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  1. In theory, this Eodsy Wedding coach is drivable, but I never dared to use it, I don't like the driver's position (I suppose he had to lower it to match that of a car) and I don't know if the horse has any kind of animation. It's one of those things that you download as original and I hadn't thought about it again. The download link is dead so I put it here in case someone wants to try it 1406931115_eodsy-c.-weddingcoach-convert.sims3pack
  2. @landess I do not know if you have already closed the pirate world, but reviewing hairstyles I found this one with a bandana that may give you more options
  3. Saludos. Normalmente hago sesiones suaves con las Bunnys, al estilo de Playboy ,,, pero tengo cientos de fotos de las chicas en actitudes, digamos, más atrevidas, después de algunos comentarios en un@landess hilo Me acordé de una vieja revista de mi adolescencia (LIB) que incluía este tipo de material (ya sabes, esas revistas que eran para ver, no para leer, antes de Internet). Así que he hecho una portada para cada una de mis chicas y la comparto contigo. Especialmente con aquellos de nosotros que ya tenemos 40 años. Hay 18 portadas aquí pondré algunas y el enlace a la sección Blog por s
  4. Greetings. Normally I do soft sessions with the Bunnys, in the style of Playboy ,,, but I have hundreds of pics of the girls in attitudes, let's say, more "daring", so I remembered an old magazine from my adolescence that included this type of material (You know , those magazines that were to "see", not to "read", before the Internet). So I have made a cover for each of my girls and share them with you. Especially with those of us who are already 40 years old
  5. Here in Spain we had a strict censorship, when the dictator died in 1975 there was a wave of publications and films with more or less hard nudes, it is known as "the years of uncovering", all the actresses came out naked with the most idiotic script excuses , or directly without them. I was 15 years old and I still remember it ,after a few years of "erotic drunkenness" things returned to normal, but it was a very crazy adolescence .
  6. A new casting, but this time it will not only be from the soft part ,,, the girls should dare to pose and act in harder publications ,,, if I find a suitable title maybe I will start publishing them 😈
  7. I'm not trying to get the girl on the tram, (I hope I could), just a few shots with the vehicle passing behind her to create the illusion of the city. I tried to install it in Brigdeport and in Roaring Heights but no tram appeared, only the usual taxis ,,, maybe my file is defective or I need to do something else ,,, maybe select it in Edit city? Thanks, anyway, I think that I will choose to create a fake Cablecar as a stage, (or take the girl to another city and not complicate my life so much)
  8. This question, I do not really know if it corresponds here or in technical help, anyway ,,, Do you know in which cities and at what times you can find "unusable taxis"? Let me explain I have the replacement of taxis with the cablecar that Bloombase made years ago and I wanted to take some photos to set a pictorial in "San Francisco", but this mod only replaces the fake taxis that EA puts in some cities. Do you know in which cities are these taxis? I just need the cablecar to appear and I'll take care of placing the girl with Moveobjects or whatever ... Thanks
  9. I see that you have satisfactorily solved the issue of the patch (when creators like Nonsequitur or Ladysmoks come to the rescue this forum is wonderful), I have reviewed my file and I have not found anything that you do not already have, except perhaps the carriage issue, I have some that Eodsy converted sims 3 from the Sims 2 models from Hexameter. I am not sure if they are usable or just decoration but if you want to try them I will send them to you with pleasure
  10. It is a difficult hairstyle. I do not have any exactly the same, but I will send you a selection of approximations, if you are interested in any tell me and I will send you a PM
  11. I am away from home and I do not have access to my PC but I have reminded these creators that they have clothing conversions from many eras, I suppose you already know him, but just in case I put the links. Next Monday I will look at my files to see what I find. https://joojconverts.tumblr.com/downloads https://danjaley.tumblr.com/tagged/category%3Aclothing
  12. In Spain we say that there are people who are like the clouds, "when they leave a beautiful day stays", you just have to ignore them as @MrsSantasaid. By the way @namaradus I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your work, Lucky Palms is by far my favorite world, Thank you from my heart
  13. When I come home from the Easter holiday break, I will have to discuss with you your findings in terms of looks from the 50s or 60s, even the early 70s. I am always looking for things from that time, especially hairstyles. Recently this "Harmon" by Leahlillith appeared very interesting to make a Jacky Kennedy or Emma Peel style. I still hope to find a decent Farrah Fawcett hairstyle https://www.simfileshare.net/download/2411321/ https://www.simfileshare.net/download/2413453/
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