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  1. i get some brown faces but mostly blue hair. Is there anything i need to do ?
  2. i get this on her inner tight of the stockings enb2020_8_3_13_45_12.bmp
  3. ok, please make a instalation instruktion so i know how to do with Mo2 and BS
  4. i installed with MO2 6 files. After install 3 files looks to be redundant. In BS there was 3 new clicks, 3ba, PT, Parted is that correct ? I think i will stick to sungjeongs armor 3bbb, atleast there is also some sexy things
  5. would be good to use with Home sweet Home pahe. Would like a bigger training room for slaves maybe
  6. would be nice if someone made a mod what could align actors and nps having sex, so stupid to see certen scenes. Also many animations actors goes trough the floor or walls. but mostly irritating is the body alignment
  7. one thing i notice after so many restarts in restless hunter because of script stopping. When pardo gives a price of a slave you need to press enter while the text is still on the screen, if you wait till it goes away the scripts stops. this has worked for me now for month.
  8. pose is actually very easy in hsh. just ask her to pose and than ask her for the next pose and next and so on. you will jump 3-5 points for each click and you dont need to wait. respect its hard.
  9. yes it gives me 3 addons but skyfem sos patch is asking for regular and maskular vectorplexus masters in MO2
  10. in this mod they have made the Debug target spell so that when you use it on a npc you can actually select armors not to be removed when having sex, at least it what they said but i am not sure i dont play VR. I just know that it dosent work for normal SE.
  11. found it. ok and where is SOS vectorplexus regular and muscular addon ?
  12. where can i find SOS B3lisario unp addon ? after instaling the mod with MO2 i see in the plugin that it says it needs several addons. I dont see anywhere in this pages where to find them. Can you add the link for me please
  13. Hi. Could you add the function to control what armors to strip during sex on NPC's ? it is today only possible for the player in SE. There is a patch around to do that but it is only for the SL VR version.
  14. my game ctd after i upgrade, i not even get into MCM
  15. sorry i am not sure where to ask but i saw ones a mod what should be able to avoid steam to update when there is a new patch for skyrim se. Does someone know this ?
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