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  1. That's one of their utils I haven't used much, if at all. As for the dashboard, I wouldn't be too surprised if it didn't check every resource ID. It kinda feels as if it purposefully skips certain types, but I haven't nailed down which those would be yet. An example seems to be that it doesn't detect duplicates in some of the cmar package collections (like the penis mesh, where some put v1 in their merged package when 2v2 seems to be the one that works) or most skins (so whatever skin images are, it seems to ignore). And, as for filenames... gahhhhhhhhh.... I've had to resort
  2. Yep. Those can be hard to track down. It's taken me about 1-2 weeks each time I start up a new custom world, just to get rid of the conflicts, duplicates, and other issues related to the CC world Y wants to use that world X used. After a while of doing that, I just got fed up & bored and wanted to play the frigging game again, instead of try to track down all the issues which having multiple copies of a package can (sometimes) cause. I know I had issues in the past, I just don't recall what those issues were. Sometimes world creators can't even keep what they added where straight and
  3. They'll also have an "H" over on the right (to the left of "has") indicating they're "hidden traits". I've tried adding the KW traits to all the world's sims, or, well, at least those I might play, but don't think they actually stayed set passed a save. This tells me that during the kw initializing step (or whatever it's called) at the start of a game, it reads those settings from the settings file. Just a hunch, but maybe doing an 'export' might make any MC changed values stick... ain't tested that theory, though.
  4. Yeah, I kinda forgot about that one. (checking) I've got 408 installed. He just showed up, grumbling to himself (at least EA did that accurate about postal carriers) but in his civies... um... "everyday" outfit (remembered to verify that is the outfit, but forgot to check other kw debug outfit info before forcing a change). I'm just making sure she's out of the house about 14:20, when he seems to show up in this world. Dunno if it's related, but I do recall noticing that if the mail carrier does actually show up wearing his career outfit, and your lot has a p
  5. This was going to be a "hey, does anyone happen to recall when the annoying mailman 'feature' was added to KW" post, but *golly jeepers batman! the search works* (But, then, of course, I remembered I could check the code... turns out the "KWMailCarrierSituation" code 1st showed its ugly head in version 0.5.1, build 384. SO: For the others complaining about it, go back to a build before 384 (or dump a tonne of Canadian dollars OnikiKay's way via Patreon to try to get her to add in a bloody fucking "turn this shit OFF already" setting). 🙄🤷‍♂️😂 But,
  6. One other thing, check for conflicts before adding the new things to your mega package (delphy's dashboard). It'll help if you only merge things that don't conflict.
  7. That sounds as if you have some CC with "bad" age settings. As for the initial issue... I tried 409, noticed a shit-ton of issues that weren't there in 408. Went all the way back to 378 for a while, considered dropping a couple versions to the 375 tons here praise, but well... I did try out 325, and I'm also one of the very few who never had issues with 399. Had a ton of issues with (I think it was) 400, 401, and 402, those seemed to be resolved by 404, but now 409 has "redone" a lot of stuff, which should always be translated as "warning: probably broke shit for fun" when a devel
  8. Dunno if it'd work with the borked way KW adds in other items, I personally don't deal with the KW drugs so can't test, but with all other growable crops you can use NRaas Debug Enabler to change the quality. Theoretically, KW crops should work the same, but, well... there's that long commented on feud between the 2 mods original devs. But it might be worth a shot. It'd be something like this: click on bush -> nraas -> debug enabler -> options: garden bush (or whatever that plant is set to be) -> set quality -> perfect
  9. @James2112 BTW, since I actually had a playable large dog (small dogs aren't used by kw... minor ea stupidity having 2 species of 'dog')... back on track... that "pull clothes" interaction (it's what kw calls it for a dog) is not available if you have not set the casp setting in kw's debug for the outfit. I always assumed the same was true for the NPC dogs, but ain't actually checked yet. In case you didn't find it... There's a "Privacy" menu with the option I was referencing on it. I think I was mis-remembering that it was "exhibition" by default, but the code sets the defaul
  10. TS3 terms (values/code): gender ( male/m or female/f ) age ( baby/b, toddler/p, child/c, teen/t, young adult/y, adult/a, elder/e ) "girl" is ambiguous in English. It can mean female baby, female toddler, female child, or female teen, but can also be used to mean any female. So, which are you looking for? (I personally hate assuming.) tip: go to sexysims, there's 4 options that might suit your wants... but, had you searched online for it, you'd find the other major ts3 modding sites... LL isn't a ts3 modding site (it has some but there's basically jack shit here).
  11. Bad CC (part 2, the blame game...) Research... it's often mentioned in responses on this and other forums. That generally starts with a search (google, duckduckgo, yandex, or other search engine) and never really ends, but includes along the way reading tons and tons of blog sites found, repeating the search with fewer terms or with different terms. If you search, using duckduckgo, for the following, and then read the results, you'll find both of these lists. (yes, the quotes do seem to help, a little, still, on DDG) bad cc "sims 3" list https://sims3.cr
  12. (see below) Been a while... never ever ever had issues with it... *ahem* at least not any worse than any other version. They all have issues (but I'd stay the F away from any that had a "hotfix" immediately after release, the "sword" version [unless you have medieval], or any before "fixed to work with NRaas" type updates happened... that was pre-375 IIRC). This touches on one of my biggest issues with KW. How "kinky" can a world in which the user must manually set each and every clothing item to be removable on each and every sim, for each and every outfit? Sh
  13. Hint: Look through all the settings. It should be obvious what is causing that. Further hint, maybe you don't understand the term:
  14. Off-topic semi-help...yeah yeah, I'm not "ignoring" it...
  15. I was using a network server, but just did when too tired and went old->current instead of current->old... dumbass mistake. But, oh well. Took me a bit to figure out why I suddenly had an extra 400GB. 😕 (Considering each save folder is only about 300kb each, that works out to ... uh... I didn't have over a million saves. 😵 I guess something else got nuked as well. On the plus side, if there is one, I'm discovering that the older Bridgeport game, even though it has a household with 12 sims (10 human, 2 pets) and a house that's much much bigger, the game feels much more stab
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