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  1. I have Wendy Pan's page on my CC page list, and I remember downloading things from Back alley sims (I don't know if directly or through the Wayback Machine). BTB I do not remember but it is possible that I visited once. When I discovered the CC I went crazy and went through and downloaded all the pages I found, I am still doing it and accumulating articles that I probably do not have time to use (my CC folder has 15,900 subfolders, and it occupies 103 GB). I'm sorry I can't be more precise, after the first cumulative attack I have been more methodical and orderly, but there are things that I am still classifying and reviewing.
  2. The best thing about forums like this is to be able to personally thank the creators for their magnificent work and the time they dedicate to improving our game. I found this set some time ago when I started to download old things, the Sims 4 had already come out, and most of the things that I downloaded were many years old and it was not a matter of resurrecting old posts just to give thanks. Now I'm glad to be able to do it and give you a little taste of how much I have enjoyed your creations.
  3. In this link is everything downloadable even from Gramsims, read boots are there, if you can't download them let me know and I'll send you a private https://simfileshare.net/folder/18064/
  4. I have some things from Gramsims, from Beyonce I have the outfit, that semitransparent bodysuit, and the boots but not the complete sim which I suppose is what interests you I used it as a base for a sexy neoprene of my sims, combining it with some pantyhose and copying the color
  5. It is beautiful, I used it in my last session with one of my models. Thank you
  6. Indeed, the 'RealSkin 1' appears in the sim and in the CAS options. I did not have it previously, when deleting the sim the option in CAS of that skin also disappears
  7. I have checked the sliders and the independent controls for the eyebrows do not appear, but the sim looks good
  8. Thanks. Unfortunately my knowledge of the Shakespeare language is almost identical to that of Simlish,,, absolutely none. 😪 (Thanks Google translator by the way) I am consoled by the fact that although everyone said they bought the magazine for the articles, what they liked were the photos.
  9. The sim3pack that I downloaded came with all the cc including makeup and clothes (once he downloaded a sim because one of his outfits interested me and it was the only way to obtain it), what I'm not sure is if that includes the sliders
  10. It's a pleasure to see you again, Mr. Storm. I am glad that you are well and fit, your work is highly appreciated and brings a lot to the game (my sims would not be the same without Passion). Thank you so much 👏
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