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  1. Velestra is back, I think this time for a long time
  2. I haven't played that much, but I tested if the mods are working correctly
  3. One hot character. Congrats she looks amazing.
  4. Maybe yes, maybe not. But I don't care about the lore. I bend it to my liking.
  5. The gloves and boots are from http://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-680.html The fishnet are part of the boots. The rest is her skin ^^
  6. Hey guys. I thought on making a set with my character Vel turned into a demon with a futa cock (didn't manage to make a horse cock look decent on her :|)
  7. Hey. I saw that on the download page there is a UUNP body, but my question is if there is a bodyslide option for the items? So they can be used to a different body type. Thanks
  8. Try another texture set and see if that fixes the cause. Sometimes it can help
  9. For some reason it fails to DL the 61 version. It fails every time. Tried multiple browser and also different internet connection.
  10. Velestra's Story and Bio Velestra's Bio Main story Chapter I: The Forbidden Knowledge (Tumblr link) Chapter II: Frozen Fear (Tumblr link) Chapter III - Resurrection (Tumblr link) (NEW) Chapter IV - TBA - mid-late August Chapter V - TBA Chapter VI - TBA Chapter VII - TBA Chapter VIII - TBA Chapter IX - TBA Chapter X - TBA Other stories - Saves lost Chapter I: You will know my name Chapter II: Death has high heels and fangs
  11. Fighting with my demons

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