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  1. THe ghost flag is only set once the scene starts. IF you set it to 20%, but get one shot anyhow... You'll still die.
  2. Nice. I was always dismayed by all the high-grade normal coin mods coming out, and then looked at the blurry default YA coin with tears in my eyes. You have done a great service, sir. 😋
  3. That...basically means none of Bad Dog's races will be supported. 🤔 And is the body even going be Schlong-able, or is it just fixed penis?
  4. This sounds like an idea for some completely new animations. 😋 Dragon Ball Sucking
  5. I like this because in Defeat nobody was ever assaulting anyone else. <_< And it never worked half the time on my player, anyhow. (Usually I would just flat out die instead of enter bleedout.) Now I see bandits assaulting bears, guards assaulting stormcloak spies, wolves assaulting farmers, etc. It's a neverending orgy with OBIS, really. 😆 But I do agree that, despite the healing, you will just flat out die after being assaulted....since it doesn't re-equip you.
  6. It's simpler to change cubemaps in Outfit Studio. Just go to shape properties - Textures, and change the cubemap path to whatever cubemap you have available. Don't need to rename anything. TAWOBA Remastered includes a leveled list plug-in, last I checked.
  7. You would have to remove all the male mesh references from the ESP....and at that point you might as well just use TAWOBA Remastered.
  8. I'm curious as to how you are hitting the limits of FNIS XXL with just three mods. 🤔 Unless you want to have DAR active while you have sex animations, but the DAR Limitation is not a game/FNIS limitation. You can download the already compiled Nemesis from Github; you do not need to build it yourself.
  9. Is it going to be SoS texture compatible? Because if it isn't; the "Go-to" replacer already exists. (Just nobody wants to talk about it)
  10. Do you know what could be causing the case of the disembodied dickus? @Husky1o1 The dick keeps moving separately like it isn't weighed down properly...and it's only the scamps. <_<
  11. Yeah, once you, the player, reach the HP threshold it just goes straight into assault; invincibility flags are set, in a most jarring way. I don't even enter any sort of knocked out/bleedout stage.
  12. This is both, at once, hilarious and disturbing... Seeing messages about "Hippo is trying to assault Novice Conjurer" and "Frost Troll is trying to assault Polar Bear" is pretty hilarious, but the fact that there is almost zero delay once you hit the health threshold is very awkward.
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