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  1. Is there a mod that allows multiple romantic relationships without your sims getting the cheater reputation? Is that even possible? Please send a link to any mod pages you know of that includes these features instead of commenting what to research. What research i have done has only lead me to suspicious pages. I found this and looking for the first comment's suggestion lead to a video with a facebook page which seems pretty creepy. Thank you
  2. Maxwell and Mackay have spent the evening talking together about recent events, namely the possibility of custody of Bjorn's kids and what effect it may have on their relationship. The two have agreed that no matter what happens, they will try to do what's best for everyone involved. Beyond that, the couple are feeling close and are happy to have the time to just talk. "Then right after the sex it hit me, the recipe for gummy bear pancakes. It was like magic." "Oh hey, Bjorn is back from his mysterious outing." Maxwell points out as his boyfriend enters the room. "Hey you, hope you're feeling better." Mackay greets him with a kiss. "That's my line!" Jokes Maxwell. "Yeah well you didn't say it." Mackay retorts. Bjorn audibly sighs. "Is there something you want to say?" Probes Mackay. Bjorn shrugs. "I just... I have had the most confusing evening." He continues. "I am not sure what's going to happen with Clara and the girls, or with us. I'm not sure what's right anymore. I know I have to wait, but the uncertainty almost makes it worse..." "Does that make sense?" - "It's understandable." Says Maxwell. "You want things to get better and it's frustrating right now. But you know it will be easier with time." - "Yeah, that's true." Mackay smiles at him. "Sorry it was a bit strange today. I've done some thinking and I want you to know that I trust you to make decisions that are right for you. Whatever happens I am on team Bjorn." - "Well, thanks." He replies, for some reason the words don't make him feel as good as he had expected. Maxwell returns after Bjorn has left the room. "You didn't tell him yet did you?" - "No, I think he has enough on his mind right now." "I guess it's better to not overload people with excess data, it might make them freeze up." - "Mmhmm, remind me what career path you chose again?" Mackay teases. Maxwell laughs at his silliness. "Ah, good grief." He wipes away a small tear. "We have had some really good times here." "But I think this is the right thing to do." - "Me too." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning the three Sims wake up early. Bjorn starts his day with an empowering morning jog. "Don't let anyone ever tell you that a jog around this neighbourhood doesn't cure everything. I feel amazing." - "Ha! Oh the irony." Remarks Mackay. "What do you mean? Are you getting sick?" Queries Bjorn. Maxwell faces his boyfriend and clasps his hands, "Baby, there's something important I want to tell you. Mackay and I have decided that we want to move apartments. To a much bigger place... With you." "What! Really?" Bjorn excitedly responds. "Now don't get too worked up," Maxwell explains. "I'm not promising anything, but there will be lots of room for guests and long term stays, like Sofia and Elsa for example." - "I am SO happy!" He says giddily. "But seriously, can we afford this?" - 'Three white males living together with full-time salaries Bjorn, I think we'll be fine." Maxwell laughs. "Oh my God, thank you, thank you." Bjorn begins to plant kisses all over Maxwell. "Hey guys." Says Mackay. "I'm like, still sitting right here." But Mackay shifts seats to get a better view. He calmly puts his plate in the dishwasher. "Well if you're not gonna stop," "Then I may as well join in." He begins to stroke himself while watching them. Right as things are starting to heat up, Maxwell stops them, "Wait, as long as we're here, there's something I have always fantasised about in this house." The other two have no idea where he's going with this. Maxwell watches intently while Bjorn focuses on sucking Mackay's dick. As he cups his balls, Mackay looks at him dubiously, "Maxwell, not that I'm complaining or anything, but what exactly are you getting out of this?" "Darling, you know better than to question my methods." He responds then Maxwell places his hand on Bjorn, and pushes down on his boyfriend's head, forcing him to take his husband deeper. "Aaah, okay." Says Mackay losing his cool. "I think I know why you wanted to do this-" "sss... ... ..." Mackay can't stop himself from cumming into Bjorn's mouth. "Since you've finished so quickly, get on top of him and makeout." Says Maxwell while he rubs himself above them. Watching them kiss passionately it doesn't take long, until... "Woah...." Exclaims Bjorn in surprise. "Did you miss?" Mackay blinks in shock, as the cum begins to drip off his face. "No!" Says Maxwell sadistically. "Well I guess he got us both a bit." Bjorn tries to empathise as they slide off the bed. - "Aha." Is all the response that Mackay can muster. "Wait where are you going?" Asks Maxwell playfully, "You're not going to the bathroom already?" "I was just about to tell Bjorn this really funny story, you're gonna want to hear it." - "Mmn!" Mackay hums trying to keep his mouth and eyes closed. He heads straight to the shower. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ Sex animation/object credit to Amra72, Azmodan22, Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo, Mike24, Noir and Dark Sims, and Motherlodesims.
  3. The three Sims reconvene at the bar in Planet Honey Pop. Mackay is the first to comment, "I can't believe you tranquillised Clara, that was entirely unnecessary." Bjorn defends, "I felt like the confrontation was over." "No really, that was not cool." Says Maxwell. Bjorn snaps back, "Oh like you can talk Maxwell, it all started to go bad the moment you inserted yourself into the conversation." "Same to you Mackay, you were both no help at all. Maybe it would have been better if I had never asked for help to begin with." He isn't joking. "And now, now it doesn't even matter. Everyone hates me. I'll never see Clara, or Sofia or Elsa AGAIN!" Bjorn holds his head in his hands. Mackay justifies, "Look Bjorn, it might not as bad as you think. Maybe we didn't do all the right things, but at least it wasn't hostile. At least we all told the truth. We could all even be friends one day, if that's what you want." "I don't know if that will happen now." He concludes hopelessly. "Not if you just tranq your problems away!" Maxwell adds, gesturing dramatically. "Oh my god, have you ever done that to ME?" He interrogates. "No." Bjorn lies. Mackay tries to calm his husband down, "Now is not the time to discuss that." Bjorn tries to communicate his feelings, "I feel like my whole life is over. Can you imagine what it would be like if you fell out of love with Maxwell?" - "I guess... I can try." Mackay contemplates. "And then think, what if you had kids that you loved more than yourself, would you want to stay together for them? What would you have wanted your parents to do?" - "I... I don't know." "And then your best friend of years who you thought you'd be with forever, suddenly they think you're the scum of the Earth." Mackay doesn't respond. "Then above it all, what if you had to choose between doing what was right for yourself and possibly never seeing your children smile again." Mackay nods solemnly. Maxwell sits quietly, staring into space. Bjorn turns to him, "Maxwell, I love you, but I'm not just telling you this for the sake of it." - "I know baby I know." He nods. "My daughters, they mean more to me, more than you can know." "I hope you're both listening and understanding where I'm coming from, because I really mean this," Bjorn states resolutely, "I want custody." ... ... ... Mackay is the first to snap out of the stunned silence. "Bjorn... That's... a really huge decision." "Definitely not one that should be rushed into, especially when you've just asked for a divorce this morning." "And there are so many outside factors to consider, what about Clara?" "What about Maxwell and my relationship?" "I'm not saying, 'no', so to speak, just that we should consider these things." Mackay trails off slightly. Bjorn says nothing, but starts to tear up. "...excuse me, I'll be back in a minute." He leaves for the bathroom. "I'll go after you." Says Maxwell. As soon as he's gone Mackay rushes over to Maxwell, "Maxwell what the fuck, what the fuck! Is he serious?" "I don't know!" He gestures back. "It could just be grief?" Mackay panics, "Maxwell I don't know if I'm ready to have kids! Or like, have them living in our house." Maxwell sighs, "I don't know Mackay, I agree, it's a lot to take in, he hasn't mentioned it before, but he might be serious. He has given up a lot to live here." "I guess we can just put off talking about it, till he's over most of the grief?" Suggests Mackay. The door swings open, Maxwell reacts quickly "Bathroom's free!" A dejected looking Bjorn walks out. It breaks Mackay's heart. "Oh man, come here buddy." He pulls him into a hug. "Let's go get some food into you." They sit down, "See that wasn't so bad was it?" Says Maxwell. Mackay responds, "Oh by the way, I have to start work in a few minutes." "Oh... Thank you... Mackay.... How good of you... to mention that... Now." Maxwell replies through gritted teeth. "Hey, you two should have some alone time." He takes his last bite of curry and then makes his exit. "Come on Bjorn." Says Maxwell putting his arm around his boyfriend, "I know what will cheer you up." He begins to kiss him slowly. Maxwell pulls Bjorn up beside the table. "Remember when we used to do this sort of thing all the time?" He moves down Bjorn's body, sucking him beneath his suit jacket. "Here, turn around." "Hold still," Maxwell asks. "Perfect." He closes his eyes. "Stay down," He holds Bjorn on the table, "We don't want the other people to see us." "Aaah." "That was great!" Declares Maxwell. Bjorn groans, "Please can we just go home?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo and Motherlodesims.
  4. That morning Mackay catches Bjorn returning from a walk around the block. "Hey, I wasn't kidding last night about going out for lunch today, go put your suit on." He orders. Bjorn can't think of any reason not to go, and so he concedes. Besides, his bite wounds have healed right up. It is nice to get out of the house, and Mackay had been treating Bjorn so kindly lately. Just look straight ahead and pretend your niece is not standing behind you. Mackay concentrates on willing the universe to not sit him next to his sister's dining table. Success! They are seated in a back corner away from prying adult siblings. Bjorn expresses his gratitude for Mackay caring for him after the vampire bite, for putting up with his moodiness, and for being open to him moving in with Maxwell so suddenly. It turns into a fumbled, general apology of sort, but Mackay lets him finish. Mackay responds. "Oh that? It's fine, I didn't mind. You seemed nice and I wanted to make Maxwell happy. Now it's like we're almost family." Breathing out a heavy sigh Bjorn replies "You don't know how much of a relief it is to hear you say that." Smiling Mackay pushes on, "If that has been bothering you, you should have told me sooner. You need to open up more." Bjorn laughs, "Ha! I think I've been pretty open to a lot of things recently." Bjorn continues, "You know I could even tell you a few stories about things I've done in this restaurant." Mackay stares Bjorn down. "Oh really?" "Really." The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the food, the topic changes, but the implication lingers. They discuss some innocuous subjects, Bjorn meeting Harley for the first time, what they do for work, their shared interest in fitness. "Yeah I have to stay fit for my job, being a secret agent... it's just me standing between order and chaos." Bjorn flexes, Mackay laughs at his show of machismo. Mackay smiles at Bjorn. "You know it has been fun living with you, getting to... spend time with you and Maxwell, frustrating but fun." Bjorn presses "Frustrating how?"Mackay smirks, "My god... Please just come with me behind that pillar now." Mackay forcefully pulls Bjorn into him, kissing him hard. "Oh my god, why did you make me wait this long?" He moans sucking his neck. Bjorn responds by kissing him deeper. He gets to his knees and begins to suck his cock. "Shit, just hurry I need to be inside you." Mackay pulls Bjorn back closer to the wall, "I don't want them to make us stop." "That was.... something else." States Bjorn with shakey knees. -"Yeah... I'll have to tell Maxwell when he gets home." Mackay responds as they begin to redress. "So, I suppose.... you got what you wanted out of this lunch." Bjorn says, a hint of sadness in his voice. "Oh don't start that." Mackay responds frankly, and wraps him up in another kiss. "What happens now?" Bjorn asks shyly. "Well, first we walk out of this restaurant as naturally as possible." Jokes Mackay. "Yep, just act natural." "Pretend the other patrons aren't staring at you." Oh lord. Mackay feels a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He's sure that he recognises the woman and young girl leaving the restaurant ahead of them. "Hey, is that?"-"Yep, just keep acting natural" Bjorn beams and re-states. Just until they're out of sight. I am going to have to deal with that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They return home to find Maxwell post workout in the bedroom. Mackay takes his husband aside. "Hey baby, I need to talk to you."-"Oh my God, why? What happened?" Says Maxwell forming his own conclusions. "Something occurred while Bjorn and I were out that I need to tell you." Mackay whispers in his ear. "Wait, you guys fucked? Like, alone?" Says Max in surprise. "That's... That's AWESOME!" "How was it?" Maxwell pries. "Pretty great." "Aww I'm so happy for you two." Maxwell hugs him close. "Just think of ALL the ways you can bond over how much you both love me." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo and Motherlodesims.
  5. The last post left off at a sad point, so this time we start at a lighter place. The trio of Sims are exploring a SPOOOOOKY mansion! The look on Bjorn and Mackay's face conveys that Maxwell is responsible. The door to the mansion creeks open as they are welcomed inside by a disembodied voice. Drapes cover all of the windows, keeping out what little light passes through the dirty glass. A strange aura permeates. Who could live in such a house? That Sim in question would be Germaine! Member of Mackay's Orchestral Society club and good friend of the family. The group also meet Tyrian a young member of the household. Standing in the middle of a themed room of some description. They decide to continue the conversation away from the torture chamber, despite how fun it might look. Bjorn whispers to Mackay, "Did you see the scratch marks on the walls?" He isn't sure what to make of it. Overhearing their exchange Tyrian reassures them that there is really NOTHING to worry about. No-one has been trapped down there who didn't want to be... At least not for centuries anyway. The trio continue to chat with the hosts. Maxwell enjoys hearing Germaine's stories about being a cop working the beat during the 80s. Speaking of the beat, there seems to be a dance party for one going on upstairs, the guys decide to join in. The lone dancer wears an anachronistic blend of 18th century and modern day attire. Mackay recognises him as Lucardo. Occasionally he listens in on band practice. Maxwell helps himself to the wine behind the bar. Drinks all around! Bjorn would prefer a beer, but... Since Maxwell already poured him a glass... Meanwhile, Tyrian is left downstairs napping on the antique sofa. Mackay aspires to be a friend of the world, so he is happy to have to opportunity to get to know Lucardo. The two are getting along famously, while Maxwell gets along with his glass of wine. The evening is in full swing when out of nowhere: "Uh, what just happened? Where's my wine glass?" Ponders a confused Bjorn. Lucardo shifts in his chair in embarrassment. He introduces the mysterious puff of smoke as Electra, his elder sister. Throughout the night each Sim amuses themselves in different ways. Mackay mentors his club underling on the violin. "You're doing great!" He encourages, while ignoring his aching ears. Bjorn pressures/invites Tyrian to join his gaming club "The Good Timers". "It's for middle aged Sims who like bar drinks and pub games!" Maxwell duels Electra in a heated game of logic. Each considers the other a worthy foe. Mackay sides up to Tyrian, "You know you really don't have to join his club."-"I know, but I genuinely want to!" he replies. Mackay meets Bjorn in the bathroom. This is the least scary haunted mansion they have ever been in. "Let's go home." Says Bjorn breathing out a sigh. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a long sleep in the Simms household wakes up to a new day. While the distraction from yesterday worked temporarily, Bjorn is back to feeling pangs of gloominess. By chance Maxwell has come up with an excellent solution to the pressure of playing eSports professionally. Invite someone else to play along with him! This was just a work requirement? I feel slightly used. - Poor Reid Peltier. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mackay has another day off and decides now is time to enact his plan: Inviting his extremely handsome acquaintance, Paolo Rocco out to brunch. The grinning hostess who looks like a genderbent version of Maxwell is either an ill omen or a good sign, Mackay hasn't decided yet. The pair sit down and consider their dining options. Mackay wants the meal to be perfect. "Do you like fish?" Mackay inquires, "I am up for anything." Replies Paolo. Oh really? Thinks Mackay giving Paolo a sideways glance. Light flirtation continues as they wait for their meal. Mackay can't help but think of how easy this feels. He finds himself thinking of Bjorn for some reason, how hard it is to talk to him. Paolo is so much more easy, so much more receptive to this kind of interaction. So much more in sync. "I'd like to do this again some time" Says Mackay. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back at the apartment Bjorn is sitting eating Nigiri alone, or trying to at the very least. Then retiring to the couch to watch the Romance Channel. Mackay comes in fresh, exuberant, confident from his date... And greets Bjorn with a big kiss on the lips! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ IMPORTANT: Did you know Tyrian is a character adoption? You can track his parallel universe story in Protected: Grauerwolfe. For those who love legacy challenges!
  6. Maxwell and Mackay are inspecting their new apartment. It is a high rise penthouse located in the Uptown district of San Myshuno. "Woah, you get a great view of the lake from up here!" Remarks Mackay. Maxwell is just as awestruck, "The ad online wasn't kidding about the scenery-" "Or the downstairs swimming pool." He leads his husband upstairs, "You don't even know the best part yet.... There are two king sized bedrooms." Mackay is charmed, "Maxwell if you're trying to seduce me, it is working." Maxwell continues to gush, "There's a walk in wardrobe but we could easily talk to the landlord about knocking down this wall to make more rooms." - "Stop it already, we've already signed the lease." Mackay laughs. Just then the Welcome Wagon arrives, including some familiar faces. Harley embraces Mackay, "Hey little brother, why'd you up and leave the neighbourhood?" "You could've at least knocked on the door before the moving vans arrived." He is touched by her concern, "Ah, I'm sorry sis." "If I can sum it up in three words, indoor swimming pool." The sim gestures toward the stairs. "If it isn't my FAVOURITE niece!" Maxwell says pulling a silly face. Mackay continues. "See? We finally have enough room to sit down for a family meal." Reid smiles, "Hey man, I'm not complaining. It was hard to breathe in that old place." - "Mmhmm, too much testosterone." Harley jibes. "See? Reid is on board too! Just for that I'm giving you all apartment keys." "Um..." Starts Maxwell but Mackay continues, "I'll be personally offended if you don't visit." He clasps his hands decisively. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bjorn gets home from work to a brand new apartment. Mackay greets him, "I know what you're thinking: it's cosy, but I promise there is enough room." Bjorn takes a relaxing bath and soaks up the new atmosphere. Mackay feels like a soak too, in their new jacuzzi. "Mind if I join?" Bjorn climbs into the tub. Mackay moves closer to him, "Not at all." He continues, "I hear hot tubs are a great way to relieve stress." - "Oh that's good to know." Bjorn meets his gaze. Mackay kisses him softly. Bjorn lets him. "Here," Murmurs Mackay. "You're probably tense from work." "True. The jets help though." Bjorn coyly responds. He pulls him in for another kiss. Running his fingers along his arms, Mackay speaks, "Say Bjorn, can I ask you something." He slides his hand up Bjorn's thigh while watching him intently, "Mmmn, yes?" Bjorn blushes slightly. Mackay whispers, "I don't suppose you'd be interested in a classic hot tub woohoo?" Bjorn smiles and Mackay presses his lips against him again. "Okay... Take a deep breath." Mackay climbs on top, And pulls him under! The pair splash around in enigmatic love making. The details of their bodies obscured by the alleged amount of cum in the water. The pair desperately gasp in oxygen through a cloud of steam. "Woah, it has been a while." - "Same here." Bjorn agrees. The night winds down. Mackay tranquilly strums his guitar. Playing music late at night is a privilege he can now enjoy without worrying about bothering any neighbours. A satisfied Bjorn heads upstairs to finish his intelligence research requirement for work. And Maxwell returns from home, heading straight to his new bed for a peaceful rest. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️
  7. After the threesome the night before, Bjorn had left in a hurry. Maxwell and Mackay were unsure how Bjorn wanted to progress. Mackay did not have to wonder for long though, when Bjorn invited Mackay out for an actual "date" the next morning. Our Sim was pleased with Bjorn's apparent carefree attitude. Being Mackay, he likes to turn every social outing into a creative skill building exercise. Mackay feels warmly towards Bjorn. As they chat casually, he hopes that this will be the start of an affectionate metamorship. The moment feels perfect. The pair bathe in the afterglow. Before heading off to work, Mackay can't resist a parting first kiss. It catches him off-guard. Touching dicks is one thing, but touching lips quite another! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right as Mackay leaves for his job, Maxwell returns from his. Maxwell is overjoyed to have Bjorn accompany him to the spice festival. The smell of spices, the sound of guitar, the glow of the burning curry - it feels that life is a happy, rose tinted haze. Suddenly Mackay arrives at the spice festival to meet them both. Maxwell is so pleased that he greets his husband lovingly. Bjorn reacts to this action negatively. Maxwell's reaction is one of confusion and bemusement. Surely Bjorn would know that they were married? After all, so was he! They live in the same apartment... I mean... even though they don't wear their wedding rings... Unsure how to rectify the situation, Maxwell blurts out, "Move in with me!" And that is how Bjorn ended up crying himself to sleep in Maxwell and Mackay's bed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bjorn crawls out of bed the next morning, saddened that his heart's desire was in love with another. He shares his feelings with Maxwell, who was unaware of the extent of the upset that Bjorn had been carrying from the night before. Caught up in the affair, Maxwell had been concerned about the family being hurt, at no point did he consider that Bjorn would be hurt as well. Mackay emerges from a lie in. Thoroughly unphased by their new roommate, he is determined to make Bjorn feel better about whatever it is he is gloomy about. Bjorn however, spurns his advances. While he still cares for Mackay as a friend, this whole situation has opened up old wounds. The pair are up to their old awkward style of communication. Maxwell gives Bjorn some personal attention in the bathroom in a hope of raising his morale. The mood is stilted. Maxwell forms another plan. Maxwell decides to invite Bjorn on a date. This has the dual purpose of giving the pair some special time, but also gives them the opportunity to communicate openly in a public space. The sims need to talk. Maxwell cares about Bjorn very deeply, but he cannot be with him unless he accepts his existing relationship with Mackay. He would not bring a new person in to have it threaten the life that he has built with his love. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco and ooOLaLa.
  8. Maxwell and Mackay have been enjoying their life as a married couple. Being both gay and polyamorous, it is not without its trials. Even after Maxwell's amazing date he still goes back home to spend the evening with his husband. Although he's tired and there's work tomorrow morning, Maxwell wants to perform his marital duties. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning Maxwell leaves early for work. Mackay is awoken by a knock on the door from his neighbour. The surprise visitor is Mackay's sister, Harley. It is not much of a surprise at all though, because she lives in the apartment next door. Mackay is very happy to live so close to his family members. Being a socially motivated Sim, his life is heavily influenced by those around him. Much of his feelings of wellbeing come from their regular visits and group hangouts. Harley has come around to be entertained. Mackay needs to perform several hours of music a day to increase his job performance, he is only too happy to oblige this request. It is heartening to have such an enthusiastic audience. However a text message causes Mackay to cut his practice short and to leave in a hurry. Within a moment he is out the door. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An invitation to Geek-con has been sent by none other than Maxwell's new flame! Playable Sim, married man, and Windenburg native, Bjorn Bjergsen. During the courting phase, Mackay and Bjorn got to know one another well. They are warm acquaintances due in part to Mackay's gregarious nature. But despite their mutual friends and/or lovers... Conversations always end up somewhat awkward. Maybe, in the right light, situation permitting, all things considered, Mackay could even see some of what Maxwell sees in Bjorn. The moment is usually, inevitably ruined. ? Mackay is popular, and often wonders what other people would think if they knew the true nature of his marriage. For now it is a topic that he would rather keep a secret. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While the house is empty Harley makes herself at home. Working as a busy painter and a new mother, staying at the apartment grants her a few leisurely hours of alone time in an otherwise full life. Arriving home from work, Maxwell is happy to be greeted by a friendly face. He is somewhat of a loner, and is most comfortable spending time with Sims who are familiar to him. Thankfully, Harley has known Maxwell since he was only a teenager, getting to know him before his solitary nature emerged. The Sim barely has a foot in the door before he is whisked away by dinner plans. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maxwell is excited to get to see his new love interest again. It is fundamental that these plans are for dinner and not a "date". The importance of which is apparent when Bjorn's daughter, Elsa leaves the restaurant just as the pair are seated. Remaining cool on the outside, Maxwell suppresses a desire for Bjorn to not deceive his family. He would like for him to live authentically, and for others to not get hurt. But he is willing to sit back and enjoy the ride, for now at least. And what a ride it is! Mind the centrepiece. Equally amazing as the food at Chez Llama, is finishing before it gets to the table. The wine glasses aren't the only things that are glowing. A quick kiss on the nature strip is all that Maxwell permits before saying goodnight to Bjorn. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exuberant from dinner, Maxwell returns to meet Mackay after work. He has had such a great time that he feels it only fair the offer be extended to Mackay. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco and ooOLaLa.
  9. Maxwell is the first to wake that morning. He greets the kitchen of his brand new apartment. Hmm... Not a bad start, but it could use some upgrades. He decides to make the most of this alone time by checking out this new upscale neighbourhood. While different, the facilities comes up somewhat lacking in comparison to the less commercial districts. Back home Bjorn is practicing chess. After living in such close quarters, the open space is perturbing. Mackay finds the extra room liberating. While listening to some music, he gets an idea. It's time to test out the new place as a club hangout for the Sim City Orchestral Society! Mackay is pleased that Paolo has come along too. He zones in on the band member, "How do you like my new place? It's great for visitors, like you." - "Oh yeah, it's nice." Germaine and Anaya inwardly roll their eyes at his obvious flirting. "Let's hear how you have improved. I have the feeling you could be a great violinist." Mackay lays it on thick. "Ahaha... Well I guess have practiced a little." Paolo replies shyly. The band begins to play while Mackay enters full conductor mode. "Now bow straight, I can hear patchiness!" Just as Mackay circulates his mentoring to Anaya's piano skills Paolo changes to his regular clothes and leaves for work. "Sorry for the short session today, I'll catch you later." Mackay tries to hide his disappointment. "Let's take a break with the rest of the band downstairs." He suggests. "Oh Joaquin, I didn't see you come in." Mackay smiles at the young Sim. "Maybe we should have some one on one practice?" The pair strip down in the bathroom. Joaquin gets on his knees. "I like this kind of rehearsal." He says as he slides his hand over Mackay's cock. "Right." Mackay plays along and folds his arms, "Keep up a steady pace." "I want to see your best performance." Meanwhile: Harley decides to use her apartment key for a surprise drop in. She is greeted by Maxwell at the door. "Your brother is downstairs with his band, I understand they're practising hard." Harley is confused, "But their instruments are upstairs..." Mackay checks up on his pupil, "What's the matter? Are you getting tired?" "Maybe I need more direction?" Says Joaquin playfully. "Good thing I'm such a hands on instructor!" Mackay grabs Joaquin's head and starts fucking his mouth. "Here watch carefully, be open to my input." Mackay cums all over Joaquin's face and mouth. "I think I see what you mean now." Joaquin peers up at Mackay through his glasses. He scoops him up into a kiss. Joaquin murmurs, "Thanks for being such a good teacher." The young Sim walks straight out of the room past Germaine, completely naked. Mackay catches him before he goes upstairs, "Hey, we're a respectable Orchestral Society here, put your uniform on." "Oh I am terribly sorry, I mustn't forget club etiquette." Joaquin changes back. The two exchange a knowing glance. Germaine pretends not to notice, "Good grief." "Oh Harley, I didn't realise you were here." Mackay sits next to her. She greets him nonchalantly, "Hello brother, how was your morning?" - "Oh it was... really... productive!" He laughs, deflecting her gaze. Mackay decides to avoid his sister by playing chess with his husband. "So was practice... fun?" Maxwell raises an eyebrow. "Oh yeah! It was great... Why do you ask?" Mackay queries. Maxwell proceeds, "There's a lot of attractive men in your group, I guess I'm wondering if there's something you need to tell me." Mackay is taken aback, "What? Oh my gosh Maxwell, are you feeling jealous? You know I'd tell you the second I was actually seeing someone else." "I mean I hook up with people occasionally, but you already know about that." "Max if you need me to say it, you're the one for me, baby. No-one else even comes close." "Okay, but promise you'll tell me the moment something happens."-"Ha, you got it." Mackay reassures him. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the shorter entry. The LL server has been slow moving and patchy all evening. ❤️ Sex animation/object credit to Amra72, Azmodan22, Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo, Mike24, Noir and Dark Sims, and Motherlodesims.
  10. Bjorn and Maxwell have the day to themselves while Mackay is at work. They decide to explore The Bluffs with Bjorn's new friend. The bite mark on his neck grows uncomfortable throughout the day, but he tries to ignore it. "Oh my god, that old guy's dick is enormous, and this was last night?" Maxwell admires Tyrian's candid photography. The three discover the ruins and decide to go for a swim. "Oooh that looked painful! 10 out of 10." Commentates Tyrian as Maxwell floats to the surface. Tyrian executes a perfect swan dive, just inches from Maxwell's head. Bjorn stares down at the water and the men beneath, deciding whether to take the plunge. Well if I'm gonna jump... Go big or go home. "Yeah! GO Bjorn!" Cheers Max. "Eww gross, nudity!" Says Tyrian. "Just kidding." The other two join in on the skinny dipping. The public nudity gives Bjorn a boost of adrenaline. "Enough of your mischief." He splashes Tyrian. He's feeling more confident than he has in a while. "Aaah this is nice. I feel so chilled out." Tyrian sighs. "Oh wow, maybe too nice." He sheepishly smiles. Bjorn can't keep his eyes off the young man's penis, barely concealed beneath the water. He feeling himself getting hard, and reaches for Tyrian prompting, "Maybe we should take care of this on the shore."-"What? Are you for real?" Before he can respond Tyrian climb out of the water, his cock bobbing into full view. Maxwell approaches as Tyrian begins to stroke his boyfriend. "Woah, woah! What has gotten into you Bjorn?" After a few moments he gets bored of watching. "Okay either, cut that out or make room for me." Maxwell kneels down and watches the technique. "Hey, can you stand up for a sec?" Asks Tyrian, not wanting to wait. "Okay this works too." Maxwell says while Tyrian felates Bjorn while rubbing his cock. "Whew my ankles are sore."-"It's your turn now." Says Bjorn. He takes the younger sim into his mouth while Maxwell grinds into him from behind. "Holy shit, I was not expecting you to be that good at that."-"Ha! What does that say about you, Bjorn?" Answers Maxwell. "Nothing bad." Tyrian grins. "Let me get another look at that thing." "Ah! Ookay." Bjorn can't stop his eyes rolling back. Enjoying the touch of the two dark haired men. His moans carrying across The Bluffs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The two get home later that evening. Bjorn feeling uncomfortably covered in bodily fluids and various bites. He heads straight to the bathtub. Maxwell regales Mackay with tales of their sordid day trip. "So one moment he's jumped into the pond completely nekkid," "the next thing I go he's got his cock in this guy's mouth and I'm like WOOOAH..." Mackay laughs, "God, I love you." Maxwell swoops in for a kiss. "Hey there Don Juan." Mackay greets Bjorn warmly as he comes out for dinner. "You sure are frowning a lot for a guy who just had a three-way with two younger men." Bjorn doesn't respond to the teasing and proceeds to sadly eats his scrambled eggs. "Ah still sad about the vamp bite then." "Tomorrow we both have the day off, how about we go out for lunch, just you and me?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ IMPORTANT: Did you know Tyrian is a character adoption? You can track his parallel universe story in Protected: Grauerwolfe. For those who love legacy challenges! Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo and Motherlodesims.
  11. We join our Sims with Mackay having breakfast with his best friend and brother in law, Reid Peltier. Reid has been Mackay's friend ever since they used to play basketball together as child and teenager. Mackay would never admit it to Reid or his sister, but as a horny teenager, he thought of Reid as the ideal man, and was somewhat envious of Harley for dating him. Nowadays Mackay is more secure in his relationship with Maxwell, and he looks upon Reid as a friend only. He would sooner move to Forgotten Hollow than risk their relationship. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Later in the evening Maxwell receives a housecall from an acquaintance, Joaquin Le Chien. He is unsure why Mackay's friend from his "band" would be interested in hanging out with him. Maxwell concludes that he'll tolerate the evening intrusion. Chess is more fun with another. He contemplates putting the charm on the more outgoing sim, but thinks better of it as Mackay is arriving home soon. Mackay arrives home from work late and is bothered by the presence of Joaquin. He is in no mood for his goofball antics. He takes Joaquin into his music room and proceeds to work out his frustration on the younger man. After making Joaquin deepthroat his cock, Mackay fucks his in the ass hard. Joaquin is only too happy to cum on his feet. When all is said and done, the two sims sit down for burritos and yogurt. Mackay is much less tense than before. He sends Joaquin on his way and falls asleep next to Maxwell, completely spent. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maxwell wakes up bright and early and refreshed. He decides to make pancakes with plenty of extras for his sleeping husband. He might not look it, but Maxwell is a diligent, highly focused worker. He must be ready to captain his team of software/product developers. However, Maxwell is never too busy to hear salacious stories from his husband about the night before. Mackay's morning ritual often includes meeting up with his band mates for some group practice. The band in question is in fact the Sim City Orchestral Society, specialising in classical music. Among the members is a familiar face. Joaquin has his own secret smile while watching Mackay perform. If he has any thoughts about the prior events in this room, he keeps them to himself. Reid Peltier often lets himself in during practice. He enjoys the talent, despite only having a limited technical understanding of music. Being the band leader, it is easy for Mackay to get carried away with showboating, a notion that is distasteful to some of the other members. Practice is cut short when his friend, Maki swings by the apartment. Maki is young at heart, and her childish nature makes her a very amusing guest. Today she has arrived is a very grumpy mood for some reason. Mackay has only a very short time before work, and cannot pep her up as much as he would have liked. But he gets the feeling that she will be alright. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maxwell has worked very hard at work today and arrives home in need of some relaxation. He invites Bjorn over in a hope that a fun evening would provide the stress relief that he craves. Unfortunately his dinner guest is also tense. . Some upbeat conversation soon brightens the mood. Maxwell eyes the clock pensively. Bjorn thought (hoped) that his lover had something else in mind when he invited him over for a "fun night". In fact, Maxwell had just been stalling for time. As the clock ticks on he makes his move. Bjorn can hardly resist. Maxwell lays his friend onto the bed and works up a momentum. Mackay walks in to find his husband fucking another man. His approval is just the sign Maxwell needs... To offer him the chance to join in. If Bjorn wanted to protest, his head is too buried in the duvet to speak. Teamwork. Bjorn leaves as soon as they finish. He walks with an extra wide gate and a self satisfied look on his face. Maxwell and Mackay are left to debrief and discuss the night's happenings. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco and ooOLaLa.
  12. I seem to be having some problems, polyamory isn't working. I gave all three of the sims the trait, but the two guys, ( who are engaged to each other), won't even flirt with the girl without getting angry. i'm very new to this mod, so I could be doing something wrong.
  13. When we last left off Maxwell was discussing his polyamorous lifestyle with the man he had been recently dating, Bjorn Bjergsen. Maxwell had given him the ultimatum, accept his husband, Mackay is a part of Maxwell's life, or end their blossoming relationship now. Bjorn is taken aback by what appears to be an uncaring decision. His initial reaction is despair. Maxwell is sympathetic to this. It is hard for him as well because he is in love with Bjorn. He would ideally like to not have to choose. But he cannot hurt Mackay, and will take the painful route if it means doing the right thing. Bjorn knows that it will be hard for him, but he does not want to lose this new relationship before giving it a chance. Bjorn decides to try life as a polyamorous Sim. Maxwell is unbelievably happy. He agrees to support Bjorn through this transition. After an emotional rollercoaster, Maxwell wants a few moments to freshen up in the men's room. Bjorn follows him inside. There's nothing quite like a heated exchange to get Bjorn in the mood. And because Bjorn has already made a compromise today, it's only fair that Maxwell offer him his ass. But the two end up taking turns. A fair and amicable exchange. After finishing Bjorn is still understandably nervous about the whole situation. Maxwell reassures him that they will take it one day at a time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pair return home and Bjorn heads straight to bed. Maxwell shares the happy news with Mackay. The couple embrace, they want to be physical and Mackay has a wicked idea. They try to remain subtle. But the thought of getting interrupted is a huge turn on. Mackay laughs at the mess that he has contributed to. As fun as it is to be the cum dump, Maxwell is relieved to take a long overdue shower. Mackay goes and eats a fruit salad. He is wondering what he can do to make Bjorn feel more a part of the household. The weekend is coming up and he thinks they should do something as a group. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bjorn wakes up gloomy, but determined to fight those feelings as best he can. If he is going to embrace his lifestyle, he is going to find a new life goal. The most important relationship he can have is with himself. He may be an adult dating a younger man but he's still got it. Bjorn feels a new found confidence. Meanwhile Mackay shares with Maxwell his desire to surprise Bjorn. With a trip to the park with Bjorn's club and family members! Maxwell thinks it's a really sweet idea, until... You invited his daughter?! Maxwell is shocked. But seeing how pleased it has made Bjorn alleviates most of the awkwardness. Mackay does most of the heavy lifting with the barbecue, so that the Garden Gnomes club can focus on gardening. Elsa Bjergsen even sits with the group while they eat. It gives the three of them the opportunity to chat with her as "friends of her father". Bjorn is very happy to spend some meditative time on club activities like gardening, and fishing. Maxwell talks with Bjorn. They agree it has been an excellent day. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco and ooOLaLa.
  14. The evening draws to a close after a leisurely day. Bjorn has just returned home, and is still dressed in his CIA business-wear. He leans in and speaks quietly, "So, I've got a friend coming over tonight..." "Oh! Do you need the place to yourself? I can stay upstairs." Says Mackay. Bjorn elaborates, "Well actually, I'd rather you join us, if you have no plans that is." - "Hmm! I guess I'm not doing anything, are they a... good friend?" He laughs, "Oh the best. I think the three of us will really get along." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few minutes later introductions are in order. "Tyrian, you remember Mackay, I think you two have met before." "Ah, yes, you're Germaine's friend. Good." Tyrian grins, "Yes good! Thank you for having me, you have a beautiful home." The three decide to try out the indoor swimming pool, which has so far gone unused. Unfortunately they have forgotten towels. Mackay and Bjorn take off their wet swimsuits and shake off. Tyrian commentates, "Oh man, was that pool heated?" The two Sims slide onto the couch and Bjorn orders Tyrian onto the ground. "Hey Tyrian, what do you think you're doing? I told Mackay you were friendly." "What, ah..?" Mackay is confused by their banter, while his dick bobs in front of the man's face. Tyrian clasps the cock. "Oh dear!" He looks up into his eyes, "Have I been a bad guest?" Bjorn continues, "Yes, the height of rudeness." - "Then allow me to remedy the situation." Tyrian begins to slowly massage the head with his tongue. Bjorn sighs exaggeratedly, "No you're doing it wrong." Tyrian's eyes widen. He stands next to him and pulls the young man up. "Here I'll show you." - "Ah I'm so sorry." Tyrian apologises facetiously. 'Take him deep!" Bjorn forces his head down. "Oh shit..." Moans Mackay as he gets deep throated. "Oh my god, just move over." Bjorn pushes his head off and takes the dick himself. Tyrian latches onto his balls. Mackay pants, "Hah... Have I died?" Watching the two men suck him off, it doesn't take long. He cums uncontrollably into Bjorn's mouth. "What the fuck. You two are crazy." Mackay says appreciatively, and kisses Bjorn. Tyrian interjects, "Aww wow, that's like, really so sweet..." "You guys got anything to eat?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After last night, several members of the household sleep in late. Maxwell is eating leftover goi cuon for breakfast. Having a set amount of hours of video games to play for work, it's imperative he starts his day early. Mackay emerges much later and gets some time in on the treadmill. He is soon joined on his fitness endeavour by Bjorn, who beats the absolute shit out of that punching bag. Afterwards a pre-work lavender soak is in order. His cock bobs lazily as he daydreams about the night before. Mackay voluntarily spots Maxwell who comes downstairs to join in, "Come on Max, don't neglect the quads. This is what happens when you don't press for a week." "Hey babe... Shut up." He says through gritted teeth. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bjorn gets home from work, this time with a spring in his step. He approaches Maxwell, "Good news, Clara is talking to me again." 'What that's great news!" - "I know right?!" "Mmm, I love you so much." Maxwell holds his boyfriend and breathes him in deeply. "You smell so good." Bjorn smiles warmly, "We should celebrate, get on the table." - "Hey now!" Maxwell wasn't expecting to be pushed backward. "Hold on, I'll sit up." Maxwell readjusts, Bjorn tenderly begins to suck his cock. "Stand up, I want to kiss you." Maxwell slides his hands down Bjorn's chest. He eyes the man's physique as he takes him in his mouth. "Can I ask you a question?" Says Bjorn. "Mmmn." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ IMPORTANT: Did you know Tyrian is a character adoption? You can track his parallel universe story in Protected: Grauerwolfe. For those who love legacy challenges! Sex animation/object credit to Amra72, Azmodan22, Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo, Mike24, Noir and Dark Sims, and Motherlodesims.
  15. When we last left off, Maxwell was trying to distract Bjorn from his misery after having just divorced his wife, Clara. A very sad Bjorn would rather go home and cry in bed, but he has no such luck. Instead they received an invitation from Harley hoping to cheer Bjorn up at the current romance festival. Bjorn is understandably offput by this idea, "Really, literally ANY other event would have been more appropriate." - "You'll be sad if you go home, so you may as well be sad out with your friends." Harley does have a point. "Come on, throw some petals with us." Maxwell excitedly flings floral matter at his boyfriend. "Party pooper, it's supposed to be fun!" He instead showers roses over his sister-in-law. "You see?" Smiles Harley. - "Yeah alright, it is kind of fun." Bjorn looks to the sky through the flowers, he feels that even though he is at his lowest point, that soon his darkness may pass. In the meantime the group partakes in some Sakura tea. Bjorn sits struggling to use chopsticks to eat ramen. Maxwell soon takes pity on his friend and the pair go home, exhausted. While this isn't the night that they would have liked to have under the flirty effects of Sakura Tea, they prioritise looking after themselves and the house. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning Mackay encounters Bjorn in the kitchen. He hasn't seen him since yesterday and hopes he is doing better. "Hey look who it is! What did you crazy kids get up to last night?" - "Oh yeah, we went to the romance festival with Harley." - "Really? Sounds like you had fun!" Enthuses Mackay. "Yeah, it distracted me for a while... from things." A troubled look passes over Bjorn's face. He continues, "I should've spent more time with them when I had the chance. I just wish I could see them all right now." - "Oh Bjorn..." Empathises Mackay. "But you're not going to yet, right? Maybe give them a few days..." Stumbles Mackay, awkwardly. - "Of course I'm not going to, do you think I'm that unreasonable?" Maybe thinks Mackay remembering Bjorn's revelation yesterday. "Haha, of course not! Not at all." He follows Bjorn into the music room. "Right, you're just keeping an eye on me for nothing?" Huffs Bjorn as he works up a sweat. "Actually, I had already planned to practice music in here." Mackay tells a half truth. Not that watching him work out isn't fun already. "Well then check this out!" Bjorn flexes his bicep. "Oooh! Impressive." Says Mackay. Holy shit. It actually is impressive. "Here I'll give you a massage, you're probably all tense from that heavy lifting," Or something. Mackay can't resist an excuse to touch Bjorn's muscles. Bjorn turns around, he can tell that Mackay is unintentionally turned on. "Hey," Says Mackay lustily, "Let me help you warm down." "You don't want to cramp up." Fuck, those abs! Mackay thinks as he slides his hand over Bjorn, working towards his penis. Although it's not usually Mackay's style, he can't resist sucking Bjorn's cock. He rises from the seat for the occasion, so credit where it is due. Mackay supports his body and looks him in the eyes. "Oh Bjorn," He murmurs. "What are we going to do with you?" In response Bjorn lifts his weight onto Mackay's cock. "I'm not as weak as you think." He begins to grind into him. Now it is his turn to look at Mackay, "I know you want to look after me, but I can do this on my own too you know?" - "Right on." He responds lazily spent. Shit shit shit. Bjorn cries privately in the shower. He wants to feel as strong as his words were to Mackay. A phone call interrupts these tears. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The invitation came from a familiar household in Forgotten Hollow. Tyrian smiles charmingly, "How nice to see you in one piece." - "Ah yeah," Bjorn agrees, "It is good to see you too." Tyrian continues to hold his hand, "I have invited you over because I have a proposition for you." His whisper tickles Bjorn's ear, "So if you would please come with me, downstairs?" Bjorn takes the lead, somewhat wary of his friend. "Well here we are, down here, in the dungeon." He smirks playfully. "...Ah-ha." Bjorn feels a bit uncomfortable. Tyrian takes a deep breath, "Well there's no use mincing words. Bjorn, I want you to hit me." - "What!?" Bjorn cannot believe what he is hearing. "Come now, you must know what I mean." Tyrian laughs again. "The thing is, I'm super into dominance and submission, and I think you'd be perfect for domming me." "Not failing to mention, you just split up with your wife, right? I think it would be good for you to cut loose. So what do you say?" Tyrian makes his final point. "Aaaah, okay, if you're sure about this." Bjorn shrugs, raising his hand. "Absolutely I am." Tyrian says with a serious expression. Bjorn slaps the young man a few times across the face. "Are you.. okay?" Queries Bjorn. Tyrian takes a deep breath. "Yes, that was quite refreshing!" He smiles. He then looks at Bjorn intensely, "Shall we continue?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ IMPORTANT: Did you know Tyrian is a character adoption? You can track his parallel universe story in Protected: Grauerwolfe. For those who love legacy challenges! Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo and Motherlodesims.
  16. That morning Mackay started his day bright an early, with a refreshing morning jog around the neighbourhood. Maxwell prefers to sleep in on his days off, undeterred by the sunrise. This is not the usual morning for Bjorn, who has been rehearsing in the mirror since he awoke hours ago. "No, no... Stupid." He self-criticises. Finally emerging from the bedroom, Maxwell grabs of bowl of leftover Tajine. "Today's the day." Says Bjorn nervously. "You're both still coming with me right?" Maxwell coolly responds, "Yeah of course. But I'll need a moment to, you know, eat breakfast." Bjorn fidgets uncomfortably. "I know, I just want to make sure." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fully dressed, the Sims are waiting at the front of the Von Haut Estate in Windenburg. Mackay asks Maxwell, "So what's our game plan here?" - "Okay okay, so Bjorn is gonna be all, 'please let me go'." "And she's gonna go like, 'WHAT!? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? You're the worst Sim in the WORLD!'" "'And I will NEVER FORGIVE YOU AS LONG AS I LIVE! RAAAARGH!!'" "Rrrgh!" - "Oh look, that's them now." Mackay points out the arrival of Bjorn and Clara. Maxwell whispers, "Oh my god, do you think she heard me?" - "Calm down. She doesn't know who you are." Bjorn starts politely, "Clara, thank you for accompanying me here, you look very nice today." "What? Oh Lord, it's happening, isn't it?" Fear fills Clara's voice. "Ah... That depends, do you think we're getting a divorce?" Says Bjorn tentatively. "Jesus CHRIST Bjorn! You're doing it like this? Do you have ANY tact?" She yells in exasperation. "Do you have any sense left in your goddamn thick skull?" "...er... No?" Bjorn reacts meekly. "So what huh! Is this going the way you thought it would? Is this how you planned it to go?" "I had plans too you know! Sixteen years of marriage, two daughters. But does BJORN BJERGSEN care about ANY of that?! Nope he can just WALK away from his life!" Hesitantly Bjorn answers. "I do care... About all of those things." "But Clara I can't do this anymore. Not to you or the girls." A sob gets caught in his throat as he rapidly blinks back tears. A low wail emits from the pit of her stomach, "Oh Jesus!" 'I loved you. I loved you so much." Clara cries. "I know, I loved you too." He says quietly wiping away tears. The pair stand there, crying together quietly. Clara takes a deep breath and tries to recompose herself. "Clara are you going to be okay?" - "Oh Bjorn, don't ask me that?" "I've got the whole family asking me that every single day." She frowns and turns away. Breathing out another sigh, Clara continues, "So this is it I guess. It's all over." "Are you going to be okay? Where are you staying?" She looks pityingly at Bjorn. He is shocked by her concern. "Oh, ah, don't ask, everything's taken care of." "Don't you waste time worrying about him." Says Maxwell popping into the conversation unexpectedly. "Hi I'm Maxwell, It's a pleasure to finally meet you." - "Oh... ah... Hello, I guess?" She greets him with confusion. "I'm Bjorn's boyfriend, and I'm here to help you in this trying time." - "His BOYFRIEND?" - "Yes." - "Oh Lord." She sounds ill. Bjorn is panicking, "Mackay, can you please help me out here?" Mackay wanders over while Bjorn tries to regain control of the situation, "So ah... I didn't want this to happen so soon, but I've been staying in San Myshuno, with these two men, Maxwell and Mackay." 'Seriously?" She says flatly. "That doesn't make me feel better." "Really it's fine. They've made me feel very welcome." Bjorn insists. Maxwell adds, "We both agree. He's like another member of the family." "Wait, are you and HIM together?" She gives Mackay the side eye. "Yes, this is my husband." Says Maxwell matter of factly. "Oh my god, you're dating a MARRIED man?" Clara's voice raises a pitch, she looks like she might laugh. "I know if sound strange but we're married and polyamorous. I was with Mackay before I met Bjorn." Explains Maxwell. "It's a bit of a story, maybe we can grab a coffee sometime." "I don't know how I'm supposed to handle this information. What am I supposed to do now." Mackay goes over to Clara, "I know it's a shock, and a lot to take in," "You will get through this Clara Bjergsen. You are strong, and you will be better than you were before all of this." She starts to cry again, "But my husband left me for two men, I don't know what to do!" Bjorn interjects, "Please don't make this worse for her Mackay, she's heard enough already." She snaps back, and raises her hands in rage, "Don't you try to speak for me you stupid, condescending, little man-" A small popping sound cuts her off. Mackay queries, "Bjorn? Clara? What was that?" She loses her footing and Bjorn lowers her to the ground. "Did he just... Shoot her... with his secret agent tranquillising watch?" Mackay looks up but Bjorn is already several metres away. "That was not very classy." Mackay surmises. "No it was not." Agrees Maxwell. "We should go too... before it wears off." - "I concur." The two of them run after Bjorn. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️
  17. That morning Bjorn woke up first, he encounters Maxwell fresh out of bed. He whispers to him, "Last night Mackay kissed me, not just a peck either..." Bemused, Maxwell teases him. "Did you like it?" "I bet you did," "you dirty man." He moans. Bjorn answers, "I guess... I don't know how I feel." Maxwell looks up at his gorgeous cock. "You need to relax... what are you so afraid of?" "Everything." Bjorn apologises to Maxwell, but he has to get ready for work. Maxwell responds, "Don't worry about it, someone else can take care of it." Not a moment later Mackay walks into the kitchen. "someONE ELSE!" Maxwell gleefully enthuses. "Did you just say something? How long have I been in the kitchen?" Mackay blinks awake. "Can I make breakfast now?" Asks Mackay. Maxwell grins. Afterwards Maxwell starts gaming on the couch without realising that he is actually livestreaming. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the weekend ahead of them, our married couple decide to spend some time at geek-con. Maxwell is especially excited as he has the geek trait, and Mackay is happy to see him so happy. They try their hand at the Hack-a-thon. Maxwell wonders if a level 9 programmer skill will be enough to win the new PC setup, Mackay wonders if whether he presses the same keys over and over again it will count as hacking. They gaze lovingly into each others eyes. It is nice spending time like this, like they are dating for the first time... "There's a strange lady sitting behind me.... isn't there?" Deciding to move, Maxwell has a suggestion, "I don't suppose you want to join the Zero Gravity High Club?"-"Like you have to ask?!" Mackay: "Do you think if we ask him nicely Mister Star Vader will come with us?" Maxwell replies, "Anakin might force choke you if you do." "I think I'm okay with that." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That night the three sims return home at the same time. Bjorn is feeling anti-social so he takes his cappuccino and chocolate tummers muffin and goes to rest. A knock on the door reveals a visiting neighbour. It's Harley, Mackay's older sister. "Hello stranger, long time no see." "When were you going to tell me about your new 'housemate?'"-"....Oh boy." Says Mackay. Harley greets Maxwell pleasantly "Hey sweetie."-"' 'sup!" He responds. She continues, "I don't know why you thought you could hide anything, we live right across the hall. Plus Reid tells me EVERYTHING."-"Not everything." Adds Reid weakly. Mackay prepares dinner. "I have a right to privacy too you know, plus I was going to let you know... eventually." "Look, I'm sorry I broke the code, but you don't know what it was like, she has ways man, and you weren't making it easy." Reid explained. Mackay doesn't mind. "I lived with her for longer than you, trust me I can handle it." Maxwell smirks talking in third person, "And Maxwell gets off scott-free, to sin another day. I love being the favourite." "Are you guys done talking behind my back?" Says Harley emerging out of nowhere. Mackay retorts, "I WOULD NEVER!" "You idiot." They laugh. Mackay tries to explain the situation as they finish their Bahn Mi. "I guess I wasn't sure how you'd react. Family has always been super important, but I wasn't sure where this would fit in, it's still pretty new." "Brother, you know I love you and Maxwell, we still want you in our life even if you change, even if you aren't a usual couple. We want to be here with you." Mackay muses, "What would have mum and dad said?"-"Probably to fuck whoever you want, I dunno you should ask them next family reunion." Reid stands up, "I'm going to bed, come home whenever."Mackay is happy with this outcome. He is a bit hesitant, but it is as though a huge weight has been lifted. He will try to include his extended family more in his life, whatever form it takes. Later on: "Only one bed huh?" - "Please just go home." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo and Motherlodesims.
  18. We open with Maxwell having just finished a workout. Ever since aging up, he has become more self conscious. Edging closer to becoming an elder means he can't rely on his youthful good looks in his mind. Mackay thinks his husband is being silly. He looks good, and he can prove it. He wants Maxwell to see what he sees. However, it does not work. Maxwell can't stand his reflection and insists that they move to the bed. Oh well, it was a nice try. "Are you sulking?" "I am not!" retorts Maxwell. But Mackay is having none of it. Mackay tells Maxwell that he loves him- and the way that he looks - and that's all that matters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Later on Maxwell is trying to focus on working at home. Gaming can be fun, but today it isn't cutting it. Maxwell quickly loses patience with Genie Frenzy. He needs to get out of the house! He travels to South Square coffee in hopes of some stimulating conversation. He meets up with Caleb Vatore. Caleb can't relate to his worries about aging for some unknowable reason. Bjorn decides to join him after work. Bjorn wants to talk with Maxwell about something that has been on his mind, but reading, conversing and cannoli create a less conversation fertile environment than one would think. As soon as they manage to sit together the evening is already upon them.Perhaps another time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next day before work, Mackay and Maxwell realise that they have the whole morning together. Maxwell excitedly proposes that they go on a date. Maxwell's enthusiasm is too cute too resist, so Mackay agrees to a walk around the Spice Market district. Mackay can't resist tickling Maxwell and teasing him about the previous morning. But jokes aside, Mackay genuinely wants to know if he is feeling okay. Maxwell says that today he is travelling much better. He isn't gloomy, just happy to be alive. Mackay kisses him deeply. He is relieved. There is only one thing that could make their date better. A quickie behind the karaoke bar! It is a beautiful day. But they had to finish fast because they both have work. The pair streak home! How's that for body positivity? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is after work, Bjorn had barely walked in the door before he received a text message. He felt a strong obligation to accept the invitation. It has been so many days since he was home. The house is large. A stark contrast to the single bedroom apartment. Sofia Bjergsen greets him, she's so happy that he made it. Elsa is home too, she seems wary. Though slightly awkward, Bjorn handles the reunion well. As they talk, things start to feel more like old times. He has missed his children. It is getting late so Bjorn pours himself an Americano in the enormous kitchen. He sits back down with Elsa. She asks him when he is coming home. He does not know what to say. Bjorn excuses himself for a swim. He remembers building his fitness skill by swimming in this pool every day. And suddenly she's there.... Clara Bjergsen. She stares at him silently, then she walks inside. Bjorn goes in after Clara hoping to talk to her. But he is too late. She's already asleep. Bjorn decides it's time to leave. He says goodnight to a sleeping Elsa. He catches Sofia and lets her know he's taking off. He wasn't prepared for the response from his oldest girl. "Why" she says, but doesn't expect an answer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco ooOLaLa and Zorak.
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