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[Sims3][WIP] KinkyWorld v0.37 [Updated: May 3rd 2019] Wikipage

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Oniki Kay's Kinky World Build 409 has been released on Patreon

Please read Lovers Lab's TOS before you decide to "share" that, or any other version of the mod which was not publicly released by Oniki.


This is a post that I hope many people using Oniki Kay's Kinky World will take time to look at. I am posting the web archive link to the old Kinky World wikia page, found in the web archives. Although Oniki has not posted a public version of her mod since May 2019, many new, and some not so new users of the mod have questions. There are people who try to answer questions about the mod, from our own personal experiences using it, but none have any connection to, or contact with Oniki.


First the link to the Kinky World download page... Probably should put this last???





On this page are the answers to 90% of questions asked. Problem is that too many will scroll down to the download tabs and not take the time read what Oniki took her time to write. This includes changelogs, warnings about conflicts with other mods, links to several animations pages and optional accessories, such as CmarNYC's morphing penis and morphing nipples. All of the links are tested and work. All of the downloads are also tested, and work. Animators have instructions on their pages which you need to read. Cmar's page is quite long, as she includes a great deal of info regarding her mods, how to install them, Q&A, and much more. The downloads are toward the bottom of the page, as she hopes you might take time to read what she took time to write, before downloading something and complaining it doesn't work. A half hour of reading can avert hours or days of frustrating game play caused by not installing a mod properly.


To download Kinky World, you must have an account, and be logged into Lovers Lab. It's also possible that people in some countries may need to use a VPN to access.


There are 2 downloads on the page. The first is for version 0.3. The second is for version 0.61. NEITHER is for version 0.37, which was posted briefly, then replaced with v0.61 for reasons unknown to anyone here (as far as I know). Lovers Lab does NOT condone piracy (read the TOS). DO NOT POST PATREON ONLY VERSIONS (to share), OR LINKS TO PIRATE VERSIONS!


I'm not a lawyer, but my understanding of web legalities are that once something is posted by it's creator as "public" it remains public, even if removed from the post, and can be reposted. So, a gift to you is what many feel may be the last, most stable version of Kinky World that was released as PUBLIC, before being replaced with v0.61 (BUILD 399)...


ONIKI_KinkyWorld_0.37 (Build 375).7z


Thanks to @landessfor this gem, as he archives all of his download original files!



Back to the topic... Many questions about Kinky World used to be answered on the now MIA wikia page. Well, it's not gone completely, and here is a link to the Kinky World archive pages...




As I and others will continue to try to help people with Kinky World problems, you will find so much more satisfaction in finding answers yourself. The above link is a tool that is hard to find. 


Give a person a fish, he eats one day, but teach him to fish and he eats for the rest of his life!!!


To Safely Uninstall Kinky World:

Kinky World is a core mod. This means that it blends with and overwrites certain scripts in TS3. If you decide you do not want it any longer and simply remove it from your Packages folder, your saved games will be corrupted and left unplayable. The following is one method to safely remove Kinky World and preserve your saved game...


First, make a BACK UP of your Saves folder and place it on desktop. It's always a good idea to make a back up copy BEFORE making major changes to your game. Access the Kinky World Main Menu. There, select Kinky World "disable". This turns off Kinky World and stops all related scripts, including WooHoo Animations and scripts related to Kinky Objects, although the objects themselves may still be visible in your game, as the packages containing them remain. Next, exit the menu and save your game. Using "Save As" is always recommended for any save, as it writes a new save and should the new save be corrupted somehow, your original save will be there and you only lose your most recent activity. Next, shut down TS3.


You can choose to stop here, as Kinky World will simply not run in your game. However, if you want to remove Kinky World completely, continue reading...


Restart your game. After everything loads (Kinky World should not load), go to the Kinky World Menu and select "Uninstall". Exit the menu, save as, and exit the game. Now, you can safely remove the Kinky World Mod and related package files from your Packages folder. Restart your game and check that everything is okay. 


NOTE: You MUST do step 1 on each and every save in your Saves folder that you ran with Kinky World if you ever plan to go back to them BEFORE you completely uninstall Kinky World!


❤️❤️❤️ Something NEW from MaryJane! ❤️❤️❤️

In recent chat on her animations page, I learned that MaryJane is also working on default replacement Sims 3 hairs! So, here is a link to her tumblr page...





Universal Bypass Adfly Blocker:




I am not advocating use of Adfly in any way. Links to Adfly downloads are not permitted by Lovers Lab... However, we all find ourselves fighting that malware/ spyware network it to get that one perfect piece of CC we just can't seem to find anywhere other than through an Adfly link! OY!!! A while ago, @Patriguz shared with me a browser extension that does a pretty good job of getting around Adfly, and I'm posting the link here. Just pick the one listed for your browser and follow the instructions. Connect to an Adfly link at your own risk. This is merely information shared.


Lost or Hard To Find CC:




This is a link recently shared with me by @jdw6. It is a collection put together by WamBam that contains what the header says... lost or hard to find CC, whether broken or dead links, or whatever reason. These are shared files, on SimShareFile. I did not see where posting this violates LL's TOS, but will remove it should there be any issue. Also note that I did not personally test every download. There are approximately 60 or so folders which contain as many as 20 pieces of CC each. I did check a few, and they are good. In general, I have never had a problem with files on SimFileShare.


Carl's The Sims 3 and Sims 4 Guide - Mods Folder Set Up:




Mod The Sims How To Install Sims 3 Packages:




Nonsequitur's Mods Framework:




TS3 System Requirements - SimsWiki:




[SIMS3] Guide to Onikis kinkyWorld (OKW) by Maraas 




[Sims 3] Oniki's Kinkyworld FAQ by Wicked Loveth 




Reducing the size of a saved game - SimsWiki:




Nraas Mods:




[HOW TO] Find and remove bad custom content (CC): 




Sims 3 Adding Custom Music: 




Ways To Improve Sims 3 Game Play:




Direct link. Although it is on Steam, this applies to Sims 3 performance in general, so is worth looking at.







As I have time, I will post more links to help you find answers to your questions about Kinky World, Sims 3 in general, and other helpful info.



New Animations:

Although his page says his most recent update is "Final", we can all hope that Lucas is merely taking a break. Still making updates is Clydie. A recent return to LL is MaryJane! So, keep watch for her new animations!!! Old to TS4, but new to TS3 is ooOOLaLa City, who is now making very nice animations for Kinky World and Passion!



UPDATED:  25 Jan, 2021








These animators are VERY active, so check their pages regularly for updates! And be kind... don't rush them, please!!!


Other Animations: 






Kinky TV Channels:  







All links here were tested on 9 January, 2021.



Stay safe and healthy in these crazy times!!!!!!!!!!






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Thanks @LadySmoks


I hope others find this okay - If not - we may have to ask for it to get 'stickied' status.


On a side note: the image 'attached' to the link for Lucas animations you provided is one of my screen captures. There is some issue with LL using a posted screen capture if none were set in the OP or something to those effects. I became aware of this when Reginald, the creator of the FO4 companion IVY had the same problem. I had posted a FO4 screenshot there and it became his post's 'default' thumbnail, and took a moderator to fix. I'm not sure if removing the shot from the post I made will make a difference as  there are a few more from me on an older post than the one containing this shot.


The main reason I bring this up is 1) It's not from Lucas and it 'represents' his download page. 2) The animation is actually from Amra72.


There's nothing you can do without a Moderator, and since it's Lucas's page - it remains up to him. This is purely for information to anyone seeing this 'association'.

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1 hour ago, landess said:

containing this shot

I had the same issue with posting the link to the KW page... a screenshot of a dog and a girl. THAT, I changed the link to plain text! I think I'll do the same for the animators' links.

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14 hours ago, landess said:

the image 'attached' to the link

have no problem with that at all. The pic with the chair & tables is from @LadySmoks and I personally like it.

I do not have uploaded any pictures in the thread and be happy to have a -let's say- more innocent icon here.

At least there are animations available from various creators for all of the objects shown, so may it awake  peoples fantasies a little 🙂 .

You removed the icons on the links in your wiki, so I cross out the now misleading text above. Thank you !


And, thank you for this Wikipage.


14 hours ago, landess said:

ask for it to get 'stickied' status

It is a good idea to pin this thread here. Would make it easy to guide inquirers to here.

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1 minute ago, Clydie said:

I personally like it

I did not. ))) Not a good example of your hard work!!!!!! I am new at doing this, so some growing pains! And you are welcome for the wikipage! As it has not been updated in some time, I'm sure some answers can't be found there, but still will be a good reference for many things.

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1 hour ago, lucas1i said:

I'll update the page with correct image once this upcoming update is finished.✌️

Hi Lucas! Oh, no... it is not you, or your page. It is something that happens when trying to create a link on this site. That, or I do not do something correctly. I go to your first page, copy the bar on my browser search, paste it to the page, and it shows an image from one of the posts made by landess. I don't know why, or how to change that. I may simply make a copy of your avatar and place it next to the link. ))) But, Clydie has only the "C". ((((



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amigo, sou eternamente grato a você, sabe é difícil pra nós de outras línguas, entender e pesquisar as soluções para os problemas e os postes da galera aqui ajuda muito. Ainda não consigo encontrar muitas respostas que tanto busco, tipo novas peles para plumbot, melhores combinações de conteúdos para deixar o jogo mais real e etc..., porem estou sempre procurando e procurando as respostas. irmão até pra comentar aqui nos fóruns, eu estou encontrando dificuldades. mas é isso aí, boa semana pra todos nós !

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desculpe não deixar em inglês, para facilitar a leitura para vocês, estou tentando traduzir pelo google tradutor, mas quando eu copio e colo aqui, traduz Sozinho de volta para o português brasileiro, e eu não sei como mudar isso. uma pergunta, essa versão 375 é melhor que a versão 399 ?

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13 minutes ago, rafallvana@ said:




friend, I am forever grateful to you, you know it is difficult for us in other languages, understanding and researching the solutions to the problems and the posts of the guys here helps a lot. I still can't find many answers that I look for, like new plumbot skins, better content combinations to make the game more real and etc ..., but I'm always looking and looking for the answers. brother even to comment here on the forums, I'm having difficulties. but that's it, good week for all of us!


Basta arrastar o mouse - copie e cole aqui. São alguns passos extras, mas o mundo moderno é uma coisa maravilhosa.


Just drag the mouse - copy and paste here. It a few extra steps but the modern world is a wonderful thing.

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9 minutes ago, rafallvana@ said:

versão 375 é melhor que a versão 399 ?

sorry not to leave it in english, to make it easier for you to read, i'm trying to translate through google translator, but when i copy and paste it here, it translates alone back into brazilian portuguese, and i don't know how to change that. a question, is this version 375 better than version 399?


A parte superior da caixa de tradução tem várias opções de idiomas - faça por você, é português dentro e inglês fora - o inverso do que estou fazendo agora ....


O 375 real é mais estável do que o 399, mas tem menos recursos e menos 'bugs'. A compilação aqui na página principal não é 375, mas uma anterior. Eu mesmo postei o 375 real e o LadySmoks e usei-o como tal.

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16 minutes ago, rafallvana@ said:

desculpe não deixar em inglês, para facilitar a leitura para vocês, estou tentando traduzir pelo google tradutor, mas quando eu copio e colo aqui, traduz Sozinho de volta para o português brasileiro, e eu não sei como mudar isso. uma pergunta, essa versão 375 é melhor que a versão 399?


I hope I am not saying the obvious, but it took me a couple of tries to figure this out ...

sure the configuration of the forum page is in English. If you have automatic translation activated by default (as I did at the beginning), everything you copy and paste from Google Translate in English will be translated again to Portuguese and it will be like having done nothing.

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sorry not to put in English, for easy reading for you, I'm trying to translate by google translator, but when I copy and lap here, translates alone back to the Brazilian Portuguese, and I do not know how to change it. a question, this version 375 is better than version 399 ?


isso aí foi um teste !


my God from heaven my friend, it was such a simple thing and I did not realize, thank you very much, helped me very, very much, at least now I can communicate with you. our if I could I'd give you a hug now.

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2 hours ago, rafallvana@ said:

peles para plumbot

I'm working on it! ))) I still wait for my other laptop to return from repair shop. (((( It has all of the work files.

2 hours ago, rafallvana@ said:

it was such a simple thing

It often is! 

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2 hours ago, LadySmoks said:

Eu estou trabalhando nisso! ))) Ainda espero meu outro laptop voltar da oficina. ((((Tem todos os arquivos de trabalho.

Muitas vezes é! 

cool, i will hope to get your laptop fast. I saw in a print of yours, Bender do Futurama (well here in Brazil the translation is Futurama, it's like The Simpsons of the future, there was also the Terminator of the future) I felt like trying this CP. Ahhh I'm a fan of your work, I've done dawnload of the majority, mainly from Harley Quenn. Thanks for them!

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4 hours ago, rafallvana@ said:

Thanks for them!

I'm glad that you like what I make!!! Thank YOU!!! Bender is still just a side project, and I will finish him later. Currently, I am working on the comic book heroine Power Girl. I hate her cape!!! As soon as I get my other laptop back, I will finish both FemmeBot and Vaginator. Today, it still was not ready. (((


So, I got frustrated, and made a new dress. That has all the files on this laptop, so I think it will be finished very soon.

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you are welcome! saw you as a content creator, can I make a special request for you ?! when you are calm, with your new laptop, would you make a football jersey? I already searched the internet and found nothing about this topic. I will try to send an image of the shirt. Without wanting to abuse your goodwill. now, yes or no, as I said, I'm your fan.

is that I'm a little fanatic

images (7).jpeg

images (6).jpeg

images (8).jpeg

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35 minutes ago, LadySmoks said:

So, I got frustrated, and made a new dress.

If more people were like you, there would be less violence, and more clothing.


Sims 3 bodies are like Xmas presents - but unwrapping is 1/2 the fun!





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11 hours ago, rafallvana@ said:

can I make a special request

Sorry, but I generally don't work on requests. I really just make items that I want for my game, but can't find, or as I said, if something is really interesting to me. The other thing is that I mostly adapt textures to meshes that I make. I'm not very good at creating the textures. The shirts are mainly creating a new texture for existing male mesh.

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5 hours ago, LadySmoks said:

Desculpe, mas geralmente não trabalho com solicitações. Na verdade, apenas faço os itens que quero para o meu jogo, mas não consigo encontrar, ou como disse, se algo é realmente interessante para mim. A outra coisa é que eu adapto principalmente texturas às malhas que faço. Não sou muito bom em criar texturas. As camisas estão criando principalmente uma nova textura para a malha masculina existente.

no need to apologize, you have already contributed a lot with your content. Is it difficult for a completely lay person to start creating personalized content?

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2 hours ago, rafallvana@ said:

creating personalized content

How hard it is depends on your "practice and patience". The words of JoshQ! Honestly, for you perhaps a little difficult as all of the tutorials I have ever found are in English. Basic tools to make the shirts and pants are TSRW, GIMP (some image editor... GIMP is free), S3PE and maybe Cas Texturing Tool and S3OC. But, I rarely use the last two anymore. Tutorials on using TSRW can be found on the TSR website... GIMP tutorials on GIMP website. Also, many tutorials about retexturing on Mod The Sims and youtube.


Using TSRW to create a clone of a tee shirt and extract images that you can change to look as you want, is probably the easiest way.

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  Hello, I've spent some time to read and search but I can't define if the "Oniki_KinkyWorld_build399.7z" is better than the "ONIKI_KinkyWorld_0.37 (build 375).7z" (the one shared here )? I've seen in another topic that Cranky Wanker said something very positive about the  "ONIKI_KinkyWorld_0.37 (build 375).7z" but I've installed the  "Oniki_KinkyWorld_build399.7z"...

  And now I wonder if I have to install everything again lol... Btw the version I have installed works well (only non routable sims sometimes but it's ok) ... But I would be happy to have the greatest version installed even if I have to check and install everything again to do so.


I've got some other questions about the kinky parameters concerning importing and exporting parameters and how to manage when a version of an animations pack is updated to replace the old version by a new one in the animations, but I can post this somewhere else if it's not the good place on the forum to ask this.

 Thank You for the gorgeous amount of work You're all doing here and for the constructive time I spend here learning so much things I couldn't have imagined before visiting the forum the first time I did it! I concretely forget the rest of the world for a few moment ...

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