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Arousal Based Match Maker [ABMM] 2.2.6

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About This File

A simple sex mod based on Ashal's matchmaker, I decided to share it in case anyone likes the idea. There are a lot of other mods that initiate sex but none that do it in as simple a way as Ashal's matchmaker. This mod expands on it a bit but keeps it as simple as possible.


What this mod does:

Runs a polling script on the player which evaluates the nearby npcs (and player) for arousal level and if conditions are met initiates sex between viable characters.

If the player is already involved in a sex scene there is a chance that nearby npcs will be driven crazy and start masturbating.

Key condition settings can be set in the MCM (polling rate, minimum arousal for participants, chance that a character will want sex)



Ashal for SexLab Framework and MatchMaker

ZAZ team for optional dance animations: version 1.4.6+

Monoman1 and Lupine00 for the SLEN interface soft dependency method.



Sexlab Eager NPCS (SLEN)


NB I made this for myself as I couldn't find a mod that did what I wanted without adding a myriad of other stuff.  I decided to share it in case it appealed to other folks. There are loads of mods out there that probably do a better job.


If you have Random Sex mod installed I'd advise against using this at the same time, there may well be other mods that it could conflict with.


Note: A few have asked why the Creature option is greyed out in the MCM. If Allow Creature Animation & Match Creature Genders are not enabled in SexLab MCM animation settings then this option will be disabled.

What's New in Version 2.2.6


[SE only] Optional ZAP bard audience anims are now female only [NB if you install/remove these you must now run FNIS with "Gender specific Animations" ticked]

Added: MCM Toggle "Horny Shader Effect" toggles the shader effects caused by desperation.

Added: A few more filters for name shortening in notifications



Bugfix: sometimes the actor slots would be reset after abmm harmony was cast, should be fixed now.



Made the abmm tagging system more efficient

Threads including a creature will now use "GetCreatureAnimationsByRaceTags" for anim search

improved check to prevent more than 1 creature per thread


NB If you are updating from a version prior to 2.0 please follow this procedure to avoid problems with current saves:

1/ disable ABMM in the MCM (noting your settings) and wait for 1 minute, then save your game. Shut down the game.

2/ remove the old version from your mod manager or data directory if you don't use one. NB: before doing this make a note of ABMM's load order position.

3/ load the new savegame and wait for the MCM to clear the ABMM entry, then make another new save. Shut down the game.

4/ using Resaver (or an oldrim equivalent) clean your new save from step 3 and save it as something like "Cleaned ABMM"

5/ Install version 2.0+ and set it's load order position as noted in step 2

6/ Load your "Cleaned ABMM" save, wait for the MCM to add ABMM, enter your settings and enjoy!


Apologies for the inconvenience but it's for the best going forward.


older updates in Spoiler



Added: check for "ABMMExcluded" faction (recently excluded characters won't have sex even if they've already filled an alias unless they are already in a thread slot).
Added: Toggle to stop creatures from having sex with male characters (sexlab gender) - default on.
Fixed: MCM toggle for creatures now checks for Creature Framework instead of Aroused Creatures
Improved some code

Note: I won't be pursuing the idea of integrating Creature on Creature in this mod as there was a technical problem that I can't fix.


2.2.1 removed due to issues with creature on creature anim tags



Improved: Notifications when more than 2 characters are in a scene: For example, "Elda is going to fuck Emma, Catherine & Xana"
This should reduce notification spam and confusion considerably when lots of characters are getting busy.
Streamlined: The process of choosing characters for scenes has been improved.
Chance to initiate sex will now be the same for all characters that meet the criteria each time the script polls, driven Crazy chance will be generated separately.
Actors will always try to find a valid partner before being driven crazy.
Fixed: Creatures will not have names shortened in certain circumstances. I plan to fix this for all situations in a future release.



Fixed: issues with aroused creatures.

Changed: Creature Arousal threshold will be disabled and adjusted if creature framework is detected. (soft dependency)



Added: MCM setting to separately change arousal threshold for creatures (if creatures are enabled).



Small Hotfix: Chicken race will be excluded even when creatures are enabled.

Added: MCM toggle "Driven crazy enabled" (default is enabled). Disabling this stops ABMM from triggering NPC's to masturbate while the player character has sex. (added by request). Note: you could alternatively set the "Driven crazy chance" to a low value so that this only happens occasionaly.



Added: ABMMExcluded faction: characters added to this faction will become immune to ABMM on the next polling interval.

Added: Optional hotkey to toggle actors immunity to ABMM (targeted NPC will be added to or removed from ABMMExcluded faction when this key is pressed).

Made some changes to how ABMM checks for Sexlab animating faction (Mainly for LE compatibility and unconfirmed if it works).



Added a check that resets the sex actor array (when the player is involved) if in menu mode and on a false return value for "IsLookingControlsEnabled()" (this would be false if the player is crafting or doing anything that stops you from being able to look around.)

Thanks to @T-lam for flagging this up :)



Added: MCM Toggle for the horny idle animation

Added: ABMM now Checks for IsWeaponDrawn() and won't apply the horny idle if true.

Reverted: TDF Prostitution integration (dancers won't be targeted by ABMM) requires the SE SLEN version and won't work with other versions. I tried but couldn't find a solution to this.



Big changes this time hence the 2.0 version: Replaced the Cloaking magic effect that finds potential sex partners with a quest that fills reference aliases with up to 20 actors in a given area (set in the MCM defaulting to 1024 units - the same as SLA). The referencealias conditions dictate closest 1st and the 1st is always set to the player. This should help prevent ABMM from contributing to the possibility of stack dumps as less script instances will be created and it removes the need for some skse functions. I should have done this ages ago as aoe magic effects with attached scripts are a "lazy" option that should probably be avoided.

Various other small tweaks.




Combined the 2 plugins into 1 for ease of release updates and also to alleviate some pain for the folk who don't use a mod manager. Creatures can now be toggled on in the MCM "more settings" page (default off).

Added: ABMM notifications now shorten Character names to the 1st name only for npcs with a surname or other title. For example "Elisif The Fair" will now be refered to as "Elisif" by ABMM.

As always please let me know of any issues in the support thread.




Improved creature gender support in the "all races" version.

Improved performance

Added an extra last moment check for sexlab animating faction to avoid conflicts with other mods that are initiating sex at the same time (or thereabouts). If ABMM finds any actor in the array that is about to start a sexlab thread is in this faction then it will reset and display a notification. NB there is no guarantee that this will work when the system is under a lot of strain but it should help.

"No Multiple Males" now checks for females in SOS Schlongified faction against vanilla males. NB futa + futa will still be viable with this option checked




Fixed Soft dependency: ABMM now does not break if SLEN is not installed.

Apologies to those of you who tried using this mod before now without SLEN as the soft dependency was badly set up and I hadn't realised as I always have SLEN in my LO. Credit to Monoman1 and Lupine00 for the soft dependency method.




Added: MCM slider for player arousal (independent from NPC arousal)

Removed some global values that were superfluous and improved the code.




Added: MCM option, "Use ABMM anim Tags"  (enabled by default). ABMM will use tags based on the number and gender of the actors present in an attempt to make sexlab use "appropriate" animations. If none of these tags are recognised then sexlab will choose as normal.

Added: Aggressive filter, used all the time except when the calm spell is cast on enemies.

Fixed: Changed MCM option "No Gay Males" to "No Multiple Males" (more accurate description).

Fixed: Normal esp, removed Giants, Draugr and Werewolves. If you want ABMM to include these races then use the "All races" esp




Added: MCM option "No Gay Males" alternative to "Skip same sex" which allows female on female but never more than 1 male (excluding females that have been flagged male in sexlab) will be present in a scene.

Added: alternative esp in the installer that allows all races but no kids of course. Note that I've not tested this out yet so the results might be ....interesting!




Added: ABMM Calm spell ~ When certain conditions are met a spell akin to Harmony will be cast on everyone within a 250 unit radius for 3 minutes. A dummy effect "Calmed" will also  be cast on the player to show an icon for the active effect as a visible timer. My intention is not to disrupt every fight with this thing but to add a bit of spice now and then, if you keep the arousal threshold reasonably high it should work as intended.


Some scenario examples, enemies must be allowed in the MCM of course:

if 2 enemies want sex it won't be cast but they will start having sex.

if the player and/or allies want sex during a fight it won't be cast (the thread will reset)

if the player and/or allies want sex with an enemy (or vice versa) the spell will be cast.


Fixed: scenes involving only npcs will now adhere to the SexLab Framework MCM setting for bed use (sorry for not doing this earlier).




Added: MCM option "Followers Only" ~ only the player and followers will have sex

Fixed: in addition to the check whether npcs are in dialogue with the player, an extra check for the dialogue UI will be carried out if the player is potentially being added to a thread.




Mod cleanup and re-design.

Fixed an issue that came up in 1.5.8 where the PC would only be picked up by abmm if other actors had conditions met.




Fixed an issue that has been plagueing the mod for a while and thanks to @NOOBIV for badgering helping me to debug this. :P


Sometimes actors would be added to abmm's Actor array concurrently and so bypassing checks against other actors whilst preparing a new thread (specifically the "skip same sex" check failed because of this). Anyhow this has now been corrected with help from the magical papyrus utils!


If you use "skip same sex" then I advise you to grab this new version.




Added MCM option "Futa's only" checks for vanilla skyrim male gender (apart from the PC) and disallows them if the toggle is enabled

Added MCM option "Desparation Max" Sets the "desparation" value where a character will start to masturbate if they haven't found a partner yet (default 10). If this is set to 51 they will never masturbate unless they see the PC having sex and the "driven crazy" slider is not set to 0%.


Changed: The "Females only" toggle now disables the "Futa's only" & "Skip same sex" options because "Skip same sex" will cause ABMM to do nothing if set to on at the same time  and "Futa's only" is an alternative to this which can be used with "Skip same Sex".




Adjusted the gender check for the "Skip same sex" MCM option as it seems this wasn't working in some instances.




Fixed a couple issues causing papyrus errors in certain rare situations

Sleeping/sitting NPCs won't have the aroused idle applied (but they will still wake up for sex if the notion takes them!)




Fix: The MCM setting for AOE was adjusting a value in the magic effect and not the spell and therefore making no diference, I also unticked "auto calculate" in the spell as the area parameter is supposedly ignored if this is ticked.

Giants might get frisky now if they are horny enough!




I got annoyed at NPCs having sex in the middle of walls, I bet you have too! This update only affects scenes that don't involve the player. A check is now applied to find a bed within a radius (sexlab default radius for now) and if a bed is found npcs will go there and do the business. If no bed is found they will have sex at the 1st actor's position.


In future I might try to figure out a way to avoid sex scenes starting in the middle of walls etc if a bed isn't found, for now this is at least an improvement!




Adds a Check for "DancerFaction" if TDF Prostitution and Pimping SE mod is installed (not a requirement and see notes below)
Performance fix: prevents ABMM from trying to register the player to sexlab multiple times when the magic effect ends on multiple npcs.
Bugfix: Checks all abmm slotted actors for "Is3dLoaded()" before triggering sexlab and resets the actor array if any are missing. This prevents failed scenes if a slotted npc "misbehaves" and leaves the cell or if the player leaves the cell where a slotted npc is before sexlab is triggered.


I worked with @Pfiffy
to patch in SLEN relationship functionality (similar to what ABMM does) to his version of TDF Prostitution and Pimping SE.

In my patch I also added a new faction that characters are added to when they start dancing (they are also removed once the dance finishes). This allows ABMM (or any other mod that might adopt this) to easily check if an NPC or Player is dancing so as to not interupt the scene.


I'm hoping that my changes will become part of the main TDF SE mod as I think it could be good for modders other than myself too but for now my patch (TDF Prostitution and Pimping SE_ABMM_SLEN Patch.7z)  is available in the downloads, not required if you don't use the TDF mod obviously :)




*** Please re-download if your version has SLEN as a hard requirement *** (updated 22.50 bst 30/0719)


No longer in Testing!


Permissions for ZAZ dance animations all good (Thanks @t.ara)

If you ever used Sexlab Eager npc's in your load order, did you ever wish that sex scenes other than those initiated by SLEN could have the chance to increase relationship ranks? Well I did and I've done just that with ABMM 1.5! Now there is an MCM option to enable this for all ABMM scenes (if the player character is having sex). It requires SLEN obviously otherwise the option is greyed out and can't be enabled. The chance of an increase is divided by the number of characters in a scene (less participants = higher chance) and is still affected by the "dificulty" setting in SLEN MCM.

I also made a couple other small changes including some tweaks to the json messages file.


@Pfiffy Has made an SSE conversion of SLEN available here




Still Testing


fixed a couple minor things

added an option to use sexlab voice when desparation increases.




TESTING Version: please only use this if you want to test it and give me feedback on issues.


I've added a new mechanic "Desparation" which kicks in when the 1st character is activated by ABMM after the arousal threshold and chance allows it.

They go through various stages of desparation indicated by changing colours (at each threshold) of a "Body Steam" magic effect applied to them: white, blue, yellow, orange, red. (I thought about text notifications but figured this would be much more immersive). Desparation is reset once sexlab is triggered either by them finding a partner or having a wank which would only happen if they reach maximum desparation.


Currently the only threshold that causes an effect other than increasing the chance of finding a partner is the maximum which forces them to masturbate. Any suggestions regarding other thresholds could be considered for future releases.


In addition to this I added a couple of MCM options: "Active Solo Check Interval" and "Desparation Multiplier" description in the MCM.

There is also now an option to disable all ABMM text notifications.


Lastly I added a "bard audience dance replacer" option to the fomod installer. This replaces the god awful vanilla dance animations with sexy ones from ZAZ animation pack. (Running FNIS or installing ZAZ not required as they are direct replacements)


As I say this is is for testing only at this point and feedback would be much appreciated if you do decide to test it! I also need to seek permissions from the ZAZ team but they have always been happy in the past as long as I credit them :)




Added an optional keymap for toggling the mod on/off (This just stops the polling script from updating so the effect could still fire once more).

Added an MCM option for sex with Elder npcs (disabled by default)

Script fixes




Script fix to enable repeated checks for an ABMM activated character's arousal level (previously only checked once, my bad!) 

Made the archive into a fomod installer (future optional addons can be added more easily and adds a link to this page so folk can check for updates).




Fix: Occasionally ABMM tried to register the player multiple times to the same thread causing sexlab to throw an error and the scene refusing to start. this update should fix this. Please let me know in the support thread if this still happens.




Adds an MCM slider for ABMM Effect AOE (changes the range of the spell effect to increase/decrease the amount of affected npcs)



Adds a separate MCM slider for chance that npcs will masturbate/initiate sex while the PC is in a scene. (defaults to a higher value than than the regular chance slider).

Solo animations should all be gender specific now (futa ones still work on females though).

Minor changes to notifications.



"Skip same sex" & "females only" checks now support Sexlab Gender overides

"females only" ignores the player so you can be a male player character and get busy with only female npcs.



Added MCM options:

Max participants Slider (2-5) Sets the max number of characters per scene.

Skip Same Sex Toggle: If toggled on it compares the 1st participant with any possible partners and skips them if the same sex.

NB: Don't use this with "females only" or no partners will ever be valid!

NB if you have max participants set to more than 2 then obviously you might get more than one participant of the same sex.



By request I added MCM Toggles for "Allow Player", "Allow Followers" and "Allow Enemies". I've not tested the enemies thing so please do report back any issues! I hope it doesn't crash the game :P



Added an event that "Dissipates" the sexlab thread after a couple of minutes if sex hasn't been started.

Addd a "horny" idle applied temporarily to female actors that want sex.



fixed an issue with the mcm script for 1.3 (earlier versions are fine)



By request adds an MCM toggle option to set the mod to only affect female npcs (default off allows both genders)



Ignores characters that are in the sexlab animating faction.

Once one character has passed the "chance to initiate a scene" check, (set in the MCM) this check is subsequently ignored until a scene has been triggered.

Added an LE version to the downloads (just resaved the esp as form 43).


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