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  1. So, did a test yesterday. Setup a KW school in a world without regular school and it worked great. The first time for me I must say ! After hours of play, no errors came up. Suspect Oniki must have changed something in later versions of KW and according to that above it seems to me that now errors come up even if you have installed a regular school or a rug school besides the KW school. You never know..... However, thank you very much @landess for looking into that. I would never had test that without your hint.
  2. Oh, that is very interesting. Will test that. Since the KW high school always created trouble to my games after short time of play, I stopped to use that a while ago. May be Oniki changed something in newer versions, I just remembered that I was not able to setup such school at all without having a regular school in place. Checked on my last save with a school installed, this still creates strange game errors after a while in a way that you can select sims of my household but the previous remain highlighted and the sim corresponding icon and all other sim menus will not change to t
  3. As far as I know, you need to have a "regular" school installed too besides the KW school to get the KW school work. So you should better not have the rabbit hole school removed. Sorry, was wrong on that. Please see my post #18043 below.
  4. Many thanks for that. Was to curious and did install the newer cliptool to blender version 2.76b. Works good and now with that you also can import objects directly into version 2.76b. And as of the baking process I did a short test. Checking the box clear bone constraints lead to an animation what look as you do not have used bone constraints at all in your animation and is therefore not usable. So, I still deselect all boxes in the baking dialog and the animation looks as intended. But in case anyone wonder, in blender the new cliptool still is called 1.60 instead of 2.1. May be the deve
  5. Did not say that it solve your problem. But may causes problems once the game is running. As I see you are running Sims 3 with patch 1.69, so I would try to remove the core mods one by one at very first and try again. Your installed core mods are the Barmaid mod and the cmar xcas corefull package.
  6. Did you try to reset the whole town with Master Controller ? Or may be you have conflicts between packages inside your mod folder. Did you run the delphi dash board to find conflicts ?
  7. Whatever causes your problem, as of your screen shoots, you have the C-mar stuff installed twice. Try to use only the CmarPenis.package and the Cmar coreful package only. Take away all other Cmar files. The CmarPenis.package is a merged file containing everything needed. The contend of that file you can see in Twilightstorms PDF what comes with the passion package.
  8. Not that I have looked after such, but it is the first skirt for a male I saw. May I can use it for my ancient setup. Thank you.
  9. Load the game, save the animations sequences. Quit the game and look at the Library. The package with the newest date it should be then. As far as I know, you can rename the package file then to find it again. Works with any name, but must be placed in the library folder.
  10. may you miss to install some wrappers into S3PE. I just installed everything I could get !
  11. Very nice, thank you uploading your work here for us !
  12. Not in my game, no conflicts.... But may I ask what folder you said the dashboard shall look at ? You should guide the dashboard to the mod folder only. Not to the Sims 3 folder. May that is why you see conflicts. If I am right, just google "understanding_Mod_CC_Conflicts_Delphy_Dasboard" . Think Nona Mena wrote about back in 2012.
  13. Do not know why, but experienced this when I backed the action and checked "clear bone constraints" and/or "clear parent" but if you let the animation run after backing in blender you should see it then in blender also. Last times I uncheck all selections on the bake action and had no more problems with that. But may it vary with the Blender version, I use 2.76 - the last 32bit version. But this version does not import objects. Objects I import with version 2.69, save the blender file and open this with 2.76. Then the object is there and works as intended, also for object animations. For
  14. Wow, thank you @MaryJane saves time for me and I will have a look at it and test how it works. May I can use that on some of my animations.
  15. That is interesting and you should find it by going through the animations with S3PE. Will check that. Up to now I only found sound adds on the animation packs, except those what come with the game and some of the oniki animations of course.
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