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  1. Banned for not drinking vodka as it brings understanding
  2. Banned, as that is what I said... do NOT require vodka! 🤪
  3. Thanks for this update. So, you are saying that part of your issue was caused by the KW pubic hairs package??? Interesting, and first I have heard of this causing a problem. As you have shared a bit more info, you seem knowledgeable about your machine. HD skins are generally large map, 2048 x 2048, and I have seen 4096 x 4096. As the game compresses the images, it retains detail better, but such textures will MURDER, DEATH, KILL most machines! ))) My preferred skins are e-skin. They are my default replacement, and several non-default.
  4. Banned for having children which do not require that you drink vodka as your "mother's little helper"!
  5. Thing is that I have had those sliders (and a couple hundred more) in my game with Cmar's mod and do not have the same problem, so doubt it is those sliders... although, I do not have Pets, so have never looked for interaction issues with the sliders and Pets. If the sliders and Pets are somehow messing with Cmar's mod, @Allynon might try doing a search for "One Euro Mutt sliders", or click my signature and go to the EDI bot page as I know I linked his page from there. I have many (not all) of his sliders.
  6. The penis is several meshes. I never bothered to separate and group them, but several for tm, am and em... and whatever other you may use. Example is basic size, am flaccid, am basic size erect. Cmar made it so that the game will see the flaccid part as a default part of the am nude bottom, and automatically attach it to a nude am bottom. The script is what tells that flaccid part to become erect, and any state in between. Algorithms, similar to who fat, fit, thin, pregnant morphs work, move the part between the flaccid and erect mesh points. The script is what communicates with the game so that these instructions are displayed. Before sending you to full restart 101, a few more things to look at. Get Delphy's dashboard tool on MTS and run it. That Buzz mod and the Treag one I'm not familiar with. Another possibility is that you have a bad resource.cfg. My page has a link to mods folders which have them. Next is a brand new game... 399 may have corrupted your old game, so it may be lost. Did you try a NEW game, not an existing saved game? If still no good with a new game, sorry... next step sucks... Rename your The Sims 3 folder to (backup), and just move it to desk top. Start your game. The game will automatically generate a new folder. Use one of the links on my page to set up a new Mods folder... Packages, Overrides, resource,cfg Copy and paste ONLY Kinky World packages, and 1 or 2 animations (be sure to have both KW_ and OKW_ packages) to the new Packages folder, and the Cmar packages. You can also install no intro, it is safe. The Nraas mods you have are generally safe with KW, but leave them out for now. Start a NEW game and see if things work. Do NOT use an existing saved game, as it may be corrupt.
  7. Hmmm... I was slow typing as you were fast typing! ))) So, if so kind, what was that small detail?
  8. Honestly, why do you have that laptop if you don't know the specs of a laptop affect performance and video quality? I asked because running TS3 on a base Lenovo ideapad (integrated video chip) is a bad idea, but it happens, and had that been your case... not much to do about it. ((( But since it is not... Next, are your game options settings. I believe that EA does NOT set the highest quality settings. In one of your pics, it looked as you do not have edge smoothing on? Basically, I would go into the settings, set everything as high as possible and see what happens next. Your laptop basic display may also have a bit to do with it. Many newer gaming laptops go toward super sharp contrast which creates hard edges. If contrast is adjustable, soften it a bit. Still, I hate to say that it could still be the laptop, or just a matter of getting the settings right. I have an Acer Nitro (not greatest, not worst) picture quality is excellent. When it was down for repair last year, I got an Asus TUF (cheaper, but similar specs). I never liked the picture image on that laptop. I use the Acer, but every so often, I try to find the combination to get a nicer picture quality on the Asus and simply can not.
  9. Computer specs? Graphics card? Graphics settings? "HD" means nothing if your computer is not capable of displaying it. Think this way, an old 720dpi TV and your cable company sends a signal in 1080dpi... Do you think you will see the 1080dpi? No, your TV can only show you what IT can show you. So, toss us the specs of your machine and someone here can give you some advice. )
  10. As a child, we had both cats and dogs. Each had their jobs, but also were part of family. My husband does not care for cats, but has had a dog since he was 1 year. But, he said he would quickly kill a dog of any size with his bare hands if he saw it attack a child. Cities here are more dangerous every year that I am in this country, and it is all politics. As I said, I will not go to the cities. There is nothing that I need or want there. My husband's work sends him to Philadelphia some times. He will tell me that he drove passed the place where a person was killed a few days ago. I get upset and he says that is almost anywhere in the city. ((( I worry a lot some times.
  11. OY! It is same in US now also. Kill the dog and go to jail 10 years. Shoot a gun wildly in the street at someone, have a stray bullet go through a window and kill a child and some cry that it was because of bad circumstance for the person that shot the gun and punishment should be less. I will not go to a city in the US after it is dark, and some parts of most cities in US, I would not go even during daytime!
  12. Banned for necroism and excessive materialism as a substitute for whatever is missing in your life Banned for hypocrisy after saying that a mesh created which took years to learn to make and months to then make is not art nor requires talent, as I don't see you doing it
  13. Banned for thinking that not knowing the irrelevant is being ill informed
  14. Banned for believing you are well known
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