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  1. Heh, So, someone has released a mod on Nexus that completely enhances anyone's game with such an immersive experience, that it will leave you with warm feelings of enjoyment and complete serenity the likes of which can only be dreamed of.... What mod am I referring to ? Well, of course I will share this amazing mod with you all... Mudcrabs All Sound Like Beavis So Beavis and Butthead fans rejoice 😜 LOLOLOL PS: According to the mod author, every time the mudcrabs come out of the ground, they all yell "I am Cornholio" LOLOL)
  2. So, Here's an interesting question for everyone.. How many people here have SE on PC as well as on a console ? I have both PC and PS4. When I look at the Steam client, the AE update is sitting there in the download section as an unqueued update, exactly as it should be doing, which is nothing except look "pretty" on that window. But then I noticed the size, which is 4gig. when I opened my game on the PS4 though, and then got that auto-update started, as Sony always does, (which I cancelled lol), the file size was 16gig. So what the hell ? 16gig on PS4, but 4gig on PC ? Not sure what's what here, or why such a huge discrepancy in size. Anyone see this on their end ?
  3. Nexus already has quite a few mods which are patching CC items from AE. At this rate, I think we'll have to create a new Skryim section on LL for AE, and i can easily see another thread like this one for "AE compatibility" in the coming months. As for discussion AE / SE stuff, i know there's been a major one on this thread:
  4. Even though i didn't update the game, and the update is sitting in the queue doing nothing, when i started my game, which was previously stable, now I am getting tons of CTD's and Netscript generated logs, each one being different. Not quite sure what is going on, but I am monitoring this a little more closer. Wondering if anyone else is having issues on their non-updated game with a previously table set-up.
  5. This just started yesterday for me, as the last download I had made from LL was last weekend, and that downloaded successfully. I've had no windows updates of any kind since then, nor has my "go to" browser Firefox, been updated either during this time. Yet, for some odd reason, any file i download since last last night, fails once it reaches between 40 and 60% done. I went to Nexus, no issues there. I went to other sites to download, and no issues there either. This issue is only occurring from the LL site, and for any file I try to download, no matter how big or small the file size is. Nothing has changed in any setting that I can see on my end, so I am really at a loss as to why this is suddenly happening. I am wondering if there is or are any issues on the LL side causing this issue. If not, then I'd appreciate any suggestions or help with this. Thanks
  6. I have been trying to download these for over an hour, and each time, the download fails at about 60%. No idea why, i can download other files from LL except the 2 Stories ones. EDIT: Nevermind, now it looks like everything i try to download from LL is failing....
  7. Mine was already set to "4", and i haven't opened my game in like 2 weeks.
  8. No, I understand that, but we still don't know to what extent Bethesda has messed with things as of yet. Since we use CAO to convert various content, I am more concerned with things somehow changing to be compatible to work on both SE and AE version when converting, or will there be some type of discrepancy between them where we'd end up having a CAO SE version and a CAO AE version. Yeah.. I see that. But using this logic, any app which "looks for" the game / SKSE versions, will also fall into this category.. Man, this damn AE update is giving me a headache now on just the speculation and the unknown impacts ..
  9. Another one popped up on Nexus, that might be worth watching. Skyrim SE Configuration Tool (INI Editor)
  10. I saw that. I assume given the message on the mod page, that once AE is released, it will be unhidden at that time. I do have one question though, which I have seen mentioned at all. With all the talk about AE breaking things.... what will happen to CK and CAO ? If those are updated to reflect the new AE version, converting LE to SE, or even creating new mods might also be problematic. I can see this becoming a major disaster if they are updated...
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