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  1. Amorous Adventures is an absolutely amazing mod that is an essential piece of every Skyrim playthrough. I can't thank you enough for all of the hard work and effort it must have taken to edit all of those voice files. My only sincere hope and prayer is that eventually someone will create a patch for Improved Follower Dialogue - Lydia to make that mod compatible with AA!

  2. Damn son, when i asked for a love/sex mod with THIS much depth i found your mod and let me tell you even in 2k19 and probably in 2k20 aswell its the best no fucking joke im dead serious when i say thank you for making this way to make me have sleep deprivation for a couple of days when i discovered it becuase i wanted to do them all XD. Anyway it's been so many years since you made this and its great. GOOD SHIT im digging this in all my playthroughs even those when i say to myself to focus on main quest or guilds but i end up being sidetracked. Now that is a quality mod gets your attention regardless. I have only 1 thing to say and that is OSEX interface is pretty and i'd LOVE  to see a similar version for Amorous Adventures :) 🤤

  3. Dude, ur mod is a masterpiece. Thanks you i played skyrim with more fun to play amorous quests. 

  4. It's nice to check in every now and again and find a good word about the mod. Glad you are enjoying it! Foxfingers... keeping it Next Level in Skyrim since 2014. Cheers!
  5. thank you for your work, I enjoyed the mod rather alot.

  6. Naturally, I was waiting to see if a worthy hero would appear to provide a fix. And, lo, one did.
  7. Nice work Gulfwulf! Naturally, if you would like to begin a bug fix version of this mod to maintain, you are more than welcome to. Thanks!
  8. Appreciate the feedback on the Elisif Quest (as selected by the contest winner). I'm glad you overall found it an enjoyable addition to this Mod. Thank you! The quest in the Creation Kit you would likely want to make a fix in is "AmorousAdventuresLoverDialogueElisif". If you want to create a Bug-Fix version of this Mod and upload it to maintain - be the owner of - that's great. You have my full permission, blessing, etc. Thanks!
  9. It literally tells you how to just add the spell to yourself in the walkthrough. just read the walkthrough posted on the main page and use that console command.
  10. And so my friends.... It is with good cheer and heart full of pride that I finally lay down my voice editing software. For, lo... four years, 33 Quests and 5,031 lines of voiced dialogue later I have created this Mod that allows the young, randy Dragonborn to romance their way through the vast swath of Skyrim and it's many vanilla quests. It is with some sadness that I leave some characters upon the table. Characters like Muri, Angi, Uthgerd and that rascally wench Sigrid, just to name a few. But I leave the stories of the romances that could be theirs to
  11. Got me. I don't use it. Probably just set stage to 50 - where she's marked as a lover and quest completes. See the walkthrough on the front page for stages.
  12. You will have to use the console to setstage SexLabAmorousAdventuresRikke 5 If you already completed Civil War. Also, you need the latest version of this Mod. Photo of Elisif's panties or it didn't happen.
  13. If the contest winner(s) had chosen Angi, there would be an Angi quest. It is what it is. Honestly, I had completely expected Angi or Uthgerd to be at the top of anyone's list - who knew. Umm... not sure. You can try. You will have to teleport her to anywhere in Eastmarch for at least one conversation. Gee, I thought I ran this through and removed those. Guess not! let's go with accidental.
  14. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5941/?tab=files It is maintained by Xider at his Flowergirls page. Thanks!
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