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Cobalt Animation Spanking Pack SE

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Cobalt Animation Spanking Pack SE

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Cobalt Animation Spanking Pack SE


I did NOT create this mod, I merely converted Cobalt_Reptile's mod for Skyrim Special Edition, and shared it according to the  permissions they gave me. I CANNOT give any perms not specified on the original upload page for this mod. If you wish to alter, edit, or otherwise make changes and upload them anywhere, please refer to the permissions (if given on upload page) by the Original Author or contact them directly. This mod should be considered a placeholder for when/if the original author decides to take control of it.

If you enjoy this mod, go to the Author’s page and give Cobalt_Reptile some love!


Required Mods:


Sexlab Framework SE


JContainers SE

Sexlab Animation Loader SE



The following is copied and edited for SE links from the Original Download Page:




It's my first experience with animation mod. This mod adds some whipping animations. There is no sex itself, just punishments.

What animaitions it contains?

Whip with cane on the bed,

Whip with cane on the bench,

Caning on the X-pillory (includes feet whipping, bastiando)

Paddling on the H-pillory

Caning on the table

Punishment with the ruller (includes hands whipping)

Caning on the chair

Standing whipping

Spanking And Tenderness

Caning on Barrel

Two Handed Whipping



Just put it in your Skyrim folder or use any manager.

Don't forget to run the FNIS for Users!

Also you need to install SexLab Animation Loader

And SexLab.



Used material:

Some things I took from Zaz. But you don't need it to be installed.


Special thanks to Nibbles, who make a great tutorial.

Thanks also to Zaz, SexLab creators for such a great mod.


Enjoy ! =))))


If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz

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    FNIS SE. Sexlab SE, Sexlab Animation Loader SE, JContainers SE, S.L. Anim Loader SE
  • Regular Edition Compatible


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Does not work... FNIS for users seems to do Cobalt correctly, but then SLAnimLoader Registers only registers the existing 93 animations and nothing new. I have installed SLAnimLoader and JContainer just for this and not very experienced in using them maybe try with another anim as well? Is there another anim to try with? But what  could I doing wrong if FNIS worked okay and I just register just as the documentation said? What should be SLAnimLoader generating, some files? Where to check them?

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On 5/10/2020 at 12:05 PM, Deanevea said:

Hello, Which of the files do we download? I see a temp file. Confused, Sorry.


Shit. Sorry. V1.4.3 is properly uploaded and the .tmp file deleted. I don't know how I screwed that up. Thanks.

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On 7/17/2020 at 10:52 AM, nomkaz said:

It should work but try the Form 43 esp and let me know if it works with that one. (unzip this and replace the mos ESP with this one)

Cobalt Form 43 esp.7z 1.27 kB · 1 download

no it dosent work and another thing is the spankers hand is going through the subs butt chicks when using hands for slapping.  i use cbbe 3bbb amazing but its on the slaves when they are in training in pahe home sweet home.

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On 7/21/2020 at 12:17 AM, Fetterbr said:

no it dosent work and another thing is the spankers hand is going through the subs butt chicks when using hands for slapping.  i use cbbe 3bbb amazing but its on the slaves when they are in training in pahe home sweet home.

I would bring that up to Cobalt Reptile so he's aware, and maybe there's a fix on his thread. I don't edit animations, just convert them to 64-bit, nothing else. I don't use 3bbb, or pahe, so don't know if it's an issue exclusive to them since everything works as-is otherwise.

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On 5/5/2021 at 10:18 PM, maxbishup said:

How do you get these animations started, is there a spell? Love your work, thank you.

Load them into Sexlab Animation Loader, and mods will find and use them.

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Not sure if this works ok. i haven't finished re-installing my Skyrim yet, but i did manage to (i hope) convert the latest pack from Cobalt, version 1.4.3, for SE. If it's ok to share, i'll post it here for everyone. if someone wants to test it for me beforehand to make sure it works, send me a message :)

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