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Warrning too Many custu animations CTD:99.7% ..what should i do ..?

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>Warning: Too many custom animations. Your Skyrim is likely to crash (CTD, crash to desktop)<<
You can increase your animation number DRASTICALLY with these tools:
  Animation Limit Crash Fix (Skyrim SE and LE), SSE Engine Fixes (Skyrim SE only)
  Since FNIS cannot know if such mod is installed, it will still warn you at the original limit.
  But when such tool is used, load calculation can be switched off (FNIS.ini: "LoadCTDCalculation=0")
 4058 animations for 12 mods and 43 creatures successfully included..
 5 Warning(s).



i kinda can't understand ..what should i do here ...!?? kinda silly question i know 




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1 hour ago, aspirine2 said:

thanks for the quick reply ...will try that indeed ...hard decisions to make..


I know THAT feeling.

Check if you even can register all your SLAL packs in Sexlab.

There is still the limitation of 500 h / 500 c animations.

Everything you install over those limits won't be registered.


Alternative, but not tested by me yet (at least not successfully):

Animation Limit Crash Fix + Sexlab Utility Plus (can rise in SL registered animations to 750 h / 750 c)


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1 hour ago, Grey Cloud said:

No, but you don't seem to have read the description for what it does do. ?



Or you missed the point of the topic here.

You said "new FNIS" as if it has something to with the animation limit and a solution for OP's issues.

Seems to me just another "fling shot and miss Grey Cloud Style" not to help, just to be annoying ?


Here the changes just for you, before you miss more "obvious" things:


Recent Change(s)

FNIS Behavior 7.6, FNIS Behavior 7.6 XXL

  • Recognize newest XPMSE skeleton bones (126/156) for XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE Version 4.60 and above
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the PSCD patch
  • Added ini parameter "LoadCTDCalculation=0"
  • Reduced output about Load CTD Calculation (see Note)
  • Fixed patch mixup when switching between different languages
  • Updated russion language file (thank you, kapasov)
  • Creature Pack V7.6: fix exit animation event names (capitalization, FrostBiteSpider + Mudcrab)

Note: Since version 7.5 FNIS calculates how many percent of Skyrim's custom animation resources you have used up, and will warn you when you have reached at least 99% of the load which causes CTD. In addition, FNIS XXL will show how much each of your animation mods contributes to Load CTD. However, since this FNIS functionality was implemented, there are several SKSE plugins available which circumvent this Skyrim bug. Which means that the problem can be easily avoided by users of many acustom animations. But since new users will not know about the fix, FNIS will still warn when the original limit is passed. The SKSE plugins that increase the Skyrim animation limit are:


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