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BravilUnderground Add-on V2.3

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BravilUnderground Add-on V2.3

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Bravil Underground add-on


A horse stable and second stable with sheeps, pigs(boars) and a cavern with ????
NO QUEST! Only "new" animals to train your slaves.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The doors are locked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!You must join the slave-trainer's-guild to get the key!!!!!!


4 different Versions / esp (see readme) !!!! only install one version/esp !!!!
1: Stables behind "Silver Home on the water", with vanilla horses.
2: Stables behind "Silver Home on the water", with horses with dicks.
3: Stables inside the Underground city, with vanilla horses.
4: Stables inside the Underground city, with horses with dicks.


!!!! only install one version/esp !!!!


If you have Better- or Open- cities Bravil use a "inside version".


You need
Lovers Slave Trader 1.0 Final: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/24-lovers-slave-trade-10-english-final/
BravilUnderground v0.96 Final Edition http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/23-bravil-underground-v096-final-edition/
or the "No MBP BravilUnderground v0.96 Final Edition" http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19842-no-mbp-bravil-underground-v096-final-edition/


Version 1.1
A horse stable and second stable with sheeps, pigs(boars) and a cavern with ????
new slave trainer wanted poster


Pictures: see below in the Download thread, the first 7 http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/146-bravilunderground-add-on/


Download: You need only the 1.1 file


Version 1.1 Faction icon change
The same as above with unique trainer and trader Faction icons.


Pictures: see below in the Download thread, the first 8 http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/146-bravilunderground-add-on/
Download: You need only the 1.1 Faction Icon change file


!The only change to the original mod: it replaced the "Are you interested in training?" poster.(no more grey fox wanted Posters) and add 2 doors.
And the "Faction Icon Change Version" Change the Icons.


VERSION 2.3.2016
4 versions 2 indoor 2 outdoor, with and without my horses with dicks.(the esp with H at the end are with my horses) !!! only install one version/esp !!!
You need meshes V2.7z and textures V2.7z inastall these first.
Then install ONE esp and textures, meshes and sound folder from esp sound readme V2.3.2016.7z
in Version 2.3
2 stables with horse, pigs and sheeps, cavern with ????
unique trainer and trader Faction Icons.
A lot of pictures in the houses
"Silver Vine" Tavern: milk bottle and glass of milk, bar owner HanPL sells milk (bottle and glass), Milk Server(bottle 300 Septim)
Medical Clinic: sells milk bottles
Tavern "Party of the Beast": Beer Server (bottle 2 Septim) !!!Beer Server see Credits!!!
Dog sperm server (bottle 250 Septim) in Breeder's Guild
Human sperm server (bottle 200 Septim) in Breeder's Guild
new MolagBal statue in Underground Slave Port(and Fiery Underground Slave Port)
bigger stable cavern with statue
1 secret ( with 13 new creature trainers, 1 treasure, some jokes, player bed and chest )
A Werewolf cave (accessible from the secret-cave).
A laboratory (destroyed) in the Medical Clinic. (the door is locked, the key is in the Medical Clinic). 2 new trainer.
public loo at the port.
dead slaves at the port.
Trainer Shop (with pictures, dildos,...) A Trainer who can train your slaves (The player must not be present(As with the other trainers). Script by JSmith20142.
I know in the LST INI is the option "Automatic training (training while Player is not there) permission setting" and by default it is on, but it works not right.
TargetHay with target pictures.
New NPCs (also a new dead spy, well hidden)
New/better dead NPCs and corpse
Torture Chamber: iron maiden, torture rack, better corpse
Auction hall(Slave Auction Room): sign, slaves, Tapestries, statue


Version 2.1 fixes
I used 3 doors with script ( stupid mistake ) I change the doors to "no script" doors.
First I thought the script doors are the reason why the stupit boars don't leave the Pigsty ( orders - follow me), but with the new doors they also did not follow me. The reason was they were too stupid. Intelligence 20. Yes creatures with low intelligence can not open/use doors. I only changed the intelligence and now the boars can follow the Player through doors. I also changed the intelligence of Fuckworm, Hitode, Slime Mushroom, Whorewolf and Lab Pig so they can follow the Player.
And one texture (normal map) of the dead NPCs was shit, spots on the Body ( With all the blood almost invisible )
Version 2.3 fixes
Boars: changed the Body mesh, boars now use the LoversCreatures boararmor.nif so they have a dick.
Added missing Khajiit upper Body and claws
Version 2.3.2016 fixes
Dialog conditions fixed in the slave trainer shop dialogs ( Male player were not able asked for training )
And "Slave Auction Room" sign placement correction.


The secret


Search deep, to find it.
The new creature trainer (used LoversCreatue animation) A lot of textures modified by me.
2 ELSWEYR ANEQUINA Bulls (Minotaur); 1 ELSWEYR ANEQUINA Old Bull (Minotaur); 2 different unique Grummites (Grummite); 1 Green eyes cat (MountainLion); 2 Rabbits (Rat); 1 Insect-sheep (Sheep); 1 Hitode (Hitode); 1 Mushroom (Mushroom); 1 Porcupinebull (Minotaur); 1 Spriggan (Spriggan).
CREATURES you can't fuck: 1 female mushroom, 3 fishes, 1 parrot (Norwegian Blue), 3 fairies, and butterflies and dragonflies.
The Treasure: only money.


If you want to know more about the Norwegian Blue.


Pictures: see below in the Download thread http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/146-bravilunderground-add-on/
And some more Version 2 Pictures in post 213 http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16354-bravilunderground-add-on-v23/page-11?do=findComment&comment=773968
Download: You need meshes V2.7z and textures V2.7z inastall these first.
Then install ONE esp and textures, meshes and sound folder from esp sound readme V2.3.2016.7z


I hope everything works.


load order, of course after
LSTaddon(one of the 4 versions).esp ) !!!! only install one version/esp !!!!


The maker of LST and BravilUnderground
mr_siika for boxes with market-products
wolfzq for gangchong nif and texture
???? for worm nif and texture
The Beer Server is up003111.7z (download at up.mnty.net ) The Milk Server is my modification.
The cavern statue mesh(without the needles and different texture)is from Tafa100 "Dominatrix Expansion Five Fingers Of Sin"
Ls More Butterflies and Fireflies by Leemonski
20 Creatures by CGChaos & Infiniti
galgat for the toilet paper mesh
The makers of The Lost Spires Mod (meshes and textures)
Edhildil for skeletonarmor body
and all which I forgot


monobongo (mongobongoart.blogspot.com)
picture on milk poster is from GSBmodders milkslave mod
different artists found at Hentai-Foundry.com


Ok also Bethesda


JSmith20142 for the trainer script
Blondebimbobikinibabe for help with a new scroll
Lovers Lab
gregathit for translating last version of LST and BravilUnderground


All quests and quest givers and Tips update 8.February.2014


In LoversSlaveTrader Setting menu is the option [Greeting reinforcement (priority 100)] You can use it if you play LST WITHOUT BravilUndergroud.
But if you play LST WITH BravilUnderground don't use [Greeting reinforcement (priority 100)] it will mess up BU quest progression.
Thanks astymma for the tip (bug report)


!!!most important tip:Read your quest entries!!!
I have some times CTDs when I enter the Trainer's Guild/training rooms or the Salesroom Entrance/Slave Action Room with a slave, no problem without slave.
Tip: use the "[LST] Pack Slave" spell, and enter these cells without a slave, unpack the slave inside.
The"[LST] Pack Slave" spell is "Side Quest" reward(Wait in the Chest).It's a book, you must read it to get the spell.The book have the Crazy Khajiit you kill in the warehouse. { If you finished the quest and don't have the book, and the dead Khajiit is delete by the game, you can buy the book (only after the quest) from the book seller "Pornography collector Ginzu" upstairs in the "Silver Vine" Tavern.}


All 6 trainer quests: Onan [Trainer's guild] After you talked with the client, go back to Onan and ask him how to train the special slave (paladin, knight, countess....)
Slaves you must train in quest
1:NPC "Mia"
2:NPC "Lady Rogbut gra-Shurgak" Pay attention to Onan's tips and your quest entrys! She needs a fight after training.
3:NPC "Rena Bruiant"
4:NPC "Cherry"(a female warrior) inside the ship.
5:NPC "Gellius Terentius"(the son of the Count of Bravil) Quest don't work with cholorwheels lod project or cholorwheels sexy imperial mod or any other Mod that Change the Count's Bodyguard.
6:NPC "Countess Narina Carvain"


Side quests:
Courier: HanPL [silver Vine Tavern]repeatable Quest to earn money.
Find the Spy: Colin [silver Vine Tavern]The spy is in the Underground Slave Port/city(not in a house),use detect life spell/potion to find him.
Reanimator: Herbert West [Necromancy Laboratory]The trapdoor to "Dump Site" is in the necromancers house.
Sleep in Darkness: (after Reanimator) Herbert West [Necromancy Laboratory]
Man Eater: Torture Agent [ when he is in the Silver Vine Tavern] drink the potion a guy gives you.
By Azura: (after Man Eater) Torture Agent [ when he is in the Silver Vine Tavern]
Until it burns out: (after By Azura) Torture Agent [ when he is in the Silver Vine Tavern] The sister is in Anvil in "the Count Arms" inn. Do not fast travel on your way back to Bravil ! ! !
The Hots: Jack of Underling [Goblin Den]
Wait in the chest: Alexei [The Alexei Stolen-Goods Store] !!Do not forget to take the book from the dead Crazy Khajiit in the warehouse!!!!
Juicy Beef: Lynn [silver Vine Tavern]
The WildHunt is calling: Simza [Prostitutes's Mansion "Song of Vivek"] To deal with the troublemaker,look after NPC"WildHunt",he is in the Tavern "Party of the Beast".
Not getting involved: Quai Levulin [ the girl in "Party of the Beast]


side quest without quest entry:
NPC Lyonnais Worker in the Medical Clinic
1. talk to him, and give him a drink(sleep potion)
2.klick him when he is sleeping in bed
3.talk,kill him,jump,run(don't fight, the enemies can not be killed),jump and swim to the isle,talk to Vaermina.


Main Quest line:
1.Baptism: !not sure! HanPL told you to see the Boss or talk to John's buthler Sebastian. Boss is John(and his brother Thlass) [Arena]
2.My First Training Assignment. I better not screw this up!: HanPL [silver Vine Tavern]
3.Bride for an Ogre: HanPL [silver Vine Tavern] Tip:Sir Pen Wood don't talk to you, talk to Groteque Vance.
4.Sign of gratitude: Lara Noah (the woman with the dog) after you gave her the 4 items you must wait some time before the quest goes on.
5.More Skooma: HanPL [silver Vine Tavern]
6.A disturbing letter: Alexei [The Alexei Stolen-Goods Store]
7.You won't complain again: HanPL Tip:after training,breaking the slave,talk to HanPL to find a buyer.
8.Why does Romeo have to die?: HanPL Tip:After getting the quest from HanPL, talk to him again, ask "where is Romeo".In the Weye taverne(Wawnet Inn), after first talk and no real answer, drow your weapon and talk.You find Roneo and Juliet in the Gottlefont Priory Monastery. It could be that Romeo and Juliet are still traveling to the GottlefontPrioryMonastery when you arrive ( When you get the quest update in the Wawnet Inn they start at the The Niben Underground Waterway, leave it to the "Imperial Bridge Inn" and travel slowly to the Monastery) Be patient and wait, or come back later.
9.Hain's wrapper: HanPL - John(Boss)
10.Camonna Tong?: John(Boss)
11.Morag and vulnerable vampire: John - Torture Agent Tip:Talk to the 3 vampire guards and then to the Torture Agent(he is the boss of the vampires) ! You must have finshed the side quest "Until it burns out" !
12.Progess of the thieves: John Tip:Enslave and train/break Methredhel to get Info.Remember the "more Skooma" quest.
13.Vengence: Tip:sleep in the Silver Vine Tavern(4-5 hours)to get"Black Horse News" in your inventory and quest update.In the Warehouse talk to your slave(there is a new dialog-option).Talk to the slave when he/she is in the circle of candles and you have a nightshade in your inventory.
14.In case of...:side quest for Vengence - talk to Colin [silver Vine Tavern]. Tip:Simza in "Song of Vivek" can help you(You must enslave and break her). The attic is room above Simza's bedroom.


gregathit's tip:
The only thing that I found finicky, is when you are supposed to hide in Madam Simza's attic. It seems you have to be in the "perfect" spot for the dialogue to happen. I recommend getting into the attic at about 8:30 in the evening and then hit the console key (make sure that you have this quest active) and type movetoqt. Then just wait for a bit and you should get the update around 9ish. I am not very talented with manipulating AI packages, so fixing things further is beyond my skill set.
15.Man on the anvil: HanPL Tip: You must train Hasathil till you get a quest-update.
16.Song of the pirate: HanPL Tip:train First Mate Malvulis till quest-update
17.Dancing in the fire: Lara Noah Tip: the chest is in "The Alexei Stolen-Goods Store".Albi Pannus is in ICMarketDistrict, 12-14h TheFeedBag,sleeps in ICPalace.!!!Before you go back to Bravil Underground repair you armor and weapons,buy or brew 100+ healing potions and strongest poisons....big massacre battle!!! When back at Bravil underground talk to HanPL.The key to the boiler room has the boss of the Legion (Captain Ramirez on the ship).
18.Molag Bal: ???? (Tip! save befor talk to John)
If you have 2 or more slaves that follows you, one is the first/active slave. when you send him to training the script don't makes the next slave to your active slave.
So if you send the first slave to training and talk to the next trainer you have no slave in the menu.
You must do it like that.
1: send first slave to training
2: tell the next slave "follow me" (to make him your active slave)
3: send him to training
4: tell next slave "follow me"
5: send .............


untrain a slave
Perhaps your slave is still Level 0 but reached 255 Training Units (max) so he can not further Level up. Or you have broken a slave you need for a quest.


open console and click the slave
removeitem xx00080D 1
slave is no longer broken.( xx load order ID of Lovers with PK.esm)


removeitem yy001D2B ZZZ
yy load order ID of LoversSlaveTrader.esp
zzz number of human sex Training result


removeitem yy001D2C zzz
yy load order ID of LoversSlaveTrader.esp
zzz number of creatures sex Training result
With slave trader 1.0 you can turn up or down the number of times (increasing or decreasing the percentages) of breaking slaves via the ini file that is found in Oblivion\data\ini\LSTGameSettings.ini


;;Basic value of training
set xLSTmain.TrainBase to 5 ; (>1)
The higher number you change the red number above to, the more value each training session has.


;;Probability of becoming sex slave in a single training session
set xLSTMain.PerSSl to 25 ; (0~100)
The higher the number in yellow above, the more likely they will become a sex slave on the first go (or pretty close) - NOTE: max value is 100.



My other stuff
LoversBitch Gone Wild http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15876-loversbitch-gone-wild/?do=findComment&comment=292589
different stuff http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14613-fejeenas-stuff/?do=findComment&comment=322907


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sting2212: I checked the esp and nifs, texture path OK, textures in the right folder, in game and in CS all OK.

What esp do you use? LSTaddonIn.esp, LSTaddonInH.esp, LSTaddonout.esp, LSTaddonoutH.esp, from top download or the one with Faction icons?


Can anyone else not see the "crawlers" in the cavern and 3 pictures in the horse stable?

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Irishredneck' date=' Thanks for reply. I was very sure it all worked. I do not know why sting2212 can not view them.


sting2212 did you download the top 7z, you need the meshes and textures folders for the lower 7z.





simple mistake i put the textures n the wrong folder.


Now it works.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I like the servers, and you see my post above yours there will be more in the next update.(not only new servers)

The beer server is not my work, its from the  "Beer Server" mod i found at up.mnty.net  (up003111.7z ). The other servers are my modifications. If you don't like them, use CS or Tes4Edit and delete them.

Glad you like the rest of my mod.

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nah it's ok, i generally don't go inside the tavern, or i'll just runn in, took the quest and then leave ;)


you know what? maybe you should add paintings/tapestry all around the bravil underground city/interiors of the mod. maybe even the werewolf poster that we can see in loversbitch and stuff. sometimes the undreground city looks very poor of details (just a personal thought)

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i saw the spoiler for the secret.. i lol'd


why don't you create a white bunny and call him Angel. that would totally make me laughing hard



So.. for what i saw, is really nice the new area.


I have noticed some things , however: the fuckinsect have the sounds of the sheeps and the fuckbunny usses the sex animation of the rat, but it looks very strange since he is just on the top of the slave but he did not penetrate her. 

Pete the fish swims throught the rocks like a ghost XD

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The fuckinsect is a sheep (OK I could remove the sound, but I like the sheep-sound)

The 2 Bunnies use rat animations, the LoversCreatures animation is stupid but the MotionsNT animation is OK.


The fish: The rocks have shit collision, if you watch the feet of your charater you see they are up to their ankles in the rock. I place all 3 fishes near the water surface, but if they dive deeper they disappear in the rocks. I don't know how I can "tell" them to swim only near the surface.


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The fuckinsect is a sheep (OK I could remove the sound, but I like the sheep-sound)

The 2 Bunnies use rat animations, the LoversCreatures animation is stupid but the MotionsNT animation is OK.


The fish: The rocks have shit collision, if you watch the feet of your charater you see they are up to their ankles in the rock. I place all 3 fishes near the water surface, but if they dive deeper they disappear in the rocks. I don't know how I can "tell" them to swim only near the surface.


hmm is strange since i only have the motionsNT animation for the rat :V


i should check my rat animations XD

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Bertus do you use new LoversCreatures 2?

All creatures that have MotionsNT animations have 2 "active" animations. Rat have 230 and 3401, both are the LoversCreature animation 230, so if you overright the 230 animation with the MotionsNT animation you still have the 3401 animation(the original 230 ani). But if you didn't change the xLoversCreature.ini only the new MotionsNT should be played.

set xLoversCreatureQuest.CreatureRatposes to sv_Construct "230=100,3401=0"


If you change it

set xLoversCreatureQuest.CreatureRatposes to sv_Construct "230=100,3401=100"

both animations are used(50%)



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toxic44 I don't know what is wrong, I test all esp before I upload V1.3. I test LSTaddonInH.esp again, works in my game. Statue works, console works. There is a lot of stuff in the cell but I don't notice a FPS drop.

No one posted about missing meshes or textures.

Have you tried console: coc zzSTCaveM1

Sorry I know that's not helpful.

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