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  1. Velestra is back, I think this time for a long time
  2. I haven't played that much, but I tested if the mods are working correctly
  3. One hot character. Congrats she looks amazing.
  4. Maybe yes, maybe not. But I don't care about the lore. I bend it to my liking.
  5. The gloves and boots are from http://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-680.html The fishnet are part of the boots. The rest is her skin ^^
  6. Hey guys. I thought on making a set with my character Vel turned into a demon with a futa cock (didn't manage to make a horse cock look decent on her :|)
  7. And I'm back into Skyrim. Beware :D

  8. Hey. I saw that on the download page there is a UUNP body, but my question is if there is a bodyslide option for the items? So they can be used to a different body type. Thanks
  9. Not playing Skyrim anymore - No continuation of the story or anything Skyrim related. Good Bye

  10. Retired -No longer playing Skyrim because of my laptop

  11. Try another texture set and see if that fixes the cause. Sometimes it can help
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