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  1. Yes, one of them has a rough cowgirl, but I was thinking VERY rough. ))) They call it "hate f--k". ))) Like female rape the guy. So many guy rapes girl, but not other way. ))) Yes, I read what Clydie said about female masturbating on male. Too bad. I think it would be funny. Another that would be funny is a male masturbating on anyone who gets drunk and passes out on the floor! But, I know is similar that would need code written for that. ))) I hope Power Girl is ready today... if not, definitely tomorrow, as I made a new girl to do final tests, and am playing her now. I will not hold up longer because of the cape. This one is pretty good, and if I can make a better one later, I will upload it separately. But, outfit, boots and this cape look good so far. )))
  2. I don't think @S3LynnModswants anyone to make the animations, but to give some advice about how to do routing to the bed and using the bed as an object for the animations that she is making. Not sure if you cover those things all in your post about making animations, but know that you have made animations that route to beds, doors, windows. And, great is not for a humble person to claim, but for us who admire your work to bestow upon you... and we have! )))
  3. Been there!!!! Animations look great! Hmmm... maybe the igloo one can be made as separate for floor/ bed also? More of MY fantasies... female dom!!! The female riding VERY rough cowboy (fast front to back grinding, then up slow, and back down FAST AND HARD) with her holding his hands to the floor or bed... then maybe she slaps (perhaps a good punch to the mouth) him a few times, and rides some more. ))) Hard grind. )))) I'm only as naughty as a princess need be. Another that is completely missing is masturbate on sleeping sim for females. There is the male masturbating on a female while she sleeps (not the sleeping woohoo/ fake rape). He is standing next to her as she sleeps. Equal time. Women rights! Attica! Attica!!! ))))))))))) My husband will cringe. BTW, I think Power Girl will be ready tomorrow! I will work on the cape more, but the current one looks pretty good.
  4. We don't, but generally anything you need can be found in the KW menu... you just have to take time to look. There are many settings. Some don't work, but most do. It's a good idea for you to go through the entire menu, and sub-menus a few times to become familiar with all of your options.
  5. Some look okay, some not so... From what I see, it's a matter of you get what I give you, as I understand there is no retexturing in CAS. I make blue, you get blue. Some CC has 10, 20 swatches! I also think S4 users must not have much imagination. Of the 2900 uploads here, probably half are premade sims, and from the number of downloads, a lot of TS4ers don't bother to customize their sims the way we do. S5 online? They really don't want anyone to buy it!!!!
  6. A big problem these days! No one tries anything. Coddled and told they can't fail... everyone gets a trophy!!! They just create a profile, download something (KW), and post less than 1 hr after they joined the site and say... drum roll please... landess? landess? anyone??? anyone??? "It doesn't work"... Merkle downloaded 3 versions of save cleaner and tried them to see what worked, and continued looking for answers. I couldn't get it to work, but already knew how to use s3pe, so I really never felt the need to look. Kids download it, it doesn't work, and they want someone to come to their basement and set everything up for them!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Not in my experience, regarding imgs in the saves. Perhaps they refer to the fact they are memories and pics, but they are far from necessary as far as I'm concerned, and create bloat. As landess said before, I tell you what I do to help MY game run better... use it... don't use it.
  8. I clean them all. Too much effort for the reward of going through them all and trying to save the prom pics and things like those.
  9. I clean my saves often. Caches are cleared on each start up. Saves get manually cleaned every 5 to 10. When you start with a clean save, AND (unlike you), are running nearly 8GB of CC that is being read on load AND during save, with every other NPC sim customized (can't clean out SIME and SIMO files) and customized home, and community lots, what you call "negligible" can mean the difference between a good save and an error 12. As I said before, as long as you play the way you do, and with only 100 total packages, which is less than I have in just my CC test folder (516 MB), you will be fine.
  10. No. The most I've done with TS4 is to convert a couple of things... WIP. One, may get uploaded soon, a full conversion of the Plazasims 2B. What I understand is that not being an open world turns off a lot of people. For me, it would be the way CAS options just aren't there. TS4, I make it blue, green and stripes, that's what you get. So, don't know anything about WW either, but there IS a thread here, and you can check there. I posted my thoughts on the TS3 64 bit reboot rumors. Too many still play 3, don't like 4 and 5 probably isn't going as they had hoped in dev, so back to the cash cow! Oh, MAC doesn't play 32 bit... but they ARE rumored to also be doing a Windows remake too. So, you see the file size saved. Now, for those with a load of other stuff... CAS sims, CC in every saved house, bars placed, etc... things that bloat a save, cutting that 130+ MB helps.
  11. I've read a couple of places that once a sim is corrupted, it's done. As with landess moving them to bin, I have heard some say it cleans them, and some say the corrupted files travel there and back with them??? Just one more of the MANY he said, she said problems about sims fixes! A while ago, my Lady got corrupted... forget the issue now, but I had her in bin already, so I added her doppelganger to the household, transferred current clothing from the corrupted one, used cheats to set relations and deleted the corrupted one. IF I have a single corrupted sim, I may first move it to another household using MC and do multiple resets. When that doesn't work, I'll move it to the bin and try as landess said, but the last time it didn't work, and the sim remained corrupted. On a couple of occasions, travel fixed a sim, as (again, maybe landess said) it's not the same sim... thus all the new snaps, as the game is actually creating duplicates to place in the travel world. I guess that sometimes, it filters out whatever was causing the corruption? When you deleted the snaps, how much did the package size reduce? Some do, or don't know in the first place... we, obviously, understand that EA made TS3 to run vanilla, and that every mod or piece of CC we add is tipping an unstable set up toward it's low breaking threshold. We truly pushed beyond the limits, mostly thanks to Twallan and his Nraas fixes... which why I get so annoyed that Oniki decided to step all over so many of the Nraas mods with things she added to KW over the builds.
  12. I also just thought about Twilightstorm, as he has returned, and has been active with Passion. Perhaps he knows animations? Perhaps not so much, but his mod IS script. For all 3 people, as woohoo animations do route to and use beds, hopefully something very similar can be done with your mod for bed routing. )))))))) Also, the scripts change outfits for the actors, from clothes to nude/ naked outfit/ topless only, bottomless only (according to what the animations call for). Maybe something, again similar, can do as you hope and change the sim into birthing gown??? I think that making any kind of CC or mod has the same roots... figuring out HOW!!! )))))))))))))))) Or, finding someone who can help you figure out how. )))))))))
  13. Probably. I basically do everything you probably should not. A lot of CC, nearly 8 GB... 3 merged packages of just hair that are more than 1GB each (1 is 1.5GB). A few hundred other package files (including several large merged packages). My sims constantly travel to several worlds (towns). I only run 5 or 6 EPs right now, but have several CC worlds in addition to ITF, WA and UNI, where my sims travel. I customize the towns and sims everywhere they go. All of this has the game creating more and more files, then when traveling again, more and more redundant files. I think that what saves landess is that he creates Disneyland. All separate themed worlds, and his worlds do not cross. He can verify that, but he talks about Mad Max world, and super hero world, Star Wars world... many more, and all separate. If you play separated worlds with one theme, only a few sims in it, only 100 packages of CC, never travel... you may never see any issues. )))
  14. Yes. When the screen changes, you are traveling. The game is now making doubles of all your sims, images of sims, memories and photos they have. Do that several times, and you see tremendous slowing, as the game reads all of that garbage that it won't use, because it is double... or triple... or etc etc... This is why save cleaning becomes necessary. That you did experience small slowing, you can multiply that in your brain to see how bad it can get. ))) Again, yes! My worlds are full of sims, mostly that I made and saved, or gave makeovers to in CAS (another game bloater). Saved buildings, saved houses... filled with CC items. Plumbots! One Plumbot nanny... one a gardener, one a maid, one the tutor, one the protector!!!! )))) Landess did the drug dealer thing, so he may have more for you about that. I just know my Plumbot will autonomously tend the garden. The only thing she must be told is to dispose of dead plants, and to plant new ones. I have run brothels (have one now with Plumbot whores)... usually own a vampire bar. This game, I am also building and selling Plumbots. So yes... we all play differently. ) I currently have 10 sims in my household. I have had more. Often, I will just leave them to their own devices and become the voyeur, and see what they get into. ))) Eventually, I rotate sims out. So, your current style, probably won't see many issues that come from travel and a lot of CC in the saves.
  15. From my work with Plumbots, if you have ITF, build a Plumbot, give it the robotany chip, and forget about it!!!
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