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When we last left off, Maxwell was trying to distract Bjorn from his misery after having just divorced his wife, Clara. A very sad Bjorn would rather go home and cry in bed, but he has no such luck.




Instead they received an invitation from Harley hoping to cheer Bjorn up at the current romance festival.




Bjorn is understandably offput by this idea, "Really, literally ANY other event would have been more appropriate." - "You'll be sad if you go home, so you may as well be sad out with your friends." Harley does have a point.




"Come on, throw some petals with us." Maxwell excitedly flings floral matter at his boyfriend.




"Party pooper, it's supposed to be fun!" He instead showers roses over his sister-in-law.




"You see?" Smiles Harley. - "Yeah alright, it is kind of fun." Bjorn looks to the sky through the flowers, he feels that even though he is at his lowest point, that soon his darkness may pass.




In the meantime the group partakes in some Sakura tea.




Bjorn sits struggling to use chopsticks to eat ramen.




Maxwell soon takes pity on his friend and the pair go home, exhausted. While this isn't the night that they would have liked to have under the flirty effects of Sakura Tea, they prioritise looking after themselves and the house.




The next morning Mackay encounters Bjorn in the kitchen. He hasn't seen him since yesterday and hopes he is doing better.




"Hey look who it is! What did you crazy kids get up to last night?" - "Oh yeah, we went to the romance festival with Harley." - "Really? Sounds like you had fun!" Enthuses Mackay.




"Yeah, it distracted me for a while... from things." A troubled look passes over Bjorn's face. He continues, "I should've spent more time with them when I had the chance. I just wish I could see them all right now." - "Oh Bjorn..." Empathises Mackay.




"But you're not going to yet, right? Maybe give them a few days..." Stumbles Mackay, awkwardly.  - "Of course I'm not going to, do you think I'm that unreasonable?" Maybe thinks Mackay remembering Bjorn's revelation yesterday.




"Haha, of course not! Not at all." He follows Bjorn into the music room. 




"Right, you're just keeping an eye on me for nothing?" Huffs Bjorn as he works up a sweat.




"Actually, I had already planned to practice music in here." Mackay tells a half truth. 




Not that watching him work out isn't fun already.




"Well then check this out!" Bjorn flexes his bicep. "Oooh! Impressive." Says Mackay. Holy shit. It actually is impressive. 




"Here I'll give you a massage, you're  probably all tense from that heavy lifting," Or something. Mackay can't resist an excuse to touch Bjorn's muscles.





Bjorn turns around, he can tell that Mackay is unintentionally turned on.




"Hey," Says Mackay lustily, "Let me help you warm down."




"You don't want to cramp up." Fuck, those abs! Mackay thinks as he slides his hand over Bjorn, working towards his penis.




Although it's not usually Mackay's style, he can't resist sucking Bjorn's cock. He rises from the seat for the occasion, so credit where it is due.







Mackay supports his body and looks him in the eyes. "Oh Bjorn," He murmurs.




"What are we going to do with you?"




In response Bjorn lifts his weight onto Mackay's cock. "I'm not as weak as you think." He begins to grind into him.






Now it is his turn to look at Mackay, "I know you want to look after me, but I can do this on my own too you know?" - "Right on." He responds lazily spent.




Shit shit shit. Bjorn cries privately in the shower. He wants to feel as strong as his words were to Mackay.




A phone call interrupts these tears.




The invitation came from a familiar household in Forgotten Hollow.




Tyrian smiles charmingly, "How nice to see you in one piece." - "Ah yeah," Bjorn agrees, "It is good to see you too."




Tyrian continues to hold his hand, "I have invited you over because I have a proposition for you."




His whisper tickles Bjorn's ear, "So if you would please come with me, downstairs?"




Bjorn takes the lead, somewhat wary of his friend.




"Well here we are, down here, in the dungeon." He smirks playfully. "...Ah-ha." Bjorn feels a bit uncomfortable.




Tyrian takes a deep breath, "Well there's no use mincing words. Bjorn, I want you to hit me." - "What!?" Bjorn cannot believe what he is hearing.




"Come now, you must know what I mean." Tyrian laughs again. 




"The thing is, I'm super into dominance and submission, and I think you'd be perfect for domming me." 




"Not failing to mention, you just split up with your wife, right? I think it would be good for you to cut loose. So what do you say?" Tyrian makes his final point.




"Aaaah, okay, if you're sure about this." Bjorn shrugs, raising his hand. "Absolutely I am." Tyrian says with a serious expression.





Bjorn slaps the young man a few times across the face.




"Are you.. okay?" Queries Bjorn. Tyrian takes a deep breath. "Yes, that was quite refreshing!" He smiles.




He then looks at Bjorn intensely, "Shall we continue?"





IMPORTANT: Did you know Tyrian is a character adoption? You can track his parallel universe story in Protected: Grauerwolfe. For those who love legacy challenges!


Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo and Motherlodesims.


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I can just imagine Tyrian:

"Hit me again! :D"


If any one sim was going to try start a sex club....


Plus he has the fabulously wealthy aspiration. He would be so in to owning a brothel, as long as his workers safety could be assured.

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On 2/21/2019 at 8:07 PM, Three Oaks said:

I can just imagine Tyrian:

"Hit me again! :D"


If any one sim was going to try start a sex club....


Plus he has the fabulously wealthy aspiration. He would be so in to owning a brothel, as long as his workers safety could be assured.

Tyrian really is the most sensible, business-minded masochist. I like to think he has a whole lot of cool costumes hidden away somewhere. Definitely needs to host a sex club. It is canon now!

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