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  1. You mean I can request fuzzy pink handcuffs? 😁
  2. Aww, but the load screens are the best part of this mod. 🤣
  3. That's...not quite why. It is the Y-chromosome itself that carries the problems. Testosterone is just a hormone, and even females produce it, and it does not cause problems unless you either produce too much or too little.
  4. I can already see Vex making you go to the Goldenglow Estate naked. 🤣
  5. As dog said above me, but also because Nexus is a really shitty place to upload something, if all these stickied comments from authors are to be believed.
  6. No, it doesn't? 🤨BSAs have nothing to do with ESP/M files; they are just archives that do nothing unless their respective ESP/M is active. If inactive they are just packed files and nothing more. If a smashed patch is causing him to crash, regardless of load order, there is a good chance a bad record is being smashed into it, or something the game isn't handling correctly.
  7. Dyndolod and Open Cities will not cause your game to explode, weird LOD levels, holes, or cause Ulfric to descend through the floor to Markarth. Open Cities will not break default navmeshes, unless you think Immersive Citizens is the most benign thing ever, and can be safely converted to an ESM. (Remember when shit like this was an ESM, by default, back in Morrowind?) Ugh, man, just reading the nexus posts on it makes my head hurt, as does reading the skyrim reddit, can I take a break from even thinking about all this shit people spread? Dare I talk about all the SexLab myths? 🤣 Cause' those have already breached outer space.
  8. The myths surrounding Open Cities are pretty legendary. 🤪 And the myths about SMP "Melting" your CPU are mostly because people play on incredibly outdated hardware.
  9. Unfortunately, it appears to be pretty dead in the water....like most frameworks that end up on Nexus.
  10. SE, really, unless you want to deal with memory-related issues, and really limited plug-in list. What's the point in the LE Nexus having twice the mods if you can only use a fraction of them? ESL is the blessing TES needs.
  11. No, it's.... Basically the poor man's FNIS, sorta, technically. Normally you can only have one animation for each action, but DAR lets you dynamically pull from a pool of animations depending on their requirements. The problem is...DAR counts *all default animations and those added by mods, regardless of if it's a scripted animation DAR can't use and has no business counting* and, unlike FNIS, will jus flat out shit itself and stop working if you pass the warning threshold. FNIS/Nemesis just kinda warn you that bad shit might happen, if you go overboard. but they will still work. So, for instance, DAR will count all animations added by Animated Armoury against itself, even though you aren't using the DAR version. IT will count all SexLab animations despite all of them being scripted, and having zilch to do with the DAR framework. It will count all PCEA animations ,despite them, essentially, not even being used at the same time. (This actually hurts a lot if you have multiple different styles you want to use from time to time)
  12. That is the error DAR throws when you have too many animations, and DAR ceases functioning...which is why you won't notice any dynamic animations playing. So your only options are to remove animations, (DAR, SexLab, ANimated Armoury, Animated Eating, PCEA, etc) or just not have DAR active; since there is no point, being that it doesn't work if that error dialogue pops up anyhow. (Essentially anything FNIS counts as an animations counts against DAR.) All these new DAR mods, and you can't do shit with them; it blows. 🤣
  13. Strange.... It seems to make males erect when I use the "Erect NPC" spell. 🤨 Might want to check that SexLab Aroused is working.
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