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After the threesome the night before, Bjorn had left in a hurry. Maxwell and Mackay were unsure how Bjorn wanted to progress. Mackay did not have to wonder for long though, when Bjorn invited Mackay out for an actual "date" the next morning.




Our Sim was pleased with Bjorn's apparent carefree attitude. 




Being Mackay, he likes to turn every social outing into a creative skill building exercise. 




Mackay feels warmly towards Bjorn. As they chat casually, he hopes that this will be the start of an affectionate metamorship. 




The moment feels perfect. The pair bathe in the afterglow.




Before heading off to work, Mackay can't resist a parting first kiss. It catches him off-guard. Touching dicks is one thing, but touching lips quite another!




Right as Mackay leaves for his job, Maxwell returns from his. 




Maxwell is overjoyed to have Bjorn accompany him to the spice festival.




The smell of spices, the sound of guitar, the glow of the burning curry - it feels that life is a happy, rose tinted haze.




Suddenly Mackay arrives at the spice festival to meet them both. Maxwell is so pleased that he greets his husband lovingly. Bjorn reacts to this action negatively. 




Maxwell's reaction is one of confusion and bemusement. Surely Bjorn would know that they were married? After all, so was he! They live in the same apartment... I mean... even though they don't wear their wedding rings...




Unsure how to rectify the situation, Maxwell blurts out, "Move in with me!"




And that is how Bjorn ended up crying himself to sleep in Maxwell and Mackay's bed.






Bjorn crawls out of bed the next morning, saddened that his heart's desire was in love with another.




He shares his feelings with Maxwell, who was unaware of the extent of the upset that Bjorn had been carrying from the night before. Caught up in the affair, Maxwell had been concerned about the family being hurt, at no point did he consider that Bjorn would be hurt as well.




Mackay emerges from a lie in. Thoroughly unphased by their new roommate, he is determined to make Bjorn feel better about whatever it is he is gloomy about.




Bjorn however, spurns his advances. While he still cares for Mackay as a friend, this whole situation has opened up old wounds. The pair are up to their old awkward style of communication.




Maxwell gives Bjorn some personal attention in the bathroom in a hope of raising his morale. The mood is stilted. Maxwell forms another plan.




Maxwell decides to invite Bjorn on a date. This has the dual purpose of giving the pair some special time, but also gives them the opportunity to communicate openly in a public space.




The sims need to talk. Maxwell cares about Bjorn very deeply, but he cannot be with him unless he accepts his existing relationship with Mackay. He would not bring a new person in to have it threaten the life that he has built with his love.






Sex animation credit to Amra72, Azmodan22 Lupobianco and ooOLaLa. 



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