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  1. Oh it looks nice in my game, I like it ! Thank you very much.
  2. Meanwhile I am away from "only" adapting. As stated earlier, it was a start to get a fast result. But now, it is faster (and easier) to create new animations. Only the basic arrangement what fit best is used that you do not have to invent the wheel again and again with the basic rigs. Think every animator does this that way. My point was more, that KW recognize the telescope as usable object for animations. I.e. the picnic table and others KW does not allow. That is a point where I do not look through. There must be a hard coded object list or something inside KW dll I think......
  3. Had a brief look into that and found it will work. The Telescope becomes recognized by KW, so there can be made some animations for the telescope. Will try to have some in a next update. But need time......
  4. Ok, some correction on that. 1. You are right. This options do not exist in ver 375. 2. The option is not in the general options, but in the option "Pregnacy & Menstrual Cylcle" menu ! 3. I do not know how many variants of ver 399 are in the orbit, but the 399 I use do have this options. Besides the option "OptionSettingsPregnancyDisabled", just below is the option "OptionSettings.MapTagFertile" By default the first one is set to "false" and the second to "true", what mean pregnancy is enabled by default. 4. Again you are right, I should a little step back trying to help people here, since we still not enjoy the info of what the real problem is nor the game conditions which may cause the problem. (i.e. mods & versions used) In addition I get tired always to justify what I wrote. Would prefer people test what I wrote and come back with information about so that we can establish a discussion to narrow down the problem......
  5. Do you have the setting in the KW options menu set ? It is the "OptionSettingsPregnancyDisabled" in the general options inside the menu. You need to set this to "false". Just a question ....... If yes, turn also on to show the icons of girls which are fertile and wait. May it take some sim days to pop up !
  6. I do not look through this and may be my English is to poor to understand correctly. But think to understand something different by reading the post on the link below : https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/The_Sims_3/Patch_69 The key message therein for me : Starting The Sims 3 requires starting up and signing in to Origin similar to The Sims Medieval and The Sims 4. The Sims 3 Launcher can no longer be bypassed. However, since no change with 1.69 to the game itself, I will stay with 1.67 !
  7. So I am too ! As far as I heard, the difference between 167 & 169 is that with 169 you have to be online to start the game. For me a NO GO !
  8. Think we aiming to see some action on the picnic table while people sit around on the same table. Very nice idea actually. But to be realistic, I do not see it to come, except Twilightstorm or oniki go into that. (dreaming !) This is one of the hurdles ! A second issue ! And just in case we get around with the above somehow, then one or both above creators need to implement this object into their mod. So, that is where I am concentrated on. Still a lot to do to get more practice with the Blender versions (2.69 & 2.76b) which allow to make animations for Sims 3. Blender can be a real bitch when you are not aware what it exactly does and some important functions I still not have found out how to convince Blender to do.
  9. Thanks for the nice shoots. Above my favorite from your series. Makes me smile 🙂
  10. As a beginner I would go for this school : The school is a light weight, small and worked out of the box for me. Just one download in addition as per description on the download page.
  11. Ok, if we just share screen shoots, here is my list of installed animations @carine florida would recommend to delete one of the bondageframe packages (that without routingfix) Further there are three more animation packs I know. Those are "FalinEsper" "HDSC" and "KIW" animations. I did remove them from the game, because KW play them not right with an OKW file or the animations are poor and I do not use AW files anymore for animations in KW. AND no PET animations in my game...... Just before someone ask : All listed animations can be found here at LL !!
  12. How about YOU say what you have installed, then you will surely get an answer what is missing and if it is worth to install.
  13. Give it a try. Experimented a little with that and get some tattoos working. But I am not familiar with this DDS files and their possibilities (alpha channel, RGB and the colors, DXT a.s.o.), so I am not really happy with my results. (coloring in game, and the tattoos show pixels when sized up) For you, it should be a very easy thing to create tattoos with that small tool.
  14. Did not realize that you made three additional animations besides those for the podium and the science station 🙂 Many thanks for that !
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