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  1. Many thanks for all your work on that. I am curious how it will work in the game.
  2. Sorry was not able to reproduce this in my games. In my game it works correct. Think that cmomoneys cigarette mod is used in KW and a other member loaded it up here also. So, it may not hurt if I do so too. First of all : ALL CREDITS GO TO CMOMONEY !!!! On the attached I did the following : Implemented both Portugese languages (POR_BR and POR_PT) Did a German translation too. (GER_DE) In respect of the animation itself, I changed this with the same animation I modified for KW, because I like it better. The key message : The sims will not sink into the ground while wearing high heels anymore. If you want to test it, replace the attached file with yours of your mod folder. Have fun ! During the tests I did with that mod most of my sims developed a smoking habit and I do not want them to have a cold Turkey, so I will leave the mod in my game πŸ™‚ cmomoney_CigaretteMod_cly.package
  3. Need to ask this silly question : Do you have the right Assser_Handcuffs.package besides all KW files in your mod folder ? Mine is dated 17.01.2018 with 123KB. May the problem is here....
  4. Same in my games. Tried to implement those into some of the analust animations which I think were made for handcuffs too. But it is a nightmare to find the right numbers (angle a.s.o.) for the XML to appear correct in the animation. Were not able to have a satisfactory result, so I put it on the side. By the way, other than the dildo, it is enough the handcuffs are installed in the game. They must not be in the Sims inventory to work.
  5. Unfortunately I can't open your jpgs. But I can see what you mean on the above shoots too looking at the floor tiles. Really I did not notice such in my game, but will pay attention to that, may I oversaw it up to now.
  6. The original is "MTS_cmomoney_1306455_cmomoney_CigaretteMod" from 13.07.2012 and here at LL a member published "Cigarros_Coffin Nail_pt-BR" on 12.09.2016. Both are the same mod. The one from here have a brazilian-portugese localization, that the only different as far as I know. The smoking animation is just the same as used in KW too. This is caused by different "normal" game animations called by this mod between the smokes, this can be caused by sliders may be. I did not notice this effect so far. Must admit that I modified the anim for KW a little in a way that the arms will not clip in the body if the sims is "heavier", let the breast jump a little, gave them a second smoke event and a short smile while blow out. Really, I hesitate, since it is cmomoneys mod and should be updated on MTS if wanted. But I am not a MTS member and I do not know if cmomoney is still active. However, will modify the mod in the above sense the next days and may use the "Cigarros_Coffin Nail_pt-BR" because of the additional localization it may has. (will check that first). Once done I will provide it to test it via PM at first. Hope that is OK !
  7. Oniki implemented much from cmomoneys cigarette mod for smoking joints into KW. Think even the smoking animation have the same name in both mods. However, if you use both mods together, then the sim will still sink into the ground when smoking "regular" cigarettes. If so, just let me know. I can modify the anim of cmomoney_CigaretteMod in the same way as of the KW animations and send it to you via PM.
  8. That are not the only slider which causes the leg disorted in an animation. The most are for the calf (lower leg) and I have one for -do not know how to say- X legs ? This is also worse in that respect. The legs are not as much bend as in your pic, but i.e. the legs clip into the bed or ground. I do not touch these since I found this out. There is also a slider for the leg distance what should be carefully touched......
  9. Yes. If you want, have a look into the Passion thread page 144 post # 3585, 3589, 3590
  10. Also to my experience on that, I think the above exactly describe this "into the platform" effect.
  11. I suspect body sliders cause that.
  12. The switch partner option should not touched if you have all animations installed by using OKW files. This option is only meant to use for animations installed along with the older xml system. Those files are called AW_XXX.package. The reason is, in this older AW XMLs is no gender information for the actors in the animation.
  13. No, no possibility to do that. You need to try. I.e. may be the guy who asks for woohoo play the male role (mostly). To learn more about look at post # 3546 and #3558 of this thread may here or around this posts you will find the answer ! Because it is similar to that partner switch questions.
  14. Looks very good. Thank you very much !
  15. Many thanks for this very nice animations. They look very good in the game. Fresh and good ideas transformed into high quality animations. Nice ! Saw some things in your OKW XML. If you are open for some comments on that, let me know.
  16. As far as I know Amra used this IKTargets on one animation only. (two clips : a_(Am)Chair_BlowjobA_01 and a_(Am)Chair_BlowjobB_01) Did not saw that on any other animations pack except the original game animations and a few in the oniki animations package. Think the point you refer to has more to do with the creation of each animation in blender. For my part, I use heavier sims too and try to leave more space in the animations. (better a little distance than clipping into) In regard to the high heels, I try to lift up the leg a little or you have an effect when you turn the foot towards toes a little. But this possibilities are limited. It depend on how high such a high heel is. Joshs beautiful shoes lift the sim sometimes more sometimes less. However it is a compromise always. Working with the IKTargets is a complete different way to avoid clipping. But one have to be familiar with to use it duly. May you open the original game package "FullBuild0.package" with s3pe, click through the clips and you will see on the right side of s3pe the many different entrances for IKTargets the game uses that the animation is properly aligned in the game. There are also entrances for script events, in example such you have in the smoke animation to see the sim smoke. This script is a original game script and is called "candle_smoke" πŸ™‚
  17. You need to touch the CLIP in s3pe. You need to add IK targets to each animation exact in the way shown below. But the animations itself need some conventions too that it works. ( do not modify the foot world and root world in the animation itself) In case of this floor thing, the following you need to add to each CLIP in s3pe : --- IKTargetTable: IKTargetInfo --- --- IKChainList: IKChains (0x5) --- --- IKChains[0] --- --- IKTargetList: IKTargets (0x0) --- --- --- IKChains[1] --- --- IKTargetList: IKTargets (0x0) --- --- --- IKChains[2] --- --- IKTargetList: IKTargets (0x1) --- --- IKTargets[0] --- Index: 0x00000000 TargetNamespace: x TargetName: L_footWorld --- --- IKChains[3] --- --- IKTargetList: IKTargets (0x1) --- --- IKTargets[0] --- Index: 0x00000000 TargetNamespace: x TargetName: R_footWorld --- --- IKChains[4] --- --- IKTargetList: IKTargets (0x1) --- --- IKTargets[0] --- Index: 0x00000000 TargetNamespace: x TargetName: rootWorld --- --- This is the simplest add to the animation. All I saw are much more complex, but without documentation no chance to look through it. Mean there are much more possibilities the games clips can be manipulated. So be aware, the above works on the floor only and that NOT for all animations, depending on the movement or interaction with other actors or objects. AND, consider that a modification in the way above let the actor who wears high heels be lift up against the partner actor or object and this may lead to a worse alignment of the interaction in the animation. That is why I exchanged the animation in this KW package for "show the below", in original one actor touches the other. But using the above, it looks odd (clipping) when one wearing high heels. Really, for me it was to much frustrating try and error even to find out the above, so I putted this on the side. By the way, you will find a few Amra animations where he used that for the head grip. MJ mentioned that and can be found a little above in this thread. Post #184
  18. In case you refer to the CmarNYC_Penis.package I mentioned, then no. It is meant to remove ALL Cmar files except the corefull. However, recommend to do a short test. Make a backup of your Sims 3 folder. Then remove ALL Cmar files but leave in the Corefull only. Copy in just the CmarNYC_Penis.package from Twilightstorm and start the game. Then it should work if you do not have other mods installed what can cause your error. Later then look into the PDF from Twilightstorm to see what all is in the merge. Find out what you had in addition (not XCAS) and copy it in. I.e. the pregnancy controller. If you do not have Twilighstorms PDF on hand, refer to the txt file here attached. Therein are all cmar packages listed what is in the merged CmarNYC_Penis.package. Hope it helps. Contend_CmarNYC_Penis_package.txt
  19. Then I don't know what could be wrong. Just looked at Twilightstorms merge of the Cmar stuff. Therein is also cmar_Xcas_TattooLocations.package along with cmar_Xcas_TuningTattooAdult.package and eight cmar_XCAS_TattoosForTeens_and then the game expansion package i.e. Latenight.package....... What is really needed of all that to see the locations under Tattoo in CAS I do not know. I went the easiest way with this Cmar stuff and use only Twilightstorms Cmar_Penis.package and cmar_Xcas_corefull. This two along with cmars pregnancy controller is all what I have installed from cmar and missed nothing up to now. A pic in regard to the topic :
  20. Not sure but think you need also to have cmar_XCAS_corefulXX.package installed. This is a core mod. Easiest way to find it : Download Passion, extract it into a TMP folder and select the one what fits to your game version. (cmar_XCAS_corefull67.package or cmar_XCAS_corefull69.43.package) By the way, do not install the CmarNYC_Penis.package unless you remove all other Cmar stuff from your mod folder. CmarNYC_Penis.package is a merged file made by Twilightstorm and besides the Cmar_XCAS therein is everything needed of all Cmar stuff. (See the PDF what comes with Passion - all merged files are listed there)
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