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  1. WOW, luckily faster than I expected. Great news. Thank you. Looking forward to your coming uploads. Happy animating !
  2. The point what I am trying to make was, that you need to open the OKW file and modify the genders on some animations if you do not like if i.e. a male get involved in a female/female animation.
  3. it was more something like a crime series. Emma was far ahead of time with their role in this short movies and an absolute beauty looker here in Europe at this time. A good idea ! Unfortunately Sims 3 does not offer the in game action for Emma. (or I did not found out up to now)
  4. a good idea. Looking forward to give them a try. You really mean with such a iron scaffold a sexual intercourse is possible in Sims 3 ?????? I wonder how the animations play with such body then. Was really happy that he always refused, because I feared the game will crash if he accept. There are even bots without legs who fly around...... AND, how a strap on would look like on a bot like on the first picture. Oh I really think I misunderstand something basically here again. What I saw during test yesterday was, you can ask the bot to show the bottom or breasts, then the bot became equipped with a human basic top or bottom (look like some leggings) but lost the feet then. Hey, may be that is the secret behind. Once the iron gets nude, he transform into a human with a tight jump suit. This would explain some things. Nevertheless I find it odd.
  5. Here what I found : First picture normal female bot, which refuses always. I did not get him into action - what is good. But saw a sign of some sort which I copied into the pic. The other pics show the bot with a "normal skin" and the strap on was working properly. The female bot was equipped with that correctly by KW. I have only used a bot one time and have no idea how exactly they work. But may it helps a little to determine the problem on yours @LadySmoks
  6. Thank you for the links. Went through most of them earlier already. My point still is to find out blender functions and the way to do in an efficient way on the animation you planned without messing it up in the middle. I learn on each animation something new and slowly, slowly I get a little deeper into this amazing program. You are on a good way, keep it up. Hope to see something you created later on. And thank you keeping me posted.
  7. Think you are right. But some few days ago Lucas published a great animation on the couch with two couples of what is something like a race of who is holding longer before he is coming. (At least I understand this animation in this way) It took a day or two after release and someone request Lucas to implement the strap on for this animation into the OKW file. Late coming with a strap on in a race, oh man, I do not understand this and it was extra work for me to remove the strap on again and the female as actor on each new release 🙂 (but on top I changed this great animation to vaginal too, at least to have a better chance to see it more often in the game, because it is so funny)
  8. Really this surprise me. Are you sure you checked the right animation therefore in the xml ? Because as said above, KW play the animations in terms of the gender selection absolute correct to my experience. Or, this is something in the KW version you use what may was corrected later on (375/399). But to be honest, I don't think so. If you can name the animation to me (creator and animation name or ether the animation name for actor A or B, I would be happy to look at it and have a try. Will reactivate my female bot this evening and will report on this strap on thing as soon as I found something out.
  9. NO ! Those object animations should start with an "a" too, as in my sample "a_OA_bedfmiss1_cly" The OA is something to help the creator to better identify an object animation between all other "actor" animations. So, as this is concerned, you are free how to name it I think In the xml you define the Object where the animation shall be played on (i.e. BedDouble) and then you define in a separate line the ObjectAmination. I think that is the way game will find the animation and what object shall be animated. But as always, I can be wrong on that. In case you find out something different, I would be happy if you let me know. Anyway, if the name start with an "o" it may work too, but did not test that so far. I keep on the way other creators did. All of them had a much better knowledge about such than I will ever achieve.......
  10. Great you found it out. The object in your screen shoot (uuups, removed) is to simple and have nothing what can be moved. Just had prepared a sample for you what is not necessary anymore now. But may be it could help others too, so I upload it. In the ZIP is a object animation and the object itself. Import the object (bed) into blender and load the sample animation. Play the animation in blender and you will see (I hope)....... OA_TEST.zip
  11. I have not much played with bots up to now but have a older save with one. Will test the strap with that and return. What I can say, it is a female bot and in regard to the WooHoo animations, this one take the correct actor role as female. Do not know what to do, may be I can export this bot and PM it to you to compare the settings with yours.
  12. However it is, it has nothing to do with the OKW XML files. This may caused by KW. Think this could be a reason that KW recognize your nice fembot as a male and equip him with a penis. Strap on should work for a female bot also I guess.
  13. As far as I know, if you do an object animation, it has the same function as an actor have. Would mean you -let''s say do a bed animation where the bed is moving. Then you export this animation in the pose mode for this object. Should work in the same way as for an actor. Best is to test it from another animator. Import i.e. a bed into blender and load an animation for such bed and see how it works. That is the way I did it.
  14. Actually you can insert genders as you want as long as a gender is defined for each actor of the respective animation. If that was not the case you would not have FF (female/female) or MM (male/male) animations. Also you can define both genders for each actor by adding male,female. But you better leave the actor one as male in case of animations what have a male and female involved. Meanwhile I modified ALL my OKW XML's in a way that the animations appear -let's say more realistic. Mean I deleted some "strap on true" lines and removed the female gender on those. Think it makes not much sense i.e. on a glory hole to have two girls acting one girl blows the strap. May be I am old shaped, but removed on all blowjob animations the strap. The fun add for someone blow (or get blowed) a rubber is beyond my imagination. Further what disturbed me was "vaginal" animation's with two males. So I removed all male flags on actor 2 if the animation should be vaginal. And the other way around, added male to the female as actor two on anal animations. But be warned, the most difficult thing is to find out the animation name in the XML since KW does not call out the animation name as passion does. KW play the animations absolute correctly according to the gender definition in the OKW files. So, doing the above you will have a better (more realistic) game experience. (the above mostly helps, if you use "older" animations like WTW or SM a.s.o. - no need to touch K69 or MaryJane and only a few on L666, Analust, Lucas, Master and Amra)
  15. Do you have animations files installed in your mod folder along with the passion files ? I mean, for each animation pack you need two files be installed i.e. KW_XXX.package and OKW_XXX.package. Those animations you must download separately here on LL in the threads therefore. (MaryJane, L666 (Guest), K69, Mike24, Amra, Lucas a.s.o.) Hope no need to say, that you have to extract the files first (ZIP, 7z, a.s.o.) before you copy them into your mod folder. Passion will register them automatically if correctly installed.
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