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  1. I think that was directed to me. ))) And since he says he read Cmar's page, not much more I can do, as I already know the answer is in those 20 or 30 pages of highly detailed information as others have found the answer after slowing down and rereading. I went through it ONCE. Again, as I don't play futas, and have had a working male penis with the correct mapping for a long time, I have no need to memorize those pages or go through them again to find the exact places for someone else and guide them to an exact line. Aside from saying there are 3 female download parts, and the end user needs to
  2. Looks like a car I have. The car is unfortunately freakishly big and does not look right... possible for reasons mentioned, it may have been cloned from that carriage and driver sitting position etc.
  3. KW isn't a "PC" PC game mod. It's not "transgender", it's a Futa, and you need to read the instructions on Cmar's page where you downloaded what was probably the wrong penis, script, etc. I don't use Futa, but believe there are 2 or 3 different options, and only one does what you want.
  4. Well sparky... maybe when you post a new thread and ask a question, and someone answers you might read the answer, as I told you not to do what you probably did (registered your property as a KW venue = no no) to cause that. Your sim probably no longer owns that house/ property. This is the problem with newbies, and why I rarely bother to reply to someone who joins LL at 11 am and has a question by noon. If you don't answer them immediately, as if you are sitting and waiting for their questions, they make 10 posts asking the same question on 10 threads. As my sim has m
  5. Might be allowed... just ask Lynn. And as I said, just throw her due credit.
  6. Either way can be fun, and with Nraas, easy enough to make him payable any time and switch back. Just thought about this... Keith Richards' character! Now that's a pirate!!! )))
  7. I don't think that is necessary, and that is for creating fully autonomous KW brothels? I always say best whores to hire are maids, as they do not disappear like some NPCs, and can't get pregnant, like townies.
  8. First, stick to one thread. Hard to find and lost in the woods on the KW thread, but was discussed not long ago. What I have found is that if you register a venue as brothel using the KW menu, you can not own it and must have whores/ call girls on in settings, and they will fill roles. You sound as YOU wish to be brothel owner. What I usually do... Buy a small house or bar and in buy mode, add condom dispensers. Hire a maid for your house. Reason, NPCs don't get pregnant, maids generally do not disappear as some other NPC may, and maids usually will accept the offer to
  9. @landess, hair... You probably have this one... Jack Sparrow... https://modthesims.info/d/513992/captain-jack-sparrow-hair-s3-all-ages.html This is a long female hair with bandana I've had a while... https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-hair-hairstyles-female/title/nightcrawler-af-hair24/id/1250201/
  10. General rule... If you mod someone else's mod for your personal game and it stays on your computer, it's yours. If you mod someone else's mod and share it publicly (free or pay), and it is an actively developed mod, ask the original mod creator for permission and if she says okay, give her full credit and link her work. If not an active mod, and permission can't be asked as the original modder can't be found, posting on LL is something the moderators will decide if okay.
  11. Really not sure of those or how they would work. No category for age in the template, and never cared enough to look for such. In my game, IF I care what a child will look like on age up, I take him to CAS, age up to YA, make whatever adjustments, then age back down and exit.
  12. Perhaps misunderstanding? Yes, if I start a new game, then enable KW, it will import whatever settings had been saved. What I can not do... that I can do with Nraas, is to make MORE changes, save again and then use the new settings in any game that is already being played. As you said, we find new things. So, the way KW is, every old save is set as it is set and can never be changed unless you change everything manually at the beginning of play? Then hope it does not reset when you shut down?
  13. On a new game, yes. Sort of. If the settings were not as I wanted, I get whatever they were. As you can not export and import settings to the same game, it's impossible to know if what you adjusted actually remains, and it seems that it does not. And, what I have found, as I travel (you tend to play entirely different theme worlds and don't travel), when I travel, I get a message "there are no settings to import", and I'm honestly not sure what settings I get. Bottom line is that what I would like to be able to do is the same thing I do with Nraas... As I play, I find a new setting
  14. That's the problem! I can not import settings! I do not know why. I can make any changes I want while playing. I can export those settings. But, if I then try to import those settings, it says "import failed", and when I exit the game and restart my game, any changes made while playing the game are gone! It goes back to whatever settings were in THAT game before the changes were made, and then... once again... the settings that I saved on export ca not be imported... "import failed". And this is with 408. My next step will be to find time (never gonna happen) and do a total vanilla
  15. Never thought of it doing that. Thought it saved to library and referenced from there. As Nraas can have multiple saves for each or all of it's mods. If they save as reference files in the NDH, I can't read those, and they aren't the same reskeys as found in library. ( I tend to think the default settings override user settings in too many cases. I have done what you said, and it is a PITA, as if you forget one setting, it's how it will remain, and still, you can never be certain, as I swear that when I did as you said (a while ago) half of those interactions reset r
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