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  1. You just have to go to the first page of this post. Clik on "View File"
  2. https://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.com/ It works fine for me, (although using the Universal Bypass to dodge Adfly). Anyway, if you can't download it, put a PM with what you need and I'll send it to you.
  3. First pictorial of the, much more explicit, LIB magazine. As I suppose you will have deduced from the avatar Patricia is my favorite girl (was the first) and I think that the first pictorial as Miss January of Playboy did not do her justice, so she starts this round (I hope I have improved). I do not know if this will have continuity, I am in a small personal bump ,,, anyway I put here the cover and poster, and the link to the Blogs section. I hope you like it
  4. LIB is much more explicit I'm afraid ...
  5. I'm sorry about the shirt, I don't have anything like it, there are more or less open shirts that you could combine with an accessory tie but I don't know how it would look. With the shirt tied at the waist there is only this option, it is not an accessory so they come with those pants. I put the link (the page is a bit complicated to navigate if you have any problem tell me and I will send you a PM) http://sims3planet.net/новости/LIANE-V-COLLECTION-by-Artsims
  6. I am sorry that the CC did not live up to expectations.
  7. To see what version of the game you have, you should look in the lower left corner of the launcher, The last version of the game was 1.69 although in reality it is little, (for practical purposes None) difference with 1.67 ... either of the two is worth it. for download
  8. It also gives me conflicts when I pass the Dashboard ,,, but in the game they work perfectly and it does not seem to affect anything else (and I assure you that I have many clothes with which to combine your creations). If I find any problem I will let you know, but so far everything is fine
  9. I found this one from Zauma some time ago, (I don't know if it's the one you've tried) I haven't had the chance to try it so I don't know what it looks like, it's two Skirt and Top files so I'm afraid it doesn't include the stockings
  10. As an avid CC seeker I have had to dig deep into the net to get some things ,,, (as Indy said "I'm an archaeologist not a grave robber) and well, maybe I have made deals with" Jack "on a few occasions (If a judge asks me I'll deny everything) But sometimes there is no other way to do it. The border is diffuse in virtual seas ,,, "unconventional resources" I like that
  11. "Jack Sparrow" is a veiled way of referring to unlawful methods, which cannot be recommended or promoted from a forum, but we all know that they exist. Whether or not to resort to "him" is at the discretion of each one of us.
  12. Understech Imagination has replacements for taxis, police cars and school bus, although the page is from Patreon those replacements are free and can be downloaded. I don't know how the replacements work exactly, (I think the "Overrides" folder is involved and some modification in the "Resource" file) But for that you need someone more versed than me in those topics ,,, Is it possible that Cablecar will not work for me for that? ... I will have to experiment https://sharemods.com/hkaakn8blwsj/U-I_1957_Ford_Mainline_Police_Cruiser___40_Replacement_and_Ownable__41_.zip.html
  13. The other options, the first two are male / female. the last two are only female
  14. Let's see, @Nonsequitur has one on this forum. of the others I have not been able to find any link that works, if you are interested in any of these tell me and I will send it to you by PM
  15. These should also serve you https://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=505842 https://retrosim.blogspot.com/2019/02/various-retro-overrides-and-specials.html
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