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  1. i downloaded this from LE 20/09-2020 is this the same file or should i update ?
  2. i use alternate start and start with pahe in the banned mare but i have an issue with my armor, i cant remove it. i assured when i was in alternate start that she was naked and i got clothing after i arrived in banned mare. Is this issue from your mod ?
  3. my bodyslide just ctd when i try to open it, the CBBE HDT Piercing Sets is LE version, is that correct ?
  4. when i now upgrade the new mod you have added will all the text and the hkx files i have added in the different folder will they be gone ?
  5. i already have the dungeon lower in the mod list and also in plugin list but still the same. Other things are also not ok, the milking area in whiterun from MME is also overwritten.
  6. i am using The Dungeon mod under the bridge in Whiterun and after installing your mod the gate has disappeared after i enter The Dungeon, any ideas what i can do.
  7. is there not a command where you tell the taskmaster that the slaves have to practice sex together or do I have to tell them one by one. When i tell her that the slaves has to liven the place a little up they only dance what is kind of boring. When I tell her they have to play with them self they only whip each other.
  8. Hi. I have 2 comments. After you have asked your taskmistress to yoke the slaves for transport and they are moved to Pahe you want to add them into a new place with HSH again. I have to ask each slave to stay in the new place for a while and than as a second operation i have to remove the yoke on each single slave again. Can this not be done more easy ? When i am in HSH and ask the taskmistress to send the slaves to a new place they will not go there before they are fully trained, that is also ok but if you have told taskmaster not to train fighting and one of th
  9. so that means to uninstalle this mod until there is a solution ? i dont like getting this message in the upstart of the game
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