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  1. The house guests have left and Maxwell is asking Bjorn about the events that have just occurred. "Argh, what am I going to do to come back from this? Mackay got really pissed." Bjorn muses, "I don't know... I think you can fix it all pretty easily." Maxwell frets, "But we never fight, not like this, he's convinced I've been lying to him." Bjorn replies, "Maybe not lying, possibly being deceptive? But Mackay is not unreasonable." "Remember all the drama I've been through recently? I found things improved a lot for me after I started talking to people instead of sulking." Bjorn concludes, "Speaking of which I'm going to be out this evening... You can talk to him about it alone tonight, you'll see." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Windenberg native sim travels to the Shrieking Llama Bar. "So nice to see you Clara, thank you for coming." She exhales loudly, "Why did I say yes to coming here? I knew it was a mistake." He doesn't let her reluctance phase him, "Well I really appreciate you agreeing to meet me, mistake or not. Since you're here why don't we get a drink inside?" - "I guess so." Clara shrugs. Bjorn declares, "Fantastic, I promise you will not regret it." They sit down with a barley bale. Clara eyes him, "Okay you've got me here, so what do you want?" Bjorn beams, "Well I thought we could talk together one on one, I meant it when I said I wanted to stay friends." - "Huh." She responds and drums her fingers. Clara then smiles sarcastically, "It's REALLY big of you to offer your friendship, after you had an affair and left your wife and family. So gracious." He persists, "Listen Clara, I've thought a lot about what is right. After we split I wanted to fight you for full custody of the kids, to make you into the enemy, but I realised that it isn't fair to them. Their home is with you, trying to take them away would only hurt everyone." "You what?" She starts. Bjorn interrupts, "I think you will agree that what's best for Elsa and Sophia is to be with you, and I still want to be in their lives. For my part, I want to try to be as civil and amicable in this divorce as possible. That would be easier if we could try to be friends." Clara winces, "Eurgh you're so... frustrating. You always did make it hard to be genuinely angry with you." "It will take some time." She stands up, right as a meeting of The Good Timers starts. Tyrian struts over, "Salute to our grand eminence of games! And will this vision of beauty be joining us?" Clara blushes, "That's uh, very sweet young man, but I don't touch the stuff." "Hrmm... My proposition has been rejected, no matter." Tyrian's eyes narrow. He turns to the other members, "What say the rest of you to revelry? Who wants to challenge me to a game of the llama waker?" As the bar becomes more crowded Bjorn stands to join his club members. Before leaving he looks back to Clara and raises his glass "That's me then, thanks again for being open to talking with me today." She smiles and raises her glass too, "Cheers. It was marginally less unbearable than I thought." She mocks, "But don't let me keep you, you must go, your 'people' need their 'king!" - "Yes, very funny." He wryly grins. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back at the apartment Mackay and Maxwell are sitting outside eating dinner under the night sky. Mackay is the first to broach the subject. "About earlier today.... The reason I got upset was because finding out that way really hurt." "I felt like I was blindsided by the people closest to me. I know I seem confident about things," "But it made me feel like you don't take our relationship seriously. Like you don't really... love me." His husband frowns, "Please don't think that..." Mackay continues, "Look, I'm not gonna say I don't understand why you hid this from me." "Last time when we talked about this, I wasn't really... receptive to your feelings." Maxwell elaborates, "Ya think? I heard you loud and clear, if I wanted to stay with you there were gonna be no damn babies." Then he shrugs, "Mack, I changed my whole life plan, doesn't that show you how much I want to stay with you?" "Well, eh-yeah I said that, but I was in my twenties, you can't blame me." Mackay replies candidly. "Plus people with kids are really fucking weird." He adds. Maxwell laughs and says, "But here we are after all this time, even though it's such a big world and who knows what might've happened along the way. But we're stable and getting old... together." "So are we doing this or what?" Max asks. "Maxwell Simms, I think I can raise our child." "What, REALLY?!" He responds excitedly. Flexing Mackay replies, "Yeah let's do it. It's time this stallion was put to stud." For a moment they look out over the city in silence. "Well! I guess I better put a baby in you." Mackay teases. "What? Uh.... I mean.... Right now?" Maxwell says in shock. "Of course, don't make me wait for it." He kisses him slowly, parting his lips with his mouth. "Stand against the wall." Mackay orders. "Now face me." "And 1... 2... 3... Hup!" - "Woaah!" Maxwell reacts gleefully. Burying his face in his shoulder, he enjoys the feeling of being held by strong arms. Mackay rests Maxwell's back against the plexiglass window... And begins to thrust into him. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "You look like you're doing better." Comments Bjorn over fruit salad. "Yep! SO much better!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ I won't lie, the "plexiglass" isn't my favourite part of that sex scene, but without it some asshole would be all, "Is that glass strong enough to support their weight?" IMPORTANT: Did you know Tyrian is a character adoption? You can track his parallel universe story in Protected: Grauerwolfe. For those who love legacy challenges! Sex animation/object credit to Amra72, Azmodan22, Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo, Mike24, Noir and Dark Sims, and Motherlodesims.
  2. This blog can also be read at: https://xsavourymuffins.blogspot.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last time. "Can I ask you a question?" Says Bjorn. "What's wrong?" Maxwell says with concern. Bjorn looks into Maxwell's eyes, "I am thinking of having my daughters visit tomorrow. Do you think that's a good idea?" "Of course, that's okay with me. You don't have to ask." "I know that. I wanted to make sure that we're ready, no nasty surprises." Maxwell looks stunned, "'Bjorn, I am surprised that you don't think we're ready to have your kids here." "It's alright with you right, Mackay?" Maxwell calls across the room. "Yeah Bjorn, you have nothing to worry about." Mackay emerges from behind the couch. "Yep, why would I think that." Bjorn sighs to himself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mackay welcomes the new day with some naturalist guitar playing. But he quickly dresses before the girls arrive. Bjorn is relieved. "Daddy!" Cries Elsa as he wraps his youngest in a hug. "I have missed you so much!" "Well this is a lot nicer than Mum said it would be." Sophia surveys the apartment. "How have you been? Was it easy getting here? Tell me everything." He gushes. "I won first prize at the science fair last week!" Pipes up Elsa. "It was a 30 minute train ride." Sophia answers. "...Did she say anything about why I'm living here?" Bjorn tentatively inquires. "Mum said that you are a homosexual now." Elsa states. "Ah, that's technically right, sort of." Bjorn trails off. Sophia cringes audibly, "Oh good grief Dad." Sophia sits down next to her sister, "Dad is living here now with his two boyfriends. While he doesn't live with mum anymore, he still loves us both very much." "Does that about cover it? Did I miss anything?" She smugly finishes. Mackay approaches, "Mind if I intrude?" - "Knock yourself out side-fringe." Sophia gestures him over. Ignoring the jab Mackay tries to get on the teen's good side, "Your dad tells me that your in a band, I think that rules!" Bjorn muses, "Oh yeah, what were they called, the Pentagons?" Sophia sighs and rolls her eyes, "That's the PARAGONS dad, and we're NOT a band." Elsa joins in, "Sophie plays guitar but mum says she should be doing her homework, then she'd get better grades like me!" Mackay smiles, "Wow, guitar. I'm learning that too at the moment. Rad!" Maxwell saunters in, "Sorry I'm late, did I miss much?" - Bjorn shakes his head, "Just me misunderstanding my daughter." "Is this man bothering you, Sophia?" She smirks, "Oh, don't worry I can handle him." "I'm Maxwell, that's Mackay, if you need anything, or your dad sorted out, just ask!" - "Yeah, I'll remember that next time he leaves for a month." Meanwhile Elsa chats to Mackay, "I like the green in your hair!" - "Thank you! Your braid is so pretty!" Bjorn comments, "She gets her hair from her mother, she also got her brains too." - "Not from him, huh?" Maxwell says to Sophia. They share a smile. Elsa beams, "I've got to go soon, I have tutoring at 11 o 'clock in the city." She gets up, "Maybe I can come here before tutoring next week, if mum says yes." "Of course little mädchen, you are always welcome here." Bjorn hugs his daughter lovingly. He see's her out. Sophia mentions, "They tried to send me there once, it didn't go well. I usually wait around until it's done." Mackay smiles, "You can stay here for as long or as little as you like, no prob!" "Do you like dumplings? We've got so many leftover dumplings." As Bjorn comes back upstairs after seeing off his youngest, he runs into Harley who just dropped in for a visit. "Your girls are here? I can go if you want. It wasn't urgent or anything." Bjorn doesn't mind at all, "Why not stay? The more the merrier." She finds Sophia, Bjorn and Mackay chatting happily. "Maxwell! It's great to see you." She continues, "I've been meaning to talk to you. Have you guys thought much about that thing we discussed?" Maxwell is taken aback, "Errr..." He gestures awkwardly, "Oh yeah that, the thing is, I haven't actually-" - "What are you two talking about?" Asks Bjorn. She sits down at the table, "Oh you know, baby stuff." "Oh! Are you and Reid expecting again?" Harley laughs, "Lord no! A few weeks ago I offered to be a surrogate if Max and Mackay wanted to have a baby." "Oh wow!" Bjorn enthuses, "That would be perfect!" - "I know right!" "Hey Maxwell you should take Harley up on this. What are you waiting for." Bjorn gestures. "Haha... What are you guys talking about up there?" Mackay asks. "Oh you know," Says Harley, "That time I asked Maxwell if you guys wanted me to have a baby for you." "No.... This is the first I've heard about this." says Mackay bewildered. An awkward silence fills the room. Mackay turns to Maxwell, "Why didn't you tell me?" Harley frowns, "I'm sorry, I thought you knew by now." Maxwell avoids Mackay's eyes, "You've been clear when we talked about this stuff before, so I thought..." - "So you thought you wouldn't even give me the chance to respond?" "Just, what." Mackay frowns then shakes his head in disbelief. "Little brother?" Harley says tentatively. "I'm sorry about this everyone, I've got to go to work." He leaves for work without another word. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ Sex animation/object credit to Amra72, Azmodan22, Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo, Mike24, Noir and Dark Sims, and Motherlodesims.
  3. I have finished migrating my blog "Savoury Muffins" over to an different blog: https://xsavourymuffins.blogspot.com/ the benefit of this is that the blog can be updated when LL is down, the images will load faster, and it has an email follow option. Check it out if you are so inclined. 




  4. The evening draws to a close after a leisurely day. Bjorn has just returned home, and is still dressed in his CIA business-wear. He leans in and speaks quietly, "So, I've got a friend coming over tonight..." "Oh! Do you need the place to yourself? I can stay upstairs." Says Mackay. Bjorn elaborates, "Well actually, I'd rather you join us, if you have no plans that is." - "Hmm! I guess I'm not doing anything, are they a... good friend?" He laughs, "Oh the best. I think the three of us will really get along." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few minutes later introductions are in order. "Tyrian, you remember Mackay, I think you two have met before." "Ah, yes, you're Germaine's friend. Good." Tyrian grins, "Yes good! Thank you for having me, you have a beautiful home." The three decide to try out the indoor swimming pool, which has so far gone unused. Unfortunately they have forgotten towels. Mackay and Bjorn take off their wet swimsuits and shake off. Tyrian commentates, "Oh man, was that pool heated?" The two Sims slide onto the couch and Bjorn orders Tyrian onto the ground. "Hey Tyrian, what do you think you're doing? I told Mackay you were friendly." "What, ah..?" Mackay is confused by their banter, while his dick bobs in front of the man's face. Tyrian clasps the cock. "Oh dear!" He looks up into his eyes, "Have I been a bad guest?" Bjorn continues, "Yes, the height of rudeness." - "Then allow me to remedy the situation." Tyrian begins to slowly massage the head with his tongue. Bjorn sighs exaggeratedly, "No you're doing it wrong." Tyrian's eyes widen. He stands next to him and pulls the young man up. "Here I'll show you." - "Ah I'm so sorry." Tyrian apologises facetiously. 'Take him deep!" Bjorn forces his head down. "Oh shit..." Moans Mackay as he gets deep throated. "Oh my god, just move over." Bjorn pushes his head off and takes the dick himself. Tyrian latches onto his balls. Mackay pants, "Hah... Have I died?" Watching the two men suck him off, it doesn't take long. He cums uncontrollably into Bjorn's mouth. "What the fuck. You two are crazy." Mackay says appreciatively, and kisses Bjorn. Tyrian interjects, "Aww wow, that's like, really so sweet..." "You guys got anything to eat?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After last night, several members of the household sleep in late. Maxwell is eating leftover goi cuon for breakfast. Having a set amount of hours of video games to play for work, it's imperative he starts his day early. Mackay emerges much later and gets some time in on the treadmill. He is soon joined on his fitness endeavour by Bjorn, who beats the absolute shit out of that punching bag. Afterwards a pre-work lavender soak is in order. His cock bobs lazily as he daydreams about the night before. Mackay voluntarily spots Maxwell who comes downstairs to join in, "Come on Max, don't neglect the quads. This is what happens when you don't press for a week." "Hey babe... Shut up." He says through gritted teeth. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bjorn gets home from work, this time with a spring in his step. He approaches Maxwell, "Good news, Clara is talking to me again." 'What that's great news!" - "I know right?!" "Mmm, I love you so much." Maxwell holds his boyfriend and breathes him in deeply. "You smell so good." Bjorn smiles warmly, "We should celebrate, get on the table." - "Hey now!" Maxwell wasn't expecting to be pushed backward. "Hold on, I'll sit up." Maxwell readjusts, Bjorn tenderly begins to suck his cock. "Stand up, I want to kiss you." Maxwell slides his hands down Bjorn's chest. He eyes the man's physique as he takes him in his mouth. "Can I ask you a question?" Says Bjorn. "Mmmn." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ IMPORTANT: Did you know Tyrian is a character adoption? You can track his parallel universe story in Protected: Grauerwolfe. For those who love legacy challenges! Sex animation/object credit to Amra72, Azmodan22, Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo, Mike24, Noir and Dark Sims, and Motherlodesims.
  5. I will have to Muffin up! ❤️
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    No allergies? That's so arousing! ?
  7. In light of recent difficulties with loverslab web hosting I will be migrating Savoury Muffins to an external blog. I may still post blog updates here. The reason for this is frustration about being unable to post content when I would like, and others being unable to view it. At the moment I will be focusing on reuploading existing posts. Stay tuned for any updates. 




  8. Maxwell is the first to wake that morning. He greets the kitchen of his brand new apartment. Hmm... Not a bad start, but it could use some upgrades. He decides to make the most of this alone time by checking out this new upscale neighbourhood. While different, the facilities comes up somewhat lacking in comparison to the less commercial districts. Back home Bjorn is practicing chess. After living in such close quarters, the open space is perturbing. Mackay finds the extra room liberating. While listening to some music, he gets an idea. It's time to test out the new place as a club hangout for the Sim City Orchestral Society! Mackay is pleased that Paolo has come along too. He zones in on the band member, "How do you like my new place? It's great for visitors, like you." - "Oh yeah, it's nice." Germaine and Anaya inwardly roll their eyes at his obvious flirting. "Let's hear how you have improved. I have the feeling you could be a great violinist." Mackay lays it on thick. "Ahaha... Well I guess have practiced a little." Paolo replies shyly. The band begins to play while Mackay enters full conductor mode. "Now bow straight, I can hear patchiness!" Just as Mackay circulates his mentoring to Anaya's piano skills Paolo changes to his regular clothes and leaves for work. "Sorry for the short session today, I'll catch you later." Mackay tries to hide his disappointment. "Let's take a break with the rest of the band downstairs." He suggests. "Oh Joaquin, I didn't see you come in." Mackay smiles at the young Sim. "Maybe we should have some one on one practice?" The pair strip down in the bathroom. Joaquin gets on his knees. "I like this kind of rehearsal." He says as he slides his hand over Mackay's cock. "Right." Mackay plays along and folds his arms, "Keep up a steady pace." "I want to see your best performance." Meanwhile: Harley decides to use her apartment key for a surprise drop in. She is greeted by Maxwell at the door. "Your brother is downstairs with his band, I understand they're practising hard." Harley is confused, "But their instruments are upstairs..." Mackay checks up on his pupil, "What's the matter? Are you getting tired?" "Maybe I need more direction?" Says Joaquin playfully. "Good thing I'm such a hands on instructor!" Mackay grabs Joaquin's head and starts fucking his mouth. "Here watch carefully, be open to my input." Mackay cums all over Joaquin's face and mouth. "I think I see what you mean now." Joaquin peers up at Mackay through his glasses. He scoops him up into a kiss. Joaquin murmurs, "Thanks for being such a good teacher." The young Sim walks straight out of the room past Germaine, completely naked. Mackay catches him before he goes upstairs, "Hey, we're a respectable Orchestral Society here, put your uniform on." "Oh I am terribly sorry, I mustn't forget club etiquette." Joaquin changes back. The two exchange a knowing glance. Germaine pretends not to notice, "Good grief." "Oh Harley, I didn't realise you were here." Mackay sits next to her. She greets him nonchalantly, "Hello brother, how was your morning?" - "Oh it was... really... productive!" He laughs, deflecting her gaze. Mackay decides to avoid his sister by playing chess with his husband. "So was practice... fun?" Maxwell raises an eyebrow. "Oh yeah! It was great... Why do you ask?" Mackay queries. Maxwell proceeds, "There's a lot of attractive men in your group, I guess I'm wondering if there's something you need to tell me." Mackay is taken aback, "What? Oh my gosh Maxwell, are you feeling jealous? You know I'd tell you the second I was actually seeing someone else." "I mean I hook up with people occasionally, but you already know about that." "Max if you need me to say it, you're the one for me, baby. No-one else even comes close." "Okay, but promise you'll tell me the moment something happens."-"Ha, you got it." Mackay reassures him. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the shorter entry. The LL server has been slow moving and patchy all evening. ❤️ Sex animation/object credit to Amra72, Azmodan22, Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo, Mike24, Noir and Dark Sims, and Motherlodesims.
  9. I know, how will the game know that they are actually having sex? They can always renovate, it's Sims rules here
  10. Maxwell and Mackay are inspecting their new apartment. It is a high rise penthouse located in the Uptown district of San Myshuno. "Woah, you get a great view of the lake from up here!" Remarks Mackay. Maxwell is just as awestruck, "The ad online wasn't kidding about the scenery-" "Or the downstairs swimming pool." He leads his husband upstairs, "You don't even know the best part yet.... There are two king sized bedrooms." Mackay is charmed, "Maxwell if you're trying to seduce me, it is working." Maxwell continues to gush, "There's a walk in wardrobe but we could easily talk to the landlord about knocking down this wall to make more rooms." - "Stop it already, we've already signed the lease." Mackay laughs. Just then the Welcome Wagon arrives, including some familiar faces. Harley embraces Mackay, "Hey little brother, why'd you up and leave the neighbourhood?" "You could've at least knocked on the door before the moving vans arrived." He is touched by her concern, "Ah, I'm sorry sis." "If I can sum it up in three words, indoor swimming pool." The sim gestures toward the stairs. "If it isn't my FAVOURITE niece!" Maxwell says pulling a silly face. Mackay continues. "See? We finally have enough room to sit down for a family meal." Reid smiles, "Hey man, I'm not complaining. It was hard to breathe in that old place." - "Mmhmm, too much testosterone." Harley jibes. "See? Reid is on board too! Just for that I'm giving you all apartment keys." "Um..." Starts Maxwell but Mackay continues, "I'll be personally offended if you don't visit." He clasps his hands decisively. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bjorn gets home from work to a brand new apartment. Mackay greets him, "I know what you're thinking: it's cosy, but I promise there is enough room." Bjorn takes a relaxing bath and soaks up the new atmosphere. Mackay feels like a soak too, in their new jacuzzi. "Mind if I join?" Bjorn climbs into the tub. Mackay moves closer to him, "Not at all." He continues, "I hear hot tubs are a great way to relieve stress." - "Oh that's good to know." Bjorn meets his gaze. Mackay kisses him softly. Bjorn lets him. "Here," Murmurs Mackay. "You're probably tense from work." "True. The jets help though." Bjorn coyly responds. He pulls him in for another kiss. Running his fingers along his arms, Mackay speaks, "Say Bjorn, can I ask you something." He slides his hand up Bjorn's thigh while watching him intently, "Mmmn, yes?" Bjorn blushes slightly. Mackay whispers, "I don't suppose you'd be interested in a classic hot tub woohoo?" Bjorn smiles and Mackay presses his lips against him again. "Okay... Take a deep breath." Mackay climbs on top, And pulls him under! The pair splash around in enigmatic love making. The details of their bodies obscured by the alleged amount of cum in the water. The pair desperately gasp in oxygen through a cloud of steam. "Woah, it has been a while." - "Same here." Bjorn agrees. The night winds down. Mackay tranquilly strums his guitar. Playing music late at night is a privilege he can now enjoy without worrying about bothering any neighbours. A satisfied Bjorn heads upstairs to finish his intelligence research requirement for work. And Maxwell returns from home, heading straight to his new bed for a peaceful rest. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️
  11. Mmmyes, imagine if they had some sort of... club... in which to have sex?
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    Reminds me of Oglaf rainbow cake. Fuck me garishly!!!
  13. Omg so true. Cuddling for warmth above the covers, using each other's butts as pillows... Alternately it could be just someone's random pile of bodies.
  14. Maxwell and Mackay have spent the evening talking together about recent events, namely the possibility of custody of Bjorn's kids and what effect it may have on their relationship. The two have agreed that no matter what happens, they will try to do what's best for everyone involved. Beyond that, the couple are feeling close and are happy to have the time to just talk. "Then right after the sex it hit me, the recipe for gummy bear pancakes. It was like magic." "Oh hey, Bjorn is back from his mysterious outing." Maxwell points out as his boyfriend enters the room. "Hey you, hope you're feeling better." Mackay greets him with a kiss. "That's my line!" Jokes Maxwell. "Yeah well you didn't say it." Mackay retorts. Bjorn audibly sighs. "Is there something you want to say?" Probes Mackay. Bjorn shrugs. "I just... I have had the most confusing evening." He continues. "I am not sure what's going to happen with Clara and the girls, or with us. I'm not sure what's right anymore. I know I have to wait, but the uncertainty almost makes it worse..." "Does that make sense?" - "It's understandable." Says Maxwell. "You want things to get better and it's frustrating right now. But you know it will be easier with time." - "Yeah, that's true." Mackay smiles at him. "Sorry it was a bit strange today. I've done some thinking and I want you to know that I trust you to make decisions that are right for you. Whatever happens I am on team Bjorn." - "Well, thanks." He replies, for some reason the words don't make him feel as good as he had expected. Maxwell returns after Bjorn has left the room. "You didn't tell him yet did you?" - "No, I think he has enough on his mind right now." "I guess it's better to not overload people with excess data, it might make them freeze up." - "Mmhmm, remind me what career path you chose again?" Mackay teases. Maxwell laughs at his silliness. "Ah, good grief." He wipes away a small tear. "We have had some really good times here." "But I think this is the right thing to do." - "Me too." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning the three Sims wake up early. Bjorn starts his day with an empowering morning jog. "Don't let anyone ever tell you that a jog around this neighbourhood doesn't cure everything. I feel amazing." - "Ha! Oh the irony." Remarks Mackay. "What do you mean? Are you getting sick?" Queries Bjorn. Maxwell faces his boyfriend and clasps his hands, "Baby, there's something important I want to tell you. Mackay and I have decided that we want to move apartments. To a much bigger place... With you." "What! Really?" Bjorn excitedly responds. "Now don't get too worked up," Maxwell explains. "I'm not promising anything, but there will be lots of room for guests and long term stays, like Sofia and Elsa for example." - "I am SO happy!" He says giddily. "But seriously, can we afford this?" - 'Three white males living together with full-time salaries Bjorn, I think we'll be fine." Maxwell laughs. "Oh my God, thank you, thank you." Bjorn begins to plant kisses all over Maxwell. "Hey guys." Says Mackay. "I'm like, still sitting right here." But Mackay shifts seats to get a better view. He calmly puts his plate in the dishwasher. "Well if you're not gonna stop," "Then I may as well join in." He begins to stroke himself while watching them. Right as things are starting to heat up, Maxwell stops them, "Wait, as long as we're here, there's something I have always fantasised about in this house." The other two have no idea where he's going with this. Maxwell watches intently while Bjorn focuses on sucking Mackay's dick. As he cups his balls, Mackay looks at him dubiously, "Maxwell, not that I'm complaining or anything, but what exactly are you getting out of this?" "Darling, you know better than to question my methods." He responds then Maxwell places his hand on Bjorn, and pushes down on his boyfriend's head, forcing him to take his husband deeper. "Aaah, okay." Says Mackay losing his cool. "I think I know why you wanted to do this-" "sss... ... ..." Mackay can't stop himself from cumming into Bjorn's mouth. "Since you've finished so quickly, get on top of him and makeout." Says Maxwell while he rubs himself above them. Watching them kiss passionately it doesn't take long, until... "Woah...." Exclaims Bjorn in surprise. "Did you miss?" Mackay blinks in shock, as the cum begins to drip off his face. "No!" Says Maxwell sadistically. "Well I guess he got us both a bit." Bjorn tries to empathise as they slide off the bed. - "Aha." Is all the response that Mackay can muster. "Wait where are you going?" Asks Maxwell playfully, "You're not going to the bathroom already?" "I was just about to tell Bjorn this really funny story, you're gonna want to hear it." - "Mmn!" Mackay hums trying to keep his mouth and eyes closed. He heads straight to the shower. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ Sex animation/object credit to Amra72, Azmodan22, Lupobianco, ooOLaLa, Zorak, R-Lo, Mike24, Noir and Dark Sims, and Motherlodesims.
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