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  1. wasn't just the traps not firing with Lore. it was the restraints found in the chests and containers which conflicted with DCL's settings, and the self-bondage which triggered always even when you had it turned off in DCL. Lore doesn't have a turn off feature. Lore was, as i said before, creating major conflicts in game play and breaking DCL and games severely. so it wasn't just "traps no firing". i did report this twice in detail before tho. and thanks for the info, i'll look into it
  2. ok, i'm finally considering biting the bullet and doing the full upgrade, i need to know ahead of time, what the changes are like (any items no longer in 5.1 that were in 4.3, 3BBB support, patches and fixes, known bugs...) the big thing i need to know, is what mods are known to not work with 5.1 that do with 4.3. specifically, Deviously Enslaved, DFW, immerslave, consumer alternate starts, city bondage, captured dreams SE, hydra slavergirls, and devious cidhna, as these are some of the main mods i consider essential in my game play.
  3. i have a few questions. 1. what is the current status of 9.0, meaning, what are the current known bugs and behaviours, incompatibilities, and so on. and there an update on the way for anything as well ? 2. what items are no longer in 9.0 that were in 8.5 (not color variations, just items if there are any) ? 3. are there any temp fixes for anything i need to know about ? 4. any mods that used to work with 8.5 that would no longer work with 9.0 at all ? is there a list somewhere, or has anyone bothered to list them ? 5. 3BBB support ?
  4. i can confirm this, as i've used it for over 6 months easily on SE
  5. will this mod work alongside Fertility Mode ? or does it replace it totally ?
  6. actually i figured it out, or rather, figured out where the camp and is "sort of" how to get there. the camp is actually not north from the DL Tower, but south-west from it. it's actually inbetween the Orc camp and the DL tower, closer to the Orc camp. it's on a mountain ledge high up, and so far i have not been able to find a viable path to get there from the ground, or even from the top of DL tower (after clearing it). i am still looking for a viable path, but nothing so far. perhaps when this mod is updated, creating a mountain path somewhow to get to the camp from t
  7. is there an option in the MCM to disable "not being able to wear armor because your breasts are too big" at all ? my breasts are full but they're not big at all compared to other breasts sizes i have seen, and yet i cannot wear armor at all. they keep detaching, even after i've milked the player down to 1/3 capacity. it's a bit annoying actually, and i am at a loss on how to fix this.
  8. definitely not finding or seeing anything down the hill north up to the river, and neither west or east. so i am not sure what's what. is there maybe a screenshot someone can post, with a marking of where the camp is ? that would be quite helpful. thank you.
  9. north and west ? the description says "south" from the towers. never got a CTD, but i'll try it again with the new directions. thanks. and yes map marker would be nice lol
  10. the media fire link is broken. and i cannot find the original mod that is required for this mod to work. since there are no bodyslide files, how does this mod work because i cannot seem to get it to work at all. noting shows up when i try to wear them.
  11. i cannot seem to find this camp where Julia is. Darklight tower rests against a massive cliff, and i have run all around trying to find this camp to no avail. where is this camp and how to i get to it from darklight tower ?
  12. @Scrab not sure if this ends up being an issue or not. but it seems there is an overwrite on a duplicate script file between this mod and Devious Adventures. the script called "DefaultOnReadSetQuestStage", exists in both mods. and i am pretty sure there will end up being a conflict somehow. and i am using your latest version. here is the script from Devious Adventures, if you want to compare and see if indeed it will create a conflict. right now, i have SLUTS installed after Devious Adventures. i really hope there isn't an issue or conflict though, as i wou
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