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Amorous Adventures [v3.4] (2018/06/02) 3.4

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About This File


6/27/2018 - Retired


Now, I leave this Mod to you... the community. See permissions statement at end.


Goodnight you princes of Maine, you Kings of New England.  I pray you enjoyed the Mod.


Story Driven, Fully voiced and immersive romance type quests with vanilla Skyrim NPCs.

Adventure, romance and occasionally romantic comedy. This is old school save the day and make love to the beautiful woman stuff.

This mod does not contain any fetish or extreme SexLab content. Everything occurs between consenting adults.


This is a DLC sized Quest Mod.

Over twenty-seven unique, complete quests.

Everything is fully voiced in the original NPC's own voices - over 3,500 fully voiced lines.

Story driven, plot driven romantic encounters.

Integrates seamlessly into a Skyrim play through - like the romance was there all along.

Over thirty lovers to get - catch them all like Pokemon.


SexLab Version:

See the Change List at bottom for What's New.

Version 3.4 for SexLab
- Sex Lab Version: Requires SexLab Framework.
- SexLab Install Tips:


Use SexLab Matchmaker - a little mod for testing if your setup is working. Test your Set-Up before trying to use Amorous Adventures.
If you previously used the CLEAN version make sure you have removed it.
If you use NMM make sure the CLEAN version is not being installed.
Follow the SexLab Install directions carefully.
You need a Body. Either UNP or CBBE.
You need a skeleton.
You need them in the right load order: Body before Skeleton.
You need FNIS.
You need to run the FNIS tool to generate the animations.
Your Skeleton Version must be compatible with the FNIS version. A mis-match means it will not work.
Try the All in one set-up Mod which will make the correct bodies for you. It also has links to resources like the correct Skeleton needed and FNIS instructions.
When SexLab comes up, you need to get into it's MCM and tell it to Install. You have to actually turn it on.
Amorous Adventures has very minimal requirements - just sex lab and that's it. It doesn't need creatures, devious, arousal, Zaz - it's a real plain Jane of a sex mod.
I don't know if any of this will help. Use MatchMaker to test your set-up. This is really just general advice, I guess.



Other Versions:

OSA OSex + CLEAN version
DOWNLOAD LINK:Available at Nexus

CLEAN or FLOWER GIRLS version for Skyrim Special Edition
DOWNLOAD LINK:Available at Nexus

Amorous Adventures should be at the bottom of your load order.


Installation / Updating / Uninstalling



Highly recommend using a mod manager like Mod Organizer.

In the absence of that, copy files from archive file to /Skyrim/Data/ folder.

But seriously, don't do that. Use a Mod Manager.


Updating is (usually) as easy as just using in the new version of the mod. (replace the old version).

1. Remove the Old Version

2. Enable the the New Version

3. Start Skyrim

4. Play


The Mod is composed mostly of stand-alone quests and dialogue. It is easy to remove.


- If you have a Lover following you to a private spot for sex, tell them that now is not the time and let them go.

- Save the game.

- Shut Down Skyrim

- Remove the SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp and related AmorousAdventures files that you added to your /Skyrim/Data/ folder from the archive. They are all named starting with "AmorousAdv", so they should be easy to find. Or if you are using a Mod Manager like Mod Organizer, just disable it.

- Start the game.

- Save again (a new clean save).

- Shut Down Skyrim

- Start the game.

- Load that Save Game.

- Play

Make your lovers beautiful!

See these recommended beauty Mods


1. Is Amorous Adventures at the bottom of your Load Order?

2. Did you update to the latest version of Amorous Adventures so you get the latest Quest Content?

3. Read the Quest Walkthrough for the quest (Walkthrough Section below).

4. Check a Skyrim Wiki if it's a Game Quest (not an Amorous Quest) to see if it has known bugs.

5. Ask in the Amorous Adventures Support Topic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can you turn off the Fade To Black and Storyboard Pop-up?
Yes. Type this command below at the console prompt. And save game.
set AmorousAdvUseBlackScreens to 0

I am not getting the dialogue option to start some Amorous quest.
The number one reason a quest cannot initialize is because it requires an NPC who is dead in your game.
Check the NPC's need for a quest in the Amorous Quest Documentation. Check if any of them are dead in your game.
Google how to correctly resurrect a dead Skyrim NPC. DO NOT USE "placeatme" on unique, named characters. That will mess up your game. DON'T DO IT!

Is this Mod "Script Heavy"?
No, it's not. It has a lot of scripts but they are all Quest Scripts. It's not running world checks or monitors that Register For Update and make the Papyrus script engine cry.
This Mod is designed to leave a light footprint on the system, and it does.

How do you have a Threesome?
Ask a Lover to follow you someplace private. Walk up to another Lover. Ask for that sweet, sweet lovin'.
Yes, even if the lover is a Follower already Following you, you still have to ask them to follow you somewhere private.

Will you add more Male Love Quests?
Probably not, no. I did Farkas and Vilkas and that taught me that I don't have a good interest or perspective for it.
Female objects of romance are just more interesting stories to me.

How do you do the voices?
I use NCH Audio Processing Software, myself.
Beyond that, it's all just how much time you want to spend doing the grindy and tedious work of snipping words and phrases together into meaningful dialogue.
It has things like pitch change and whatnot. I do a little of it in the audio processing but without going crazy because, you know, I have a life to live. Generally I follow the "It's Good Enough" approach.
Obviously, you will need to extract all the Voice Files from the Skyrim BSA, Unfuz them all and go through them. There's thousands of voice files. This reference can help.

Known Issues


In General...
Amorous Adventures expects to find the games characters in their default place doing their default stuff and running their default quests.

Any mod that does unexpected things to the games characters or the default Bethesda quests can potentially impact this Mod.

My lovers disappeared while I was having sex

- Disable Auto Free Camera on the SexLab MCM.
- Use the "3" key to enable it when Good Times happen.

Really, it's best just to leave it disabled and use the "3" key when you want, I think.

Load Order:
Amorous Adventures is best placed at the bottom of your load order. All manner of mods can trip it up.

Alternate Start Mods
Some users have said they feel there is a conflict between this Mod and Alternat Start Mods like "Live Another Life". Other users say there is no conflict and it all works great. I do not know, I do not use any Alternate Starts. Your mileage may vary.

Luxury Suite - bathing beauties or beefcake
Some users have reported this Mod has problems when using the Luxury Suite which results in Sex Animations failing. I do not know, myself. Your mileage may vary.

Character Freezes after Sex
You have a possible free camera conflict. Disable Free Cam on SexLab for the time it takes to get through a Quest Sex Scene and then turn it back on, or not, as you wish.

Many people just disable Automatic Free Cam on SexLab (in the Mod Control Panel) and use the "3" number key to turn it on during sex.

Also See: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16623-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v157-updated-0511/?p=780004

HALP! I got the The Farkas and Vilkas Quest!
Talk to them, tell them you are not into dudes. Quest completes. It's just that easy.

Quest Broke or Bugged Out
See the documentation on this page for Quest Stages. You may have to Set Stage forward in that quest to proceed. It seems pretty rare that people need to do this, but it does happen so the documentation is there.

C++ Runtime Error - Pure Virtual Function Call
Basis of the problem seems to be the game goes to access Memory (RAM) at some address which isn't there. Could be an issue with the version of Microsoft's C++ on the PC, or the PC not having enough RAM, or something else entirely.

Now, if you Google this you will find this occurs all over in Skyrim (even in a base un-modded game) and there's many different suggestions of what to do resolve it. I can only share what I did and found to work. I added more memory to my PC and became more judicious about adding heavy duty Papyrus intensive mods to my Load Order. Now I never get them. Your mileage may vary - what worked for me may not work for you.

It Begins! The Amorous Solitude Play through series.


Shinji72's Amorous Dawnguard:


Shinji72's Amorous Companions:


Walk Through / Quest Documentation


The Complete Amorous Serana Guide: AmorousAdventures_Complete_Serana_Guide.txt

Functionally the Serana romance will work regardless of whether you side with the Dawnguard or the Vampires.

Thematically it absolutely works best if you side with the Dawnguard. Or if you consider yourself a sensitive, caring, "White Knight" of a vampire. You will not be evil with Serana in her Amorous Adventure.

An Exquisite Corpse - Serana
Discovering a mysterious, pale beauty with a thirst for blood.
NOTE: Do not Manually start this at the console - it's only for a Dawnguard play through.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-An_Exquisite_Corpse.txt

Our Love Runs Red - Serana, Valerica
The dark and tragic back story of Serana is confronted.
NOTE: Do not Manually start this at the console - it's only for a Dawnguard play through.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Our_Love_Runs_Red.txt

Burning from the Inside- Serana
Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Burning_from_the_Inside.txt

Serana and the Mark of Dibella- Serana, Ahlam, Senna
What a long strange trip its been...
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Serana_and_the Mark_of_Dibella.txt


How badly do you want Elisif for your own? We're going to find out. Follow this quest chain....

A Widow Too Soon - Elisif

This is the opening quest to seduce Elisif. It is required to complete this quest before other Amorous Adventures in Solitude will open up.

IMPORTANT: After completing Elisif's Tribute she will have a dialogue option to start the Base Game quest to become Thane of Haafingar

Make sure you get that dialogue option and the quest. It is triggered on Change Location, so if you don't see it in her dialogue options then fast travel to Dragons Bridge or something and back to Solitude and talk to her again.

Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-A_Widow_Too_Soon.txt

Fangs of Desire - Sybille Stentor
What's the harm in just one bite?
Note: the Game Quest to kill the vampire has a Level Requirement of 10!
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Fangs_Of_Desire.txt

A Song Of Lust And Guile - Lisette, Pantea, Illdi
Strange things are afoot at the Bards College.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-A_Song_Of_Lust_And_Guile.txt

From here forward, Jordis plays a part in the story and will need to be a follower

Curse Of The Dead Bride - Elisif, Jordis, Sybille
Return to Broken Oar Grotto...
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Curse_Of_The_Dead_Bride.txt

Threading The Needle / Finest Materials
Endarie, Taarie, Lydia, Jordis, Sybille, Pantea
They're haughty. They're arrogant. And they're the only ones who can save Elisif.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Threading_The_Needle.txt

A Widow Reborn - Elisif
It's like Sleeping Beauty... except awake.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-A_Widow_Reborn.txt

Rikke Don't Lose That Battle - Legate Rikke
War is hell... but it gets the juices flowing.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Rikke_Dont_Lose_That_Battle.txt

The Body Double - Elisif the Fair
What's a girl to do with such fearful brutes about her?
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-The_Body_Double.txt


Strange Magic - Mirabelle
The college is a place to study all manner of magic...
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Strange_Magic.txt

Spellbound - Brelyna, Nirya, Faralda
Some spells are better left un-cast.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Spellbound.txt

Aranea Ienith
An unmarked quest.



She is the priestess of Azura tending the shrine in the Black Star quest. She is also a potential follower after the quest is done if the player ends the quest in her favor.

Areana will provide sex freely at the mountain shrine of Azura during the Black Star quest. If the player ends the quest in her favor, talk to her and she becomes a permanent lover. Ending it not in her favor naturally makes her not a lover.


Blinded By Visions - Idgrod the Younger, Jonna
The power of Visions isn't always a blessing.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Blinded_By_Visions.txt


New, New Malacath Blues - Borgakh the Steel Heart
It's not easy being green.
NOTE: Requires Level 9+
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-New_New_Malacath_Blues.txt

A Passionate Priestess - Danica Purespring
When you get to the root of the matter, something will grow.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-A_Passionate_Priestess.txt

Dragonborn Desires - Irileth
Dragons. Why did it have to be dragons.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Dragonborn_Desires.txt

An Angel In Steel - Lydia, Adrianne
Moral. Traditional. And very skeptical about you.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-An_Angel_In_Steel.txt

Ysolda's Tough Lesson - Ysolda
Sometimes love is a tough bargain.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Ysoldas_Tough_Lesson.txt

A Key To Her Heart - Carlotta
Locked hearts yearn for someone to open them.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-A_Key_To_Her_Heart.txt

An unmarked quest.


Talk to her when you first get the quest In My Time Of Need, she'll led you to a bedroom and draw a knife on you.

Ask her "what's in it for me" and she will offer herself as a permanent lover to persuade the player to be on her side during the quest. Ending the Time Of Need quest Not on her side makes her dead and not a lover.


Runs in parallel with the Companions quest line

Hunting The Huntress - Aela
Passions more dangerous than either human or beast.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Hunting_The_Huntress.txt

The Beast Within - Farkas
Sometimes the beast within cannot be tamed.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-The_Beast_Within.txt

Njada's Dark Secrets - Njada Stonearm
Some secrets poison the soul.
Halp! Brawl Bug! SetStage SexLabAmorousAdventuresNjada 40
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Njadas_Dark_Secrets.txt

The Lone Wolf - Vilkas
A life without love is no life at all.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-The_Lone_Wolf.txt

Loaded For Bear - Ria, Temba Wide-Arm, Lynly Star-Sung
Wooing damsels in distress can be exhausting!
NOTE: Must complete Companions quest line first!
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Loaded_For_Bear.txt


The tragic and untimely demise of Aerin....

Love And Death In Riften - Mjoll, Ingun Black-Briar, Sapphire, Illia
Something foul hunts the women of Riften. Only a hero can save them.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Love_And_Death_In_Riften.txt


Shadows And Scars - Jenassa, Adelaisa
Sometimes a broken heart takes a lifetime to mend. Lucky then that elves live so long.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Shadows_And_Scars.txt


A linked quest series to help a mother and daughter reconnect with Dibella

Annekke's Release - Annekke Crag-Jumper
Alas, when people wed they do not plan to grow apart.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Annekkes_Release.txt

The Art Of Dibella - Senna
Lady Dibella and you. Welcome initiate.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-The_Art_Of_Dibella.txt

The Mark Of Love - Sylgja
The path to Dibella is one of the heart.
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-The_Mark_Of_Love.txt


The Suitors Of Camilla Valerius - Camilla Valerius
A beauty, to be sure. But whose?
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-The_Suitors_Of_Camilla_Valerius.txt

Nordic Hospitality - Gerdur, Ralof
When in Rome...
Quest Information: AmorousAdventuresQuestStages-Nordic_Hospitality.txt

To Spaceman for SexLab Romance which inspired me to start working on this.
Quest item in one romance uses assets from Bunny Toys by Garnet.


It's Okay to alter the mod dialogue, putting new spins on the stories and and re-uploading it.

It's Okay to make a language translation. 

It's Okay to create a version of this Mod that works on a particular platform, or with a particular sex animation framework.

All credit / props must be given back to the original Mod and Mod author.  That's just courtesy.


It's NOT OKAY to pass this Mod off as your own.  This Mod is fairly well known anyways.

It's NOT OKAY to try and make money off this Mod.


There you go! Otherwise, do what thou wilt - that shall be the whole of the law.

What's New in Version 3.4


  • ---------| 3.4 SexLab
  • - New Quest "The Body Double" added.
  • ---------| 3.3 SexLab
  • - New Quest "Rikke Don't Lose That Battle" added.
  • ---------| 3.2.1 SexLab
  • - Provide this console command to turn off Fade-To-Black storyboards:
  • set AmorousAdvUseBlackScreens to 0
  • - disable / enable on Serana to remove Dibella's glow during "Serana and the Mark of Dibella"
  • - Dialogue option to start a quest will not display if NPC's needed for the quest are dead
  • - Add Quest Start dialogue for Lisette in case player had to resurrect dead NPCs
  • - Sybille's quest dialogue will continue if player had already done Pinemoon Cave or completes Lisette's quest first
  • - Add Serana's "Hunger Timer" option back to her Lovers Options
  • - Fix bug in Adrianne's dialogue for Orc quest
  • ---------| 3.2 SexLab
  • - New Quest "New, New Malacath Blues" added.
  • - Fix issue with Sylgja's quest not marking complete
  • - Fix issue with only being able to speak to Aela in Main Hall
  • - Change a little Serana dialoge
  • ---------| 3.1 SexLab
  • - New Quest "Loaded For Bear" added.
  • ---------| 3.0.4 SexLab
  • - Fix issue where dialogue might not progress with Illia during "Love and Death in Riften".
  • - Move the journal quest item in "A Key To Her Heart" to a safer spot.
  • ---------| 3.0.3b OSex
  • Simply a re-compile of the scripts. Some people said they were having issues
  • Added the Fox's Own Brew version
  • ---------| 3.0.3
  • Ysolda
  • Elisif
  • Jordis
  • Brelyna
  • ---------| 3.0.2
  • Aela
  • Adrianne
  • Illia
  • ---------| 3.0.1 BETA
  • Jenassa
  • Aranea
  • Serana
  • ---------| 3.0.0 BETA
  • Change all scripts and variables to try and save Strings
  • Try to increase performance
  • Lovers personalized options - Lydia, Lisette, Annekke, Carlotta
  • ---------| 2.11
  • Add quest: Serana and the Mark of Dibella
  • ---------| 2.10
  • Add quest: Spellbound
  • Add quest: A Key to her heart

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