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  1. Hmmm... I seem to notice that a lot too. Solutions are: disable underwear or never have them wear panties. Drawbacks on those: KW doesn't seem to listen to its own 'disabled' settings & sims will ask for panties even if the feature is off, and they'll sometimes autonomously go get & wear panties on their own.
  2. This is a bit more angsty than I intended, but outta time so can't really edit much. Skip to the end for the tl;dr (color matching text). I've seen a few people who created tuning mods (aka just modifying an "_XML" or "ITUN" file (using s3pe's labels, they're both technically xml) get royally bent outta shape when someone else creates a mod to do the same thing. SMH It's not like any of those sorts of things aren't able to be figured out by many, or even made by many. This would be the only option that I can think of. As would I. But I would also prefer a lot of things... such as mods to paid games being free, regular public releases after a month (as I read on other dev's sites), or, even better: putting the frigging code on github when the dev is bored & wants to abandon the project. KW has basically been abandoned for her stand-alone game. (sigh) ranting over. Constructive (slightly), but equally unhelpful, comment: without the actual source code, no one can modify how the KW script does things. (I wouldn't be able to, even with the source, since this mod, like almost everything for TS3, is written in a proprietary language from M$ -- and they want their $$$ for their compiler.) Edit: I had the intent to try decompiling the DLLs from KW's (and others') mods to see if I could find why things are broken, but that was over Christmas & by the time I got to even looking at the NRaas source I found on github, the supposedly "free" compiler from M$ "expired" & refused to work. SMH. I had to look that mod up again. It looked familiar, but I think it didn't sound like something I'd like (I really am not a fan of too many scripting mods), and I found a way to increase people being pushed to a venue (maybe not > 10, but I'm thinking I've seen that... and the game crashed as a result) by just altering the venue's attraction (wrong term, but works) to types of sims. (e.g., if a sim is social, go here, if not don't go). I don't see anything in that mod's description that makes it seem like it'd somehow learn about KW's 'stripping' trait to push sims to participate. Also, I tried getting the brain enhancement machine to allow adding the KW created skills, but that didn't work. (I could add in the other EA-created skills that weren't previously available for that machine, but if it's from a scripting mod, nope... so no KW WooHoo/Exhibition/etc and no NRaas Kama Simtra. ) I've never noticed this with any of the newer versions, and (from her fandom wiki page) it looks like she was altering the way dancers work (at least the pole dancers, but probably same chunk of code) in the 380s a few times. So you might consider popping 399 in and testing it out to see if the sims seem to strip for tips as much. (You know, but for others: make a complete backup of the entire 'The Sims 3' folder in Documents before you do this as KW deletes/creates settings files in the Library during every launch & upgrade.) As to why I gave up on the old as dirt 375? It's missing too much. The 'mysterious hole in wall' she added about 389, the autonomously collecting sperm from 393, the willpowermax from 379, and a whole laundry list of other actual fixes, as well as how painfully slow and sluggish 375 ran for me. YMMV, but it was horrribly laggy. Anyway, I mentioned all that b/c the honeypot for me isn't stripping for tips, it's the hole in wall, toilet gloryhole, arcade machines, the sketchpad, or any instrument they have "on" them. So, maybe I've just added in so many other distractions that they don't bother with the whole strip dancing thing. One last thing, that I just noticed as I was typing, is that the sim I manually instructed to strip (b/c she wanted instead to sit in a club & sketch... grrrrr) only had 1 person actually go watch, and that was after 5+ mins of him talking to his wife. No one else seemed to GAF, except the one horny "love interest" who just wanted to ask to woohoo... (if only someone would've fixed the busted ass 'love interest' BS that EA released on the world, but overriding EA's intentions are pretty darn hard -- and, yeah, NR WH is set to remove romance on kiss, but something added it in after KW woohoo). Sorry about all the rants... I must be having a worse day than I thought. tl;dr: AFAIK w/o KW source, can't change how KW's scripts work. b/c KW is a scripting mod, can't alter outside of KW how it's skills/traits work.
  3. Ah, cool. I've got the Steam version, which must be why I didn't keep the version other than 1.1.
  4. I forgot to ask: v 1.1 or a newer version (which I thought were broken)? I also thought I had kept 1.2 & 2.? but I just checked and only have 1.1 (may 2014 exe date) Maybe what I'm remembering is that the v2 was only if you had TS3 1.69, and since I'm on 1.67 I had issues w/ that newer version. (edit: I did all that research June of last year, so the memory's are a bit faded.) edit: searching on here it looked like at one point you were using v2, also I see some posts saying some that worked while others had to find a v1 of it
  5. All this might be why Delphy's Sims3Dashboard will label CC that has the availability set to both adult/young adult and teen, but not actually show those when you use the filter buttons... damn, I wanna verify this but am still loading my game & I've had bad things happen when I accidentally started the dashboard with the game running. (One or both crash if you do that. And, who knows, maybe even game corruption.) Maybe it was a different error than the filters, but anyway... those CCs are actually highlighted with an error-type color in the list (might have to scroll to see 'em). Maybe one of these years I'll be brave enough to figure out the whole mesh thing. But for now I'm fine letting much more artistic people like LadySmoks tackle that.
  6. Thank you. I just realized that what I remembered seeing turned out to be part of WW, so TS4, but I also think I only looked on WW & sexysims, completely forgetting to look on MTS. lol
  7. Another thing regarding clothing, although I'm at a loss as to when she added this, is that KW will (occasionally) force a change of outfits. (I almost need to cobble together a full changelog just to help keep track of things like this, but... not tonight.)
  8. Yes... maybe. I think I did that once, but a few months ago nuked everything and started very fresh, so didn't move anyone. I did a lot of mods folder housecleaning to try to cut down on errors (or worse, the spawned sims showing up with skin color that is pure black -- meaning the skin file is corrupt/missing/incompatible). Thankfully I've seen very little of those issues since the start of December. I also have NRaas Porter installed, but I just checked and you have to manually do it before/after the move but it is supposed to help keep the relationships intact. I think that might've been what I did, but I've forgotten.
  9. And about 1/3 the time I choose the wrong menu item by mistake, since that mod's name & the KW option are very similar.
  10. No prob. BTW, I have 1.67 w/ all expansion packs, but not all "stuff" packs and it works just fine, since it's just bringing up the same purchasing menu as the rabbit hole (or register, for, say, the consignment or alchemy shops -- those are limited to when the shop is open, if there's hours... I may have did that via yet another mod/change).
  11. Wow, it's been a while. I'd completely forgotten about that one. Good to know it works with KW as well.
  12. I have a "new mods" folder that I toss all the files I actually download into, but I had checked the archives for the animations I downloaded this morning. It might've been a huge zip of someone's entire mod folder that I found many many months ago. Keeping backups is usually not my problem, finding them again is my weakness lol
  13. Version disclaimer: For the build 399 (I moved up to that version for testing a few things out -- others on here are on build 375, and I'm not sure if this existed in that version). You can only change outfits when they're actively whoring, so if they're not it's a 2 step process: 1) sim menu -> kinky -> start whoring 2) sim menu -> kinky world -> uniforms -> create uniform: whore What I've noticed, and YMMV, is that the whore "uniform" doesn't seem to apply to all whores of the same age/gender like how school uniforms did (although I might have tried out the highschool with a different version).
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