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[mod] Lustbound


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Lustbound is a passion project made by me, along with the help of many important contributors, that is a large content expansion for Sexbound.



Dependencies ~

Lustbound: Base

  1. KawaiiStuff+
  2. KawaiiStuff+ Supports
  3. Sexbound API 4.2.0+

Lustbound: Aphrodite's Bow Addon

  1. Aphrodite's Bow 6.0.0+

Lustbound: Omnibrowser Addon

  1. Omnibrowser 1.6.0+


Make sure you have Lustbound Base and the Lustbound Base Manager installed in order for the mods to work properly!
Note: Do not download both the .pak and the .zip

The .pak is solely to use the mod ingame

The .zip is solely to see through the assets, and customise your experience


Where do I get access to the content? ~

Opening up your default crafting menu (C), you can make an object called the Sex Toy Presentoir, which will give you access to a handful of utility items as well as the mod's main star; the Sexboxes.


The utilities in this mod mainly expand on some of Sexbound's innate content. Here's a short description of them:

  • The Hormone Patch, when equipped, transforms the player into the corresponding subgender. Males become cuntboys and females become futanaris;
  • The Contraceptive Patch completely removes any possibility of pregnancy when equipped;
  • The Birthing Pill immensely accelerates the pregnancy cycles, allowing any organism to give birth within ten seconds;
  • The Ticket To Lustia allows you to access Lustia, this mod's new outpost.


Speaking of Lustia, it is a place dedicated to anything sex-related, in which you can buy any item that is either sexy or has sexbound functionality. From left to right, there is:

  • A shop for sexy/sex enabled outfits;
  • A shop for sexy/special objects;
  • A shop for sex-enabled monsters (Requires Teratophilia to fuck the monsters);
  • A shop for other miscellaneous items related to sex.


The Aphrodite's Bow Addon adds:

  • A new secret item that requires obtaining six special stones and a core to obtain.


The Omnibrowser Addon adds:

  • The Slut2go cellphone, that allows you to summon a hooker on demand;
  • The Direct18 television, that allows you to browse a wide variety of porn channels;
  • Monster Girl Encyclopedia trading cards, and a whole lot of stuff to go with it.
  • A lustia shop for Monster Girl Encyclopedia trading cards.




- The main reason why the 1.3.0 Omnibrowser Addon is so large is due to the large number of image assets. Also, due to the nature of Monster Girl Encyclopedia's content, I have attempted to censor some of the codex entries, but they may still be not amazing. Please privately message me for any codex entries you may find uncomfortable.


- With the 1.2.0 update, the mods have been fragmented into smaller mods, to allow more control over what control gets added and what doesn't.

Lustbound: Base and Lustbound: Base Manager are the core files, and add the main content.

Lustbound: Aphrodite's Bow Addon adds content that requires Aphrodite's Bow to function properly.

Lustbound: Omnibrowser Addon adds content that requires Omnibrowser to function properly.

The Lustbound patchers solely patches items and objects of other mods into Lustia's shops.


- With the 1.1.0 update, the mod contains the content of alot of old, abandoned mods that contain lewd objects or items that the original source of has been lost. If you are the author of some of these and wish for me to remove them, contact me and I will remove them in the next patch.

Version History ~

1.3.0 : Monster Girl Encyclopedia trading cards!

Lustbound Base
- Bug fixes

- Optimisations

- And other small improvements to the inner workings

Aphrodite's Bow Addon
- Bug fixes

- Optimisations

- And other small improvements to the inner workings

Omnibrowser Addon
- Absolutely MASSIVE update that brings monster girl trading cards to Starbound.

- New area in Lustia, the Arcade, where you can trade with neckbeards, buy Booster Packs and obtain the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, an all powerful artifact that allows you to... Store cards.

- Cards can be obtained in any regular chests as well as rarely from monsters, but can mostly be obtained in the booster packs.

- Each card has a portrait and a codex entry inside the Monster Girl Encyclopedia that is unlocked by having atleast one of the corresponding card.

- Very rarely, you can get a foil card, which is an especially valuable version of the cards.

- Foil cards unlock special, full art inside the Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

- Inside the Monster Girl Encyclopedia is a small section dedicated to stamps. Stamps allows you to sell cards you don't need and duplicates for stamps, and those same stamps serve as currency to buy cards you want, albeit at a much steeper price.

- Including foils, this totals to a whopping 440 cards to collect and trade.

1.2.0 : The Grand Fragmentation

Lustbound Base
- Lustia has been fixed up! Now, plenty of annoying bugs and slight design errors has been checked out
- Lustia is now bookmarkable
- Lustia has quests! Get ready to fetch stuff
- New machine obtainable from Lustia Quests that allows you to improve your sex boxes' odds, reset sex toys that generate using RNG and a few more features
- Many many internal improvements
- More polish
- Common dildos, fleshlights and tentacle plants now generate a random color upon first placement

- Current common dildos, fleshlights and tentacle plants will get replaced by a new and improved version upon pickup
- Improved icons for some fleshlights
- New racial toys
- New body pillows
- Moved the Direct18 TV over to the Omnibrowser Addon

Aphrodite's Bow Addon
- New secret item obtainable from doing specific tasks! Defeat Aphrodite to find the guide
* If you can't find it, here is the cheat sheet below:


Keystone F: Obtainable sometimes from Aphrodite's tree, located in Aphrodite's retreat.
Keystone E: Obtainable from the naturally generating Aphrodite's temple found inside Lush planets.
Keystone T: Obtainable by transforming a keystone using the Reassembler obtained from Lustia quests.
Keystone I: Obtainable rarely by giving birth.
Keystone S: Obtainable in Lustia's secret area's chest.
Keystone H: Obtainable very rarely in sex boxes.
Combine the Keystones in your hand to make a single item.

Obtain a Runic Cube from an Ancient Vault boss.

Return to Lustia's secret area, and combine the two using the machine.

Omnibrowser Addon
- Moved the Direct18 TV over to this mod

- Groundwork files made for the next update


- Actually fixed the bugs in the previous version


- Fixed Lustia not loading

- Fixed radios being broken on slut2go

1.1.0 : The Legacy Content Update

- Added many objects and special outfits to Lustia's vendors for players to improve their sex world with.

- Updated Lustbound Patcher


- Fixed the Tentacle Plants decapitating the player during sex


- Fixed the mod breaking Sexbound's pregnancies from working properly

- Changed Birthing Pill's appearance and name

1.0.0 : Lustbound is available to the public

- Initial Release


Want to contribute to the mod in some way? Contact me through the Sexbound Discord server, and I'll gladly be willing to cooperate!

Credits ~

  • Thank you so much Redstark (red3red) for all the immense help you've given me in coding this monster of a mod!
  • Thank you heichou for all the amazing spritework you've done for the mod!
  • Thank you saint apollyon for the additional spriting aid!
  • Thank you ManaUser for your thorough testing, spriting and coding help!


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[21:57:02.127] [Error] Application: exception thrown, shutting down: (ItemException) No such item 'lox_sextoyvendingmachine'
[0] a1ff1a Star::captureStack
[1] a1ede8 Star::StarException::StarException
[2] b547bb Star::ItemException::format<Star::String>
[3] b5fe7c Star::ItemDatabase::itemData
[4] b5fea3 Star::ItemDatabase::itemFriendlyName
[5] 10b9763 <lambda_50e54501291272373a46dc140bdb1ca7>::operator()
[6] 10b73f4 Star::sortByComputedValue<Star::List<Star::ItemRecipe,std::allocator<Star::ItemRecipe> >,<lambda_50e54501291272373a46dc140bdb1ca7> >
[7] 10bcf75 Star::CraftingPane::determineRecipes
[8] 10c0594 Star::CraftingPane::updateAvailableRecipes
[9] 10bd1a7 Star::CraftingPane::displayed
[10] 106758c Star::PaneManager::displayPane
[11] 10ddedf Star::RegisteredPaneManager<enum Star::MainInterfacePanes>::displayRegisteredPane
[12] 10e717d Star::MainInterface::togglePlainCraftingWindow
[13] 10deb6b Star::MainInterface::handleInputEvent
[14] 9851b8 Star::ClientApplication::processInput
[15] 10094b6 Star::SdlPlatform::run
[16] 1009856 Star::runMainApplication
[17] 98a81f WinMain
[18] 11381c9 __scrt_common_main_seh
[19] 771d6359 BaseThreadInitThunk
[20] 77df7c24 RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath
[21] 77df7bf4 RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath
[21:57:02.127] [Info] Application: shutdown...
[21:57:02.128] [Info] UniverseClient: Client disconnecting...
[21:57:02.136] [Info] Client received world stop packet, leaving: Removed
[21:57:02.423] [Info] UniverseServer: Client 'Akira' <1> (local) disconnected for reason: 
[21:57:02.424] [Info] UniverseServer: Stopping idle world ClientShipWorld:4815e0bfe00a8e59d42293a6b7680c4f
[21:57:02.847] [Info] UniverseServer: Stopping UniverseServer
[21:57:03.152] [Info] Root: Shutting down Root
[21:57:03.350] [Info] Application: Destroying SDL Window
[21:57:03.417] [Info] Deleting discord server lobby 749809939307823184
[21:57:03.420] [Info] Application: stopped gracefully






It seems like there's at least one mod missing from the dependencies.

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I was curious why characters were giving birth very quickly, all of a sudden, so I figured this was the reason why given it is the only thing I've installed that'd possibly affect such a thing.

So I unpack the mod and see that it has basically all the same config files as SxB does.

Just a heads-up for people, but, if you have custom settings for SxB you will have to edit this mod's config files, as well. A bit of a pain but not a terribly big deal.


*Update* - Well now this is curious. I took a look inside the files and noticed they didn't have the same settings, after all.
Now I'm confused. Whatever the case, this mod has clearly affected how pregnancies are occurring. (Normally I use OS time for pregnancies, but, now it feels like it's using the alternative method)

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@tmvaegis Due to the way this mod is made, it modifies alot of sexbound's internal scripts in order to take in account all the new additions and special mechanics some of the objects have. Otherwise, most of the utilities would simply not work.


@GreatBaitMate The error mentions that you are missing AlluringToysCo. I forgot to add it in the dependencies, due to the high amount of mods this relies on. My bad ?

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@hexmort I quickly found the issue and it will be addressed within the next patch!

@cheese76 Could you please send me your starbound log for the error? I'm afraid I don't really know what could cause such an issue, other than if you simply forgot to install Omnibrowser.
If you don't know how to access your log, right click the game on steam, click properties, click local files, click browse local files... , go in the storage folder and reply with the file named "starbound.log"

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23 hours ago, SirBumpleton said:

@hexmort I quickly found the issue and it will be addressed within the next patch!

@cheese76 Could you please send me your starbound log for the error? I'm afraid I don't really know what could cause such an issue, other than if you simply forgot to install Omnibrowser.
If you don't know how to access your log, right click the game on steam, click properties, click local files, click browse local files... , go in the storage folder and reply with the file named "starbound.log"

Of course...I suspect it is the Omnibrowser problem...because I can't even use the TV... please wait

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10 hours ago, SirBumpleton said:

[Error] Exception caught loading asset: /scripts/omnibrowser.lua, (AssetException) No such asset '/scripts/omnibrowser.lua'
This error would indeed imply that you do not have omnibrowser installed. Do verify if you did download it.

Thanks I canceled omnibrowser from the creative workshop,download the forum again.....thank you for making an interesting mod...and..It will be updated?...????

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@tmvaegis Performance issues are much harder to fix than simple bugs, since there isn't a clear indicator as to what could cause performance drops, as nothing is 'erroring'. This doesn't help that Starbound is also infamous for having terrible performance and internal code. In the meantime, you can attempt to improve performance by avoiding having too many objects in one same place.

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I am currently encountering an issue similar to cheese76.




I have OmniBrowser what I believe is installed, but it gives me this error every time I attempt to use the phone item. Also when I attempt to drop the pak file for OmniBrowser into the mods folder it crashes after splash screen. I am a bit stuck and wonder how to possibly install the src files because I'm almost certain I'm doing something wrong.

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finally cuntboys!

but my pregnancy resets immediately after exiting the sex scene

the hub area also has huge stacks of condoms lying around, cluttering your inventory

and the large amount of npcs that start following you around also clutters up where you are while leaving places youve been empty

i also iht 'use' on one of the tables, and it seemed to break all sex anims

and it just feels a bit cramped (buildings so close toegether, npcs getting stuck between door and elevator, invisible walls right outside outermost doors)


i like the style of the place though

slut utopia

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