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  1. Thank you! With luck, I'll be able to share several things in that particular screenshot soon. Laptop problems limit me quite a bit, but the FemmeBot is basically ready for upload. Still working on the Kinky World strap on to make sure it doesn't try to use morphs and end up looking like a stick with razors! Also, the antennae for the fairy, and the legs. The legs are a remake of another person's work.
  2. I thought this would be the case, as the passed out person would need to be recognized by the respective mods as an animation trigger/ target.
  3. Update on the FemmeBot project...


    Well, this time the big delay is that my good laptop took a poop, and the repair shop ran out of guesses to fix it. I was able to transfer MOST of FemmeBot to this laptop, but it's just not made to do what I do. (((


    Still, good from bad, I think that I have solved the issue of the corners of her mouth appearing like a puppet when she talks. ))))))) 




    I'm still trying to get her finished, but am also working on a slightly simpler project that I hope will be ready soon.


    Stay safe!



  4. As I had to start a new game, not long ago, when my laptop took a poop... I haven't gotten around to building a Vaginator for FemmeBot yet. Well, a girl (even if she is a Plumbot) has "needs". Looks like even lower mechanical life forms can get the job done in a pinch...
  5. @lucas1i, I had another funny idea. Of course, I have no clue if it's possible, but when a sim passes out on the floor, for another sim to masturbate on him or her, both genders enabled... similar to the animations for masturbate on sleeping sim in the bed.
  6. Very good. But, I still suggest find that other page. It's perhaps 10 or 12 posts down on this main request page. Some old S954 items were shared there, and as the original page is gone, may be your only chance to get them.
  7. 375. I personally think it has something to do with the KW outfit manager. Not really sure what it's for. Special whoring outfits? Schools??? But, I think the problem doesn't happen if that is turned off. Or, maybe it's just another of the many "make you think you have control" switches that really does nothing, and KW goes about it's merry way despite what you want. Downloaded Passions... may be trying that out soon. Even 375 really doesn't work as advertised. Import settings being my biggest gripe. You have to set every setting for every world, and then, KW still doesn't bring up what you set if you return to that world a day later. ((((( You lose time dressing sims, I lose time setting up KW every other time I start my game. Hopefully, I won't be so grumpy soon... I did what was necessary, and although not a new laptop, my husband is installing some major upgrades to this one, including a 500GB SSD.
  8. Simply that I was hoping landess might also be able to generate the issue, as he so often finds solutions to things he sees. One problem IS, that it does not always happen, so he may try several times, but not encounter the problem. Like you, I've gotten used to it (more or less), and simply do things myself to force proper age ups, then fix the sim in CAS. Oh... also returned to working on that table inset! It's kind of how I do things... Get an idea, it sort of works, try a few more times, get a little pissed and shelve it for a while, then eventually try something else to get it to work! This one, animations seem to align to one end of the picnic table correctly. Now, I am working to make sure the animations are on the edge of the table. Currently, they are slightly off too far on the edge.
  9. No, we would like if you actually saw what actually DOES happen sometimes, regarding the message from KW during age up. No. Quite simply, no. It does not. 3 out of 4 us in this specific conversation have experienced something you have not, and experienced it often enough to know there IS an issue. Whether triggered by another mod, or not, I can't say. Not a new problem, just one you don't experience with aging off.
  10. Again, you forced age up. Not the same as normal game aging, which is when the problem occurs, and you get the message from KW saying it isn't KW's fault, etc etc. For your experiment, use MC to set the sim's age to the day before normal age up, and wait to see what happens.
  11. Can you remember soooooooooooooooooooo long ago, basic vanilla??? I can't, so I wonder if the "freak" age up you showed may have something to do with other mods, as I think, that may have happened to me before KW. AND... I tend to think it's an NPC xml mod doing it. MANY modders edit the NPC xml for multiple reasons, but often to manipulate ages. Nraas Register also plays with ages, as you can set any service to teen, ya or adult. And, if you have a second mod trying to do similar things with that xml... I make those mistakes. I still need to track down why my paperboy looks kind of like your pic # 2! )))) You should be okay. Using MC age up is how I force baby thru child who get screwed up by other things messing with age up. I had twins that ended up 5 days apart, as one aged up normally, and the second got the KW error thing. A few times, it was going to age up as an inactive laid her on the floor, then nothing happened! But, using MC to age up defeats parts of the base game, such as the birthday party. (((
  12. My Sim couldn't go... she was busy doing laundry... or something with the washing machine....... FemmeBots are ALWAYS watching!!! But, they ARE 3 rules safe!!!!!!!!
  13. No one ever reads anything. I see 10 or 12 posts here asking to be PM'd after that topic was put to bed on this same page of this thread. As I understand it, once something is made public, the original poster may remove it (as many blogs and other links may no longer be available), but it remains public and can be shared. And why you will never find embarrassing photos of me on the web... ANYWHERE!!! My Sim woohooing a forest fairy against a washing machine as my FemmeBot watches is as close as you'll get! )))
  14. Even Sim couples should share... So, when my husband Sim went for a walk in the woods and found a VERY "friendly" forest fairy, named Lesnaya Feya, she was VERY "friendly" with everyone! So now, Lesnaya lives with us!!!!!!
  15. Doesn't matter. I've talked about this before. You never see it, as you play with aging off, but your sims can have a baby, and when it's supposed to age up to toddler (toddler to child... child to teen... etc), you get that message all too often. Then, sometimes age up doesn't happen. I've had sims go for a sim week after they were supposed to age up. One of the many things I've said KW has absolutely no reason to get involved in. ((( And, it does happen with build 375. As I said, you never see this issue, as you play with aging off. KW menu> Misc> turn off outfit manager seems to help.
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