. Hello. I have a problem with the game that I don't know if you can help me with. When I start the game for the first time, if in the sequencer I load a room or the customization screen of a model, it loads fast (it takes a minute or two). If I want to load another room or customize another model, the game does not load. . It takes ten or twenty minutes for the room or customization screen to load. Lately I even have to close the game because the room or the customization screen did not start. I have been analyzing the situation and I think the problem may be in the number of poses or addons (clothes, rooms...) that I have. I have about 5,800 poses and several hundred or thousands of clothing files. I have verified that if I make a new installation of the game and leave the files that come by default, the game loads quickly and, even if I change the room or the customization window of a model, the game loads quickly and takes a minute or two to start. Am I to understand that the problem is indeed in the excessive number of poses and addons? In the documentation of the game that appears when you press F1 it says that even with a lot of mods the game in the VX version loads fast, but I don't know how far that "a lot of" goes. What could be the solution?. Delete files? Organize them in folders or in some other way? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Leo twink & Andrea femboy😉
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Pose in the hair salon same height models
  9. Moin zusammen Ich spiele schon seit einiger Zeit mit TK17 Redux 2019 rum nun wollte ich umstellen auf tk17 VX wegen der Grafic und wie soll ich sagen Jupp ich habe es grob zum laufen bekommen nach dem ich mich durch die ganzen Guides gewühlt habe aber …… Die Grafik sieht wieder aus als wenn ich das ungemodete Spiel am laufen habe Hook 5 basic ist da wo es hin soll aber scheint nicht zu arbeiten gibt es irgendwo ne Deutsch guide wie was wo und warum man VX installiert ich habe mir jetzt Zwei Nächte um die Ohren geschlagen und bekomme es nicht zum Laufen mit der Besseren Grafik bin im moment wieder auf Redux zurück gegangen. Aber würde gern VX zum laufen bekommen wenn man schon ne Highend Pc hat da bei redux das Problem ist das man da sehr schnell an die Memory Grenze stoßt und mal ehrlich vx was ich an Bildern gesehen habe sieht einfach nur klasse aus . würde mich über Hilfe freuen. Gruss Evilmadcat
  10. Hi to all, I'm looking for these add-ons. Any help, please? r9eyewear33 r9hat019 r9hat027 r9hat054 r9hat057
    Great poses 👍🔥 thank you.
  11. same problem here, but i solve it everytime by cleaning the cum from the menu on top
  12. Hi guys. The girls I have created in the game always jump from 50% excitement to 100% and orgasm, is there any way to revert this? Thanks
  13. Hi. My account "Integrator" was banned on KE. Why?) I did not violate any rules and even rarely went to the site))
  14. Hi i search a body from foto and a shiny pantyhose
  15. I wish I had the best graphics in my game... the shading looks shit in my version
  16. Thank you very much! I was after this on VX since I installed it and on the other forum no one could help me!!!!
  17. Link has been removed, i remember i downloaded a backup but accidently deleted it.
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