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About This File

Enhances the KawaiiStuff mod to enhance it's overhaul feeling.

Hound's Fashion is necessary to dye the striped outfits.


You do not need the original mod for this mod to work, it is even highly suggested you delete the original version.

If you downloaded the mod from the chucklefish forums, you will be looking for sexyMod.pak in your mod folder. Otherwise, you got it from the steam workshop workshop (LINK HERE).

This also implies getting rid of the workshop edition of this mod (LINK HERE).


All of the mod's items are crafted at the spinning wheel.

They can be seen by typing kawaii into the search bar of the spinning wheel's clothes section.

Main changes are listed below:

  • Added missing combinations of outfits;
  • Added outfit combinations with some of Alluring Toy's wearables (and functional too!);
  • Corrected most typoes and writing errors;
  • Fixed most graphical glitches (including inventory icons not being dyed and rogue pixels);
  • Made clothes not gender based, instead they are each separate parts and can be used to mount any possible outfit together;
  • Sorted out the directory to make it make sense;
  • Optimised the mod assets.


Known Issues:

  • Names go outside of allocated area.


If you have any suggestions or issues with bugs, mention them to me on Discord (Sir Bumpleton✿#1337) or in the Sexbound API Discord server by DMing me.

What's New in Version 1.2.0


- Added Striped Stockings & Gloves
- Added Pantyhose
- Added Cat Tail
- Added Bunny Ears
- Added Bunny Tail
- Added Fishnet Gloves
- Added Shoes

- Removed Strap-On/Horse Strap-On combinations. Sorry :(

- Sex-supported Gloves, Fishnet Gloves, Striped Gloves, Stockings, Fishnets and Stripeys (Thanks saint apollyon and Celo!)
- Made Shorts dyable
- Fixed several graphical inconsistencies

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