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  1. I do not know if I am the only one, but I would find it much helpful if you set a link to your blog to easier access your nice work.... Much like your Sims 3 Playboy versions. Always nice to look at !
  2. OmG, Lucas, your speed in making animations is amazing. Seeing the teasers, all animations should be already finished in Blender......
  3. Interesting that it works for you both. Thank you for the info ! I am sure I will get it to run also in my game then. This is next I will try. The lag is may be due to my slower machine (i5) Thank you both for the response. Will come back and report the success as soon as I get it to work.
  4. Again something small : There is a Botshop in your world. Thought the Bots from @LadySmoks would perfectly fit into your world. So tried to upgrade those by buying some stuff in the Botshop of your world. Unfortunately the shop does not open, mean you can enter and all equipment is working, but never a NPC apear to sell something on the counter. The tool tip always state that the shop is closed. Awaited two sim days there but the shop did not open. May be it is my setup, but do not think so because in other worlds using the same setup, the shop works. Just want t
  5. This one looks great too, thank you very much ! Still test and play a little around with your first one.... Huuh, you make such great animations for Sims 3 without having the game installed ? Respect !!!
  6. The Tennis table work in KW, I tested this already. But to introduce a new object, there should be at least four animations available to make sense. Then I need to bother TwilightStorm again to implement it into Passion. I will check that later on......
  7. NO, Passion register animations automatically if correct installed in the mod folder... So, I repeat my post from the previous page : Did you extract the ZIP ? Do you have the setup of your MOD folder on the right place ? Both yes : A screen shoot of your mod folder would help to help ! No : look the first two threads in the technical help section of SIMS3 here at LL.
  8. With that exactly 100 animations are registered 🙂 Great, thank you very much for your work. Nice animations, I like them very much !
  9. Easy, you need to load the saved game first, then go to options, set the lifetime to epic and pull the sliders as far as it works...... It does not work on the loading screen prior loading the save. But this is quiet a number too. May be to long for your short lifetime setup ! Writing this, I start to anticipate what you mean...... This work really not properly, I suspect it will not catch up the settings from of NRASS relativity where I slowed down the time between 0.3 and 0.5. But to my experience best works the fertile fla
  10. Yes, they work well.... And yes it is sims hours. But I should have mentioned, that I have the age setting for teen around 150 days and young adult, adult and elders set to the maximum. (this is a good compromise instead to play with aging off, because I hate to see my sims die with the standard settings) AND, I think a regular year in Sims 3 is around 28 days, so 17 day pregnancy is ok for my opinion. The point is, that I do not want the whole city be pregnant all the time and produces babies like rabbits. This will not fit with the age length settings above. Further, I like t
  11. Ok after some discussions about that I share my settings where I am -after long testing- now satisfied with during game play. First of all : I run the game with around half speed by setting this in NRASS Relativity. The menus in the screen shoots are in German as of my translation, but think you can go top down by the list order what that mean in English 🙂 Deaktiviert means = false Aktiviert means = true or aktive
  12. Just an info about the bar animations : With the update of the current Passion version the animations work in Passion too. Professional bar works as long as no bartender started to work there. If woohoo on the professional bar started and the bartender arrive, he start the work despite the woohoo on the bar. This is not on a juice bar. If woohoo is active there, no sim can mix or take a drink as long as the bar is occupied by the woohoo action. The other way around, if someone mix or take a drink, no woohoo action possible. Two bars are NOT w
  13. Version Thank you for the update and implementing the bar animations to Passion !
  14. I guess you mean to switch the actors during an animation, right ? If so, it can take a while the mod can do that. Think the earliest time to switch an actor is on the end of the respective animation clip and before the animation will repeated or changed to another one. Actors can not switch during a running clip and the XML of the animation pack must allow the genders for that positon. Mean, if you want to switch an actor - let say a female shall take the position with a male - if this possibility is not foreseen in the animation xml, then it simply does not work. That is how I
  15. There is a merged file of all necessary Cmar stuff coming with passion (in the ZIP). If you use that, then you should have the Cmar pubic hairs installed, because this forms a part of the merge. See the PDF file in the Passion ZIP. Therein is a list of the Cmar contend merged.
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