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  1. Interesting, thank you Landess for letting me know. By the way, nice video. Looks like a lot of work until finished. Take shots, cutting a.s.o.
  2. I am a little surprised nobody respond here. It's one of my favored dresses now - super sexy ! Thanks
  3. very nice work again, thank you. For all who like them as much as I do, here the keys to register the panties easily in KW : 0x2276F2D0532C3604 0x7BFF60C9627ACBE9
  4. To add sounds to an animation, just have a look to Masters tutorial. You will find a PDF in the packed file last pages. But be aware, this is an older tutorial and describes how to implement animations with AW (Animated WhooHoo) but no change in adding sound. Since here you have to manipulate the animation and not the XML. You can find it here : You made me curious what this packages could be -except Pets or Packages I consider as WIP ...... Twilightstorm put much efforts into Passion and made to handle the older AW XML files AND the OKW XML files. But the Animation itself remain the same. Would mean, in case you install some -let's say- Lady666 animations into passion with AW xml and with OKW xml you have the same animations twice. Twilightstorms intention was, that Passion accepts even all animations you have on hand without hunting for latest or correct versions. But a big disadvantage of the older AW files I consider in the lack of the gender selection. Twilightstorm explained this more than once somewhere in his thread. However, I have Passion on hold and swapped to KW since Twilightstorm is away for some serious private reasons and I face all the issues (i.e. Partner swapping, sometimes animations are not shown correctly by rotation of one actor 90°. Not predefined Animations have to re-registered after every game start ) as other users complain about too. All those I consider as small issues, but I can and will not address them now, while Twilightstorm is away for really more important reasons than fixing Passion. I like Passions option to combine animations as per your wish in a row and save them. Then easily you can direct your sims what they shall exactly do during WhooHoo. Very nice, actually ! And, Passion compared to KW is a "lightweight" and that is very good in regard to bigger an full populated Worlds. It is even a MOD to Sims 3 and NOT a Game in a Game...... By the way, in KW you also can register Animations with AW XMLs I think. They will be shown as -Generic- in the menu. But do not recommend to do so..... Long time ago I tried this, but not sure if it still works with ver. 375. Anyway we sould say bye, bye to all AW-files and use OKW only.
  5. As far as I know you have no influence for the volume. A animation is equipped with sounds or even not (as the animator did or not). The sounds you can add are sounds of the original game only. Further I can nothing special say unless we use the same animation versions. So, what I just did was to set up a vanilla game, freshly installed KW ver. 375 and all animations which are not touched anymore by the creators. I just copy herein the Log File KW saves while loading. Animation report in RED. (Spoiler) PLEASE NOTE : NO ANIMATION IS THEREIN WHICH SHOULD BE CONSIDERED AS "WORK IN PROGRESS" NAMELY : kw_k69_animations kw_k69_kinky_animations kinkyanalustanimations kinkylucasanimations kw_maryjane_animations clydie_anims PLEASE DOWNLOAD SUCH ANIMATIONS FROM THEIR CORRESPONDENT THREAD HERE AT LL Packed a ZIP file with the OKW files (WITH this Strap on thing) including the correspondent animation files. It's a file with close to 120 MB. Those I consider as the latest versions, just compare the number of animations above with yours. In case you have more, let me please know !!! 🙂 All above animations you can find here at LL - on the first page or somewhere else in the threads of the creator - Most of the "older" animations you will find in Twilightstorm's nice thread. But since Passion is more tolerant in terms of the OKW file, KW call out an error while loading on some animation. (Actually I am more a Passion fan....) All of those are corrected in the files of that ZIP, as the Log file above proofs too. Again : only those above in RED. But please, I am not brave enough to load this up just here. I may can try to provide it to whom, who is sending me a PM for convenience reasons. But I do not know if LL allow such huge file size. There is a limit I think. Other Ideas on that -except loading it up to a external share point by myself- I am not used to such.
  6. No, you do nothing wrong. That's predefined in Passion and most of the animation packs what showing 0 are older Versions what need AW files instead of OKW. Mean if you install them, the animations are double. But please as always, it is a little more complex and not true for all of those. But most of them. So, don't worry and enjoy Passion.
  7. Do you have a Phone or a Smartphone in your game ? It could be you need to have the expansion where the Smartphone comes with installed, but do not remember which EP it was. My last idea on that..... Otherwise, yes download and freshly install the version Landess kindly provide for you above and start a clean and new game as I said earlier. Good luck !
  8. Hi Carine, did you read this thread about the brothel : https://onikikay-kinkyworld.fandom.com/wiki/Brothel_Management_step_by_step may here you find your answer. Also read the posts there below !
  9. I think Landess is right, we are a little lost in the different KW versions. In addition KW offers two parallel possibilities to enable whores. One basic is what LadySmoks said and the second is to open and manage a own brothel and HIRE employees for that. As I understand you want to manage your own brothel, so we have to come back to the version of KW and what you did in your mod folder and saves. In case you had 375 installed and then 399 and back to 375 using the same game with saves or something similar, there can be many not explainable issues happen. Start a vanilla game, install 375, try again and see if you get stuck again. Then describe the problem and I am sure you will get usable help here. It is time consuming, but do not see a way to avoid that. Sorry.
  10. As far as I know the SMautofel is included in the latest SManimation files what Twilightstorm load up in his wonderful Passion thread. So, if you have the SManimations installed from there, then no need for SMautofel I think. By the way, Spaceman's (who is still around here) animations are great and I like them. Unfortunately some of them look a little odd in KW since he used a different penis. Twilightstorm implemented this (movable and long) Penis in Passion for the SManimations. So, in Passion they work correct and look great. Not to my opinion, since many messages KW shows are just hint's from and for the programmer that there is some work open to do and be cryptic. However, once Oniki published ver. 399 here, I send a PM to here/him and offer the localization file besides a corrected icon what is corrupt in this version 399. But she/he did not visit the LL anymore after. So, I deleted the PM after half a year or so. Really there is a huge potential in terms of gameplay if you can enjoy funny and clear wordings in KW (clear wording I mean especially in regard to the option menus).
  11. Sorry do not want to confuse you or anybody else. What I meant was, that I get no error messages in terms of the XML of the OKW files for the listed animations. KW creates during start and end three Log files. Therein sometimes are hints to errors in the XML of the OKW animation files. My OKW files are working and show no errors there, what mean all animations are loaded correctly. Of course I face error files too. Sometimes more than five after one game session. The more features you use (brothel, school a.s.o.) the more error files appear. Besides that, KW saves a localization file too. Therein untranslated keys (language strings) will be listed. Since two years I translate for myself the localization file of KW into my mother language (German). Those localization files I catch up since and implement those into the German localization file. Meanwhile close to 500 strings. So I only very rarely I get such a localization file out of KW and I can enjoy a duly KW in my language. There are only relatively rare -generic- strings what this KW localization file does not catch up. Really it is a very nice and a different KW game experience..... Oniki takes not much care about the wording in the game, to bad 😞 By the way, those log, error and localization files I delete always before I start the game. Why do you give this one not a try ? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/136305-delicious-delightssims3pack/ AND, you need to go to the city view in the game (not city edit) click on the icon of your desired building and register it as brothel in KW. Make sure this building is owned by your family. I mean just buy it ! If this building is owned by your family, then you can open it as brothel via phone or computer. Once done that, you can hire a Sim by using the option manage brothel (or similar) offer enough money to this Sim and if the sim agree, you have your first employee. But be aware, you must assign this sim to your brothel and establish in the menu which appear the work schedule a.s.o. May be this will help. Tip : Hire NOT a Family member at first. (it did not work for me, at least) Good luck ! Oh yes, as far as I know the brothel must be a public building, which one does not matter. Start with Local Bar or so, then you need only to set up the schedule for your employee for the opening hours and some more options..... Just try out.
  12. For me, animations are the "salt in the soup" and in case of SIM 3 the more the better. I have 26 animations packs running meanwhile without error messages from KW in the log file and no limit therefore in sight so far. Some of the animation does look a little odd, so what.... Would like to provide my list herewith to all Sims 3 fans. The names in bold are correct names to register in KW. But be sure you have the corresponding OKW file to the animations. AND some of the below animations KW registers automatically. I.e.Oniki's "kinkystages" which come with KW. Some of this animation packs are pre KW and had AW files only. But if you look into the Passion threat, second post I think, there you can find the OKW files what JimSinFan have written for us to be easy usable with KW. !!! I do not and will not use Pets, that why no Pet animations in the list below !!! 01- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_k69_animations 02- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kinkyanalustanimations 03- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : hdscreations 04- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kinkystages 05- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_amra72_animations 06- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : mastermoonlight 07- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : afterdusksims 08- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_swanny_animations 09- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_l666_edit_animations 10- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kinkylucasanimations 11- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kiwanimations 12- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_galgat_animations 13- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_maryjane_animations 14- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_l666_animations 15- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : clydie_anims 16- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : wtwanimations 17- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_l666_kinky_animations 18- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : smanimations 19- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : fixercar_sink_animations 20- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : sfanimations 21- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : jezaanimations 22- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kinkyworldmasteranimations 23- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_mike24_lesbians 24- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_l666_rapebdsm_animations 25- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_mike24_classics 26- WooHooStage.Load: Resource : kw_k69_kinky_animations I hesitate to load up my OKW files here since I modified meanwhile most of them in the way to have them more realistic in my sense (correct partner selection). Mean I did remove most of this strap on thing. Because if you disable strap on in KW, the animation look stupid in my eyes in case of the female roles trying to penetrate without anything 🙂 Further it's not realistic to me having a vaginal animation where a Girl uses Strap on and the man get's.......
  13. Looks nice as always and this idea takes us back into the middle ages. Remember me on a Castle above the Rhine river where such a thing is shown too. It looks funny from behind and my first question I had in mind was, what will happen once you have to use a toilet for -let's say- bigger business 🙂 From this point of view, this Iron belt from the above mentioned castle offers an advantage 🙂 Please keep up your good work with funny ideas.
  14. Agree. If I was you, then I would at first try to hook up with "Cmar's" Pregnancy Controller Mod" since you need to connect your animations with the right time in pregnancy. Cmar's mod has a button to select "give birth now". This would my first approach to connect with anyhow. But do not have the knowledge nor the necessary tools to help any further. Much hope you will find a way somehow. Good luck !
  15. Nice coincident to that picnic table thing : http://modthesims.info/d/637304/functional-dining-benches-modular.html May be that could be a nice substitute. Did not tied it yet but will do. Many thanks to "enable_llamas" !
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