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  1. One of my basic set ups is also to buy a separate house and hire whores. I have had both NPC's and FemmeBots that I then used Nraas MC to add to the lot as residents. I have had whores live in housing outside of the brothel, and they go to work as scheduled. Another is that I place an apartment from Late Night in the middle of Moonlight Falls. This does 2 things. NPC's now have a place to be, and I can buy the apartment as a brothel, and the NPC whores don't have far to go to work. I play with pregnancy on, so using residents isn't the best idea, as they can get pregnant. I know y
  2. Exactly. No info from you, so I have no idea if you know how to run a brothel... or make a schedule. If it's an active sim, you actually don't need to have a schedule, that's more for NPC's. With no schedule, your active sim can go to the brothel or a bar or home or wherever. If you give your sim a schedule, it will push the sim to the brothel during those hours. Again, mostly needed for NPC whores that you hire. If that isn't the issue, you need to supply more info.
  3. Now, Verizon also. So it's like Dumb and Dumber.
  4. With internet in NJ, I usually figure it's our cable company!
  5. Perhaps, but again, it's still an overlay, just as stockings, gloves and a few other overlay type accessories... although, it IS possible overlays create less stress than a mesh. Those tattoos are listed under gloves, same as the gauntlets. I set different overlay priorities. I generally don't have any sims with THAT many accessories (fingernails, earrings, rings, maybe stockings and suspenders and panties), and Death didn't have 10 either until I made the accessory tail, then decided to have her fight War using the sword fighting mod. And it was ONLY because I choose to give her both the scyt
  6. Not sure how that works. Never got into checking it out. I know HD and HQ have to do with image size used. Skins are a big one. Standard is 1024 x 1024. Many use 2048 x 2048, and a few use 4096 x 4096. Some of these are even uncompressed! It can increase a skins package x 10. This is one of the things I reduced in the accessories... image load. (size and compression). Perhaps that mod increases your machines ability to handle more? Most EA accessories are 512 x 512 DXT5 or maybe DXT1 (very light load). With your set up, how many accessories can you pile on??? As with al
  7. I did see that in an xml, where actor 0 was female, male. Usually listed as male, female and then the lines for using a strap on added below. I did think it odd. I mess with so much... I do not remember which animation or animator it was, but suspect it may have been the "new and improved" Lady666 package. It may even have been the animation that I refer to above which I changed.
  8. My understanding is no... NOTHING is free! ))) You still have image textures using space on the map. I do remember it was you in that WW discussion. Remember the red image map that has every part squeezed into one image? Hair, body parts, shoes, all accessories????? The tattoo, gauntlets, chainmail (made from JoshQ fishnet body stocking) are all just overlays. I reduced the image texture size of the scythe to 512 x 512, and compressed the sickle to DXT5. You'd be surprised how much of a package is taken up by texture images compared the the meshes. I imagine when you add multiples of that on o
  9. Or... 399 created a lot of problems! Anyway, as more people are using 409, I hope it will be fewer issues and that the ones we all have can be either solved, or written off as "that's how it is". I'm not sure about joke options, but suspect it may be as @landess suggests, and there is a pie limit. Do you have a lot of other options? Or only a few, and those are just missing? Off topic limits... Can't remember where or when (had to do with the Wonder Woman outfit I've been working on), but do remember landess was involved in the conversation about accessories and limits.
  10. As I linked, my help page has a good working link to Oniki's public release of build 409 if you wish to try that. I and several others around here are using 409. It has it's bugs, but more features and the bugs aren't too many or too bad... so far... for what I use. @landessuses more features than I, and doesn't seem to have many issues. I'm compiling a few common complaints, none seem to be complete deal breakers: Random panties on or off! OY!!! Still annoying. Turn off interactions menu, doesn't matter. Plumbots in active households with sexbot chips can't use the "start whoring"
  11. @Fineness, are you referring to gay? MM??? Understand that neither @Clydieor I do the judgement thing, just that such information is helpful in figuring out your issue, which I believe may be the case. I mean, even though it's not my thing, I will still throw ideas out to see if they help you. ) Clydie does animations. But as he said, someone like Twilightstorm knows what the mod itself sees when playing the animations. Hopefully, he pops back in soon.
  12. Espero que isso seja traduzido corretamente. Nenhum aqui cria este mod ou trabalha nele. Oniki está no Patreon e concluiu seu trabalho no Kinky World. Qualquer pessoa pode fazer uma tradução e compartilhá-la na página de downloads. )))
  13. Thank you! ))) I give all of my characters a story of my own. Perhaps not as taught in church, but these are Sims!
  14. I think it's a gay problem. The poster wants a certain sim to always be on top, but male on male, or (FF) the game and animations don't know or care, so it plays animations with whichever sim in whichever role. Only thing I could think of is woohoo initiator being made dominant role. Don't know if it works that way, but suspect it may as I recall playing a while ago and my female sim asked my male to woohoo and in I think it was (new and improved 😒) Lady666 package where someone messed with her xml to make it "gender neutral" my male sim ended up sitting on the female's lap in a feminine pose
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