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A Dark World Fantasy submod




The intent of this mod is to bring hucows and milking into Crusader Kings II.




So far, not a lot to show as I'm still building the foundations of the mod. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially regarding localisation and game balance.

  • Event chain to research on "Lacteria Mirifica", a mysterious mushroom, and turning yourself or another random woman into a hucow
    • You will need an alchemy building from Dark World in your capital, as well as the knowledge focus or a scientific/esoteric trait (like Erudite, Mystic...)
    • For now, the best way to experience this mod, is to be female and to do the experiments on yourself
  • Lactation framework (Hucows produce milk over time, the amount depending on their breast size)
  • Decision to milk yourself
  • Decision to check your hucow stats (Will be loaded with lots of pretty numbers in the future)
  • Get the "engorged breasts" trait upon reaching full milk capacity (Be nice to your hucow, don't forget to milk her)

This mod is fully localised in both English and French.


  • Crusader Kings II 3.1.0+
    • (Recommended) Way of Life DLC
  • Dark World Fantasy
    • Dark World Fantasy Module - Dicks & Tits
  • (Recommended) Dark World Tentacles (Adds new ways to become hucow, and to be milked)




Should be compatible with anything as long as it doesn't conflict with the requirements above


To install, copy the "Crusader Milk" folder and the "Crusader Milk.mod" file to your Crusader Kings II "mod" folder

Type this in the explorer address bar to access it : %HomePath%\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod


Planned Features


Short Term
  • Events making use of the lactation framework
  • Custom rules to alter some aspect of the mod


Long Term Ideas
  • Ability to transform more people of your chosing into hucow, and milk them
  • Ability to alter someone breast or milk production (as well as arousal or other atribute)
  • Allow AI to create hucows
  • "Hucow level"
  • "Barn" management
  • Milk Economy
  • Lactacid Addiction
  • Slavery integration
  • Breeding
  • New ambitions related to milk production or number of hucows owned
  • Bloodline for famous hucows




dewguru - For the original "Dark World" & "Dark World Reborn" mods
lockeslylcrit - For "Dark World Fantasy", the maintained and reworked version of "Dark World"
Korbah - For sharing their vanilla-like trait icons templates to the community
Herring - For the "Trait Icon Replacements" mod (used for one of my trait icon)
Ed86 - For the Skyrim mod "Milk Mod Economy" which gave me the general inspiration for the mod
Modifications for translations purpose are allowed, as long as I'm notified of it.

What's New in Version 0.2.0


0.2.0 - 2019-06-27

This update doesn't add a lot of content gameplay wise. It mostly implement the lactation framework. Next update will hopefully be loaded with new events.
Nevertheless, feedbacks are still welcome regarding this new framework

  • WILL break old saves
  • Delete your old "Crusader Milk" folder before installing if you have a previous version
  • NOT compatible with Dark World Tentacles v1.4.1 or below (It will need to be updated to work with the new lactation framework)


  • Several variables are now tracked ("Milk", "Milk capacity" and "Production rate", as well as a few others)
    • "Milk capacity" and "Production rate" depend on breast size (will be alterable by scripted_events in the future)
  • For now, "Production rate" will increase the milk quantity by its amount each 6 months (will probably add a rule to alter it in the future)
  • Added Decision to check your hucow stats
  • Added "Recently milked" event modifier (prevents milking and increase of milk quantity while a hucow has it)
  • Added Milk quantity counter (character modifier)
  • (Modders) Added several scripted effect ("dwcm_become_hucow" and some milking effects like "dcwm_milk_half_effect"). Search for "Modder_friendly" to easily find them all


  • AI can now use the "Milk yourself" decision
  • Slight tweak of the hucow trait (now has same_opinion and sex_appeal_opinion modifiers)
  • "Engorged breasts" event now triggers when a hucow reaches her max milk capacity


Old Changelog



0.1.1 - 2019-05-04


  • Lowered "Engorged breasts" event frequency (now occurs 1,5 to 2,5 years after being milked, instead of half a year)


  • Some localisation errors


0.1.0 - 2019-05-01


  • Event chain to research on "Lacteria Mirifica", a mysterious mushroom, and turning yourself or another random woman into a hucow
  • Basic breast fullness system (engorged breasts trait gained after some time)
  • Decision to milk yourself if you have engorged breasts
  • (For Modders) Global variable to check if the mod is present


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