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Dark World Fantasy - Loading Screens





Here are some loading screens and launcher images to spice up your game even more.



Loading Screens


The loading screens are divided into packs to make it modular. The end goal is to have a pack for most Dark World modules and submods so people can mix and match them to their liking.

Note: None of the mods, modules or submods are required to install the packs, it's just images


Packs description


  • DWF Loading screen : [21 images] The main pack, the images are named so as to overwrite the vanilla ones. (DWF Core flavor)
example_01.png.bf4d73aa419fa56de929d121cfc77b8f.png  example_02.png.6e549cac914fea9d7f71cec7aa9869e4.png  example_04.png.b7d1e5503767946a9744ffbc1962eb4c.png


  • DWF Loading screen - Heaven and Hell : [12 Images] Designed for the "Heaven & Hell" module and "Beyond Heresy" submod. Contains Succubus, Incubus and Angels


example_07.png.e45c41078ce5333d11d5ffb7d5441118.png  example_08.png.63daf222ae6cabbf34d7aca424ca3a91.png  example_09.png.56cfbc179299876aa2a2d88487a5e63c.png


  • DWF Loading screens - Tentacles : [12 images] Designed for the "Dark World Tentacles" submod. Contains... well, tentacles!


example_11_tentacles.png.23c50f04e3335a3b8e318364faabbcaf.png  example_12_tentacles.png.1c9404f3cddbb12474eb8e9622047f10.png  example_13_tentacles.png.177877e987b81b9554c2cd05264ad979.png


  • SOONtm:
    • Far East (Kitsunes, Nekos)
    • Classic Monsters (Werewolves, Vampires, Ghosts)
    • Fae (Orcs, Elves, Fairy)
    • DWSE (Dragon, Half-dragons, Dragon eggs)
    • Crusader Milk (Hucow, Lactation)
    • House Irae (Drow, Driders)
    • Cultural packs (Orient, Norse, African...)

Just as a regular mod, put the folder and the .mod file in your mod folder
Type this in the explorer address bar to access it : %HomePath%\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod





Several launcher images are available, but you can only install one of them.


1824098289_DWFLauncher-KitsuneEdition.png.fdd78879ba945e74f6d4aa03a69f3ec5.png  1329758216_DWFLauncher-MagicEdition.png.63f04b52cbf0f558c489b18dbd2e454e.png  866090346_DWFLauncher-OrcandElfEdition.png.89d698724f9dda9cc943c7c2f686dea0.png 
425277269_DWFLauncher-PaganEdition.png.72efb21d22998f43cafa44411bb29a47.png  660336844_DWFLauncher-SlaverEdition.png.776ada6d02c38ed26b8c4d2c969c6658.png  12664911_DWFLauncher-SuccubusEdition.png.a23b6bc0f1363f3c537e481f48f7527b.png




The launcher image can't be installed like a normal mod. Follow the instructions carefully

  • Copy the "launcher" folder from the edition you wish to install, and paste it into your base game folder (...Steam\steamapps\common\Crusader Kings II)
  • Overwrite when asked



  • To uninstall, repair the game with steam and the original image will be restored
  • The image will be overwritten after each updates, and will have to be reinstalled






What's New in Version 2019/07/13



  • Added Tentacles Loading Screens Pack


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