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  1. I found some promotional photos of the movie "The temple of women warriors". 😏 (I like to share this nonsense, I hope you like it)
  2. I use passion and I have Cmar's pubic hair mod installed. I'll give you the link to his blog, it's old but I think the downloads work http://cmarnyc.blogspot.com/2013/05/pubic-body-hair.html?zx=779970bea39ab58c About the page you mention, it has not given me problems downloading (I have used the automatic translator and probably having "Universal Bypass" and "Tampermonkey" installed has been useful, I don't know exactly what the last one does but it was activated when I started the download) If you need something from her, tell me and I will try to download
  3. I use Sciguy77's accesory tan lines, it has three separate games with several options each, (body, top and bottom). they don't look bad for lack of something else. I send you the link https://modthesims.info/d/486134/tan-lines-just-in-time-for-seasons.html
  4. It has some interesting things, but the presentation it does (cutting out its models and superimposing the parts on real images and then unifying everything with Photoshop) creates some expectations for me about its CC that later does not appear in the game, I recognize more for its originality than otherwise I have used some of his creations. His level of involvement-immersion in the game has led him to have legal lawsuits for the use of his "characters" with other Simmers. My level of "commitment" with my sims does not reach that much, I have some affection for them but I do not go
  5. Greetings, I'm back. Now that I see one of my Bunnys in another game, I have a curiosity. Was the "Cleavage" accessory included? In the photo I do not appreciate it well and it is something that I put on all my girls since I found it. I'm just curious to know if that accessory appears or not in the download, Thanks The first image is the thumbnail that should appear in CAS, the other two are examples of a girl without the accessory and another with the accessory.
  6. Absolutely agree. He is the best creator of sexual poses that I know, he is also a member of this forum. Take a look at his page, just to see his girls is already a luxury. https://bluehazardxx77xx.video.blog/ This other link you have images and more explicit downloads since Tumbrl has censored many of its images and downloads
  7. The Bunnys wish you a happy new year
  8. If you buy a Bot in the future, it joins your family unit and returns to the present with you.
  9. Oh no ,, with the NPCs I just kick them out of the house ,,,
  10. I have the habit of sending them to the shower after a "fluid exchange", it gives me the strange feeling that they are more satisfied. I know, I know, I'm very weird
  11. At last I finished reinstalling all the CC compressing it in "Megapackages" and everything seems to work fine ... So I set myself a challenge to put the 10 Bunnys in a bed and have them pose without covering each other too much for a " lingerie special issue"
  12. To celebrate that my sims can now travel to the future they have brought a small souvenir
  13. Solved !. The problem was generated by Traveler, somehow the file got corrupted, I downloaded it again from the Nraas page and now it works correctly Thank you all for your interest and advice 💗💗💗
  14. I found these others but they are type "Gladiator Boots" for my taste they are very "horizontal" and I do not use them but maybe they interest you. I put the photos and you will tell me if they serve you.
  15. No hay muchas sandalias altas con cordones (me gusta cómo se ven y las he buscado en muchas páginas) pero ninguna es de "tacones imposibles" ni de plataforma. RolloRolls y SilverMoon tienen los dos que más uso, Renansims Tiene unos hasta la rodilla pero están hechos de cintas, no de encaje. Finalmente Venusprincess tiene un accesorio para las piernas con solo los cordones, no sé si podría combinarlos con unos zapatos de la talla adecuada, les dejo las imágenes, las tres primeras creo que ya no tienen Links que trabajo, así que si te interesa te los envío por PM. El de Venusprincess t
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